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Chapter 26: Failed Marriage Registration

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Huo Nai turned around, he couldn’t help smiling. He steeled his expression, went back to the conference room, finished his work, and was the first to leave.

He didn’t talk much and left immediately for Murdo. 

Xie Yan sang a song in his heart.

After a while, no one answered him, but he was beginning to get hungry.

Xie Yan thought, ‘Thinking is really exhausting.’

The night was no longer hot and his appetite seemed to have come back. He took a piece of tofu from the refrigerator. The bean curds he used had low water content and were suitable for home-made tofu. He cut it into centimeter thick squares, put it on a baking tray, added oil and baked them. Each side was cooked ten minutes each, and the surface was slightly burnt yellow.

In a pan, he poured in some oil. When it was slightly hot, he added the garlic slices, tomatoes, and peppers then mushroom and beef paste. Adding in the tofu, he seasoned it with salt, sugar, and dark soy sauce. After stirring it all together, he plated it up. 

It was slightly spicy and sweet. The sour taste of tomato was very good, which made him have a big appetite.

Xie Yan’s other dish was hot and sour potato shreds. Potatoes were really delicious, because potatoes have no pungent smell. The boiled water quickly made them crisp and softer. They could absorb a meat flavor if cooked with meat. It didn’t take the lead away from other vegetables and was a versatile dish.

Xie Yan’s potato shreds were as thin as hair, with a length of 3 mm and a width of 3 mm to ensure taste without breaking. Xie Yan used dried peppers, which could produce fragrance, and green peppers, which could make the potatoes fresh and spicy, and brought different levels of spiciness together.

After finishing these two dishes, there was a sound outside.

Xie Yan saw Zhu Que through the window. The busy figure stopped and looked at Huo Nai.

Huo Nai came in and was going to hug Xie Yan directly but he found that the dishes on the table were just made. He changed his steps and sat down at the table.

“Want some?” Xie Yan felt that if he talked about things after eating, he may not feel so guilty.

They sat face to face, and after only two bites, Huo Nai put down his chopsticks and looked at Xie Yan.

As he looked at the smaller man, he laughed.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Xie Yan’s mood was actually a little tense. “What’s more, what are you laughing at?”

I’m laughing at your cuteness and how at ease you are, Huo Nai gave the answer in his heart, but he didn’t say it. He just said, “Eat. I’ll take you to a place after you finish.”

This sentence made Xie Yan a little bit suspicious, but he still ate like he had been denied meals and cleaned things up. After all, he had been hungry all day, but he couldn’t think of anything else.

He deliberately emptied his mind and thought that he would know the answer later anyway. Why should he think hard now?

After eating, he stood up and said, “Let’s go.” 

Huo Nai walked over and took his hand.

Xie Yan was startled and almost pulled away as a conditioned reflex. Fortunately, he moved slowly and his brain kept up with him. He moved his fingers and tried to hook Huo Nai, but he restrained his mind and unconsciously asked, “Where are we going?”

“Just follow me.” Huo Nai said with a smile.

If you die, you should die. If you stretch your head and shrink it, you have to mend it. Xie Yan was pulled by Huo Nai and went to a strange planet.

Xie Yan: ?? What was this?

It was getting dark. By convention, most people should be off work. However, the light of the marriage registration office was still on. Although there was only one light, people passing by couldn’t help thinking: Why was the registration office still open so late? Was there someone in a hurry to get married?

The director of the registration bureau was excited because he knew a big secret!

Today, he was going to get off work on time. Because of the productivity, the star people worked five hours a day, four days on and three days off. There had never been any saying of overtime. Today, however, when he was about to leave work, he received a message, which made him stay until now, but there was no pain of overtime, only the difficulty of secret communication with others!

The crown prince was getting married!

He, along with the whole empire, thought that the prince was a guy who would be single for 111 years before he would think about getting married. But when he got off work, he received a letter from the crown prince, asking him not to leave at night, to register his marriage.

The director’s blood was boiling. He couldn’t help but guess whether Huo Nai’s marriage registration partner was an Alpha, Beta or an Omega? If this information was put on the satellite network, even the powerful computing power of the satellite network would collapse directly, right?

The director fidgeted, and just then the door was opened.

Xie Yan was led into the building by Huo Nai. The whole building was in the shape of water drops. In the neon light, the water drops were dyed with different colors by the lights, just like a beautiful dream.

A middle-aged man came over and saluted Huo Nai. “Your Highness,” he said respectfully.

“There’s no way to have a wedding for the time being. I can only take you to register.” Huo Nai touched Xie Yan’s head.

Xie Yan felt as if he was thrown into the wind. Why did Xie Yan feel like he was jumping through a novel, registration and wedding? What was this plot twist? “You want to marry me?” he asked in shock.

“Otherwise? Did you think I brought you here for a tour?” Huo Nai asked.

Xie Yan, “Er…” I’m not following. Why can’t I keep up with this rhythm?

Even though the other didn’t understand, Huo Nai put his hand on a machine.

There was no such thing as wedding books in the interstellar. When both parties registered, they would change the status in their information books.

The director was secretly excited. Just then, the machine broke down.

“I’m sorry, there is no such person in the database.” The machine said absurd things at once.

Xie Yan: “??”

Huo Nai’s face was usually very calm, but now he wore a frown. 

The director had never encountered such a situation. He was a bit confused and knocked on the machine, “Eh, what’s the matter? His brain is broken?” He wiped the sweat on his forehead. “It’s never happened before.”

Huo Nai held Xie Yan’s wrist and pulls out his personal information. His brow was even tighter.

Xie Yan didn’t expect to have this incident, and he was even more confused, “But it wasn’t before…” 

Was he really from a black house? But there were many things he could do, such as travel and STAR net shopping. So what was going on? Did he really have an extraordinary identity?

