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Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy
Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy

Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy

Author: Valentine

Genre: BL, food, foodies, ABO (omegaverse), interstellar, chefs, romance, shounen-ai

Novel status in Original Country: Finished, 28 chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Xie Yan was in an accident while acting. After crossing into a different world, he finds that he is thin and small. While setting up a strict weight and strength training plan for himself, he is very satisfied with his life cooking and playing with robots. He didn’t realize that it was an ABO world and that he was an omega.

“My queen can’t be an omega.” Huo Nai, the prince of the Galactic Empire, made a high-profile claim that he would not indulge in his instincts and yield to pheromones. Who knew that someone would try to assassinate him on his way back from his expedition and that an accident would occur while trying to land on the planet Murdo. He was rescued by Xie Yan, and he became the other side’s …bodyguard and permanent worker.

Huo Nai: “How can I like this strange Omega?!”


Chapter 1: I’m using them all!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Yan was filming the last scene of a movie. The location was deep in the hinterlands of the prairie, which was the final scene of the film. The director purposely made it the last shoot to take advantage of the pent up emotions before the holiday.

Xie Yan looked at the expressions of the people around him. He was tired after four months of shooting. Now everyone seemed to be like active volcanoes, their magma ready to erupt.

He played as a hero named Xiao Xiong. His brothers, who fought together with him, were originally undercover policemen, but they had fled on the eve of their capture. The enemy wanted to kill him, and his policemen brothers wanted to arrest him. He could only escape.

According to the socialist core values, such people must die. Otherwise, the film would not be approved. Finally, it was the last scene.

Xie Yan couldn’t wait. ‘I want to have a holiday, I want to travel, I want to rest for eight months!’

This want was reflected in his eyes like the burning ashes on Mars, with a deadly poppy-like attraction coated in indifference.

Xiao Xiong was shot, and he was bleeding while driving across the country. He was driving like a maniac on the mountain road. In the twilight, the sky was vast, a storm was approaching, and the symphony of fate had already begun to play. He was rushing out quickly on the path to death.

At the foot of the mountain.

Everyone faced Xie Yan, who was standing by the door, trying to make an ‘ok’ gesture to the director when he saw that thing. It was a light spot that appeared in the sky. So white, it was ethereal, a very high and bright light. At first, Xie Yan thought it was his eyes playing tricks on him. However, the point of light became bigger and bigger, forming a light ball, jumping towards his side at high speed, and its route was weird and erratic.

Spherical lightning. These words came to Xie Yan’s mind.

“Run!” Xie Yan felt that his soul was no longer in his body, and he could even make out some detached sounds from the ball of lightning, echoes of hisses and crackles. His face may have been too ugly, causing everyone to look along his line of sight. When they saw the ball lightning, the group of people lifted their feet and ran to the grassland in all directions.

The director didn’t know what was going on and even started running with the camera still rolling on his shoulder.

A field affairs official was a bit flustered and loudly asked, “It won’t matter if we use a lightning rod?”

The group of people scattered like birds and beasts and tried to dodge in a panic. Xie Yan looked back at the ball of lightning and didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he found that the lightning seemed to be homing in on a specific target, and that target was him.

When Xie Yan looked at it, its surface even pulsated with blue arcing lights, like it was a living being and a vivacious one.

Xie Yan was a science major, and he also saw all kinds of strange things when he was filming. He couldn’t help but have an idea in mind: that thing appeared when he ‘saw’ it.

It made him feel creeped out.

Xie Yan knew how much energy this arc could gather. If he was hit by this ball of lightning, he could perform in a fantasy drama directly, and it was more environmentally friendly than cremation.

To test his theory, he ran in an S-shape. He was followed by the ball of lightning as it also went in an S-shape.

It following him was definitely not an illusion.

When he realized this, Xie Yan slowed down, and the devil of the ball of lightning slowed down. It was no use running, so he might as well save his strength.

The others were far away, but Yu Guang noticed Xie Yan’s actions and looked his way. The camera in the director’s hand was not turned off. At that time, it was an instinct to run with the camera on his back. At this moment, the screen actually recorded this scene. Even after a long time, human beings would still remember the instinctual fear the power of nature created as it dominated their minds.

The spherical lightning was getting bigger and bigger. It gradually changed from the size of a 10 cm ball to a 50 cm ball. Because of its high brightness, it could be seen clearly even far away. The ball of light stayed in front of Xie Yan and gradually grew larger, completely engulfing Xie Yan.

From the perspective of onlookers, Xie Yan was like a little insect wrapped in resin, but the material of this ‘amber’ was too shocking. The witness’s scalps were numb, and battles broke out between their minds and their mouths. As if there were chickens in their throats, they were left unable to speak.

In the blink of an eye, Xie Yan disappeared.

It was a complete disappearance with no trace left.

The diameter of the spherical lightning then became smaller, becoming a point and disappearing in the air. In less than a minute, from the appearance of the ball of lightning to its disappearance, a living, warm person had been wiped out of existence.

