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Chapter 10: V and W (END)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


There were canyons near Maple forest in the north, one side was a barren, broad plain, the other side was dense forest.

In the remains of the temple at the bottom of the valley, there was a venerable monarch called Masharodores. He was the King of the Silver Dragon in ancient times. At the same time, he was also a fallen dragon, a legendary hero and a sinner.

The underground ruins collapsed many years ago, and the earth and stone buried it tightly. Not long ago, the Golden Dragon Sikaliyulaitom San Sharinia, the secular name of Halberd, launched a plan to excavate the remains of the temple and let it be seen again.

Although the plan was initiated by the Dragon, the Dragon couldn’t just go and dig the remains, which would frighten ordinary people and violate the promise of the dragon. Halberd summoned many human adventurers, spell experts, and even a few dwarves. He specifically called Ren Yun and Xue Qiu to protect the others if necessary.

The excavation went well. They entered from less collapsed areas and uninvolved caves, a little closer.

“Look, it’s a statue of Masharodores.”

Ren Yun stuck the flame in a groove in the wall and pointed to the broken stone statue in the middle of the cavern.

When the statue was carved, its identity was no longer the King of the Silver Dragon, but the Dark Dragon. Opposite were the statues of the Goddess of Day and the God of Silence. Priptinthuna stands for courage and justice, and Otarot stands for the sleep of compassion. Their statues stood opposite the dragon stone carving, gazing at him day and night, as if executing eternal judgment.

Xue Qiu had heard that story more than once and had to admit that these statues were much uglier than he imagined. They were gray and simple, with a piece missing here and another corner missing there. There was no magnificence of “The Silver Dragon” or the domineering power of the “magic dragon”.

The dome of the cavern was so strong that it did not collapse, but it was not easy to enter from the outside. Ren Yun and Xue Qiu came in through the natural residual cracks and holes. People and dwarfs dare not do this, because there may be secondary landslides here at any time. They are slowly building and strengthening the new tunnels outside.

Ren Yun read the Dragon words next to the statue, walked around the statue, and even floated with magic to observe the eyes. Xue Qiu sat on the floor, looking around bored.

Xue Qiu was not interested in digging holes, nor in ancient history. The dwarfs outside thought that he and Ren Yun were elfs, and all day long they sneered at “creatures with thinner arms than belts are not suitable to be here.” Xue Qiu tried several times to return to his original form to frighten them. He never did, thinking that Ren Yun might be angry.

“Ren Yun, how long are we going to stay here?” Xue Qiu fiddled with the broken stones on the ground.

“It’s almost ready.” Ren Yun floated down, but didn’t walk to Xue Qiu, instead kneeling in front of the statue.

Kneeling on one knee is a way to pay homage and loyalty to elders and kings, while kneeling on both knees is to pray to gods or ancestors. Ren Yun taught Xue Qiu this way.

Now, when Xue Qiu saw Ren Yun’s posture as praying, he felt even more bored.

The silver dragon in elf shape has his hands folded in front of his chest, his back straight and his head down.

“Dear ancestors, heroes who once galloped in the sky and the earth, although your wings no longer shine, you are still in the memory of our people.”

“The silver dragon walks in the clouds, through the rain curtain, carrying light on its wings and overlooking the earth. The silver dragon loves mountains and rivers, cold wind and the scorching sun. He respects his fellow soldiers and expels them to fight against enemies…”

“The silver dragon wishes to befriend all living beings, such as humans, elf, dwarfs and so on, and never to be enemies of the same race, unless they are attacked or are in danger to save others;

“The silver dragon abides by the Dragon’s oath and respects all real dragons, regardless of the color of their scales. The silver dragon takes the faults of the ancestors as a ring, and uses fangs and claws for protection rather than conquest… “

Xue Qiu looked at Ren Yun’s back and yawned. Ren Yun was still reciting the special prayer of the silver dragon.

“In the Great Hall of the temple, before me are the ancestors who were guarded by the good God through judgment;

“In front of our ancestors is your kindred and heir, the silver dragon, who will make the highest pledge of our people here.”

