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Chapter 16: Supreme Vegetable Gardening Record

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


In order to prevent players from being possessed with the white buns, Bai Li added a restriction before going offline that each player could only exchange diamonds for gold coins once every ten days at the beginning of the game, and the exchange quantity was 1.

In other words, for ten days, players could only get 100 copper coins through the exchange, so if they wanted more, they could only earn more through doing tasks, or selling farm products and other methods. If the limit of diamonds to gold coins wasn’t there, everyone would be able to buy a whole room full of steamed buns.

The players really let out a sigh of disappointment when they learned that they could no longer buy unlimited amounts of white steamed buns. Then, they devoted themselves to the business of farming with greater enthusiasm, trying to grow more crops and sell them! In exchange for buns!

For a time, nearly 200 players in the game fell into a virtuous cycle of eating and working, working and resting, and eating again after resting.

Wen XingYao wasn’t one of the figures among the miserable working people. He glanced at the 1,000 gold coins he had exchanged and smiled thankfully. As expected, it was still necessary to “stock up.”

When he noticed that there seemed to be a fish who escaped the net, Bai Li turned his head and looked at someone else. If it was Demon Xing, he should be fine. He didn’t seem to be unrestrained.

By the time Bai Li got offline, he could already feel a fine, cowlick-like faith converging toward him, and increasing the experience value necessary to upgrade from Agricultural Deity to Shennong. As the faith value increased, the grass and wood spirit energy circulating in his body would also become more and more dense, which would increase Bai Li’s own power while also changing the entire game world.

Bai Li, who was in a good mood after going offline, happily ordered five large packs of soil for planting on StarNet. He intended to start planting in reality as well.

The five bags of soil cost him a full 300 star dollars. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had everything but soil in his storage space and he was itching to get it, he wouldn’t have spent the money. The only way to make his ‘experience value’ go up faster was to plant more.

“Meow.” Supreme was curiously probing in Bai Li’s arms. He wondered why the human face could change into so many expressions.

When he heard that tender milk cat purr, Bai Li very skillfully rubbed a hand on Supreme’s head and unilaterally decided to add Supreme to the planting team when the soil arrived.

After all, it was a Warm Light Beast, or a mutant, so he thought it might have an unusual talent in this area.

In the interstellar era, logistics had developed where after five minutes, an order would be sent. The cat was petted for a while, and Bai Li’s soil arrived. It was said to be five packs, in fact, each pack was only the size of a flower pot, which showed how difficult it was to plant in the interstellar era.

Fortunately, there was still a virtual world.

Bai Li consoled himself as he took five flower pots out of his space and a small bag made of brocade that contained the vegetable seeds he had collected. There were hundreds of such bags in his space. The seeds were buried in the soil and their surfaces were gently covered. Bai Li beckoned toward Supreme, who was not far away, and made a gentle coaxing sound, “Supreme, come over to my side…”

The ignorant and unaware kitty, in the spirit of trusting humans, stepped into the abyss step by step.


“Adjutant Tang, the warriors have spent enough time in Void War for three hours, and are now asking when they can enter Carefree Farmstead?”

“Hmm? Is it all over, how is everyone’s condition? If it’s normal then feel free to go in the game if you want…I’ll go with you guys.” Tang Ying had just finished sorting out a batch of documents and was waiting for Wen XingYao to return to process them. His spirit felt a tinge of exhaustion, and with a turn of phrase, he decided to follow along to relax in the game.

Since he was turning around and preparing to go back to the lounge, he naturally didn’t notice the almost lustful expression on the face of the subordinate who came to report. The state of the soldiers was actually a bit strange. They had come out of the gaming pods with their heads down, but as soon as they talked about the farming game, all of them suddenly brightened up…

What the hell, it wasn’t because Genetic Collapse Disorder had started a riot on the line.

Five minutes later, a group of people appeared in a deep pit, a large black mass that attracted the attention of people who happened to be nearby.

“Brothers, they are online! Come and see! Wow!”

With a yell, many people ran towards the direction of the deep pit. In a short while, a circle of players surrounded the pit, looking down at Tang Ying and the others with unkind smiles on their faces.

The newcomers were baffled, were the players in the game so enthusiastic, that they even had a welcome ceremony?

Tang Ying gave himself the game name of “Lie Win Life”. As the leader of the 300 people, he stepped forward without any hesitation, and with a modest smile on his face, and asked, “What can I do for you?”

He felt that they had gotten along well with the ordinary players earlier and mingled well, not even doing quests too far apart, and thought that the players had waited for them on purpose to tell them what news there was in the game.

Unexpectedly, as soon as that question was asked, the players’ resentment poured over them like a mountain.

“Something? Of course there’s something! I just want to ask what you guys were thinking, not just weeding, but actually digging such a big hole? It really hurt us!”

“Six hours. A whole six hours. We actually, dumbly, followed you guys in digging a hole. What is wrong with having that time, even if just for lying on the grass? I’m willing to do that, ah!”

