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Chapter 2: Eating Cold Rabbit.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Yan clicked on the other videos Walley had uploaded. The little robot had diligently been clearing weeds, planting food in the land, and maintained the daily operation of the holiday villa. Xie Yan now knew why he could pick vegetables instead of seeing a completely deserted place.

“Thank you.” He touched Walley’s head.

Although Walley didn’t know why he thanked him, he was delighted to be touched.

The video they posted was shared crazily and soon reached the home page. The first comments in the comment section were praising the fish, which recorded their reactions. 

What ghost topic? I don’t want to open it, but I can’t control my hand! It’s…it’s delicious!

Hundreds of follow-up comments filled the virtual screen.

Walley almost crashed when he opened it. He thought there was a virus on the STAR Net. Later, Walley found that the video was pushed to the front page of the food section. Seeing Xie Yan, he automatically thought he found a star.

This person was amazing!

Meanwhile, Xie Yan was checking his body’s information.

The interstellar people were implanted with chips on the day of their birth. This chip was a kind of identity mark, similar to the physical ID card from Earth. It was useful for applications with interstellar migration, registering on the STAR Net, trading, marriage, and burial, etc. If a person died, the chip would detect the information from the human body and update the status of the person.

Xie Yan’s identity information was full of holes. The name was blank, followed by a string of numbers, which should be the ID number. He didn’t even have a name? Gender: Male. He could see that the birthplace of this body was WuXiang.

All the information was perfunctory.

However, the only thing unique about someone was their ID on their STAR Pass. Anyone could change their name themselves. It was very convenient.

Unsurprisingly, there was not a single coin in the account. Xie Yan was poorer than Walley, who had managed his own homepage for so many years on the STAR Net, and there were a few people who gave him rewards. But the good news was that this body had no criminal records, which made Xie Yan a little relieved.

Xie Yan filled in his name in the blank space and registered an account on the STAR Net. The ID was directly called {Queen}, which was the name of his favorite band. In this way, he felt as if he still had some connection with Earth and took it as a consolation.

Xie Yan went online to learn about the current situation. The border war had ended, and his royal highness would return to the main star in seven days.

There was no picture of the crown prince. Instead, two swords were crossed into the shape of an X, and a crown was placed on top of it. The people on the STAR Net knew that prince Huo Nai didn’t like to appear in public, which was why they had a symbol of the prince instead. This guy didn’t want to show his face, but as if he had shown a head portrait, there was a lot of blood from the reactions.

At present, Xie Yan was not interested in Royal gossip. The most important thing was to know more about Murdo. After learning this, Xie Yan went back to Walley’s homepage and found that the video of the grilled fish had attracted many people and received a reward.

His mind suddenly came alive. This was the way to make money! With the money, he could continue to rent the villa, buy things, and improve his life after they restored the transportation line after the war.

As for a longer-term plan? He needed to wait until he had the money.

He was so destitute, what more could he do at the moment?!

It was also essential to restore the health of this body and then add physical training to the agenda. Xie Yan was a little insecure that he couldn’t lift ten big men by himself.

It took a week for Xie Yan to look around and find a lot of food. Murdo was like a treasure trove. It had almost everything; onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, and chilis. Xie Yan pulled a lot of food from the villa. What should be dried was dried. What should be fresh was extremely convenient to find. He lived a regular life of rising from sun up and resting at sunset. He fell asleep every day when he was tired. Only in the morning did he warm up with a round of boxing.

Xie Yan planned to fish for some shrimp to make a spicy shrimp dish 1 . For this reason, he grabbed a net from the villa and dove into the pool under the waterfall. His body was really too thin, too weak, and could not eat much. If he did anything, it would cause him to pant. It was just like Lin Daiyu, suffering unhappy fates.

The sun seemed to be shrouded in black clouds. Xie Yan looked up, saw a black dot, and watched as it got bigger and bigger. His eyes widened unconsciously, and he finally saw that it was a large object made of iron and steel, like a robot warrior falling from the sky, with a breakneck landing speed and an edge that no one could beat.

This landing speed, Xie Yan couldn’t escape the radius. It didn’t matter if he tried to run, he couldn’t move.

Heaven will kill me, not the war.

In the last few hundred meters, the machine armor (think Gundam) became smaller and smaller. It pulled itself up and went in the direction of the water. The arms on one side were broken, and it was unable to keep balance. Its posture was like it was standing upside down, and it fell into the water.

When Lu Zhi pulled down the willow, the people on the bank were drenched in soup—

Letting the water trickle down his face, Xie Yan thought this, expressionless. He stepped closer when the giant armor disappeared. Only one escape capsule floated on the water. The red light of the shell flickered and emitted a beep sound, which made Xie Yan panic.

This was a warning that the life-saving capsule was about to run out of energy! Through the transparent cover of the lifeboat, Xie Yan could indistinctly see a human body. There was blood all over the transparent cover.

