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Cold Sub-Species

Cold Sub-species by Matthia

Genre: BL, fantasy, dragons

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete (11 chapters)

Translator: Addis

Editor: UA

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Short segments of the life between two dragons. The silver Dragon, Ren Yun and the younger white dragon, Xue Qiu. 

Chapter 1: Encounter

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Three adventurers fled. They ran almost naked in the blizzard back to Siro, crying.

Their tears and snot were all frozen on their faces, blue with cold, and their weapons and clothes were gone. They fell at the door of the tavern and were dragged in by the boss and some kind-hearted guests. In front of the warm fireplace, they wrapped themselves in blankets and held hot soup, and didn’t freeze to death.

There were many businessmen and adventurers gathered in the tavern, and now they all came to listen to their horror stories. The three adventurers were escorting a group of businessmen across the snow mountain of Siro. “Siro” means silver in the local dialect. It’s not hard to climb the snow mountain, but there are frost giants in it. They are savage bandits who often attack caravans or creatures in their way.

The three adventurers are locals who knew a path without frost giants. It was colder but safer to cross the ice lake beside the snow mountain, but when they walked carefully into the tunnel, they met unexpected enemies.

“White dragon again? Was there a white dragon?”

People in the tavern marveled. This is the fourth recent incident, and people can no longer use the safe passage to cross the snow mountain because the white dragon has occupied it as a nest and drove away the passing human beings.

It is said that long ago, the snow mountain of Siro was the lair of the white dragon. However, the Frost Giant hunted and enslaved them, the smallest dragon gradually disappeared. In the human mind, the giant dragon was always great. They couldn’t imagine that the dragon would lose to the barbaric bandits, but they did.

People reckon that the white dragon should have arrived half a year ago, because half a year ago, in the middle of the night, the residents nearby had heard the chilling sounds of fighting, that is, the roar of dragons and frost giants, and the sound of boulders flying over the valley.

The people in Zhenlong knew that the war had happened again. Unexpectedly, the Dragon lost to the frost giant, so he had to hide in the tunnel by the frozen lake.

In the corner of the tavern, a man in a dark blue cloak was slowly drinking white wine. His face hidden in the shadow of his hood, a few wisps of silky silver hair stuck to his neck, his fingers were slender and powerful, and seemed to belong to a man, while his chin line was as soft as a standard beauty.

The tavern owner has seen a little bit of the world, and even if he couldn’t see the sharp ears, he knew that the hooded figure was an elf.

“The white dragon was in front of us at that time,” the shivering strong man continued narrating. “Its cold breath can freeze us into ice sculptures! It said that if you wanted to live, you had to leave all the valuables, or we would be frozen to death and chewed and eaten… “

“But even though we took out the gold coins, the dragon was not satisfied. It even wanted our clothes!” Another said.

The elf in the corner sighed. He knew that the white dragon was such a greedy and silly creature.

“You have made it back. What about the merchants?” Asked the man in the pub.

“They took the opportunity to run from another channel, but when we ran for our lives, it seemed that the white dragon found someone running away and started chasing him. Well, it was a lot of bad luck. “

The elf put the coin on the table and turned away from the tavern. The maid who cleared the table said to the boss quietly, “Did you see that elf’s thin sword? It’s very delicate, under his cloak, he must be wearing secret silver armor.”

“What else do you know about the secret silver armor?” The boss curled his lips.

The elf left the town alone and went towards the snow mountain and the frozen lake. He had to go through a rime forest, and then to the snow covered lake to find the entrance.

Even when walking on the snow, his feet were still extremely light; his body is smooth and elegant. There were no elves living on the snow mountain area of Siro. He was obviously an outsider, but could easily find the entrance of the channel by the frozen lake.

Outside the cave, the elf takes off the long cloak-plug and searches the bag. The tavern maid was right; the young man was dressed in fine silver scale, which was not bulky, soft but tough, and outlined his slender elf figure.

His long hair was like diamonds in the sun, and his face was delicate but dignified. He not only carried a thin sword, but also a longbow, quiver, dagger and some small tools, and even a magic bag. The elves usually attach importance to combat ability and are good at using magic.