Ren Yun pauseD. Xue Qiu felt him smile, but he didn’t know if it was an illusion. He’s leaning behind Ren Yun and couldn’t see very well.

Ren Yun went on to say:

“I will spend a long but short life with White Dragon Snow Moxibustion, soaring or walking together, cruising or fighting together until the God of Silence greets me to sleep forever.”

“Ha!” Xue Qiu was shaking.

Ren Yun got up with the last words and walked up to him in a few steps. Xue Qiu was stunned and still digesting the meaning of that sentence.

“Stand up.” Ren Yun said.

Xue Qiu looked at him stupidly: “What are you doing?”

Seeing that he didn’t get up, Ren Yun squatted and knelt down on his own, reached out and stroked Xue Qi’s soft, curly white hair, and then suddenly reached over and kissed him.

Xue Qiu was still in a dazed state and closed his eyes gradually. Ren Yun brought the cool smell of rain into his mouth, caressing him in the back of his head with one hand and tightening his waist with the other.

This kiss was different from what they had before. Elf’s soft lips and tongue are very flexible, they slide into the lips and touch the mouth, as if to completely deprive people of their thinking ability.

Xue Qiu was hugged around his waist and almost hung on Ren Yun, and almost fell back to the ground at the end of the kiss. His cheek was so hot that it seemed to be hotter than noon in summer. There was no place like this on a white dragon.

“Ren Yun…… You… ” Xue Qiu was kneaded into his arms by Ren Yun before he finished asking.

Ren Yun said in his ear: “The silver dragon has a tradition that one can make the most solemn oath in front of the most authoritative elder in his life. The older the elder, the more stable the oath will be, and it can not be broken by himself or anyone else. We usually take an oath with our parents. The oath can be about anything. Before swearing, we should first recite the silver dragon oath, and then say our own oath… “

Xue Qiu tried to say something, but Ren Yun didn’t let him move and held him tightly.

“That’s why I agreed to excavate the remains of the temple. I want to make a pledge in front of the statue of the King of the Silver Dragon. There is no older ancestor than him. You know, usually, if you swear and kiss in front of the dragon, they will be together forever. Even war and death can’t separate them…”

“Wait…! But I am a white dragon?” Xue Qi’s face is buried in Ren Yun’s shoulder socket, and his voice is muffled.

“Yes, you are a white dragon, so you don’t have to swear. I can do it.”

“Don’t you want two people to swear…”

“You don’t have to. You don’t have room for objection anyway.”

“I…” Xue Qiu felt his face become even hotter, so he had to stick it closer to Ren Yun’s shoulder, trying to cool his cheek with the temperature of the silver dragon.

He felt that Ren Yun’s neck was also hot and reddish, even the tip of his elf-shaped ears.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Xue Qiu whispered, “Are you… are you afraid I can’t recite such a long word?”

Ren Yun put his arm around him and relaxed a little bit and said, “Well, yeah. Can you recite it?”

Xue Qiu can’t recite it. What he didn’t know was that Ren Yun was as hot as he was at this moment.

Ren Yun has been planning this since he promised to help with the excavation, but he never wanted to tell Xue Qiu.

It’s easy to kiss him, hug him and travel with him. Ren Yun asked himself in his heart: but why on earth would I feel embarrassed if I had to look into his eyes and swear?



Milkan Island, not far from the land, is covered with snow all year round, and the surface with thick ice. On the plain in the center of the island, there are a number of ice cones, which looked like huge white animal bones from a distance.

Every few decades, the Cambrian dinosaurs gather here for various exchanges or competitions. In fact, only the white dragon is involved in the cold dragon. The plains of Milkan island are full of ice cones. Only a dragon as small as the white dragon can travel freely here.

Xue Qiu attended the rally for the first time. He didn’t even know there was such a thing before. It was Ren Yun who told him.