Huo Nai changed Zhu Que’s shape and stabbed a needle like object into the chip under Xie Yan’s skin. Xie Yan’s virtual screen popped up, and there was no number running on it. Huo Nai translated it to see the history.

Xie Yan’s eyes quivered and asked, “What is this for?”

On one side, the director was also full of question marks, and carefully inquired, “What is the matter?”

Huo Nai was tracking the source of Xie Yan’s chip and body, but the chip’s information was very strange. The name was obviously fictitious, but the other information was very real, and it could pass through the interstellar without any obstacles, only in marriage would it’s abnormal state be detected. It would make others not want to marry Xie Yan, or think that Xie Yan had natural defects in his body.

He traced back to the source and finally found the source of the chip: the biochemical laboratory of the Academy of Sciences.

Huo Nai knew the stamp since he had read a report earlier. He was very impressed when the biochemical laboratory just submitted a report on the impact of food on the human body. Only the batch number in the lower right corner of the two was different, which meant that the year was different.

At present, this stamp was the stamp from twenty years ago.

Huo Nai was full of doubts, so Zhu Que used Xie Yan’s genes to compare with the people of the Galactic Empire.

It would take a while. After a hard talk to the director, Huo Nai pulled Xie Yan away.

Xie Yan had just seen a change in Huo Nai. He had the acuteness of an actor and knew that his identity may be causing trouble. Instead of rushing back, he said to Huo Nai, “Let’s go this way.”

Huo Nai thought for a moment, “Okay,” and they walked along the street.

The light was very gentle. There were satellites on this planet and Xie Yan called it a moon. It was very big and he could see the mountains and craters on it.

“Come back to the Capital with me.” Huo Nai suddenly opened his mouth.

Xie Yan looked at him, all the way to the bottom of his eyes. When he said this, he looked serious, very serious. The hand he held didn’t let go, and Xie Yan didn’t let go. He smiled and asked, “Why do you suddenly want to register for marriage?”

“I was going to put off the proposal to you for a while, but I didn’t expect this little guy to come at an unfortunate time.” Huo Nai was helpless.

Xie Yan punched him in the chest and couldn’t help laughing, “You are really… I feel like I am taking advantage of you.” 

Being taken to register their marriage right after he found out he was pregnant felt wrong. Many people couldn’t explain the word ‘like’ but they used their actions to express their feelings. Xie Yan was smiling, and his mouth was covered. 

The kiss from Huo Nai was like a dragonfly skimming the water as it soon left. With a clear smile, Huo Nai said, “I didn’t mention anything before, because I was afraid that I would bring you into a dangerous situation, so I wanted to solve it and then find you again.” He chuckled, “But I think maybe my thoughts turned into substance and the child appeared.”

Xie Yan looked at his smile and really wanted to kick his man with his foot, but since his smile was so sincere, he couldn’t do it. 

“We don’t have pregnant men on Earth.” Xie Yan muttered. He always felt that pregnant women had it very hard and it was not easy. Now it was his turn and he felt like he was breaking.

Huo Nai, “…The embryo can be taken out of the body for artificial uterine surrogacy.”

Xie Yan grabbed him by the neck! “Why didn’t you say it earlier!!!!!” 

There was such a good thing, worthy of STAR Craft! Praise science and technology!

It was no wonder that the interstellar people were in the hundreds of billions. They weren’t born naturally and would die later!

Huo Nai held his wrist, coughed and laughed, and the passers-by could not help looking at him. He had never been so happy.

Although Zhu Que started a time consuming process, it did not prevent him from secretly matching their genes. Then it was shocked, even forgot that it was doing it secretly, and said excitedly, “You two really deserve each other!”

The two looked at the virtual screen displayed by Zhu Que, and the gene matching rate was 100%. However, Huo Nai’s face changed and his grip on Xie Yan was tight.

Xie Yan’s face was not good-looking either. He was anemic pale.

Do you believe that there was someone in the world who just matches you? You’re genetically matched.

Xie Yan didn’t believe in this fairy tale plot.

“I may not be a natural person.” He said in a hoarse voice.

The idea even chilled him.

At this time, the gene comparison results Zhu Que found came out, and the two looked at the past together.

Name: Xie Yan


Suspected parent: Klein, Code: xxxxx

Suspected mother: None

Gene modification: 0.04% gene modification

Zhu Que said, “I, I accidentally broke the shield of the Academy of Sciences, and found a message related to Xie Yan’s gene in the chip from the dean Haimer.”

“Show me.” Huo Nai was calm. If he didn’t calm down, his emotions would spread to Xie Yan.

A message was displayed on the virtual screen.

【Note: Failed embryo, has life behaviors, but no self-consciousness.】

“Haimer!” Huo Nai almost gnashed his teeth and asked Zhu Que to find out about the rental information of the villa where Xie Yan lived on the planet of Murdo. Although it was not Haimer, after tracing the source, the arrow pointed directly at Haimer.

“Let’s go to him.”

If there was no such thing, according to his character, he may make do with it. But now Xie Yan wanted to confirm his identity.

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December 25, 2019 5:35 pm

Eh? Failed embryo?. Maybe Xie Yan’s body was raised and then left in the planet Murdo, maybe this is how Xie Yan instantly had a body with identity
Thanks for the chapter!😊

December 25, 2019 10:24 pm

Wow! So Xie Yan’s body is the result of some experiment which was discarded and left on Murdo? No conciousness came in handy, but otherwise. Hopefully they’ll find the guy responsible.
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December 15, 2020 12:40 am

now they’re 1:1 on impulsive choking. what is it that people say? a relationship is about being 50/50? truly model couple behaviour [applause]

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HN seems aware of this Haimer and doesn’t seem to like him (or her).
Shocking and intriguing!
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