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Chapter 43: Wow, It’s Exciting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, embarrassed for the two of them


Gu Ang’s face turned red, and his voice changed timbre. It was obvious that he was just reading the words on the note, but he felt that he was revealing his feelings by doing so.

Ye Fei, I like you.

Ye Fei, I’ve liked you from the past to the present, and I’ve never changed.

The touch of his lips and tongue, the sound of his name, all felt moving.

And Ye Fei’s words of liking him burrowed into his ears, overlapping with countless past confessions that sounded so heartfelt they couldn’t be distinguished from the truth. Gu Ang was so close to believing it, the sincerity in that statement.

I like you.

It was a simple phrase, but the sound of that voice easily moved the heartstrings.

Gu Ang knew what kind of a person Ye Fei was. If he didn’t want to, he’d rather be punished than read something like that. So… Did he volunteer?

Gu Ang pursed his lips, carefully lifting the ends of his eyes and glancing to the side. He saw Ye Fei’s fingertips still sliding back and forth over the words of the note, as if in contemplation.

“Wow~~~” was an afterthought, and the otherwise quiet and tense atmosphere of the exam was ignited by the uproar.

They were pretty nervous about the test, but didn’t expect such a great egg after the first test. Two famous Alphas confessing their love for each other, what kind of awesome scene was that? If word of this gets out, many Omegas would wake up in their dreams.

Bai SiNing heard the voices of the two men, and froze. The note… It seemed to have been crumpled up and turned upside down… He had only meant for the two to see each other’s confessions, to poke at the window earlier. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Wang Chuang and whipped on the spot.

But it had the inexplicable effect that these two read it out as if they were making a public confession to each other. He carried a jittery, and excited heart that felt like it was beating wildly to rise out of his throat. It was so romantic for two people to tell each other their feelings for each other at the same moment, with the entire class watching. Forget it, if they can be made to realize sooner how much they like each other.

He, Bai SiNing, would die again, and die well.

Bai SiNing brainstormed and prepared to pick a more decent looking death for himself. This whole confession thing in the exam room was a first, and so many times finals have started, no one had dared to be so bold.

Wang Chuang didn’t expect the note to be as powerful as it was. As if he wasn’t sure, he stared at the note left and right and read it again. No mistake, the note was indeed two simple sentences.

There were no answers, no right questions, and the content was completely unrelated to the exam.

“You two finished writing your papers and sent each other love?” Wang Chuang coughed awkwardly twice. He thought about it, in an inquisitive manner, and rubbed his chin again, “No, Gu Ang, why did your note say, “Ye Fei, I like you”? Was the name wrong?”

Gu Ang: “…”

Wouldn’t it be good for you to apply that inquisitive spirit to your teaching?

“Teacher, maybe they were done writing and just haven’t gotten around to passing it around yet?”

“Teacher, it’s also possible that you mixed up the notes when you returned them.”

“Teacher, in short, the two of them just confessed their love for each other.”

“Teacher, rounding up, we’re finally going to have our first couple in class!”

After all, the two looked good together and were still in love with each other.

The most fucking exciting thing was that both were Alphas. The class was so enthusiastic about it that they were all brainstorming and buzzing about it. Unclear who led the way, but the classroom resounded in unison with the sound of table slaps, “Together! Together! Together! Together! Together!”

Gu Ang was annoyed, “Don’t start a fuss! What are you yelling about?”

Wang Chuang shushed, “Quiet, what’s all the noise? Although you two didn’t pass the content of the exam, you still affected the discipline of the exam, do you have anything you want to argue?”

Wang Chuang glanced at the two men’s original positions and spared a glance at Bai SiNing in the middle of their seats. The military’s natural acumen made it seem like the man was in on it.

Gu Ang was stubborn, “I really didn’t write the note.”

Wang Chuang drew back the note annoyedly, “I’ll forget it this time, take the following five subjects properly, or else you two would be disqualified from participating in the winter break special training.”

“Wait teacher, the note… are you…” Gu Ang opened his mouth and called out to Wang Chuang, trying to get the note back.

“It’s not like you wrote it, and you want to take it back and keep it to commemorate this first confession?” Wang Chuang twitched the corners of his mouth and looked at Gu Ang with a smirk as he asked.

