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Chapter 1.5: A – E

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

 Cold System Subspecies



Despite being in an elf’s form, Ren Yun was as flexible as a fish in water. He grabbed a child near him and held an adult with his arm and swam quickly to the wooden boat in the distance. He went back and forth several times, saving six or seven people. After the boat sank in the water, the nearby fishing boats came to rescue him. People didn’t expect that the silver-haired elf would be so strong since it didn’t match his slender appearance.

During this period, Xue Qiu floated and sank in the lake, sometimes floating up as if he had drowned, sometimes sinking down and staring at the water. Ren Yun didn’t care about him. In the end, Xue Qiu was picked up by fishermen.

After everyone was rescued, Ren Yun climbed on the boat, and Xue Qiu stumbled over and fell into his arms like a frightened kitten.

“You didn’t save me first…” Xu Qiu murmured sulkily.

Ren Yun touched his wet hair and whispered, “What are you doing? You didn’t help me save them.”

“The ship sank. Oh, it’s terrible!”

“You can’t drown…”

Of course, Xue Qiu can’t drown. White dragons were very good at swimming. Even if he’d turned into a human being, Xue Qiu was still very good in the water and had been up and down the lake countless times.

Hearing Ren Yun’s words, Xue Qiu was even more aggrieved, “I can’t swim in such warm water. It’s hard to breathe. I can only drift.”

“Then don’t make a hole in the lower cabin,” Ren Yun hugged him tenderly, and his expression seemed to soothe the ‘young half-elf.’ Of course, only Xue Qiu could hear his voice. “If a similar thing happens again, I’ll take you to a hot spring.”

Xue Qiu had never seen a hot spring, it was the first time he’d heard about it, but intuition told him it wasn’t a good thing. Although white dragons liked to be cold, the tone of Ren Yun’s speech still made Xue Qiu shiver.



As an adventurer, Ren Yun was a bit too conspicuous. He looks like an adult elf, slender and handsome, his skin has the delicate texture of fine jade. What is most striking is his golden-silver hair, which in itself is pure silver but gives off a warm gold luster in the light.

“Hi, beauty,” the drunkard with a gin bottle staggered up in a pub in the lonely town. “Are you a little elf? We welcome elves the most… “

Ren Yun sighs, ignores him and continues to flip through the atlas on the table.

It’s not the first time a drunkard has taken him for a woman. In fact, Ren Yun’s physique when wearing plated armor made him never mistaken for his gender, but when his whole body is covered in the dark-blue cloak, they hide his armor and weapons.

“This place is not peaceful,” the drunkard continued to approach. “I’ll protect you, sister. Why don’t we…”

The drunkard’s two companions were drinking at a table next to them, occasionally touching a tavern maid who was already too tired. These people had a special understanding, and now they all turned to look at Ren Yun.

The mercenaries began to make obscene gestures, and the gestures suggested something. A big man stood up, put a dagger on the table, and ordered the tavern owner to close the house, which had few guests.

“Don’t let anyone disturb us.” They laughed obscenely as they began to unravel their belts. The tavern owner couldn’t stir up these guys and left in a hurry.

The drunkard reached for Ren Yun, and before he touched his cloak, a little snow-white haired half-elf suddenly stood up and grabbed his hand. The mercenary woke up and looked at the ‘half-elf girl’ in front of him in shock, now he could see clearly that this was a young man. But even for a boy, this little guy’s strength compared to body size is too inconsistent! He grabbed his wrist, and the muscular drunkard couldn’t get rid of it.

Alcohol kept him from detecting the danger in time. He and his companions continue to abuse and try to subdue the two pointy-eared elves.

“Ren Yun, I’m very angry now.” Xue Qiu said with a flat mouth.

The silver-haired elf behind him sighed helplessly, put down the atlas, and stood up gracefully, “Let’s go to the back of the house. Remember, don’t hurt people, don’t leave too many injuries.”



“What! There are also dragons living in volcanoes in the world?” Xue Qiu looked at the picture book, shocked.

“Red dragons love blazing heat,” Ren Yun explained, “but not all red dragons live near volcanoes, more are in temperate mountains. Sometimes blue dragons and them will have disputes over the nest area.”

“Can you beat them?” Xue Qiu asked.

“That was a long time ago. I didn’t fight with red dragons.”

