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Chapter 3: I – K

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


Both the silver dragon and the white dragon are cold subspecies. They are used to the cold and good at spitting out cold air. However, the white dragon is more attached to low temperatures than the silver dragon.

The hot summer is especially hard for a white dragon. When Ren Yun returned to the hostel, he couldn’t find Xue Qiu in his room. He went around the backyard and found a big piece of ice beside the stable. Xue Qiu was lying on it like a layer of cream on a cake.

Next to Xue Qiu was a well with the barrel leaning on the side, and the frost flowers on the ground have begun to melt.

“You got water and froze it into ice?” Ren Yun walked over and rubbed Xue Qi’s head.

Xue Qiu did not move, his voice was stuffy, “Mn. It’s so hot, I’m going to melt…”

Ren Yun sighed, picked up Xue Qiu, who wanted to melt into the ice, put him on his shoulder and walked to the big house. “At least let me take that piece of ice back to the room…”

“No, it will be found.”

“Leave it here and they’ll find it too!”

“We can pretend we don’t know who did it.”

Back in the room, Ren Yun cast a spell to clean up the wet Xue Qiu, and then gave a book to him. Xue Qiu felt that it was too hot to read a book, but he argued that Ren Yun had no intention to look at it, and he imagined an ice sheet blowing up in a snowstorm.

After a while, Xue Qiu was surprised to find that he didn’t feel so hot! He stood up in disbelief, put down his book, and casually did a few moves, such as drawing a sword, stepping, and turning around!

“What are you doing?” Asked Ren Yun, who was maintaining his weapons.

“I’m not hot all of a sudden!”

“I just cast two spells for you, one to clean you up and the other to keep you comfortable.”

Xue Qiu suddenly realized that he was not very good at casting, so he didn’t notice at all.

He ran over and bent down and gave Ren Yun a kiss on the cheek. Ren Yun sat still and was about to say, ‘I can teach you how to do it,’ when Xue Qiu stood behind him, he put his arm around his neck and put his face against his hair.

“What’s the matter?”

“I find that your temperature is quite low,” said Xue Qiu. “It’s very comfortable…”

Ren Yun held out his hand to hold Xue Qiu’s head, turned his head, and opened his mouth to seal Xue Qi’s lips. Xue Qiu was startled, but did not dodge. Fresh cold air was blown into his mouth, making him feel more comfortable in the surrounding temperature.

For some reason, he felt a slight fever in his cheeks, contrary to the desired effect.



One day, Xue Qiu suddenly asked, “Ren Yun, why are you a hunter?”

In order to climb a mountain, they were flying high, and Xue Qiu flew as usual to Ren Yun’s side. Of course, the hunter he mentioned was not a hunter who went up the mountain to hunt, but an adventurer who hunted dangerous creatures and searched for rare things.

Ren Yun thought for a moment and said, “There’s  no specific reason. I spent a long time as a male elf, living and traveling with human beings and elves. Before I could realise, I was already used to this kind of life. After my friends left, I continued to this day.”


“Huan’s lifespans are very short.”

“But elves have a long life.”

Ren Yun chuckled helplessly, “Yes, but they still don’t live as long as dragons. I left before they realized I wasn’t an elf.”

Xue Qiu was silent, thought for a while, and then asked, “But you can stop being a hunter. The mud monster was so ugly, and the ghost in the ancient ruins was so terrible…” Recalling these experiences, Xue Qiu still felt afraid, “The most disgusting thing was the ten-headed lizard last time. It’s hard to look at this kind of thing with too many heads… Why are you willing to face these? Isn’t it better to find a comfortable cave to live in?”

“Because I’m used to this kind of life,” Ren Yun replied, “I like to help others, fight for the weak and those unable to protect themselves. I use my power to frighten the perpetrators and get the innocent out of crisis. I would not have gone this way if I hadn’t met those humans and elf companions. I thank them very much.”

Xu Qi listened to his words in a daze, and his mind came up with the epic poems sung by bards in the pubs before.

Compared with hunters, Ren Yun’s words and deeds are more like the actions of a being called “Knight”, although Xue Qiu had never seen a real knight… The men, dressed in silver armor and armed with swords or spears, fought for the monarch and stood up for the strong and the weak.

When listening to that story, Xue Qiu thought that they were stupid and fake. However, if you think of these beings as Ren Yun, Xue Qiu felt they were very handsome.



White Dragon Snow Moxibustion – now renamed Xue Qiu, will never forget that evening in early spring.

He and Ren Yun met a human male in a hollow outside the city. He was tall and handsome, with brilliant golden hair and dark golden eyes. His physique was like a fighter who had been trained for a long time, but he wore a soft white robe which only mages can wear. The setting sun on his body made him more dazzling.

