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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augusta sat on the unicorn’s back, with a wooden face, and looked at the building in the distance. He felt that his face couldn’t make any other expression today. He would rather believe that the wind was blowing.

Prison Fire hovered over his head. He showed off his art of concealment, otherwise he would certainly frighten the people who didn’t know the truth.

“Prison Fire, I thought you were referring to a cave or a tunnel in the ground. No matter how bad, even if it was an occupied Dwarf Kingdom, but this…”

The black dragon triumphantly wagged his tail, “Primitive people live in caves! What’s the year now? What does it matter if I live in luxury and comfort?”

The ‘dragon’s nest’ in Augusta’s imagination was a dark cave in the middle of a mountain or a deep valley filled with lava and sulfur. However, he never expected the ‘nest’ was actually a one-hundred storey skyscraper in the center of a prosperous metropolis! 

The magician looked at the street where he got out of the car and looked at the blue glass covering the surface of the building. All of a sudden, he felt that everything was unreal. He wanted to make the unicorn fly to the building and hit the glass wall.

“Why do you live in such a place?! You are a dragon! How can you say you are a dragon if you don’t put treasures in the cave?

“I’ve heard that you humans are full of stereotyped prejudices towards others, and it seems so! Gold in a hole will not grow on its own! I built a commercial building in the center of the city. The land price is changing with each passing day. The annual rent is invested. Now I have more wealth than before. I used to have a cave full of treasure. Now I rule a kingdom of wealth! Besides, I keep my own residence on the top floor of the building. The scenery is beautiful. It’s wonderful to see you, the poor and short-lived creatures, working hard and busy for survival every day.”

I want to go back! Augusta thought. Let this guy deal with Cavaldien himself! I don’t want to help him at all!

“Come on, magician. There’s a spot on the top of the building. Land there.” Prison Fire urged.

This is good, the black dragon cut off his retreat, it was too late to escape now.

A circled ‘H’ was painted on the roof of the building. It seemed that it was used as a landing pad for helicopters when it was built, but now, it had become the landing ground for dragons, and no helicopters could be seen. 

High winds howled and Augusta moved the unicorn to the tarmac. He saw what was standing on the roof, it was not a person, but…

“Why, unicorn, look, there’s a black unicorn there!” Augusta patted the unicorn on the neck.

In the corner of the rooftop stood a unicorn like creature, which was different from the one underneath Augusta. The creature was black with red eyes and a long black horn with no luster on its forehead. When it moved, fire rose under its hooves before quickly extinguishing.

Prison Fire said, “You see it? That’s Cavaldien’s mount. Hearing that there was no place for pets in his own apartment, he let the Black Unicorn live in the parking space in the underground parking lot.”

Not long ago, the unicorn was greatly humiliated in front of the public. He had made up his mind not to speak, but the dragon’s words made him scream, “That’s not a unicorn! Do you have any common sense! You are the dragon and a famous mage who have lived for hundreds of years! He’s a dog’s stomach.”

“I don’t see any difference between you except the color.”

“It’s a big difference!” The unicorn roared, “I am the holy unicorn of light and purity, and that is the terrible creature bred from the darkness — ‘a nightmare’.”

Prison Fire pondered, “Mn. It’s hard to understand. But I know that there are white and black people in human beings. Maybe there are white and black unicorns.”

“I told you it isn’t like that!”

The black dragon didn’t pay attention to him, and he folded his wings and landed on the tarmac. His body looked huge and heavy, but unexpectedly, his landing was surprisingly light and elegant. When the dragon landed, a gust of air rose up. The black ‘nightmare’ was still standing still and turned a blind eye to the dragon falling from the sky.

Augusta and the unicorn landed at a distance from Prison Fire to avoid being hit by its wings. The unicorn glanced at the nightmare in disgust, and immediately looked away. “Humph, evil creature! I don’t want to be on the same ground with it!”

…The nightmare might be the same as you. “It’s just Cavaldien’s pet, don’t care about it.” Augusta comforted the unicorn.

“Why does that guy want to raise a nightmare?! Ha, I see. He must be imitating you.” The unicorn said firmly, “He likes to compare with you, and he wants whatever you have. However, he is an evil man and will not be favored by the bright and pure holy unicorns, so he can only go to the next place and get a nightmare to ride.” He shook his head. “It’s miserable, too.”

“Are you praising my kindness in disguise?”

“No! I reluctantly agreed to let you ride on me when I saw you being so pitiful. The one who called me a noble and compassionate creature!”

“…Ah, well, if that’s what you say…” Augusta reluctantly jumped off the unicorn’s back. At this time, Prison Fire changed back to his human form. The landing was originally occupied by the giant dragon’s huge body, but now it is suddenly empty, which made Augusta very uncomfortable.

The nightmare on the opposite side looked at them coldly. Augusta was impressed.

“Magician!” Prison Fire exclaimed, “What are you doing? Let’s go.”

