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Chapter 4: L and M

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: ???


Ren Yun turned over and sighed. I’m a little sleepless today.

Now he and Xue Qiu lived in the hunter’s house in a small town, with a small room and a small bed. At first, he wanted to get up and go out for a walk, but he gave up. He was afraid to wake Xue Qiu next to him.

Xue Qiu used to have difficulty sleeping in humanoid form because he couldn’t find a comfortable position to lie in. Now, he’s getting used to it. He’s no longer sleepless. Ren Yun doesn’t want to wake him up in the middle of the night.

“Ren Yun, you can’t sleep?” At this point, Xue Qi’s voice rings out.

“Did I wake you up?” Ren Yun turned over and looked at the ice blue eyes.

Xue Qiu grunted to the effect that he was not fully awake. He squirmed his body and asked, “Do you have insomnia?”

“A little, it doesn’t matter, go to sleep.” Ren Yun said.

Hearing that, Xue Qiu was surprised, “Oh! You have insomnia? Let me tell you a story.”

Ren Yun frowned and stared at him – when Xue Qiu couldn’t sleep before, Ren Yun would tell him stories of ancient wars, of frosty volcanoes, of fog worshippers when they were young… It seems that the little white dragon now felt that this was his chance to be the one who lulled people to sleep.

“What I want to talk about is the thrilling legend of a huge white dragon.”

“White dragons are big?”

“Relatively speaking!” Xue Qiu pouts and looks at Ren Yun. Ren Yun smiles and signals him to continue.

“A long time ago, in a very cold place, there was a place called Landesland and the like… I forgot. The white dragon,” said Xue Qiu in a low voice, as gentle and slow as possible. “his secular name is Zuo Bingfeng, and he was the strongest and most intelligent white dragon in the area. The frost giants did not dare to invade his home, and human beings regularly offered tribute to him. He was the king of the ice. One day, he met a red dragon…”

“Wait, how did the white dragon meet the red dragon? Red dragons hate the cold…”

“I don’t know how they met. Anyway, they met,” Xue Qiu continued. “It was a man named… Ai, his dragon name is very long, his secular name is Lava Red dragon, she was very domineering, evil, selfish, stupid… Although she was much bigger than Bingfeng, Bingfeng still beat her..”

“Well… Is Bingfeng still alive?” Ren Yun asked.

“Of course! He and the red dragon fought in human form, and then they fell in love with each other…”

Ren Yun couldn’t help laughing. Xue Qiu didn’t understand what he was laughing at. In fact, the silver dragon also knew the story, from the priests. The cross racial couple even later had a half breed child.

“Continue. Then?” Ren Yun asked.

Xue Qiu began to tell the following things with a running account. For example, they were limited by unknown gods, and they could only act in human form for a while (in fact, it was not a God, but a sacrifice of the silver dragon), for example, they lived together, risked and fought everywhere, such was how powerful and handsome they were.

As Xue Qiu talked about it, he starts to feel sleepy. He tried to open his eyes and saw Ren Yun lying there with his eyes closed and smiling.

“Are you asleep?” Xue Qiu asked. If Ren Yun falls asleep before he’s finished, he would be a little bit frustrated.

“No, I’m listening to you.”

Xue Qiu went on to talk about the birth of the mixed blood child of the couple, the recovery of their respective bodies, some inexplicable crises, etc. Gradually, becoming more sleepy, Xue Qiu’s eyelids began to fight, and his thoughts were gradually confused. He couldn’t remember the end of the story.

“Well… Later…” He continued to say vaguely, “the brave ice wind finally understood that he was the king of ice, and did not belong to that Lava Red dragon… Then he…”

Xue Qi’s breath gradually sank, and he fell asleep.

Ren Yun squinted at him for a moment, reaching out and stroking his forehead and cheek.

Ren Yun knew that story, which was regarded as a “absurd story” or “tragic legend” by the dragons. In short, the white dragon and the red dragon parted ways, each doing their own bad things, leaving the half-blood child alone in the broad world.