Xie Yan didn’t know what the identity of the other party was, where they came from, or whether they were dangerous. However, Xie Yan still decided to save them.

Maybe it was because he was so lonely.

Xie Yan spread the fishing net to cover the life-saving cabin, used the two ropes connected to the shore, and pulled the capsule. Using his meager strength, the life-saving cabin finally stopped at the shore, motionless.

Xie Yan was so sweaty that he could only tether the rope to a tree by the river and find the button of the life-saving cabin. He wanted to open the transparent cover, but he couldn’t do so for a long time. Then he thumped the cover angrily and said, “If you don’t open it, you will die!”

After the threat, the transparent cover disappeared automatically, revealing an extremely beautiful face.

The person inside fell out, and Xie Yan’s conditioned reflex was to hold him. Unfortunately, he was already ‘different from the past.’ He was so delicate and weak that he was directly hit by the other party, almost becoming half paralyzed.

Xie Yan: “……” I can go to you! He kicked the other’s foot, but it was as if he was kicking an iron plate and his foot throbbed with pain.

Even with the other man’s good looks, Xie Yan could tell the other had been fighting for a long time. Xie Yan pushed the man away from him, expressionless, making him collapse on the grass in a large lump.

Xie Yan squatted beside the man to look at him. He was tall and wearing a white shirt. Through the fabric, he could see the thin muscles covering his bones, full of strength and beauty.

It was really enviable. Xie Yan was starting to feel jealous.

Xie Yan saw that the other man’s body was bleeding continuously. It was estimated that the injury on his back broke open from the action just now. Xie Yan reached out to turn his face, and suddenly the man opened his eyes from the contact.

His black eyes were stunning, like obsidian, which made Xie Yan want to touch them. But those eyes were now covered with a layer of confusion, like a thin fog.

Xie Yan felt a whole barrage in his heart, and then he was grabbed around his neck and choked.

“Who are you?” The beautiful man clenched his teeth and demanded, “Who sent you?”

Neck! Neck! Neck! Elder brother, there will be no answer. You have grabbed my life by the throat. How do you expect me to talk to you and make eye contact?! Xie Yan struggled desperately to break off the grasp of the other’s fingers. Who knew that this man would still be so strong when he was injured. His fingers were like steel tongs, and Xie Yan couldn’t even move a single digit.

Xie Yan’s eyes started to roll back, and his breath was as thin as a thread.

Walley rolled through the grass back and forth, hurriedly around them, “Don’t fight! You don’t fight!”

Xie Yan felt that the fingers on his neck went a little slack. He immediately broke away from one finger to let him loose and said to Walley, “Electrify him!”

Just for a moment, his voice was hoarse.

When this man woke up, he must blackmail the other party for medical expenses. He was too cruel!

Walley heard the words, put two hands on the man’s arm, and silver sparks created a blue arc: CRACKLE!

The man convulsed as if he had epilepsy and finally lost consciousness before falling to the ground.

Xie Yan’s fingertips were numb. He couldn’t ignore the fact that his face was facing the ground. He coughed several times desperately before he breathed in fresh air into his lungs and felt that he had finally survived. Walley came over to check on the man and said to Xie Yan, “He’s injured. It’s not very good.”

Xie Yan, “Alas, he’s still here…”

Xie Yan’s dog-like nature began to break out. If he looked good, he had to have money. He could only comfort himself that the man’s action just now was a kind of subconscious self-protection. No matter how angry he was, he had to wait for the other to be conscious and then calculate the damages. Xie Yan decided this, drove a car over, threw the body like a dead dog into the car, and went home.

I haven’t done this much work in a day. I’m more tired than if I had run a marathon.

In the grass, a voice sounded like a whisper, “Help me, I’m still here. Look at me.”

A silver bracelet inlaid with dark blue gems was lying in the grass. The light refracted in the sun, and it was very beautiful.

It was a pity that no one heard it.

“Master…” The bracelet was so heartbroken that it could not help weeping.

Unfortunately, its owner had fallen into a coma, so no one could save it from the mud.

The man was badly hurt. Xie Yan was not strong enough to carry him so he could only drag the dog upstairs. All the way, blood stained the ground, which made Xie Yan couldn’t help but wonder: what kind of trouble did he bring back?

Laying the man face down on the bed, Xie Yan saw that the man’s back was covered with burns. In some places, white bones were visible. The white shirt had become crimson. Xie Yan took a breath and told Walley, “Bring me the medicine box.”

Walley ran to get it.

The clothes were stuck to his skin and flesh, and could only be cut off with scissors. The butterfly bone was faintly visible, and Xie Yan didn’t understand how the man was able to pinch his (butterfly bone) just now.

Walley brought up the things he needed, and Xie Yan cleaned the man’s wounds with alcohol, but the blood kept pouring out. Xie Yan didn’t know if he used too much force, but now the man was shaking. Xie Yan scolded himself in a low voice. After cleaning, he used a therapeutic instrument to hover over his back. He read the instructions of this thing. The therapeutic apparatus could promote cell regeneration. Soon, the blood would stop flowing out. 

