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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A few days later, Ning Chu remodeled the cabin so that the two rooms were no longer next to each other, but were separate with some distance apart. In this way, Ning Chu’s and Wuuth’s rooms and the other dragon cubs’ didn’t interfere with each other, and they went back to their respective rooms at night.

Fifth Cub was unhappy because he used to sleep with Ning Chu every day, but later, because of Wuuth, he went to sleep in the dragon’s nest like the other dragons, and now she was even further away from Ning Chu at night. She refused to sleep in her new room, and refused to climb into Ning Chu’s arms, nor did she talk to him.

Ning Chu stroked the back of Fifth Cub’s neck and spine while coaxing, “Your room is bigger than before, and I put a new climbing frame in to hold the dragon’s nest…” 

The little dragon cub in his arms “awooo”-d and buried his face in his front paws.

Ning Chu sighed softly, and continued to explain, “I… Wuuth and I, we need more privacy. We can’t sleep in the same room with you guys anymore.”

Wuuth’s courtship period had passed, but he could still get so excited that Ning Chu couldn’t escape even if he wanted to refuse, and it was always a half-hearted effort to stay up late. Although Wuuth’s dragon’s breath was there, and no sound or smell would be spread to the next door, Ning Chu was still scared to death that he would be caught.

That was why he remodeled the hut, so he could feel more at ease at night.

Fifth Cub was silent for a long time and finally raised her head, her eyes aggrieved, “Awooo…”

“Why not?” Ning Chu lowered his head and kissed his horn, “I don’t dislike you guys, I want to sleep with Little Five too.”

He said turning his head to look at Wuuth waiting in the back and lowering his voice, “Wuuth is too clingy, it’s his fault.”

Fifth Cub had recovered from her sulking mood, and she wasn’t unreasonable, so she stayed in Ning Chu’s arms for a while before leaving.

Wuuth closed the door and locked it, returned to the table and picked Ning Chu up, his arms tightening around his waist, “My fault?” It was almost dark, and the lamp hadn’t been lit yet in the room, so Wuuth’s eyes made Ning Chu feel inexplicable danger in the obscure light.

“Yes,” Ning Chu hardened his mouth and bit Wuuth’s lip, “it’s because of you.”

Wuuth carried him inside and began to unbutton Ning Chu’s shirt. He waved his hand to turn on the light and looked at Ning Chu intensely, his eyes skimming over his body inch by inch, touching Ning Chu’s hot face, “Mmm.”

Not surprisingly, they were up late again the next day.

After a few more days, Ning Chu and Wuuth left Dragon Island and quietly looked around the Academy. They were ready to leave, Dragon Island 03 was basically developed, and there were still a lot of spots on Dragon Island 02, so they were going to start bringing back the dragon herds one by one.

The Academy was crowded and inconvenient, so Ning Chu intended to relocate Dragon Island. The dragon herds usually built their dragon nests in the dense woods and sparsely populated places, so Ning Chu looked around on the map, simply using random transfer coordinates.

He had good luck, and half a day later, the Dragon Islands stopped above a mountain forest.

Second Cub and Third Cub, the two most experienced dragons out there, flew down as Ning Chu had instructed, and their dragon roars attracted a large group of dragons which they promptly brought back.

The young dragons and the unhatched dragon eggs were brought as well, emptying the entire mountain forest directly. It went unnoticed until a passing mercenary discovered that the forest was excessively quiet and the dragon nests seemed to be empty. By this time, however, Ning Chu had long since shifted coordinates again and left with the newly moved-in dragons.

For two or three days in a row, Ning Chu helped the new dragons build their nests, put in various young animals, and planted fruit trees that omnivorous common dragons could eat, making Ning Chu really busy for the first time.

When the dragons were all settled, Ning Chu bought another new dragon island, number 04. When the fourth Dragon Island was completed, and the money in his hand was gone again, Ning Chu decided to temporarily not spend money to draw cards, waiting until he saved up again.

Ning Chu was also worried about Seventh Cub, who hasn’t broken its shell yet. Compared to the original Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub, Seventh Cub seemed to take longer to hatch.