There is a small competition at this year’s rally, and the final winner will be given a human fist-sized spring gem, which shines like a diamond and has blue lines in different light. The white dragon is very fond of spring stones, while other dragons (such as red and green dragons) don’t think it is bright enough.

The prize jewel was left by a dead old white dragon. Young dragon fought for its ownership, helpless, it was the prize of the game, and so the most fair.

“How did the old man die?” Next to the icicle, Xue Qiu hears the nearby dragon talking.

Now Ren Yun is in elf form, standing behind Xue Qiu’s wings, disguised as Xue Qiu’s elf ally.

“He killed an ice worm!” Said a young female white dragon.

“No! Ice worm! Although it lives in ice and snow, it emits heat! Very annoying! “

“The Old Dragon was very brave. He defeated the ice worm!”

“Then why did he die? He was hurt too much? “

“No, he tried to eat the body of the ice worm…”

“My God!” The young dragon screamed, “He was poisoned, right?”

“No, he choked on a bone…”

“My God! He is the hero of the White Dragon… “

Ren Yun grinned and grabbed under the wing of the little white dragon: “Xue Qiu, do you hear me, don’t eat indiscriminately.”

“I’m not that stupid.” Xue Qiu said with pride.

During the years of traveling around with Ren Yun, Xue Qiu felt that he had grown up to be the smartest white dragon. White dragons usually lived in the cold zone and never went far away. When Xue Qiu saw so many compatriots, he felt that he must be the most knowledgeable one here.

The game began. The oldest dragon asked questions, and the other contestants scrambled to answer them. The whole scene was a mess; in order to let the examiners hear their own voices, they even stepped on each other and jumped up and down.

Unfortunately, most of them didn’t answer the questions correctly. For example, when asked “What do black dragons spit?”, the answers of white dragons were various. Some said it was a poisonous gas (the Dragon immediately refutes that that was the green dragon), some said it was arrows, some said that black dragons spit mud, and the most exaggerated one is that the black dragon can spit crocodiles.

“Shut up! Have you ever seen a crocodile! No dragon can vomit that! ” After being ridiculed by competitors, the two white dragons scuffled into a ball and gradually rolled away from the competition field.

“Black dragon spit is acid.” Xue Qiu flapped his wings and jumped onto the crooked ice cone.

The white dragon examiner nodded approvingly, and other dragons marveled.

“Child, how do you know that?” Asked the examiner.

“Because I beat a black dragon.”

When Xue Qiu finished, all the other dragons were quiet.

“I-I don’t believe it.” one dragon said, “You can’t kill the black dragon!”

“I didn’t kill the black dragon,” Xue Qiu said honestly, “and I didn’t fight him alone. One of my companions was an adventurer, and we fought the black dragon together. The black dragon was also very strong. I was dragged down the swamp by him, and finally we won. We didn’t kill him, because unless there was a fight and the two sides had to, dragons should not kill each other. “

The examiner nodded approvingly and asked, “Well, how did you deal with him in the end?”

“We threw him into the red dragon’s nest.”

The white dragon group sent out a series of exclamations, and everyone talked about it one after another.

“You’ve seen a red dragon! It’s impossible! “

“Red dragons are all hot and eat whatever they see. They’re very savage!”

“Tell me, where does the red dragon live? Can you tell me? “

Xue Qiu scratched his neck with his paw: “Well, of course I haven’t seen all the red dragons, and it’s impossible to know where the red dragons live. There’s only one place I’ve been to, which is the Ember mountains next to the Alderbins’ Maple forest, where the red dragon Ditald lives. His dragon name is too long. I forget that his secular name is Terrible Flame. “

Another wave of exclamation. Obviously, even among the relatively closed white dragons, many have heard of that one.

“Have you seen the green dragon and the blue dragon?” A young female dragon asked, “I heard that the spitting of blue dragon is a line, so weak and small.”

“They are not weak.”

Xue Qiu began to talk about the fighting style of the blue dragon and the appearance and character of the green dragon.

