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Chapter 44: Excuse Me, Go On

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey’s heart breaks for AngAng


“What are you looking at?” Ye Fei nibbled on his cigarette and padded over, his eyes falling on the screen. The mismatch was all too real, the image of him with his head slightly sideways, Gu Ang’s chin half up, like his lips and tongue seemed to collide. Both men stood with one hand in their pockets, relaxed and casual. The image was a little dark, and the smoke was directly hidden. It did seem to be lingering and affectionate.

Gu Ang put it away but was already too late, so he simply openly showed him, “I kind of know how celebrity gossip is made, black can be turned white.”

Ye Fei laughed lightly, his eyes sweeping over Gu Ang’s cigarette-laden lips, “Looks like you’re going to be tied to me.”

“It’s an honor to be in a gossip with me.” Gu Ang looked up, pretending to be relaxed.

Ye Fei put out the cigarette, true or not, he knew it in his heart. The two were in an ambiguous stage, talking about the unknown. He would’ve liked it to be true, but another layer of concern surfaced. At this moment, the two names were almost bundled, and it was impossible for Lu ChangBai not to know. So, when exactly was he going to strike from the shadows? It had been too calm lately, like the calm before a tsunami hit.

Out of sight, but there were already waves.

Ye Fei looked at the neck ring Gu Ang had been wearing, which was now so convincingly attached to his glands that it looked as if it had become a part of Gu Ang’s body. If anything did go wrong, he would show up immediately.

Ye Fei thought for a moment, “Want to clarify?”

Gu Ang looked at him, “Clarify what?”

“The gossip.” Ye Fei smiled to himself, “If you mind, I’ll go clarify before I get in the way of your peach.”

Gu Ang stammered his words, “Let… let them be, they have their own mouths anyway.”

Besides, even though he wasn’t ready to come clean about everything and reconcile with Ye Fei, it was nice to be a scandalous boyfriend and take this place first. That way if another person tried to stick to them, they at least had that thought in their mind. He was conflicted, clearly not wanting to get involved with people, but wanting the world to know they were involved.

Ye Fei nodded heartily, “Come on then, it’s time to move on to exams, gossip boyfriend.”

That was a titillating thing to say, like a cat’s tail scratching an itch. Gu Ang thought to himself that the term gossip boyfriend was awesome and he was happy with it. Even if the two of them weren’t related in any way, onlookers would see them as a pair. This sense of ambiguity, if anything, dissipated his gloomy mood a bit.

They came out of the corner together in a large and generous manner and headed upstairs. Along the way, they passed by individual foodies and received all kinds of attention. The curious, the amazed, and the ones who were still digesting after just looking at the photos. All sorts of eyes fell on them, but no one dared to come forward and ask. It did count as today’s share of breaking news that the two, who were thought to be bitter rivals, were together?

Was this what they called finding true love?

The two communicators vibrated again, and Gu Ang tapped it open with one hand in his pocket to find the forum’s previous bets prompting a prize. About how the two openly confessed their love for each other, and were photographed kissing, the owner directly announced the reward for placing a bet on “Double A Love”.

With so many people betting on the other two options, the double A option was a high payout, and he made countless times that amount as one of the few people in the original poll who bet on it. He was about to look up and brag to Ye Fei, thinking that it looked a bit odd that people even knew about it, but held back his words.

When Gu Ang returned to his seat, Bai SiNing, whose energy from earlier hadn’t passed yet, greeted him timidly and asked again, “Brother Ang, did you receive the money?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Bai SiNing carefully gauged his expression before saying slowly, “Do you dare believe that I made over twenty thousand star coins?”

Gu Ang gave him a stare and spoke quietly, “Thirty thousand.”

“Thir-thirty thousand?” Bai SiNing sucked in a breath of cold air. No, weren’t you voting for fun? How come you’re betting more money than the group leader? Bai SiNing didn’t dare to think about it. These two were starting to get real, right?

Gu Ang raised his eyebrows, “What, is that a lot?”

The two men looked at each other for a few seconds, and the atmosphere fell into silence.

“Not much, not much, it’s average.” Bai SiNing whispered back, “Next exam, I’m counting on you guys again.”