“You don’t know…you don’t know! Because of this first task, we met with so many good things half a day late! Wheat, corn, and big white flour buns!”

“You are not human! You have no heart!!!”

Tang Ying and the bunch of warriors, “????”

Not at all, really not at all! How could they have no heart? They have a red heart of fire, and it’s all dedicated to the Empire! Also, what was with wheat, corn and white flour buns? The first two were plants, the latter seemed to be food. However, what was the necessary connection between these and everyone’s big reaction? Why mention them?

Listening to the splitting discontent, Tang Ying thought for a moment and said in a dark voice, “I’ll go up first.”

They were standing at the bottom of the pit, while the other players were standing on the ground. This height difference really made people feel uncomfortable. Even if they wanted to understand what was going on, they would have to wait until they could look at each other levelly.

Hearing the order, the warriors, one by one, quickly leapt up using their hands and knees in just a few steps. With their mobility and the aura they exuded, the players originally standing at the edge of the pit unconsciously stepped back a few meters to make room for them.

When they reacted, the 300 people re-formed into a neat line and looked away from them.

Tang Ying stood at the front, still smiling warmly. “Now. Can anyone tell us what’s going on?”

The “two armies” were facing each other, and war was about to break out. The vague aura seemed to turn into substance.

At this moment, a person suddenly leapt out from the ordinary players, saying “Everyone take it easy. They are also victims.” even as he ran in Tang Ying’s direction. The person who came was Mo Song, who had just made 300 new friends in one night.

He was with Tang Ying,1 Lin XiaoHu and others yesterday, so naturally his weeding location was in the larger, deeper pit. God knows how bad he felt after he came online and learned that the pit had been dug all night for nothing, and had to be filled up again. Plus he waited left and right but couldn’t wait for those people to come online, and turned from hope to disappointment, and from disappointment to despair.

That series of psychological changes, only he alone understood. How lonely and isolated, ah!

Fortunately, the people eventually came online. When Mo Song learned that they came online, he knew that it was going to be bad and rushed to run over, but he still came late, and the two groups of people almost fought!

At that moment, he couldn’t care less, and leapt out to stop them. Unfortunately he also blew his own identity.

“I am Blunt Opinion, they are my friends. Let’s have a good talk. Do not fight, ah!”

In the past, for players to have a disagreement and fight was really not that common, and now Mo Song was nervous. He didn’t want the game’s first fight to be a result of this incident. It was too nonsensical.

The focus shifted directly from “The idiots who led us all astray are finally online.” to “where’s your signature black eye Blunt Opinion?” Almost all of the regular players entered the game because of Mo Song’s post, and now that they had experienced the goodness of the game, they had come to favor Mo Song and stopped acting like “we’re pissed, let’s fight.”

Yes, acting.

The players really weren’t too angry, or rather, after the initial depression, their mood was cured by the large white buns.

Mo Song told Tang Ying and others in more detail what happened. After finding out the reason, Tang Ying was too embarrassed to continue to maintain the idea of “I’m right”, and gestured to the warriors to silently integrate into the collective. With the help of the people who had come, they filled in the soil, built houses, and reclaimed the land. The first planting was completed, and then they were taken to eat the legendary supreme delicacy.

Obviously, the white bun once again conquered the 300 people. Those who had eaten it said it was good, and those who were a little more emotionally rich had tears of emotion shining in their eyes.

“Oooooh! Is such a taste real? Why is there no such delicious steamed buns in reality?!”

“Please don’t mention reality to me, I can’t easily forget the taste outside…It’s delicious, it’s so delicious, I can eat a hundred more!”

“Hey you take it easy. Don’t eat too much at once. It’s not easy to earn copper these days. When you’re full, go planting!”

The farming people got farming souls, and farming became life. Wheat and corn were piled into mountains, and they didn’t worry about the big white steamed bun.


Bai Li did not know that a group fight almost started in the game. He only knew that at a certain time, he received a sudden increase in faith. More than double. He assumed that it was the players who had not been on the game before, and had now also re-entered, and put it to the back of his mind.

A player this old should be able to find things for himself to do.

He continued to teach the kitty to use the small fire on the tip of his tail to whisk around right above the flower pot, “Yes, that’s it. Maintain it at this height, and keep the frequency of swinging. Just five minutes a day will greatly promote the germination speed of the seeds. When the seedlings grow out, I will teach you how to make them grow big and well! Supreme, you are great. I have never seen such a smart Warm Light Beast as you!”

After saying that, with delight, he bent over to the kitty’s head and gave it a little kiss.

Supreme, “!!!”

“Meow!” The tail tip of the silver-white flame on the tip grew visibly larger. The temperature around the flame rose sharply. Under the flame, the surface layer of soil in the flower pot was dried up in the blink of an eye.

Bai Li, “…”

He seemed to hear the miserable scream of the seed before it died.


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Translator Notes:

  1. I think the author forgot that Tang Ying wasn’t in on the first day of game play


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