Xue Qiu turned another page, “I think green and black dragons are disgusting. They must smell terrible. What’s more, the black dragons can tolerate such turbid water! Blue dragons are also quite handsome. I heard that they can spit out lightning?”

“Yes, but their lightning is linear,” Ren Yun drew on the paper, marking the difference between a straight line and a cone. “You see, this is the cold air of a white dragon, this is the flame of a red dragon…”

“Linear? Isn’t that a big disadvantage?” asked Xue Qiu, holding his chin.

“Blue dragons like collective action,” the Silver Dragon explained to him. “They are like an army, fighting together, and their daily living areas are very close to each other.”

“Cowards fight in groups.” Xue Qiu looked scornfully and continued to read the illustrated book.

At the door of the library, a man with short black hair in a dark-blue robe was staring at this side. The mage who was looking up the materials beside him also heard the conversation just now and was carefully pulling his sleeve for fear that he would start fighting immediately.

Ren Yun turned back and said, “He’s still young. Be tolerant.” 



Xue Qiu looked at his black dyed hair with dissatisfaction, “Why is it like this? It’s too ugly.”

“Bear with me, there are Orc barbarian bandits near Sitan. They don’t welcome elves.”

“We’re not elves!”

“But that’s what we usually look like.”

“Why do we care about popularity? If they dare to do anything, I will ask them to pay the price!”

“…We are going to make them pay,” Ren Yun said. “I’m a hunter. I’m looking for these bandits.”

“Then why don’t we just use our original forms? Let them come!”

“…We have to go deep into the center of the enemy’s lair before we move. “

“Then let them take us away!” Xue Qiu seemed to find it fun and was eager to try.

“No, they don’t take…” Ren Yun sighed, “They are used to queuing up on the spot to ‘solve’ it and then kill their victims…”

Xue Qiu blinked his big blue eyes, “Solve it?”

“It’s not a good thing. Don’t ask…”

“Tell me, tell me, tell me…”



Ren Yun, the silver dragon, folded his wings, lowered his body, and narrowed his golden eyes slightly, “I have no intention of disturbing the lives of other dragons, nor will I regard ordinary hunting as evil. But it’s clear that you’ve gone beyond the bottom line.”

The black dragon, who was defeated by him and fell on his back to the edges of the mud, was panting. His internal organs were probably injured, and his throat was covered with bloody foam.

He looked at the silver dragon fiercely and sneered, “Ha-ha, you are too hypocritical. You are weak and unfit to be a dragon. You don’t know how beautiful it is to be feared by human beings and how pleasant their screams are-Cough…”

Despite the victory, Xue Qiu, the white dragon, was still not happy. He was dejected because he was covered in mud. The silver dragon vomited a cloud of cold fog towards the black dragon. Suddenly, the black dragon fell into paralysis and stopped moving.

“Are you going to kill him…” Xue Qiu asked carefully.

“I don’t take the initiative to kill a dragon clan member unless there’s a fight going on and I have to do it.”

“What about that?” It was the first time Xue Qiu had seen the black dragon for the first time, and he was immediately dragged down the swamp during the battle. He was still resentful and nauseous. 

The black dragon’s physique was also very small, but the silver dragon could lift him up. So Ren Yun spread out his wings and carried him up into the air. Xue Qiu was excited enough to follow. “Ren Yun, are you going to throw him down the waterfall?”

“No,” Ren Yun replied, “Xue Qiu, I’ll fly slowly with him, and I have to be ready to control him. So you’re in charge of the investigation ahead. We’ll fly southwest, across the Maple Grove near the plain, to the Ember Mountains.”

“Oh! I remember the route on the map!” Xue Qiu was happy to be in charge of navigation, “I’ll be responsible for deterring eagles and other things!”

“Mn, I believe in you.”

“And then? What are we going to do with him?” Xue Qiu asked expectantly.

“We’ll put him in the hole where the red dragon lives.”

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thank you for the chapter!

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short-stories are so funny and cutee~~

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Yeah, it is funny and cute! Like the small talks they have. Ren Yun is so patient to childish Xue Qiu. He knows just how to handle this silly little white dragon.

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Thank you for the chapter!!! We got to see a few glimpses from their travels XD
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Ohhh so they’re all like short episodes/happenings/certain events? OwO

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