Through the light curtain, the world Xie Yan saw was distorted. Shrouded in a ball of lightning, the temperature was supposed to be extremely high, but curiously, Xie Yan felt cold at that time.

Within the next second, he ‘gasified.’

At that moment, his soul broke away from the container of his body, and he saw the whole process of him becoming ashes from a bird’s eye perspective. Xie Yan even evaluated his body from the perspective of onlookers, which was what he was most satisfied with. He was tall and handsome, worthy of being the man who had been on the [Top 10 Sexiest in Entertainment].

It was a pity it was gone.

* * *

Xie Yan opened his eyes and curled his fingers involuntarily. His stomach was sounding out like thunder. If he didn’t wake up, he felt that he would starve to death.

He found himself soaking in liquid, and his first reaction was to touch his heart. To feel if he was alive and warm. Still alive, Xie Yan could not help but take a long breath, sniff, and verify that there were no pungent smells. This meant that he should not be soaking in formalin.

Otherwise, if a zombie sat up, he would be directly sent to the dissecting table of the Academy of Life Sciences in a second.

The place where he was lying was like a nutrition cabin. In front of him was a transparent arched barrier. Xie Yan felt inside and found that it had a simple lock. Thankfully, it could be opened from the inside.

Just by looking at his hands, he could tell that this was not his own body, so Xie Yan didn’t need to waste three thousand words to express his fear, surprise, and other emotions. He was very clear that he had turned into ashes and couldn’t go back. He knew he was in someone else’s body.

Xie Yan had read a lot of novels to understand this, but he found that he had not inherited any memories, nor did he know if the original owner had a strong feeling for revenge, let alone his own name.

It was just an ordinary crossing. It was more important to be familiar with his surroundings than to be surprised. He was surrounded by wooden shelves, which were covered with oak barrels. It smelled like wine, slightly mellow. He was probably in the cellar of a winery.

There was a thick layer of dust on the wooden frames. It was apparent that no one had wiped it down for a long time. But that was good, he didn’t need to worry about being exposed.

There was a ‘beep’ alarm sound from the nutrition cabin. Xie Yan looked back and saw that the nutrition cabin was automatically shutting down due to a lack of energy.

Reaching for the lock, Xie Yan realized it couldn’t be opened. He broke out in a cold sweat, but even though his heart was pounding, he was glad he had been able to get out at the last moment.

The air in the cellar had not been circulating, and the smell was terrible. He went to the door, pulled the handle open, and was showered with dust. When he went out, he heard no one outside.

After going out, there was a corridor with a freight elevator in the middle and an upward cement staircase next to it. After going up a floor, there was a hall covered in a thin layer of dust, which was different from the underground area. It seemed that someone cleaned it regularly.

A robot as tall as Gollum rushed over and asked professionally, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

Xie Yan was shocked by this. When he saw that it was a robot, his heart jumped a little bit. That robot, it was like Wall-E 1 in that robot story. It was a bit cute.

His conversation with the robot made him understand his situation.

It was the year 37,865, according to the MilkyWay calendar, and this planet was a holiday planet called Murdo, on the edge of the Galactic Empire. The holiday planet was full of single houses like this one. Because of the war a few days ago, the transportation lines were all stopped, so the planet of Murdo had become an uninhabited planet.

Hearing the news that it was an uninhabited planet made Xie Yan a little more relaxed. The robot didn’t have an alarm, but a strong sense of service.

Very good. It was not too bad to start within an empty villa, with only a robot on the entire planet, without dealing with people for the time being and having enough time to figure out the world he was in. He opened the door and smelled the fresh air. This place was very similar to Earth. It was a good thing to be able to live in a similar place. As for everything else? He decided to wait until he had enough to eat!

He was so hungry that he could eat a cow.

Xie Yan took a look in the kitchen; it was indeed a retro planet as there were all the pots and pans he could think of. Spices and cooking utensils were simple, but they were just as good as the expensive ones. Xie Yan took off his clothes and went into the bathroom. The mirror on the side showed him what he was like now, which made him stop.

The new body was not tall, maybe one hundred and seventy centimeters (5’5”) by visual inspection. His skin was white like porcelain, and his face was very beautiful. From an objective point of view, this kind of beauty was as delicate as a work of art.

If the soul in the body was not his own, Xie Yan might have even whistled in his heart. But even if he was a narcissist, Xie Yan couldn’t do it.

Although it was annoying to look good, it was more annoying to be ugly. Xie Yan frankly accepted the reality. He was a hedonist who pursued wanton happiness. As long as he was alive and had money, he could do anything easily. He thought about his situation while washing with hot water.

This was not his body nor his era. He must be cautious when he acted. Without a complete guarantee, he should not act rashly, let alone put himself in a dangerous situation. But he didn’t have to be too tied up. That was not the life he wanted.

An urgent question puzzled him: how was he to support himself?

It was the future, there must be some kind of Internet like communication between stars in the Galactic Empire. If there were mountains and water outside, there should be living things. His cooking skills were not bad. As long as there was a way to have a fire, it shouldn’t be a problem to make a meal for himself.