The elf entered the cave and pulled out the thin sword. The body of the sword was soft but bright. He walked along the winding cave, and gradually the frozen soil turned into frost. He walked in the cave group composed of ice and snow.

The family of frost giants falls on the hillside of the snow mountain. Although they live in the cold zone, they can’t bear the pure ice and snow around them. No wonder the cave hasn’t been touched by them.

“The white dragon will really like it here.” The elf said to himself.

He had passed several forks and was now standing in a wider area. In front of it was an incredibly thick wall of ice, which separated the lake from the air, the vertical wall connected the top of the ice cave and the embankment formed by frozen soil. Below was the horizontal ice surface.

The elf keenly observed that there was a slightly smaller hole on the other side of several icicles, which was cleverly located. In such a cave, because the light was constantly refracted, it would be difficult to find it. The mouth of the cave is covered with thin ice, which is obviously different from other places.

The elf smiles, puts one hand on the magic material bag, and approaches slowly.

As he walked around the icicle, the thin ice covered hole burst open and a white dragon rushed out.

The elf was ready, not surprisingly. The white dragon’s scales are shining, its limbs are vigorous, its eyes are bright, and its body is surrounded by cold wind and wonderful fragrance. This is a white dragon approaching adulthood. However, white dragons are generally very small. Although it has a larger wingspan, its body is not much larger than that of a horse.

A long time ago, when humanoid creatures still had more contact with real dragons, some people once joked that white dragons should not be considered “giant dragons”, because they are not huge at all, and many monsters are stronger than them.

The white dragon roared and waved his right wing at the elf, but he ran into an invisible hard wall. He fell on his back with a howl, like a man who gets up at night and kicks him to the corner of a table.

“Aha! A elf!”, the white dragon raised his belly and said in common language, “How dare you challenge the great dragon! You will be met with a very painful death!”

The elf praised the white dragon’s literary talent in his heart. Unfortunately, his words were beautiful, but his posture was not very good-looking.

Seeing the elf silent, the white dragon thought he was afraid, so he climbed up with the pain of his wings and continued his threats: “It’s not difficult for me to spare you a life, leave all your valuable things! Including your weapons and armor! Then I’ll think about letting you go! “

“Why do you live here?” The elf asked him, “Although this cave is easy to hide in, it is very inconvenient to fish.”

White dragon Leng Leng Leng, it is a paw to clap over again, clap on the invisible wall again.

The elf rubbed his eyebrows and got a new understanding of the stupidity of the white dragon.

“I live by cannibalism and elves!” White dragon bared his teeth and said.

There are no elves at all in the snow mountain of Siro. It was only a day ago that several merchants disappeared. Some adventurers who met with  the white dragon were scarred, but still alive. The elf knows the dragon had a stubborn tongue.

“You’ve only recently come to Cerro snow mountain?” The elf took a step forward and lifted the barrier in front of him.

Seeing the great opportunity, the white dragon rushed forward to attack.

Magic light balls came and went, and dragon wings and thin swords scratched in the air.

Before long, the white dragon screamed and fell back. This time, the elf did not give it a chance to stand up again. It jumped down from the edge of the icicle and rode on the white dragon’s neck.

The magic just now has not completely disappeared. The white dragon puffed his wings and tail, looking very uncomfortable. Now the thin sword is under its neck, and the sharp magic blade can lift the scales at any time.

“Don’t cry. Answer the question.” The elf patted it on the neck.

“I didn’t cry! The Dragon won’t cry!” The white dragon sobbed and said.

“What’s your name?” Asked the elf.

“Let me see…” This is the first time that an elf youth has met a dragon who needed to think about his own name, although real dragon’s names are very long.

“Say your secular name.”

“Well, I know that you lower races can’t pronounce the real dragon’s name. Well, I’ll tell you my secular name. My name is Xue Qiu… No, snow moxibustion! “

“Snow moxibustion is too tongue twisty, or Xue Qiu,” the elf nodded. “You can’t even read it yourself. Xue Qiu, why are you here? Don’t try to fool me. You belong to the white dragon half a year ago, spouse or cub? “

The white dragon angrily fluttered a few times, but he had to stop because he was afraid of the sharp edge on his neck. “You are the baby! Stupid!”