“Why have you seen so many other dragons? What kind of dragon do you think is the most powerful? “

Xue Qiu thought for a moment and said, “In Milkan island and the tundra, of course, the white dragon is the most powerful. But in other places, I think the Golden Dragon is the most terrible.”

This time, even the examiners were stunned, “Have you seen the Golden Dragon? Where have you seen it? “

“I’ve seen it outside the forest, and I’ve seen it in frost plains.”

Now, the white dragons are more noisy. The older dragons all know the Shuangyuan volcano, where the ancient dragons lived, where all kinds of elements gather, and it is also a treasure house of dragon language magic.

The examiner knocked on the ice cone with the ice block, “Be quiet! Be quiet! Cough, White Dragon Snow Moxibustion, how do I know you are not lying? You are really very smart, but you are so young that we can’t judge you as the best white dragon! “

“What I said is true!” Xue Qiu flapped his wings discontentedly, “I can prove that there are other dragons who can testify for me. “

“Where is the dragon you’re talking about?”

“He’s the silver dragon.” Xue Qiu lowered his head and looked for help from Ren Yun under the ice cone.

“As we all know, the silver dragon is most popular in the Frost Plain volcano, and the King there is also a silver dragon.” the examiner should be referring to the Sacrifice of Fog, although he directly referred to the “manager” as the King, “Have you ever seen the silver dragon? They are the same as us. They are very big. Although they are not as sensitive and beautiful as we are, their scales are quite beautiful. White Dragon Snow Moxibustion, you can look around. Many of the compatriots who attended the meeting today brought their party members and slaves.” He referred to the human beings who appeared with the white dragon. Human mages have put saddles on the white dragon, but the white dragons insist that the humans are the slaves.” These humans can cast magic, if you rely on magic to create the silver dragon’s illusion to deceive us, it will be exposed immediately.”

“I will not deceive you. Please step back.” Xue Qiu said.

The white dragons retreated for a distance. Xue Qiu said it was not enough and let them continue to retreat.

Under the ice cone, the silver elf walked to a relatively wide area, and a shower of rain water smelling smoke shrouded the white dragons’ sight.

After the smoke dispersed, the white dragons retreated further and did not dare to approach.

The huge body of the silver dragon collapsed several ice cones, its wide wingspan obscured the light and casted huge shadows on the snow. The power of the dragon made the people on the scene shake their white dragons one by one, and the white dragons were shocked and couldn’t close their chin.

Ren Yun slowly lowered his neck and approached the examiner holding the ice cone.

“Dear Sir, I am the follower of White Dragon Snow Moxibustion. Everything he said just now is true.”

Ren Yun’s voice was very gentle, and his ice blue eyes looked directly at the examiner.

Three days later, Ren Yun and Xue Qiu were back on land. Xue Qiu got the spring jewel as he wished and held it in his hand all day long.

“Ren Yun, why were you my entourage?” Xue Qiu was lying on the table, rubbing his face against the jewel.

“Because I wanted you to win.”

“Before you went to the island, you said you were not very interested.”

“I’m really not interested in the knowledge of the white dragons,” said Ren Yun, sitting next to Xue Qiu, holding Xue Qiu’s hand with a gem in his palm. “But I also wanted to get this gem, so of course I wanted you to win.”

“You want this gem, too? But, nominally, it’s me who won, and the gem is mine too. You have never asked me for a gem these days, but I have been collecting it… “

“You have to think about it,” Ren Yun said. “If you were not a traveler but lived in a cave, when you get a beautiful baby, are you going to put it in a cave, a treasure chest, a crystal box, and so on?”

Xue Qiu nodded.

“Well, will you ask the treasure chest for its contents?”

“No, the treasure chest and the cave also belong to me, so I’m very relieved that the treasure is there.”

“I think so too.” Ren Yun picked up Xue Qiu’s chin and gently kissed the tip of his nose.


Author’s note:

It is supposed to be TBC, but there is no XYZ. The part of XYZ should have been replaced with a silly plot, but the silly plot is not easy (you know).

Imagine it yourself…


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