Today was Ren Yun’s first time hearing the story from a white dragon. In fact, he was really curious about the perspective of the white dragons.

Red dragons and white dragons usually think that it’s good to abandon the child and ‘wrong choice’ decisively. They don’t have the habit of staying with whomever forever. They may be attracted to the same or different race, but it won’t last long. For a few years, or decades, when they are tired, they will naturally choose to be apart.

Ren Yun propped up his upper body, folded his long hair back, leaned over and gently kissed Xue Qiu on the corner of his eye.

“And a silver dragon is willing to keep important people around them, and I hope… you can do the same in the future.” He looks gently at Xue Qi’s sleeping face.



“Ren Yun, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question…” At the end of the line, Xue Qiu frowned and asked, “Why do we need this?”

He was referring to the maintenance of anthropomorphic forms rather than the direct display of the dragon’s form. Now, together with more than ten humans and elves, they went deep into the ancient dungeons to save the people captured by the monsters.

A group of hunters and rescuers formed. It is said that there are very evil and ferocious monsters living here, and they dared not upset them.

Xue Qiu’s idea was that he and Ren Yun should go back to their original form and go into the dungeon to kill monsters, and then they can be rescued.

Ren Yun lowered his voice and replied, “Because I can’t get in with my body.”

“What about me? I can!”

The silver dragon in elf form shook his head, “I have taught you the common types of underground ruins and temples. Sometimes, the width of the road is not the same from the beginning to the end. There are even many places where the road leading to the deep is deliberately built to allow only one person to pass through…”

Xue Qiu looked down discontentedly for a moment, and then said, “What if the road is just right? Can’t I fight it directly in dragon form?”

“It’s not the time,” Ren Yun said. “For a lot of humans and elves, we’re also monsters. You’re going to scare them.”

“That sounds uncomfortable to me,” Xue Qiu pouted slightly. “I understand, but I…”

Ren Yun put his hand on his shoulder, patted him, and said, “Some of these people are my friends who know who I am, and some don’t. I don’t want to cause trouble to my friends. And I want to protect you – there are intelligent people, there are dull people, and there are always people who can’t understand the dragon’s intentions, right?”

After listening to the silver dragon, Xue Qiu felt much better. Now he’s come up with a simplified idea: to be generous with stupid humans.

Along the way, the hunters encounter mechanisms and magic traps, and occasionally monsters patrolling the dungeons. Finally, they got close to the main cavern, went through a secret door that opened by the side, and went deeper.

They vaguely heard the human cries and the monster’s screams and laughter. After passing through the long and narrow corridor, the cavern suddenly opened up into a huge dome and large cavity.

The monsters have already detected the hunter’s arrival, they roared ferociously and rushed out in groups. In the shadow of the stalagmite, there are many monsters who can cast magic. They are very cunning, hiding there to attack the hunter with magic.

Originally, the monsters were unable to resist the hunter’s attacks, but the hidden caster successfully completed some spells, and many humans and elves fell into a coma. The scene began to reverse, and the sober people were outnumbered.

That spell didn’t work on dragons. Xue Qiu heared Ren Yun say, “Cover me,” and started casting spells.

Xue Qiu was used to fighting with a half-elf body. He quickly avoided the enemy’s attacks and stabbed the monster in the other direction.

After Ren Yun had casted the spell, Xue Qiu thought something serious would appear, but it didn’t, many monsters just fainted. To his surprise, not only some of the monsters, but also all the hunters still standing fainted together!

Xue Qiu looked at Ren Yun in surprise. Ren Yun smiled at him, stepped up the towering rock, and jumped into the sky deftly – accompanied by a shower of rain water smelling of smoke, until the huge silver dragon appeared in the giant cave!

“Xue Qiu, now is the time.”

At the prompt of Ren Yun, the white dragon also released his form and returned to his original appearance. The monster soldiers and monster casters shuddered and stared at the oppressive and chilling dragons at both ends. This time, they didn’t maintain their human forms, staying in dragon form.

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