“Are you the spouse?”

“Stupid! I’m a male! “

“What does that mean?”

“My brother is also a male! How could it be a spouse? “

The elf raised his eyebrows and looked at it, but the white dragon still did not respond. He had already said the identity of another dragon.

“Well, you’re here to find your brother,” the elf nodded. “Xue Qiu, if I’m not mistaken, your brother’s name is Frost Thorn. He came here from the northwest and attacked a village in the snow field and killed several people. Were you with him then? “

Snow moxibustion – now forced to be called Xue Qiu, stared at the fairy with round eyes. “You-you know it all? ” It looks scared, “Don’t tell anyone! I always boast that I killed those people! I also especially observed the appearance of the house after it was destroyed.”

If he was not threatening Xue Qiu with his sword, the elf would almost like to palm his forehead and sigh.

“Frost Thorn is a real asshole!” Villain Xue Qiu began to complain, “He hatched a few months earlier than me, but he’s much stronger than me. I don’t really want to admit that. We used to live and hunt with our parents and live in the mountains near the deep lake snow plain. Later, as we grew up, our parents drove us away, and even our parents began to fight… “

The white dragon’s nose spurs a cold breath, just like the sigh of human beings.

“Frost Thorn takes me everywhere, but many places were not suitable for us to live in. Then we found a cave, beat away the snow monster inside, and lived there for many years… ” With that, the white dragon’s tone became more and more aggrieved. “Gradually, Frost Thorn began to hate me and became domestically violent towards me…”

“Wait a minute,” said the elf. “It doesn’t seem that the word “domestic violence” is used in the common language…”

“That’s how it works!” The white dragon sniffed and said, “Once, we fought again and collapsed the cave. He wanted to leave and find another place to live, and I wasn’t allowed to go with him, so I could only follow him. “

The elves knew what’s going on. The five-color dragon is basically a solitary creature. There is no concept of marriage. The female and male will live together for a period of time after combining, but they can’t hold on for long. Usually, when the children could fly and jump, they could not bear each other any more. The young dragons will live together in groups when they are young. When they grow up, they will fight and may even die. The best outcome is to go their separate ways.

Obviously Xue Qiu didn’t realize this, that his brother Frost Thorn was very tired of him.

The elf let go of the stupid young white dragon and went deeper into the cave.

“Don’t follow me, or I’ll be rude to you,” he threatened seriously. “I’m not looking for you, but Frost Thorn.”

The white dragon no longer felt magic around him, so he turned over and got up.

“Why? Why are you looking for him? ” He called into the depths of the cave.

The elf did not answer. He is a hunter. He came for the innocent villagers. With years of experience, he has observed the reason why the Xue Qiu did not leave the cave: the Dragon found the cave by mistake, but could only get in and out from the place where it came in. There were too many forked roads in the cave, and most of them were narrow. Xue Qiu, who had experienced collapse accidents before, did not dare to explore every place rashly. So even if he wanted to find Frost Thorn, he could not trace his brother.

In short, he couldn’t find his way through.

Seeing the elf leave, the white dragon dare not catch up. He told himself that the Dragon cannot be afraid of the elf, but he knew clearly how powerful the other side was.

Fairy’s looking for Frost Thorn? Why? The white dragon beat the ice uneasily with its tail.

He thought of the weapon in the elf’s hand, thought of the magic, and finally realised in horror that the elf must be a dragon slayer!

No matter how large the enmity, the dragon should maintain its race’s dignity in front of the lower race. Xue Qiu decided to help his brother, but he didn’t know how to catch up with the elf.

After thinking about it, he circled the hole and finally came up with a good idea.

“Why am I so stupid! I never thought of this before!” The white dragon sat up, concentrated, and recalled the power of magic in his blood. “The hole’s too narrow, but I can pass as long as I become something as big as a human being.”

