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Chapter 87: Cut blood.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


More than a dozen hours of vacation time was a luxury for Dewitt, especially at this critical juncture. Looking at the overflowing work lists and information boxes, Wen Jin felt hot-eyed, but Dewitt seemed quite in a good mood and did not take them seriously at all. As for his comfortable appearance, Wen Jin sincerely doubted that he would have no complaints if he gave him twice as much work at this moment.

“Workmaniac.” Wen Jin did not know from which gossip he had learned such a word, now that he thought of it, he directly used it, feeling it was particularly appropriate.

Dewitt lifted his eyebrows.

Wen Jin also feared that Dewitt, an old antique, could not understand him. He explained to him with a profound face, “On the internet, it is a kind of work addiction. Where one relies on their work very much, so much that they can’t live without it. What kind of obstacle is that?”

Dewitt looked at him. “That should be a fox maniac.”

“What fox…” Wen Jin paused, then responded to the other side’s meaning, bent his eyes, and then stretched out his foot and kicked the other side gently.

Since his original body was a fox, so Wen Jin did not like wearing shoes very much. He did not like wearing shoes in Honghuang, let alone such hard shoes made in Assyria. He often took them off as soon as he got into the car.

Dewitt was not angry when he was kicked by Wen Jin. He grabbed his opponent’s foot and gave him a gentle push at the heel. It was an acupoint, and with Dewitt’s hand strength being just right, not long after, the comfortable feeling instantly passed into Wen Jin’s body. But the temperature and touch of each other’s fingertips also leaped in with some memories, some hot.

Wen Jin, who felt something wrong, quickly retracted his feet.

Dewitt seemed reluctant.

“Temperance.” Wen Jin stared at Dewitt. “Just once. What do you want?”

He didn’t know any side effects of the dual cultivation and had to wait and see.

His small tail was a human after all. It was too different from him. What if it was sucked up by him at that time? Before that, Dewitt had not listened to him and had done him twice. If the frequency increased, he felt that the little tail would kill himself sooner or later.

You can’t kill yourself even if you’re comfortable. No, I can’t think anymore.

The more he thought about it, the worse the fox shook his head and turned his head. Before he left, the girl who stared at Dewitt appeared in his mind.

Wen Jin blinked his eyes and suddenly started to gossip. “Who was the girl who was visiting your mother before we left? Was she going to the Uttar banquet with her?”

“No.” Dewitt shook his head. “My mother doesn’t like Uttar. Not only does she dislike them, but she hates them. I’m afraid the host of such a banquet would not dare to send the invitation to her.”

“Oh…” Wen Jin answered with some regret, but on second thought, he thought something was wrong. “Why was that girl at your house?”

Dewitt: …

He found that his little fox’s ability to settle accounts became stronger and stronger after autumn. Why was that girl at his house? Dewitt did not care since she was not there for him. It was merely because the same thing had happened so much in the past. In the old housekeeper’s words, when he lived at home, the manor would be hot.

Unlike Wen Jin, Dewitt’s temper couldn’t add vitality anywhere, so this heat refers to visitors.

That girl looked familiar, so if he was right, this shouldn’t be her first time at his house. Mrs. Margaret did not usually like people to go to the manor to look for her, but when Dewitt came back, she did not refuse these visitors.

But Dewitt didn’t know how to explain it to Wen Jin, so he thought about it, ignored the question and asked him with a slightly regrettable tone, “You want to go to that party?”

“I’d like to. I like all the busy places. Besides, I haven’t been to your parties yet.” Wen Jin nodded. After that, he seemed to think of something. He reached out and punched Dewitt on the shoulder. “Don’t diverge from the topic. I asked you why she went to your house.”

Knowing that this was too much to hide, Dewitt was trying to explain, but suddenly hooked his lip up, “If there was a banquet specially organized for you, would you want to go?” Dewitt added another sentence, “After everyone goes to the banquet, no one will come to bother me anymore.” 

Wen Jin looked at him curiously. “What banquet?”

“Ah, our-” Dewitt just said two words before his terminal suddenly flashed, it was an urgent message, only two words on it, [They moved.]

Dewitt’s face changed as soon as he saw the two words.

“Hmm?” Wen Jin sat beside him in a fog and waited for a long time before he saw Dewitt sighing softly. “Go to Star Net and have a look.”

In the past, more than a dozen hours did not count as a day. Ordinary people basically passed and would not care. This day, however, was not the case. It took Wen Jin a long time to make up for what happened on the Star Net in the past ten hours.

First of all, Ruby disappeared directly after sending out the post that shocked the whole Star Net about the new speculation of the contract beasts and never appeared again.

However, this post seemed to open a new door for Assyrians. Even though they did not speak, some people who had listened began to think about it. Various speculative posts of explosive materials sprang up one after another. There were quite a few with overwhelming momentum.

In such a short period of time, the Assyrians dug out one fact after another, from JU’s company and those gladiatorial arenas having strong evidence of economic transactions to JU’s company not actually being the first to create JU, who had appeared as early as twenty years ago. Who had been secretly promoting the development of the underground arena, until JU arrived. After he became popular in Assyria, they changed its shell and packaging and fell under JU.

Even JU was inspired to integrate all the public opinion wars in Assyria over the years and found that organizations that initially started to drive the anti-beast campaigns had dealings or contacts with the company. In the meantime, the company changed its shell and name several times, but the evidence eventually came to the Assyrians under the impetus of a near-universal search and some insidious impulses.

[People from Uttar hate Qi beasts,] [Why do Uttar’s hate Qi beasts,] [Why did the Uttars promote the activities of mutilating the Qi beasts secretly,] [Is it the Assyrians or the study of Assyrian beasts that triggered the war 19 years ago?] These discussion Posts always ranked first in the forum and were the clues picked up. It also gave a boost to the hearts of all Assyrians who were concerned about it.