Gu Ang felt the blood rush a little to his head, he must be red in the face at the moment. Fuck, when did it get so easy to be shy? Gu Ang took a deep breath before snapping his head up and saying, “Teacher, it was true that neither of us wrote it, and I don’t know where this note came from. I’m going to track down who the originator really was with the two notes.”

“That’s not okay.” Wang Chuang looked at the note in his hand and snickered, “Seeing as both of you have first-class family backgrounds and are strong enough in your own right, you would sooner or later climb to a high position. In case you two do make it, I’ll sell the notes with what you two confessed to each other on Starnet when the time comes, gorgeous.”

Not to mention Gu Ang, even Ye Fei, who had an unchanged face next to him, was completely shocked by his own dead stingy teacher. Just two notes from your students, and you can figure out how to turn them into money?

“Just kidding, don’t take it seriously, have a good exam.” Wang Chuang patted the two on the shoulder, rolled the papers passed up into a pile, clutched the slip of paper and turned to leave.

That look looked like he was worried about carrying hundreds of thousands of star coins in his hand to be asked back by Gu Ang.

Gu Ang spit, “Why didn’t that sound like a joke to me?”

“Give up, he must be serious. It’s not like you don’t know this Wang teacher guy. Whenever money’s involved, no one can deduct half a penny from his hand.” Ye Fei spoke blandly, wearing an expression of having seen through the red dust.

Gu Ang nodded, “Understood, I was forced to understand at the beginning of the school year, after all, it’s not often that a teacher makes me pay for a tester right out of the gate.”

“It was us that broke the tester.” Ye Fei lifted his eyes slightly and stared playfully at the person, his words seemingly full of meaning.

Gu Ang remembered that he had received 50,000 star coins from Ye Fei and hadn’t even contributed any money himself. Not having a good memory lately, he forgot about that. That would be pretty fucking awkward.

Gu Ang turned his head sideways and pulled the conversation away, “So when it comes down to it, let’s beat up Bai SiNing again.”

Bai SiNing was sitting on a stool in a daze when he suddenly heard his name, snapped out of it and immediately popped up and ran towards the door. While taking a big step away, he called Lin XiuYong, “It’s over, it’s over! I’m really dead this time. Come here quickly, I’m going to be hunted down!”

Lin XiuYong was baffled, “Didn’t you just finish your exams? What’s wrong?”

“It’s hard to explain, but anyway, I pissed those two big guys off again.” Bai SiNing knocked himself on the head, “I really am a pig.”

Lin XiuYong came out of Class A next door and opened the door of Class S, just in time to catch the panicked person. He glanced towards the classroom, “Go ahead, what happened?”

“I had nothing to do after cheating, so I wrote two little confession notes and threw one to each of them.” Bai SiNing was beyond chagrined, “I was going to let them misunderstand the misunderstanding and be done with it, but I didn’t expect to be caught by the teacher.”

Lin XiuYong drew in a breath of cold air, “What was written?”

“I like you.”

Lin XiuYong rubbed his brow. Those who didn’t know, would have thought that this fool was confessing to him. He went on to ask, “And then what?”

“Then the teacher told them to read it out as it was, with real emotion on the spot.” Bai SiNing looked at the person walking over and instantly closed and hid behind Lin XiuYong.

Gu Ang sidled up and grabbed him by the arm, striking hard, “No one can save you this time.”

“I was wrong, I was really wrong.” Bai SiNing struggled to break free from Gu Ang’s confinement, his other hand with three fingers up, “I swear, I’ll die if I ever do anything unethical again… mph…”

Gu Ang and Lin XiuYong went to cover his mouth at the same time, both hands hitting his lips at the same time. Bai SiNing suspected his mouth was swollen. Gu Ang frowned at the poisonous oath he had just taken, reminding him of Bai SiNing before he died. The eyes were calm and open as if they were dying, and the brow was still a teenager’s. He was just under twenty-five at that point, if he remembered correctly.

He let go of Bai SiNing’s mouth, suddenly thinking that all this was trivial, “Don’t say such ominous things, forget it.”

“Forget it? What does that mean?” Bai SiNing asked warily.

Gu Ang kicked him, “Not going to bother you about the note. Don’t hang on to it all day.”

Lin XiuYong raised his eyes to look at him, wanting to say something. It turned out he wasn’t the only one who was worried about Bai SiNing. “Break it up, break it up. Take a break to prepare for the next exam.”