After a burst of white fog, standing in place of the dragon was a boy with snow-white hair. He was in gray and white clothes, more like a dress than a traveler. The boy’s body was like a human, his appearance was like an elf, his physique seemed to be between youth and adulthood, and his eyes were as clear as blue crystal.

“I’m a great man. I’m smart even when I’m a lower race.”

Xue Qiu took a photo on the ice and ran in the direction the elf had just gone.

After leaving the cave, you don’t have to go far to the foot of the snow mountain. The elf took out his cloak again and put it back on his body. His thick dark-blue cloak was white on the other side, making it easier to hide in the snow.

The wind carried the snow, and sounded like a roaring monster. The elf moves forward calmly, choosing the safest route up the mountain, and keeping alert at all times.

In the distance behind him, the white dragon Xue Qiu also drilled out of the cave and advanced toward the snow mountain. Xue Qiu wanted to track the footprints of the elf, but the wind and snow were too heavy to leave footprints.

He was wearing very thin clothes, but after all, he is a white dragon, so he doesn’t feel cold at all.

Xue Qiu was thinking about whether to change back to the dragon, since flying and searching would be faster. Just as he hesitated, there was a frightening roar from the mountainside ahead, and the sound of falling weights.

“Frost Giant!” Xue Qiu guessed that the elf must have been ambushed by the frost giants.

Those evil and savage creatures have white skin and often hide under thick snow. They take advantage of the terrain and attack with boulders, beat the enemy with almost no resistance, and then run up to kill them with heavy stone axes.

White dragons hate frost giants very much, because they compete with dragons for territory, food and dare to attack dragons.

Xue Qiu made a quick decision, changed back to the shape of a dragon, and soared into the sky. He has sat in that ice cave for too long, at most, he would climb to the unfrozen part of the lake to swim, now he’d almost forgotten what it was like to fly against the storm.

Xue Qiu had heard from his parents that some adventurers could challenge and kill frost giants, but he never heard that one could do it alone. Moreover, elves are a delicate and frail race,and even Dragon Slayers can’t deal with the frost giants.

Flying to the mountainside, Xue Qiu was shocked. Hovering in the air, he found a magic glare in the snow mountain, accompanied by the scream of the Frost Giant.

The wind and snow blocked his sight, so that he could not see what’s happening below, but it seemed that the elf hunter did not suffer any losses.

It’s rare for it to fly so far. The white dragon looked up to the snow mountain, it was a place he once yearned for. Just like his parents, he once lived in a cave deep in the snow mountain. White dragon once again felt that he was quite smart: now that the elf hunter is dragging the frost giants, I can fly to find Frost Thorn!

Although he was not sure whether Frost Thorn still hated him, or whether he would happily come to rub his neck (as he did when he was a child), or whether he would maliciously show his fangs.

Xue Qiu climbed against the strong wind. Somehow, suddenly his courage increased. He thought that although the sting of the frost was very strong, he was also getting stronger and stronger, and his wings were much wider than many years ago. He’s already a great white dragon and should not be afraid of his brother.

The wind blew away most of the smell, but Xue Qiu could still detect the breath of frost stings: he arrived in a cave in the middle of the snow mountain, adjacent to a high flat-topped cliff. The ground here is covered with snow all-year round, which makes it difficult for human beings to get involved. The caravans usually had to take another, safer road.

Sure enough, this is the place for the King of Ice! Much better than tunnelling in permafrost! Xue Qiu descends unsteadily, sniffing the frost stinging smell carefully at the entrance of the cave.

The dome of the cave was high and the ground was covered with bones. In the depths of the cave, sad groans could be heard from time to time. Xue Qiu tried to straighten up and didn’t want to look scared.

As he went on, he found that there seemed to be a flickering fire in the distance, and the smell of frost stings was getting stronger and stronger.

Xue Qiu saw a poorly shaped gate, like a transformation of the city gate of human beings, with countless shining treasures nailed on it. Seeing this, the young white dragon was more certain that Frost Thorn lived here. You could tell from these beautiful little treasures.

But why did Frost Thorn want to set up a door like a human? Xue Qiu pushed the door with his beak, and suddenly a stench came out of the cave inside!