There were many Assyrians who, in the current situation of official delays in responding, had begun to encourage people to look for a group of contract beasts attacked repeatedly by the Uttar, and the legendary beasts that turned into human beings.

But when it was reported that the contract beasts could become human had contacted the Assyrian authorities a long time ago, the officials did not release the news, and the Star Net was shocked again.

Wen Jin looked at the comments and frowned. “Does Chen Xiong know that?”

Dewitt paused and shook his head.

“These… Did you arrange it?” Wen Jin looked at him askew.

“No.” This time Dewitt answered quickly, “Assyrians are not fake, public opinion can not really be completely controlled by one side, at most can only be guided.”

In other words, it developed into what it looked like today, with his in the beginning, but more of it was the voice of the Assyrians themselves.

Wen Jin pressed his chin and seemed to think for a moment, “What do you want to lead public opinion too?”

“I didn’t want to quote others. I just wanted to tell them what Assyrians should have known many years ago.” Dewitt looked ahead, through the window, as night fell in Assyria. “Both the Uttar and the Zerg were strong enemies of Assyria. This position has never been blurred, but Qi beasts…”

There was no dissimilarity.

“I sent people to contact them before and went through Dr. Chen’s channels,” Dewitt said, shaking his head with regret. “But the other side doesn’t want to continue to cooperate with us.”

Wen Jin looked at him.

“They moved, was the news that Cassey received over there. It’s a contract beast.” Dewitt looked at the screen with a slightly dignified look. “The Uttar guards have come into contact with the qi beasts.”

Qi beasts refused his invitation but contacted the Uttars, which was a horrible sign for Assyria.

“Three feet frozen,” Wen Jin said, with his chin on the back of his hand and his fingers dangling freely on the screen. “May I help you?” For Wen Jin, as long as he had enough energy, it was easy to control the herd of beasts with his present body.

Dewitt paused, looked at Wen Jin, and shook his head.

“Are you sure?” Wen Jin raised one eyebrow. He could control the beasts, but it was just a way of replacing short pain with long pain, especially… Wen Jin did not feel that Assyria’s current practice was on the right track.

Even if the beginning of this matter and the process had Uttar’s stamp, in today’s world, they must not blame all the fault on the Uttar. The public opinion on Star Net at this moment was still the result of Assyrians’ attempt to find a cover.

“The qi beasts have refused to contact us, and Dr. Chen couldn’t help it,” Dewitt seemed to have a headache. “They are not even willing to say what they want now, I think…”

Dewitt finished and looked at Wen Jin.

The latter paused and then lifted up his eyebrows. “We are all beasts, so maybe I will understand their mood?” Then he could help him think about today’s contract beasts. What exactly did they want so that they could all come to a satisfying situation? 

Dewitt didn’t respond.

Wen Jin looked at him, looked down at the words on the screen, and then suddenly pulled out a laugh, “I could kill them all.”

Dewitt was stunned.

Just like what Wen Jin said, when Chen Xiong tried to make a final struggle in the suburbs but was mercilessly punctuated by the muzzle, violence was the most direct means to reverse the situation. However, judging from the practice of Tiger King and Chen Xiong before and after, it was evident that they do not want this.

So Wen Jin tilted his head and explained everything to Dewitt.

“I’m not the same as a contract beast,” Wen Jin touched his chin. He really was different. Although he looked the same when he was in his original form. Let alone the beasts of Assyria, even the beasts of Honghuang, were all different from him. So he could sigh at a beast’s encounter, but he wouldn’t be sad or angry because of them.

This matter let Wen Jin think that they had probably been betrayed by others, so… “I’ll try to kill them. It’s only a group of a hundred. But I think the beasts you have here may be a little different from what I am used to.”

Dewitt looked at him.

“Before, when Tiger King was attacked, he did not attack anyone except the two Uttar he identified. Later, Chen Xiong also chose to give you the chance to negotiate in the future, but the results were unsatisfactory.” Wen Jin gently patted him on his knee. “Obviously, they may have some feelings for Assyrians.”

Then he could not comprehend it with ordinary thinking. He should change it.

Wen Jin looked up at Dewitt and said earnestly, “I’m with you. You left me before because of misunderstanding and hurt me. I won’t listen to anything else.”

This metaphor obviously made Dewitt hard to accept this. He frowned and couldn’t imagine Wen Jin being hurt by anyone, let alone himself, “Impossible.”

“But that’s true for Assyrians and beasts.” Wen Jin touched his chin, thought of the Tiger King of that day, and suddenly sighed, “So you can’t make the Assyrians and the Qi beasts return to their former state of beauty. The beasts have been faithful since ancient times. I don’t know why they have endured with the Assyrians for so long, but it’s impossible for me, Dewitt, to get to this point and fix it again.”

It was enough mercy not to kill them.

If they really wanted to, they should understand that this time the Assyrians had to cut their blood ties.

Dewitt nodded after a long time. “I see.”

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December 1, 2019 10:07 pm

As sad as it is Wen Jin’s sentences summerise the current situation: “I’m with you. You left me before because of misunderstanding and hurt me. I won’t listen to anything else.” This will lead to some changes in the relationship between beasts and Assyrians.

But let’s go back to the banquet issue. Dewitt didn’t finish his sentence, I bet he was about to say “Ah, our wedding party”. Yup, he is one big fox maniac.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 1, 2022 3:58 am

Human beings as a race have always superior to everything else and if they find they are weaker in any regard, their go-to is to subdue and control, through fair means or foul. It really is like that. Humans are even like that with their own race, within cultures.
I’m not entirely sure I understood this chapter.
Thanks for translating.

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