Gu Ang twirled his pen around his fingertips and gave a soft hmm. The last two days of the exam were just as easy and enjoyable as the first. Bai SiNing no longer dared to be pig brained, and after copying the paper honestly, he sat down nicely and waited for the bell to ring. He also deliberately got a few questions wrong to avoid being caught with too many consistent answers.

Copying the experience and copying the level. But for the past two days, no more conversations rang through the headphones.

Bai SiNing was quiet and terribly well-behaved, and seemed to really know the error of his ways. Gu Ang didn’t really blame him, it was rather a botched job.

Inexplicably, the two became a couple in the mouths of others.

By the time the last subject was finished, the exam, which lasted three days, had finally come to an end. The group dispersed in twos and threes, discussing winter vacation plans with fervor. Gu Ang and Ye Fei came out of the examination hall and were walking along the boulevard when snow began to fall from the sky unexpectedly. It landed on the tip of his nose, cold and chilly.

Within moments, a thin layer of fine snow had accumulated on top of the two men’s heads, as if they were sprinkled with frost. Gu Ang, underdressed, rushed back to his dorm and started packing his things. The first semester was over and winter break was next. He and Ye Fei both stood in front of their respective wardrobes fetching their clothes, both of them a little lovey-dovey crooked with discomfort.

Actually, they’d see each other in a few days. Earlier, the teacher talked about going to another planet together to get the mission reward. Both were top at the Games and were bound to get a share. It was just that, after living together for so many days before, it was quite uncomfortable to think about being suddenly separated.

Gu Ang wondered if Ye Fei could sleep peacefully without him lying in the next bed, “I just realized that it’s New Year’s after today.” 

Ye Fei folded his shirt slowly and methodically, “Mn, time flies.”

It was quite fast, and by careful calculation, a little over half a year had passed since he had crossed over. The time on campus was repetitive and long, day after day, and time seemed to leap past without notice. When he returned to this time, Gu Ang was wondering how the hell he was going to get back. But now he felt at peace having Ye Fei by his side even if he couldn’t go back.

Gu Ang hesitantly asked, “Are you leaving right after you pack?”

“Mn, my dad’s coming over later, he should be here soon.” Ye Fei gave him a look, “What, can’t leave me?”

The words were tawdry.

Gu Ang looked away and shoved his clothes in haphazardly, “How’s that possible? You have thicker skin. I can’t wait for you to leave, I’m happy to finally have a room to myself.”

“Oh, sure.” Ye Fei closed his suitcase, when they heard a knock on the door, and he strode over to open it.

Gu Ang had no one to pick him up. His parents seemed to be away on business again. It used to be the same way, his parents were busy and the house was often empty. His house was large, but empty. This time Ye HongFeng entered and listened to the two people’s usual gossip, and was a bit tied up.

Gu Ang also pretended to be relaxed and called Qin LeHe, “Mom, tomorrow is New Year’s Day, are you still not coming back?”

Qin LeHe said with an apologetic tone, “Sorry, Little Ang, I have a business problem here and I need to stay for a few more days. It just so happens that your father’s visit isn’t over yet either.” She paused and continued, “Your finals are over right? Go home first and we’ll be back in a couple of days for sure.”

She hadn’t made up for the previously promised birthday, and now she owed him for the New Year as well. Gu Ang pretended to be indifferent, “Forget about coming back, I’m fine on my own. I’ll be leaving in a few days, so I’ll talk about it next time if I can’t see you.”

“By the way, Auntie has taken the last two days off and there’s no one at home to cook.” Qin LeHe reminded, “I’ll have Moon River House send food over to you every day.”

Gu Ang shoved the last jacket into his suitcase and got a little grumpy, “Forget it, I know how to cook. I’m hanging up.”

It was true that Qin LeHe was good to him, and it was also true that she didn’t have time for him. So Gu Ang was naughty as a kid, getting into trouble and acting up at school, probably just some poor tactic for a child trying to get an adult’s attention.

Just as he hung up the phone, Ye HongFeng’s voice came from behind him, “Your mom and dad aren’t home?”

Gu Ang turned around and was stunned for a second before breaking into a smile, “Hello, Uncle Ye, yes, they… went on a business trip.”

Ye HongFeng had been helping to find out a lot about the Gu family lately and really felt sorry for this little friend. It was really tough to go home from vacation and not even have someone to talk to. Furthermore, his son talked about liking him, and looking at the situation, he was embarrassed and awkward, the road to chasing him was still a long one.