Xie Yan liked food very much. He was often filming for four months to a year and traveled all over the world looking for delicious food. As a standard foodie, he could not only eat anything but could also make it himself. He had a foundation for cooking since he was a child, and later, he would apply for a chef job and gain praise from famous chefs on food variety shows.

Xue Yan put on clothes and went out.

Along the way, he saw all kinds of fruit trees, strawberries by the river, vegetable fields nearby, pepper trees, and a pile of things he could dig up.

The heavens were even helping him.

The river was clear, and the fish in it swam happily. Xie Yan swallowed his saliva. His hungry stomach was sticking to his back.

Fish splashed in the river, and, fortunately, Xie Yan was successfully able to catch one. It looked like a fish 2 from the Qingjiang River 3. It weighed about two Jin (2.2 pounds). After collecting two long strands of grass to tie up the fish, Xie Yan took the fish back to the villa. He picked spicy peppers, green peppers, and found fresh ginger and garlic. The items he needed were just about ready. Fortunately, there was salt in the kitchen, and he didn’t need to worry about the shelf life of salt.

Xie Yan decided to cook grilled fish 4.

The robot followed suit and politely said, “Can I record you?” Although it had a rigid electronic tone, it seemed to care.

Xie Yan looked at him. “Do you like cooking?” This robot was quite human.

The robot’s eyes showed a (^ ^) expression as if he was delighted.

“I want to record you and post it to my website.” The robot said, “If you don’t want to show your face, I can add a mosaic.”

In Xie Yan’s mind, the robot solved a problem for him, and he could learn how to do it himself. “You take it, show it to me, and we’ll upload it later.”

The robot was very happy and stayed next to him.

Xie Yan skilfully scraped off the fish scales, removed the internal organs, cleaned the fish, and cut it several times with his knife. He peeled the garlic, chopped it together with ginger and spicy peppers. There was no cooking wine, so he could only take some wine out of the cellar to make up for it, mix some salt into the sauce, and spread it over the fish.

He found a big basin, threw some charcoal into the bottom of it, and set it on fire. He then found an iron net, cleaned it, placed it over the basin, and began to roast the fish.

Xie Yan watched the surface of the fish glowing yellow, and the smell becoming delicious. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘I’m omnipotent.’

Half an hour later, the fish was on the table.

When one was hungry, everything you ate became fragrant. What’s more, the fish was roasted for the right amount of time. The fish was tender and fragrant, and the chilies and peppers stimulated the taste buds and made people drool. The robot’s eyes were heart-shaped. 5

“It smells good.” The robot couldn’t help praising.

“You can smell it?” Xie Yan was surprised.

“We can capture the smell, record the taste, and then send it to the STAR Network.” The robot’s three fingers point to its chest, “I can also have the taste analyzed.”

Xie Yan took out a small dish and handed a large piece of fish to the robot. “Then, you can try it.” This interstellar network was really advanced and humane.

As for what was determined to be too intelligent for robots to rule over human beings, Xie Yan never thought about it. Anyway, the interstellar people didn’t worry about it. He was full, and his family was not hungry. He was able to do what he wanted at the moment.

“Thank you.” The robot took the small plate with both hands, opened its storage space in its chest, placed the small plate in, and its eyes showed an intoxicated expression. (~o~)

“It’s so fragrant!” The little guy admired.

Xie Yan thought that this little guy was so funny, and his depressed mood of coming to this world was reduced a lot. He was glad to have such a lively robot beside him. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“PC23476,” said the little one.

It was hard to remember like he was selling computers. “Let me give you a name. Walley. How was that?” Xie Yan asked.

No matter how powerful Disney’s legal department was, there was no way to sue him for infringement across time and space…

“Oh, oh, I have a name!” The little robot was very happy, it went around the table several times, and finally stopped in front of Xie Yan and bowed seriously. “Thank you.”

It was cute how it bowed because the ratio of its head to the body was 1:2, which made Xie Yan worry about it falling over.

After all the fish were eaten, his stomach finally stopped grumbling. Xie Yan watched Walley go onto the STAR Network, and the little guy solemnly changed his name. Then he went to the food district forums to contribute with a post.

Xie Yan watched the video clip and found that the angle and rhythm were surprisingly good, almost comparable to many experienced directors on Earth. Presumably, even if he was on Earth, he could be employed again.

But Walley was really a killer. The name of the video? [Delicious fish.]

Xie Yan was speechless. 

“No one will see you like this, baby.” Xie Yan couldn’t help pointing it out, “Come and I’ll teach you.”

[Shocked! The taste of this thing…damn! Everyone who has eaten it cries.]



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Translator Notes:

  1. 3fe6d864524cdbfe30dfab14833b8256.jpg 
  2. There are five fish species  in this river (Parabotia fasciata, Megalobrama mantschuricus, Plagiognathops microlepis, Rhodeus sinensis, Rhodeus fangi) the most likely one he ate and caught would be a small yellow fin
  3. W020151123574195931765.jpg
  4. grilled-whole-fish.jpg
  5. This style is similar, except it’s deep-fried to make it crunch. YOUTUBE


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