Xue Qiu was surprised. It’s the smell of a Frost Giant! But he could clearly feel the breath of Frost Thorn.

As he retreated, Xue Qiu lifted his neck and suddenly saw something above the gate.

A skull was embedded in the wall of the cave, and several other bones nailed to the side. The skull itself hung in the dark, with snow-white prickles and empty eye sockets.

It was the head of a white dragon.

Xue Qiu screamed uncontrollably, suddenly spreading his wings, almost forgetting that he was in a narrow cave.

Heavy footfalls within the gate approach, and several female frost giants rushed over with giant sticks. 

Frost giants are also large creatures, no smaller than the white dragon. But the dragon could send out amazing power, temporarily deterring the enemy.

Xue Qius roared and saw the white bones on their shields and the bone table in the cave. It was Frost Thorn, the skeleton of Frost Thorn, and his smell had remained forever in the cave deep in the snow mountain.

Because of the dragon’s power, the frost giants stood back for a while and exchanged a few words in a vulgar language, allowing Xue Qiu to regain his momentum and rush forward. Xue Qiu tightened his throat, roared and the dragon breath erupted together, spitting extremely cold magic saliva towards the enemy.

In the cave, neither frost giants or dragons took a higher advantage. If it was in snow, Xue Qiu would like to spit at them all the time, freezing them and tearing them up. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even kill any of his enemies with his first vomit.

Crying came from all over the cave, it was the voices of slaves. Xue Qiu heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind him, he knew that it was the frost giant who went out and had come back.

So the Elf Hunter is probably dead, Xue Qiu thought. He moved his body, finding that not far away there was an upward-inclined hole, he got as close as possible to the hole, as the female frost giant began to throw stones at him.

Xue Qiu climbed up to the inclined hole, but its tail was hit by a sharp weapon. He hissed and struggled to keep climbing.

What he didn’t see was a huge stone stick made of dragon teeth, which was the bone of Frost Thorn, his brother.

However, he also did not see that more than half of the male frost giants had returned to the cave. Those guys came back running for their lives, but they didn’t expect to see a white dragon in the cave.

The cave was not wide, and Xue Qiu could barely climb out; Frost thorn, who was bigger than him, clearly couldn’t. The frost giants muttered, and decided to divide up and surround him.

Finally, Xue Qiu was attacked by boulders. Unlike a lone dragon, frost giants are good at fighting in groups, throwing stones fast and hard.

Xue Qiu wanted to take off and use dragon breath from a high place. However, he lacked combat experience and was so angry that he forgot the damage to his caudal fin. Now he couldn’t fly and could only take off and glide for a short time at most.

He kept yelling and trying to take off, but he fell down again and again, or was hit hard by stones. Although white dragons are small in size, they are also ferocious in nature. Xue Qiu was not willing to be defeated like this. He thought that even if he was tol die in the snow mountain, he’d kill several enemies before he gave up.

Because of the extreme cold, the white dragon’s snow-white scales were covered with blood-clotted red ice. He fiercely swept a frost giant’s leg and tore its throat after it fell.

Xue Qiu almost forgot that there were also enemies behind him. Now he could only think of the dead body of his brother, Frost Thorn.

The other frost giants did not pity their companions, but with a greedy smile of victory, held up the stone axe and rushed to the white dragon.

At this time, a cluster of silver shining arrows pierced through the snow and hit the throat and eyes of several frost giants.

The arrows did not stop. A few more came, and after hitting the target, they exploded in place and burst into a blazing light. The frost giants were in a state of chaos, desperate to find their way back to their holes. Little did they know, they had gathered just in line with the hunter’s heart. The wind and snow from the depths continued the chanting sound, and a group of golden red magic beams burst from the cave mouth.

During the magic attack, the white dragon huddled in the snow. He had slid to the edge of the cliff and clawed at the exposed rocks. He could see that the slaves in the Frost Giant’s cave had escaped and even found sledges and other things to flee to the snow field.

Xue Qiu was sad and aggrieved. The human slaves could escape, but Frost Thorn can’t escape any more. The Dragon cannot be so insulted as a prisoner and slave!