Ye HongFeng reached out to drag Ye Fei’s suitcase, “Gu Ang, why don’t you come over to our house for a few days? I have a lot of mechas there and a training ground.”

Ye Fei didn’t say anything, mentally giving his dad a secret thumbs up. Not bad for a real dad, so giving.

Gu Ang snapped his fingers at the label on his suitcase and mumbled, “It’s not really appropriate to go to our place, right? Would it be inconvenient?”

After all, he wasn’t one hundred percent okay with Ye Fei yet, either.

“What’s so inconvenient about having a classmate as a guest? All said and done, there’s no one at your house, and it’s not lively to stay there.” Ye HongFeng continued to persuade, “Our family is also small, and tonight’s the New Year, so we’ll just have a meal together.”

Gu Ang was still hesitant.

Ye HongFeng was an old fox after all, adding another piece of chips, “Right, there was also the result of the investigation of your father. It’s the perfect time to talk about it.”

Gu Ang looked up sharply, “Any results yet?”

“Hmm.” Ye HongFeng walked towards the door, “Come along, make yourself at home.”

Ye Fei straightened his cuffs before slowly opening his mouth and pushing one last time, “My dad has asked, so just say yes, he doesn’t invite people to our house randomly.”

Ye HongFeng glanced at him and grunted inwardly. If you like him, why don’t you just jump him? Stop showing your big wolf tail.

Ye Fei reached over and dragged Gu Ang’s suitcase, holding the luggage directly in his hand as a hostage, “I’ll take it for you.” 

Gu Ang had no choice but to agree to the father-son two-pronged approach. In fact, in his heart, he kind of wanted to go. He really felt like a scumbag at times, not wanting to be with him, but not wanting to distance himself from Ye Fei anymore. Probably the same kind of nasty guy who flirted and didn’t want to take responsibility.

Gu Ang closed the door to the dormitory behind him, left it unlocked, and followed the father and son to the parking lot and got into the car. The three men sat in the back seat of the stretch car, eyes staring at each other, no one speaking.

Gu Ang felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward and that he, as a guest, should say something. He half leaned back in his seat and thought for a long moment before finding a topic, “Does Uncle still love tea?”

Ye HongFeng looked up, “How do you know I love tea?”

Gu Ang covered his face. Fuck, last life, spilled the beans. “I… Heard Ye Fei say it.”

Ye Fei gave him a teasing look, not selling him out.

Gu Ang explained again, “Because people your age, they love tea.”

Ye HongFeng nodded slightly, “Yes, Ye Fei didn’t love it before, but last time he went with me to try the new product and bought ten packs in one go.”

Ten packs, that quantity… 

Gu Ang guessed, “Was it White Peach Oolong?”

Ye Fei: “…” Sure enough, flipping cars was all about making it seem fair. Ye Fei thought to himself, the ten packets of white peach oolong tea didn’t last long, unfortunately.

“You even know this?” Ye HongFeng got a little curious, “You two usually talk a lot, huh? You’re quite close.”

Gu Ang kicked the ground, “Roommates, normal.”

Ye HongFeng followed up with, “You’re quite handsome, do you have anyone you like?”

Gu Ang choked. That direct? He raised the corner of his eyes to sneak a sweep of Ye Fei’s face as the man looked down at the screen. His voice was as small as a mosquito’s cry, “No.”

“Then consider my Ye Fei?” said Ye HongFeng, patting his son’s shoulder, “He’s not bad, is he?”

Gu Ang froze, “You… don’t you think it’s inappropriate for two Alphas to be together?”

“True love trumps everything.” Ye HongFeng lamented, “It’s not easy to meet someone you like, me and Ye Fei’s mother, we met very late and his mother passed away, quite a pity.”

Gu Ang knew this part. Ye Fei’s mother died on the operating table where she gave birth to Ye Fei. In fact, something was detected wrong during the pregnancy, and he heard that Ye HongFeng insisted on aborting the baby at that time to safeguard his wife, but his mother refused. Mother Ye loved Ye HongFeng and her unborn child, and insisted on having it, and something did happen later. So, Ye Fei was never a birthday person.