The man came slowly and gracefully with a smile in his eyes. Xue Qiu thought it strange that the man had a strong sense of oppression, so he dared not look directly at him.

“Silver Dragon, Shervas Jolin Yalifeld Lesville,” the blonde man came closer, his voice deep and magnetic, “the fog mourner is worried about what you’re doing.”

The other side was too close, almost only one person away from them. Xue Qiu became more and more uneasy, and almost wanted to leave the place immediately. He tried his best to endure and restrain the impulse to escape.

Ren Yun stepped back, knelt down on one knee and bowed his head, and saluted, “My Lord, Sicali Yuraetom San Sharinia, walk with you in the bright moment.”

Their conversation was both in dragon language. Xue Qiu was not used to it for a while. These days he spoke the common language every day, and recently he was learning Elven.

The blonde man reached out and stroked Ren Yun’s hair, looking like an elder looking at a very young child, even though he looked less than 30 years old. Then, he looked at Xue Qiu, and the kindness in his eyes disappeared. His eyes were like a sword penetrating his soul, which made Xue Qiu shiver all over.

“Xue Qiu, get down on your knees.” Ren Yun whispered.

Xue Qiu stared at the blonde, wondering if it’s the abandonment of oppression, or if he wanted to hear Ren Yun’s words. In short, he flopped and sat on the grass.

The blonde man couldn’t help laughing.

“The little one you take care of is quite interesting,” he said to Ren Yun, but his eyes were fixed on Xue Qiu. “However, the priest is worried about you. He’s worried that you can not guide the greedy white dragon.”

“I know that the worshippers will worry about me,” Ren Yun replied. “If you and the worshippers feel it necessary, I can take the white dragon back to the frost-plain volcano. He… he is not greedy. His biggest shortcoming is that he is very stupid.”

Xue Qiu looked at Ren Yun wrongly. However, under the gaze of the blonde man, he couldn’t refute a word.

The blonde man squatted down and put his hand on Xue Qiu’s shoulder, which made him more stiff.

“What’s your full name, child?”

“I, I am… ” Sure, Xue Qiu remembers his full name, but he was always tongue tied when he needed to say it. He stuttered out a few syllables, and with great difficulty could not finish his name.

“Mn, what is your secular name?”

“Xue, hiccup.. Ah, Xue Moxibustion!”

“His name is Xue Qiu.” Ren Yun said from the side.

The blonde man nodded, “Xue Qiu, nice to meet you. Ren Yun is a very gentle and learned boy, and you will learn a lot from him.”

With that, he touched Xue Qiu’s curly hair again, which made Xue Qiu tremble.

Then he reached for Ren Yun to stand up, and the two hugged each other intimately. The blonde man said in Ren Yun’s ear, “In fact, the priest is afraid that you will suffer losses. In order to reassure him, I came to see it for myself. Now I can be rest assured that the child is really stupid…”

After that, he smiled and went away slowly. Golden light accompanied by the fog burst open, after the fog dispersed, a huge golden dragon rushed into the sky. Even though he was a giant dragon, Ren Yun and Xue Qiu were still impressed by his golden scales, his beautiful body and majestic eyes.

After circling around the open space, the golden dragon disappeared in the clouds.

Ren Yun helped lift Xue Qiu, who was still sluggish. Xue Qiu was  frightened by the cry of the golden dragon, and immediately jumped into Ren Yun’s arms and did not move.

“That’s the Golden Dragon, Sikali Yulaitom San Sharinia. His secular name is Halberd. If you can’t remember his name next time, you can call him ‘the Great Golden Dragon Lord.’”

Ren Yun knew that Xue Qiu was scared to death, so he didn’t force Xue Qiu to say hello to the golden dragon this time.

It took a long time for Xue Qiu to calm down. “You don’t like white dragons?” he asked carefully.

“Of course I don’t like all white dragons, but I like you.” Ren Yun said.

“Well… What about the golden dragon? And what sacrifice is there?”

“The priest is an ancient silver dragon,” said Ren Yun. “He and Lord Guangji are my elders. They are just worried about me. They don’t like you.”

“Really? Even if they think I’m stupid and slow?”

“Really.” Ren Yun smiled and rubbed the little white dragon’s hair in his arms.

He didn’t tell Xue Qi: those arrogant elders are relieved to see that you are stupid.

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Thank you for the chapter!!! Aren’t the elders just worrywarts… Ren Yun can handle his little white dragon companion. And I bet Xue Qiu is already attached to him.

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