So the young white dragon stood up, put his tail into the snow to relieve the pain, and once again entered the cave.

The frost giants were almost all killed by magic, and no one interfered with Xue Qiu any more. After finding Frost Thorn’s skeleton again, he looked at it for a long time.

Finally, he straightened up his chest and decided to give his brother a decent funeral fit for the dragon, in the way that he had heard from his father.

The white dragon was too small to destroy a cave group in one instant. Xue Qiu knocked down the wooden pillars of the cave, smashed as many stone pillars and walls as possible with his dragon breath, and retreated a little.

He was out of breath after leaving the cave. Xue Qiu hoped to fly in the air like the legendary dragon, smashing rocks with dragon breath, and turning the cave into a natural tomb Unfortunately, his spitting was not so powerful, and now he can’t even fly.

The snow was flying, and there was a vast expanse of white in front of him. White dragon suddenly heard someone calling his name in the distance, not ‘Snow Moxibustion’, but “Xue Qiu” . It’s the elf hunter.

At this time, he felt that he didn’t hate elves so much anymore, because the hunter would become a witness to his heroism.

Thinking of this, Xue Qiu once again puffed up the dragon’s breath sac and made a final blow to the cave that was about to collapse.

When the cave collapsed, the whole area thundered. The white dragon could feel the ground shaking. His intuition tells him that he should take off now to avoid being in danger. However, his tail fin injury made him unable to do so and he fell back to the ground again and again.

The snow began to fall, and the white dragon finally remembered that his parents had described this scene before, which was called an avalanche.

The dragon, unable to fly, was pushed by the heavy snow and swallowed by the collapsed ground.

At this moment, he was worried about the elf. Then he thought, since elves have a lot of magic, it won’t be too difficult for him to fly into the sky.

A pair of powerful arms suddenly caught the white dragon and lifted him up. Snow and fog blinded his eyes, he couldn’t see what was going on and could only feel the smell of rain.

He heard the heavy snow being pushed open, his body held tightly and lifting. Instinctively, he hugged the creature in front of him.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself hanging in the air, far away from the threat of the avalanche.

Xue Qiu was so scared that he couldn’t say a word.

In front of him was a huge, strong dragon. He was as big as a red dragon, but his body was silver and white, and his scales were like a metal mirror, shining even in the haze.

This was the silver dragon. Xue Qiu had heard his parents describe this dragon before.

The wingspan of the silver dragon is incredibly wide, like a cloud that covers the sky. Like the white dragon, he is a giant cold dragon. He is not afraid of the cold and can come and go freely in a snowstorm.

The silver dragon took the white dragon and flew to the snow field, circled down, and placed the white dragon carefully on the thick snow.

“What a troublemaker,” said the silver dragon, examining the injuries on Xue Qiu. “Don’t you know that this will cause an avalanche? Fortunately, those caravans ran fast… “

The silver dragon used the language of dragons, but the voice sounded very familiar. Xue Qiu almost jumped up in surprise: “You! You are… the elf? “

“It turns out you’re quite clever,” said the silver dragon, with his huge head close to him, bending down his neck and staring at the white dragon. “I’m Sylvestre Jolin Yalifeld Lesville.”

Xue Qiu unconsciously showed his belly to the sky and repeated in a daze: “Xie Vas Zhuoli Zhuolin… “

“Forget it, my secular name is Ren Yun.” For the first time, the silver dragon met the same species who couldn’t even say other’s dragon names clearly – if the white dragon could be regarded as the same species.

White dragon wriggled a few times, turned over and lay on the snow, wings folded, head down, like a dog with drooping ears.

He saw the distant snow mountain beside the flat cliff, the cave had collapsed, Frost Thorn’s remains were buried there forever.

The silver dragon Ren Yun stretched out its wings and covered the small white dragon’s body. Then he lay down beside him, bent his neck and rubbed the white dragon’s forehead with his beak.

The fresh cold air from the silver dragon made the white dragon feel very comfortable. Xue Qiu leaned his head against Silver Dragon’s chest, carefully tested it, and then leaned in and sobbed.