The birthday was the anniversary of his mother’s death, an event that rang like a death knell every year. Gu Ang remembered the document in the safe, and felt more respect for Ye HongFeng, and also felt a bit overwhelmed. Mostly because he felt indebted to Ye Fei for the loss of his mother, he was extra indulgent towards Ye Fei’s decisions.

Gu Ang sulked, “Uncle Ye, you’re so open-minded. You’re really nice.”

“I’m just saying this to tell you guys to take one step further if you like each other, gender isn’t a problem.” Ye HongFeng opened the car door, “We’re home.”

Gu Ang looked at the familiar doors, the lightly traveled rooms, and could even tell exactly which direction each trail led. But he had to pretend it was his first visit. He looked around pretending to be curious, “Your house is really big, it’s so easy to get lost.”

Ye Fei curled the corner of his mouth quietly. He could really pretend, “It’s this way to the living room, and today you’re sleeping in guest room number two, right next to my bedroom.”

“Okay, whatever.” Gu Ang nodded in agreement. 

The two men finished placing their suitcases and returned to the table to wait for dinner to begin. Ye Fei made orders with the cooking aunt in advance, and cooked basically everything Gu Ang loved, obviously just for three people, and set an entire table. A little wine was poured, and a silence fell again as they each ate their food.

Thinking about what Gu Ang had been worried about, Ye HongFeng opened the door and said, “Your previous suspicions weren’t wrong, your father did do a lot of wrong to your mother behind her back.”

“You found evidence so quickly?” Gu Ang was startled. He didn’t expect the Ye family to be so powerful.

In his previous life, he himself still thought that the two sides getting married was considered a right match, but now it seemed that as far as this speed of collecting evidence, the Gu family and the Qin family combined as the newest noblemen of the Empire were still somewhat different from an old noble family like the Ye family.

Ye HongFeng shook his head and denied, “You don’t know your father well enough, he doesn’t slip up easily. I only found some circumstantial evidence on my side.”

Gu Ang was silent. His dad Gu Shen was able to lead the Gu family from a third-rate family, backstabbing his mother’s clan, the Qin family a second-rate family, and after the merger and integration even allowed the Gu family to leap to the top, the sleight of hand and style of action therein naturally spoke for itself.

Gu Ang looked up and looked at Ye HongFeng, “Uncle Ye, can you show me the circumstantial evidence?”

Even if there was a shred of evidence that would allow him to take it over to make a case with Qin LeHe first was probably much better than a straightforward final headbutt.

Ye HongFeng didn’t immediately dump a stream of what he found out in front of Gu Ang’s face.

The two had little contact, but just by the fact that Gu Ang broke his own record set at Red Flame decades ago in the opening bout at the Undifferentiated Combat Games as a first-year student, as well as the fact that Gu Ang was a child that Ye HongFeng found extremely admirable, even from a neutral standpoint. What was more, Ye HongFeng knew how much Ye Fei loved the teenager, so there were some implications of elders defending their juniors in the way they subconsciously spoke.

“I can show you the information, but have you really made up your mind?”

Gu Ang squeezed his hands and gave Ye Fei another look before he nodded. A critical point to change course may be coming.

Ye HongFeng got up and went upstairs to his study, and when he came down again, he had an extra folder in his hand. He pressed his right hand to the file folder and raised his eyes to stare at Gu Ang for double confirmation, “Are you sure you want to see it?”

The fact that a message would still be delivered on paper in this day and age was a good indication of what the information carried inside this document bag meant.

“Thank you kindly, I think, I’m ready for that.” Gu Ang saw the other man’s defense and heartache and whispered his thanks. Yet the regrets of that year were now really beginning to show themselves, and there was no way one could let the tragedy of that bloody twilight repeat again.

Ye HongFeng saw that Gu Ang didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and stopped persuading, only gently pushing the document bag in his hand forward, and then leaning back.

Accepting the file bag, Gu Ang carefully opened it… The words on it were densely layered with information.

[Investigation report number: 203901]

[Investigating figure: Gu Shen]

[Investigation difficulty: SS level]

[The record of the investigation is as follows:]

[Record A: Number of times the subject was irregularly promoted over a ten-year period: seven times. Each irregular promotion has been verified to be related to Lu Yan, proving his closeness.]