The man’s face was becoming paler, and he looked frail.

Xie Yan pulled the quilt over to cover him and saw the muscles on his arm. He could not help but extend his index finger and poke it.

It felt good.

Xie Yan was afraid that he would be choked again when the man woke up, so he took a rope and tied the man’s hands and feet. The tied knot was strong and solid. Afterward, he tied the man to the bed with another piece of rope. The knot was tied under the bed. If he wanted to burst up, he could only bring the bed with him. This would be difficult.

After all this, Xie Yan couldn’t lift his tired hands. Xie Yan missed Earth very much at the moment. His takeout, barbecue hotpot, and unique dishes were gone. They were gone. It was so saddening.

“Walley, please bring me some nutrient solution.”

Lounging on the sofa, Xie Yan took a sip of nutrient solution.

I’m lying down and scared to sit up. I can’t cook today.

It was too bad. How could there be something so evil as nutrient solution? This kind of thing was really only suitable for planting trees!

Because he didn’t want to spend too much time, Xie Yan decided to make cold rabbit. 2 Chilis and green peppers were ready-made. A few days ago, a trap was set up to catch some rabbits in the corner of the villa. At this time, the taste would be just right.

Rabbits were so lovely and spicy.

Walley did his duty and recorded the whole process. This was what Xie Yan told him to do. Xie Yan planned to run his {Queen} account and become a star blogger to make a little money.

He opened the belly, removed the internal organs, cleaned it, and then chopped it into one centimeter diced cubes. He put the chopped rabbit meat into a basin, added ginger slices, shallots, cooking wine, green pepper, salt, and kneaded the seasoning into the meat. After marinating for ten minutes, he picked out the onion and ginger.

He had left the chilies in the sun for a few days3. With scissors, he cut the dried pieces into small sections, filling a small basin. Looking at the red, spicy stuff, Xie Yan’s nose involuntarily twitched as if he was going to sneeze. 

Xie Yan turned on the fire and heated the pot with a thin spread of oil on the bottom. He poured out the hot oil and then added fresh vegetable oil. When it was 60-70% hot, he poured in the marinated rabbit meat and fried it for about four minutes. The rabbit meat was completely golden in color, wrapped up in the oil. The taste of the protein roasted by the oil was so fragrant and delicious that the greedy insects of the Five Zang Temple were tempted. 

Pouring the prepared dried pepper into the pot, Xie Yan grabbed a handful of green peppers and threw it in before adding water. He then added three-star anise, poured in the soy sauce, and stirred the sauce over the small fire. There were tiny oil bubbles on the surface of the cold rabbit that had already been taken out of the pot. Obviously, it was better to eat cold food. Xie Yan couldn’t help but take a taste with his chopsticks. It was tender and refreshing. The chilies and peppers danced on the tip of the tongue, which brought an endless aftertaste.

If there was no food in the world, it was not worth living in, thought Xie Yan.

Three seconds after the end of the video, Walley uploaded it to {Queen}’s home page. When he started to name the video, he realized he was in trouble. He turned to Xie Yan for help.

Xie Yan touched his chin, “Emmmm, it’s called [This long lost recipe. It tastes like this!]”


The author has something to say:

Cold rabbit refers to a video uploaded by Wang Gang, a gourmet. It’s delicious. When I have money, I must buy some cold rabbit and spicy beef!

The settings in this novel is a highly technologically advanced planet with STAR Net and interstellar travel. I didn’t want to change such settings as the gravity of the planet, the oxygen content, the number of central stars, the life span of the planet, and the number of satellites. After all, if I did, it would make the number of words in this novel explode to the level of 23 million words! It’s just a straightforward food novel. I’m definitely not admitting that I’m just lazy.


Let us know in the comments if you guys like these cute and fluffy cough food porn cough novels and we will see if we can find more like it. Remember to comment on our novel chapters or leave a review and rating on Novel Updates (HERE), it encourages us to keep translating!

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December 2, 2019 10:52 pm

So we have a beautiful wounded stranger crushing down onto the planet where our MC was transported into an even more misterious body. And was that bracelet talking?

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Hi Author-San, just wanted to share a video link to a “cold rabbit recipe” video by who I believe is the same chef. Since the YouTube video embedded on this page and the hyperlink are both broken. Here it is: Hope this helps anyone else looking for the recipe.

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I just love this laidback novel. It’s so calming. Also Xie Yan and Walley are adorable!

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Sue R
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The man must be the Prince. SURE????

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The Prince’s injuries sound awful ~ good job they had a therapeutic instrument, although he seemed in need of much more. What will someone privileged make of his circumstances when he awakens trussed up like a turkey?! At least he won’t starve 😉
Thank you for translating and editing.

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