The missing caravan suddenly returned to the town of Siro, and people were overjoyed.

The caravans, like the adventurers, were wrapped in blankets and in front of the tavern fire, telling the thrilling experiences of these few days.

Some adventurers came to the tavern, and discussed exploring the snow mountain and the frozen lake again.

The tavern maid whispered to the boss, “Look, the elf is back!”

Sure enough, the elf in the dark-blue cloak was sitting in the same corner. This time he didn’t wear a hood. His beautiful blonde hair fell to one side and his face was so beautiful that they could never forget it.

He took a small piece of charcoal, drinking while writing and painting on paper, as if to explain something to the young person in front of him.

The waitress curiously carried the food around, and saw the young man’s appearance: This young man had white skin too, like humans and elves. The maid thought that maybe this man is a half-elf like in the legends.

The hair color of the teenager was similar to that of fairies, which made people suspect that they were related by blood. However, the eyes of fairies are golden brown, while the eyes of the teenager were blue.

“Stop shaking,” Ren Yun said, holding Xue Qiu’s hand under the table. “They won’t do anything to you.”

“But I once stripped them of their clothes!” Xue Qiu could see in the tavern the adventurer he’d met before, and was a little panicked.

Ren Yun smiled and whispered in his ear, “Just be with me. I’ll teach you how to do it.”

Xue Qiu tilted his head, frowned and asked, “Are you detaining me? You metal dragons don’t like us. “

“Yes, I just want to detain you. From now on, you can only stay with me. I will teach you as you travel with me. “

The maid comes over with a smile and puts down the food ordered by the elf. “Is he your family?” She asked.

The elf nodded and replied with a smile: “Yes, he is my brother by blood.”

The waitress seemed very happy, it appeared that her younger brother is much better. She was also worried that the beautiful elf had an illegitimate child.

After she went far away, the white dragon Xue Qiu picked up a piece of roast mutton, secretly took a cold breath, let the meat in his hand freeze into ice, and then slowly crunched it down.

“Well, we don’t belong to the same family.” Muttered Xue Qiu.

After leaving the tavern, Ren Yun took Xue Qiu’s hand and walked slowly out of the town.

Xue Qiu’s wounds had not healed yet, especially the tail, he can’t fly in the form of a dragon. Ren Yun told him a lot of interesting things on the journey, and gradually Xue Qiu began to look forward to the journey after becoming a human.

“At least we’re all subspecies of the Cambrian,” Ren Yun told him. “Of course, you’re a dangerous dragon –” he said, with a slightly smug look on his face. “So, since I’ve caught you, I’ll always be responsible for you.”

Ren Yun led a tall white horse from the stable. Xue Qiu had never tried to ride other creatures in human form, and was rather curious. It’s a pity that he didn’t know how to ride a horse, so he had to hug Ren Yun from behind.

The horses galloped along the long road, and in front of them were the vast rivers and mountains that stretched out infinitely. The wind swept over his ears, making Xue Qiu recall the feeling of flying.

He smelled the cool rain around him and rubbed a little against the silver dragon’s arms.

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…he just wanted to meet his brother, but instead he met his bones ;_;

August 18, 2020 6:45 pm

I like the story! Dragon who can disguise as elf! 😊 Like how Ren Yun takes care of ignorant Xue Qiu. “I’ll teach you anything”? As “anything, including mating?” Waiting for the next chapters anxiously. Thanks for picking up the story.

November 24, 2020 9:33 pm

Thanks for the story 💕💞
Xie Qiu, he couldn’t meet his brother anymore 😞

February 17, 2021 5:33 pm

It’s a beginning of fluffiness

January 17, 2023 3:54 am

Wowwww a lot has happened in the first chapter. The world building for such a short novel sounds great! Mc is such a baby 🥺💔 I feel for him that he couldn’t understand dragon matters, especially his family. Poor eldest bro 😞 His screentime was so quick, mc was excited to look for him too, alas. Their first meeting is funny and heartwarming. Their draconic names are funny af 🤣💀 yayy their adventure sounds (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

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