[Record B: The target transferred family properties that originally belonged to the Qin family to seven smaller families, including the Qi and Han families, through various means. The transferred industries include the Qin properties in district A1, district A4, district A9, district B3, etc. It has been verified that all seven small families have support from the Lu family behind them.]

[Record C: Target person’s 10-year public action trajectory recovery map, analyzed against the Lu Family public action trajectory recovery map… Over 100 time and place overlaps were generated…]

[Record D: The subject stayed overnight at Lu Shen’s residence several times in an intimate gesture. However, no intimate photos were taken due to Lu Shen’s tight surveillance.]


An hour passed and the meal was cold. Indeed it was all circumstantial evidence, including the photos, which were also vague and somewhat ambiguous. Gu Ang expressionlessly put away the report in his hand and re-passed it to Lu Hongfeng. He stood up and bowed deeply to Lu Hongfeng, “Thank you for your trouble.”

Ye HongFeng helped the man up, “What are you doing being so polite? Do you have any plans next?”

“To be honest, I have been thinking about it too. Mostly, I still have to go and test the current attitude before I can make a decision.” Gu Ang didn’t hesitate this time and opened his mouth to answer.

The evidence couldn’t be completely knocked dead at this point, but it gave a first glimpse. At least for someone as astute in business as his mother could see the odds against her. If his mother still liked his father after learning this information, then he would have to use some softer methods to cut off his father’s path to politics once and for all. Let him stay home with his mother for the rest of his life as a waste of time that no one can use. If his mother was rigid, then he would be sure to get back those estates taken from his father, counting the interest.

As for the head of the Lu family, Lu Yan… 

If you dare to do a third party to break my family into pieces, then I would have your Lu family removed from the entire Empire.

In just a few minutes, Gu Ang had already thought through each path in his mind, and understood it thoroughly.

Ye Fei went through the information in passing as well, “Indeed, your mother’s attitude is the most important thing at this stage. Now that the tragedy has happened, you need to do more than just think about how to get revenge now, you should also consider how to minimize the damage you’re currently receiving.”

He knew the last thing Gu Ang wanted was for his mother to become unhinged.

Ye HongFeng couldn’t bear to see the young man in front of him, who had a great future, being blinded by hatred, so he opened his mouth and gave a few words of advice. 

“If…” Gu Ang opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but in the end he didn’t.

Ye Fei knew his concerns and helped him pick up the pieces, “Coincidentally, the Lu family and our Ye family are also very much at odds with each other. If you’re really determined to bring down the Lu Family, then our two families can interchange and help each other.”

He was saying this to his own old man. The intention was clear, Gu Ang wanted to bring down the Lu family and they had to step in to help.

Ye HongFeng nodded, adding casually, “I also give you a bottom well. Although our two families are the same top family, but there has been some frictional exchanges in the dark, after all, the cake was just that big. If the Lu family eats two more bites, then wouldn’t my Ye family have two less bites?”

Looking at Ye Fei and Ye HongFeng, who were still talking about this in front of him, a somewhat eye-watering warmth rushed to his heart. They were both so considerate of him and so thoughtful of his feelings.

Gu Ang knew clearly in his heart that he was now on his own, and if he didn’t rely on the power of the Ye family, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy to take revenge. Even if one had the will to do so, unless one defected from the Empire and used the power of the Federation, with his own power, it would be difficult to stop the tragedy from happening.

Gu Ang sighed, “I’m really bothering you guys.”

He kept saying thank you, but didn’t know what else to say other than thank you. The Ye family was just too nice to be willing to help someone who wasn’t related to them like this. This topic had been turned over, but Gu Ang’s interest was never raised again. His mind was full of those things in the document, turning them over and over, crushing and piecing them together in his mind.

“Don’t think about it, eat some more food.” Ye Fei could see that he was depressed and put another chopstick full of food into his bowl.

Ye HongFeng also helped, “It’s a constant battle, don’t let it get you down.”

The big clock on the wall was fast approaching twelve o’clock, a fine snow was drifting outside the window, and the house was lit up. Gu Ang suddenly felt that this moment was particularly fulfilling, the way the family was happy, the way he imagined his life would be in the future.

“Happy New Year, have a toast.” Gu Ang exhaled and raised his glass.

“Happy New Year.” The two voices overlapped and rang in his ears.

Glasses clinked together, tinkling, and it all felt like a dream.

