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Chapter 9: U

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


“I’ll teach you a good way.” White Dragon Snow Moxibustion said confidently. This was the first time he’d offered to teach Ren Yun something. Ren Yun was very surprised and waited for what would follow.

In front of them were a group of crooked bandits. Now they have to inform the law enforcers of human towns, and send the young elf who was kidnapped and injured for treatment. Paradoxically, there were no doctors or temples in the nearest town, but in the town with the temple, the guard was not responsible for the security of that area. Ren Yun and Xue Qiu had to split up to treat the patient as soon as possible.

They had already knocked out the bandits and tied them up, but after all, they only used ropes, not shackles, and they were afraid that someone would wake up and escape. At this point, Xue Qiu said he had a good idea.

“First of all, we strip all their clothes,” Xue Qiu said as he began to move. “The worthless weapons are thrown under the cliff, the valuable ones are taken away, the clothes are thrown away or broken, and then they are tied together two by two, behind their hands, face to face, so they can be thrown here.”

Ren Yun looks at Xue Qiu with a complicated expression: “Who did you learn that from?”

“I didn’t learn from anyone. I found out by myself. When I was in the snowy mountain of Siro, I often met unreasonable human beings, and I found that once they were stripped away, their movement speed would be slowed down. Once I caught two thieves and asked them where they had hidden my silver mirror. After I got the answer, I had to go out and look for it. But I was afraid that they would run away. If they cheated me, I would go home and beat them! So I tied them together with a rope. When I came back, they really were struggling. Both of them were very angry and flushed. They were rolling around and rubbing around… “

“To say that you are an evil white dragon is not wrong for you…”

Ren Yun did what Xue Qiu said, binding people and laughing at the same time: such evil and obscene things can be said by Xue Qiu as funny and innocent.

About a month after the matter was settled, Ren Yun and Xue Qiu left with the elf’s thanks. As they passed through the fog-covered forest, they were temporarily on the same road with a group of elf caravans, which were humid all year round and still very hot in summer, although it was covered with thick shade.

“We should fly over! It’s too hot here! ” Xue Qiu murmured to Ren Yun more than once.

“No, we’re here to find the entrance to the ancient ruins. Don’t you remember,” Ren Yun said. “The green dragon, who died hundreds of years ago, hid a lot of diamonds here. You said you had to find them.”

Actually, Xue Qiu didn’t know whether there were many diamonds in the ruins. Considering that it is the place where the Old Dragon once lived, there should be many good things. Ren Yun is here to find some weapons, which Xue Qiu wasn’t very interested in. All he thought about was diamonds, sapphire and turquoise, so he had to endure.

As night fell, the elf caravan camped near the lake in the forest. In the latter half of the night, most of the people fell asleep, leaving only two soldiers on the vigil.

Suddenly, one of them raised his sword alertly and looked in the direction of the lake.

The land by the lake was too wet, so the elf camped in the forest away from the lake. The soldiers heard the lake water fluctuating, and the forest became hot and windless.

He patted his companion on the shoulder and the two leaned cautiously. After a few steps, Ren Yun came from behind and stopped them.

These elves didn’t know the real identity of Ren Yun, they think he is a traveler from the Silent Sea of Trees. “Let me see,” Ren Yun whispered to the soldiers. “Your armor is too heavy. I’m better at moving silently.”

The soldiers nodded and watched the light-footed elf sneak into the trees near the lake.

Ren Yun came out of the woods and rubbed his eyebrows helplessly.

The White Dragon Snow Moxibustion restored the dragon’s shape. It was rolling around in the lake, beating waves with its wings and scaring the flustered fish with its tail.

“Xue Qiu Change back to half-elf! ” Ren Yun stood by the lake and said, “You’ve been heard! Stop playing with water!”

“This forest is too hot…” Xu Qi murmured wrongly

“You can play with water with the half-elf’s body.”

“I’m scared to take off my clothes. What if the elves see me? There are several women elves among them.” Xue Qiu was quite used to being a half-elf and knows when not to take off his clothes.

The dragon’s transformation is similar to the Druid’s natural transformation. If a dragon becomes an adult or elf and then changes back, the clothing will still be retained and will reappear the next time it is reshaped. So Xue Qiu doesn’t need to take off his clothes to become a white dragon. He could also return to a well-dressed half-elf.

“Strictly speaking, you are also naked now.” Ren Yun refers to the scales on the belly of the white dragon.

“It’s not the same!”

“What’s the difference? You see, we can’t let the elf see the shape of the dragon, can we? “

“Yes…” Xue Qiu thought silently. I haven’t thought of that yet…

“If you turn into a half-elf, you don’t want to be seen naked by them, do you?”


“Well, if they see your white dragon form, they will see your naked body. Now that they have heard the news, they are coming to checkt, so you can change it for me now…”

Xue Qiu was stunned for a while, then slowly and reluctantly climbed onto the bank, threw the water, and turned into a young boy with milk white hair. His clothes were still dry, but water still hung on his body and hair.

Ren Yun takes Xue Qi’s hand and walks back together. The voices just now was interpreted by Ren Yun as “my brother practices magic by the lake”. The soldiers believed it and praised Xue Qiu as a hard-working child.

Back at the makeshift tent, Ren Yun finds that Xue Qi’s face is red. When asked, Xue Qiu carefully said, “I just suddenly thought that I was quite naked in front of you just now…”

Xue Qiu had been sorting out the logic all the way back. Now his idea is: Dragons and Dragons don’t need to think about clothes. If dragons and humanoids are together, they don’t wear clothes.

“Come on, I’ve seen it before.”

“When did you see it?”

“When we first met.”

At that time, Ren Yun was an Elf Hunter and Xue Qiu was a white dragon in an ice cave. At first, Ren Yun didn’t remove the transformation, and he knocked Xue Qiu to the ground by magic and swordsmanship.

Ren Yun thought for a moment and added, “Oh, at that time, you not only had no clothes on, but also exposed your belly to me, and you were pressed under me, shedding tears…”

“I didn’t!”

“You did, you lay on your back, and I put my sword to your neck…”

“I admit that. I mean, I didn’t cry! Absolutely not!”

“You did.”

Less than ten feet away, there was a tent where elven mages and merchants who had just been woken up by their feet lived.

Elves generally have excellent hearing. They thought about the relationship between Ren Yun and Xue Qiu in a cold sweat, and can’t help but imagine what kind of picture it would be like to be “naked, held on the neck with a sword, and weeping under my body!”

“The elf named Ren Yun is so… He’s so sinful!”

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And the next morning, all the elves were watching Ren Yun with odd eyes, secretely pitying Xue Qiu for having such a sinful brother.
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