They entered the fire escape on the roof. Prison Fire lived on the top floor of the building. It’s very convenient to fly in and out. They went down one floor and there was a locked door in front of them. There was no keyhole in the door, but a fingerprint detector controlling the switch. It was really unexpected that Prison Fire could use such advanced devices.

The unicorn followed them. Prison Fire glanced at him and asked Augusta, “Why do you want your vehicle to follow?”

“Are you going to leave me?” The unicorn asked in horror.

“Have you ever seen a horse brought into the house?”

“I’m not a horse. I’m a unicorn. You can’t generalize! And I don’t want to be with that nightmare! Pooh! I mean, I don’t want to stay outside because the wind is so strong and I’m freezing! What’s more, I’m a guest from afar. How can you leave the guest out of the door?”

“But Cavaldien’s Black Unicorn is out there.”

“How can a dark, evil creature be compared with me?! And Cavaldien is psychopathic, maybe he likes to abuse animals…”

Prison Fire thought for a moment, “What you said is reasonable. I can’t learn from Cavaldien. Come in.” He pressed the fingerprint on the fingerprint detector, turned around and asked Augusta, “Your walking tool… Have you taught him how to use the toilet?”

“I’m going to kill you, stupid lizard!” cried the unicorn.

“…Don’t come in.”

The door opened. Prison Fire was not humble, and Augusta stared at the unicorn, signaling him to shut up, and followed him into the house.

As soon as he entered Prison Fire’s apartment, Augusta covered his eyes and wailed, “Ah, ah, ah! My eyes!”

If Mr. Leopold, the skull, had seen such a room, he would have denounced with fury, “Nouveau taste!”

His apartment was very spacious. After all, the whole floor was his residence. The living room in front of him was as big as a museum exhibition hall. In such a spacious room, from the ceiling to the floor, everything was bright gold, and with the light shining, Augusta felt that his eyes had been attacked by a cruel color. The golden ceiling had golden chandeliers, the golden walls had golden picture frames, and the golden floor was pasted with silver grid mosaics (this time it was not gold, but silver was not much better). The sofa, tables and chairs were like a layer of gold. Even the corner was not used for decoration of ordinary green plants, but a yellow flower.

“My eyes! I’m going blind! How can people live in such a place?! Those who can live here must be ill.”

Prison Fire let out a discontented cough, “The owner is in front of you.”

“I can’t see anything! I am blind already.”

“Well, you humans not only have bad taste, but also fragile eyes. Don’t people like gold very much? If you really put gold in front of your eyes, you don’t think it’s shining. Tsk, it’s duplicity. You say one thing and do another.” Prison Fire dimmed the light in the room. Although it could not completely cover the heartbreaking gold, it was less dazzling.

Only then did Augusta dare to put down his hand that covered his eyes.

“Cavaldien has the courage to live in a place like this. I admire him now… ” He muttered.

A familiar voice came from the sofa, “I’m glad to hear that, my friend.” 

The sofa, with its back to Augusta, was also golden, if not gilded, at least made of some kind of alloy. Because the sofa was golden and the man’s hair was golden, Augusta, at first, completely failed to notice that there was a person sitting on the sofa.

The man stood up and turned to Augusta.

“I won’t say ‘welcome to my humble home’. After all, this room is not a ‘humble house’ in any way.” The man said with a smile.

“…Cavaldien!” Augusta gritted his teeth.

Cavaldien’s age was about the same as Augusta, but perhaps because he attached great importance to his appearance, and Augusta had always neglected himself, he looked a few years younger than Augusta. 

Compared with the last time they met, his face remained the same, with bright blond hair casually draped over his shoulders, thin cheeks with deep contours, defined canthus, and thin lips that showed a certain cynicism. He was dressed in a well cut black robe, and on his right hand he was leaning on a slender cane — not because he pursued gentlemanly manners or deliberately showed his identity as a great mage, but because one of his legs barely functioned and had to rely on it to support him.

“Welcome to my humble home! This is my home! Don’t talk like you’re the master!” The dragon yelled, “But you won’t be here long. I brought this magician. It’s said that he is the only one who can restrain you.” The black dragon youth stared at Cavaldien’s right leg, “I heard that your leg was disabled by him? Then I’ve got the right person!”

“Er… Listen to my explanation. It’s a myth. The truth is not what you think…” Augusta was sweating.

Cavaldien, leaning on his cane, put his weight on it, “There’s a truth to that. If Augusta had learned to heal better, I wouldn’t have been disabled for life.”

“I wish you had quit the race! How can you blame me?”


“How can I bear to blame you? My friend, it’s all my ambitious fault. Of course, I paid a price for it.” Cavaldien raised the corner of his mouth, the dim light on his face, casting a dark shadow on his contours.


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I feel like agusta is a M in front of Cavaldien😑😑

January 21, 2021 10:50 pm

Wow, Cavaldien being blond sure matches the interior design of the dragon nest’s. Poor Augusta, it’s a trial for him. Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 1, 2021 2:33 am

What’s Cavaldien’s game, I wonder.
Thank you for translating.

November 15, 2021 11:23 pm

Wow. That sounds like the world’s tackiest apartment.

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