Thinking about some things from the past, Gu Ang was so annoyed that he turned his head back to Ye Fei, “Let me have a cigarette and a lighter.”

“You want to smoke?”


Ye Fei followed him outside and walked around the corner to the classroom floor, their backs against the wall in silence. He tapped the bottom of the cigarette case and popped out two, biting into one himself first and lighting it. Gu Ang reached up to clip it on and hold it in his mouth, gesturing for Ye Fei to light it for him.

Ye Fei didn’t use a lighter, just moved over slightly and touched his with a lit cigarette. The scarlet tip of the cigarette soon stained with sparks, the smoke burned, but Ye Fei didn’t move. He liked to be very close to Gu Ang so he could smell the nice scent coming from his breath.

Gu Ang didn’t move either, just stared a little laxly at the white smoke billowing out. He didn’t inhale it, and it wasn’t long before he felt a little choked. He coughed lightly twice, and as an afterthought he dragged his cigarette and exhaled it again, a large, misty cloud.

“There’s nothing good about smoking, don’t learn.” Ye Fei narrowed his eyes and reached out to help him put out his cigarette, “If you’re upset about anything, you can tell me.”

Gu Ang didn’t know where to start, and Ye Fei in front of him probably didn’t know anything. So, what could he say? Tell him that Bai SiNing would die at twenty-five? That he’d been with him for years and divorced? That they somehow crossed back and don’t know how to get back? Too many emotions piled up in his chest, so it would be hard to know where to begin. A tangled mess wrapped around his heart, and in the end he could only wind himself up.

“If you won’t talk about it, I won’t ask.” Ye Fei bit the cigarette back, scattering some of the ashes, “I’ll stand with you for a while.”

The two men leaned not too close together and stood still, like models in a street scene.

Gu Ang stared at the extinguished cigarette and then at Ye Fei, who was clutching it, “Give me one last drag, and I’ll be fine.”

Ye Fei couldn’t resist him and raised his hand slightly, handing over the cigarette he had bitten into, “One last drag.”

“Mhm.” Gu Ang leaned over and took the cigarette sideways.

The cigarette was a little moist and had just been held. He bit on it again, and thought of Ye Fei’s lips. It took one puff for Gu Ang to realize how ambiguous the gesture was. He and Ye Fei, for the Nth time, kissed again and again indirectly.

Gu Ang rested his tongue against the end of his cigarette, feeling those irritations dissipate a bit, “But, it’s okay.”

“Mn, okay.” Ye Fei looked at him steadily, not knowing what he had to do to melt the sorrow from Gu Ang’s brow. Both men had their heads down in silence when suddenly there was an unfamiliar voice, coming from just around the corner.

“It’s really the two of them! Woo hoo, exciting! The two just finished confessing their love for each other in the exam room and they’re off to the little corner to cheat and smooch!!!”

Gu Ang was confused. Who was he talking about? Within seconds, the comm started vibrating with an automated message from the Red Flame Express. Gu Ang dropped his eyes and saw a blurry picture pop up on the page. In the background was the back corner of the academy, which seemed to be where he was standing.

The guy got the angle just right, he was clearly coming over to smoke Ye Fei’s cigarette.

But it looked like a lingering kiss.


Author’s Note: 

Shocker! Two male gods actually sneak a kiss after an exam!

I don’t have any inspiration today, so that was all I can do.

I wanted to talk to you about the fact that none of the characters in the text, whether they are the main or supporting characters, are perfect people.

Ang Ang is a very strong fighter, proud and confident, and relatively sensitive, preferring to hold things in and refusing to say anything when they happen.

Ye Fei stands out in every way, so it was only right that the subjective go against the responsibility, and that was what led to the storyline of the mystery man marking and refusing to reveal the family mission.

Lin XiuYong had more voodoo so far, but he’s set up as a theoretical genius with no force, and there’s really no golden finger for him to overpower the protagonist.

Most think BaiBai is a workhorse and doesn’t think through things, but it’s because of his previous character like this that he blames himself for the sudden change in character when something serious happens later on.

They have strengths, weaknesses, cute sides, and relatively less likable parts, everyone had a growth process.


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April 18, 2023 6:14 am

The universe is for them… give up fighting it guys.
Re Author’s note ~ no one is perfect and I like when character’s grow and recognise their faults, rather than those whose selective memories disregard their past mistakes and bad behaviour. Same with holier than thou people irl.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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