Gu Ang licked his bottom lip and glanced at the two again, “Another New Year, really happy to be with you guys.”

“No need to be so polite. It’s late, go back to your room and rest.” Ye HongFeng got up, both hands fell on the heads of the two sitting people, his tone wasn’t as rigid as on the battlefield, and had more kindness and gentleness, “Two silly sons, I’m also very happy today.”

Gu Ang blinked slowly, feeling his heart flush. Ye HongFeng treated him like a son, even if it was fake, and he felt like he was making up for a previously broken bond. He pulled the stool away and got up, following Ye Fei back to his room right behind him.

The fine snow outside the window didn’t stop, and Gu Ang sat on the windowsill staring at the falling snow, feeling that the night shouldn’t just go away. He thought about it a lot, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the burden on him was too heavy.

It would be a shame to cross over and not change anything. Probably his emotions were so strong that they came over him all at once, and he unconsciously made his way to Ye Fei’s door, trying to get another look at the person and seek some mental comfort.

The man just stood there and he felt his mind could be quickly soothed. Just before he could raise his hand, the door opened first.

Ye Fei stood at the other end of the door in his pajamas and said hesitantly, “You…”

“Oh, I came to ask you if you have any more thick quilts, it’s a bit cold.” Gu Ang made an excuse.

A gust of wind blew outside the window in response, slapping the window doors that hadn’t had time to close with a clatter as the curtains rolled up and fell heavily. Ye Fei turned into the room and pulled the silk quilt from the bed above and shoved it directly into Gu Ang’s arms, “With this, you shouldn’t be cold anymore.”

Gu Ang’s fingertips kneaded the quilt, and it was indeed soft and warm. He glanced at the man again before slowly swallowing and heading for the door.

Ye Fei could see that Gu Ang was in a bad mood. He needed someone to comfort him. That was how Gu Ang used to wrinkle his nose slightly and purse his mouth whenever he was in a bad mood. Like trying to swallow all those bad emotions in one gulp and digest them on his own. He spoke up and called out to the man who had turned to leave, “Gu Ang, want a hug?”

Gu Ang froze, “Hmm? Why?”

Ye Fei’s eyes fell on the back of his neck, going down to a somewhat protruding butterfly bone, like a pair of wings, as stubborn as the others. He didn’t seem to be eating properly lately and had lost some weight again.

Ye Fei moved up two steps, not caring if the person answered or not, and took the person in his arms from behind. He whispered against Gu Ang’s ear, “No reason. Think of it as a comfort between brothers. I know you haven’t been in a good mood after reading that information.”

Gu Ang hung his head, feeling the warmth coming from his back. Ye Fei’s entire body was warm, and his palms carried the heat that touched his skin through his clothes. Like a faint flame on a cold night, it snapped to life and lit his frozen limbs, rescuing his numbed senses.

Gu Ang murmured, “If it’s a comforting hug, then you should hold me a little longer.”

He dared not ask for more, but now that it was done, let him mend the cluster of warmth in one breath. Waiting until the next time he needed it, and then finding that touch in his memory bit by bit. Ye Fei half-heartedly tightened his arms and buried his head in the crook of Gu Ang’s neck. He was a little taller than Gu Ang, bending his back slightly to put some weight on him. Par for the course, he could smell Gu Ang.

The smell was like a lifesaver and could make him feel happy for the next entire year. Even if he made a lame and flawed excuse, what did it matter? At least, it was possible to take him into his arms so openly for the first time.

Arms strangled Gu Ang’s forearms tightened and snapped together, like they were trying to rub him into his body, into his blood, inseparable from then on. There was no other reason other than the hope that the moment would be prolonged indefinitely.

There was a sound from outside the door, “Son, I’ve thought about it. Be bold while he’s around, or go to Gu Ang and get those little thoughts of yours out of the way.”  The hidden door was abruptly slammed open and Ye HongFeng looked at the two hugging each other with a stunned expression, “You two…”

They were moving so fast?

Gu Ang turned back, breaking away from the hug and bouncing to the side like a bird of prey, not daring to look at the man.

Ye HongFeng smirked and slowly closed the door behind him, “Excuse me, you guys continue.”


Author’s Note: 

Fathe Ye: Things went faster than I could have imagined, not bad for my son!


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