The dragon crystals were in constant supply, but the dragon egg wasn’t moving at all.

Wuuth just looked at it, “It’s in good condition, don’t worry.”

It might even be a little stronger than some of the other dragons, perhaps that was why Seventh Cub took longer to hatch. When Wuuth’s shell was first broken, it also took a long time, and with his reassurance, Ning Chu was slightly relieved.

Wuuth put the dragon nest back in place and pulled Ning Chu away, “Ning Ning, the seven days are long up.”

The dragon transformation spell… It was ready, he counted the time every day, but he saw that Ning Chu was busy in the past few days, so he held off without mentioning it.

After successfully bringing back a large group of dragons, the new Dragon Island was almost ready, so Ning Chu should also take a break.

Wuuth’s intention was obvious, Ning Chu was led by him back to his house, “I know, I know.”

Anyway, he had someone to take care of him, and he didn’t have to cook, so he didn’t have to worry about anything else.

So the next day, Ning Chu, under Wuuth’s dumbfounded gaze, turned on the game and recited the spell silently. As always, his silhouette disappeared in the same place, and a small silver and white dragon cub emerged from a pile of clothes.

This time, however, Ning Chu just crouched down and found that everything in front of him was slowly getting smaller. Wuuth reacted faster than he did and led him out of the room. Ning Chu’s body suddenly grew larger, and if they were one more step later, he would’ve burst the room.

Dumbfounded, Ning Chu looked down at Wuuth, who was shorter than his own front legs, “I… How did I become an adult?”

He was about the same size as Eldest Cub in his adult form, with the same scales and horns as in his juvenile form, sharper claws, and a rounded jaw that had lost its juvenile appearance.

Wuuth was also surprised as he raised his hand to stroke Ning Chu’s scales, then also changed back to his adult form. The grass in front of the cabin became crowded with two dragons, and Wuuth nuzzled the side of Ning Chu’s neck, “Because of the symbiotic contract.”

When the symbiotic contract came into effect, his life span was shared with Ning Chu, who was forced into adulthood. Wuuth’s adult form was still bigger than Ning Chu’s, and the rough horn between his forehead scraped the side of Ning Chu’s face.

The other dragons were attracted by the commotion and were shocked to see the sudden appearance of the silver dragon. They were obviously much more receptive than Ning Chu, as they happily swooped over and climbed Ning Chu’s back.

Ning Chu was too stiff to move, the feeling of being a dragon was completely different from that of being a hatchling, and the sudden smallness of everything made him shiver slightly.

Wuuth shooed away the little dragon group, “He needs to get used to it.”

Sixth Cub was the last one to get off Ning Chu’s back and backed away, watching Wuuth turn around and lower his back, “Come on, I’ll carry you.”

Ning Chu looked around to make sure he wouldn’t knock anything over, then carefully moved his paws and slowly lay on Wuuth’s back, just like he did as a baby dragon.

He was one size smaller than Wuuth, so he fit on his back. Ning Chu buried his head, feeling that he had lost all his face in front of the other dragons.

“I…” Ning Chu asked very quietly, “Am I heavy?”

Wuuth replied, “No.”

He easily took off with Ning Chu in tow, deliberately slowing down and minimizing his size while they flew towards Dragon Island 04, which had just been developed and wasn’t in use yet.

Sixth Cub looked at their backs as they left, “Aowu…”

Neither of them chased after them, Ning Chu looked a little scared as he turned into a giant dragon for the first time.

At this time he should be in need of the soothing company of his mate, that was why they wouldn’t go to add to the trouble.


Dragon Island 04 was just like Dragon Island 03 before, there was nothing on the island, the trees needed to be cut down sooner or later, and Ning Chu didn’t need to take care of anything. Wuuth took him on foot first to get used to his huge limbs and the tail trailing behind him, and the dragon wings needed to be kept tucked away or they would hang down and interfere with movement.

Ning Chu gradually slowed down, crouched in the woods, then raised an arm and pulled a tree in front of him, which fell to the ground. The last time he became a dragon he was still a tiny one, running into the tall weeds in and out of sight, but now he suddenly became so much bigger. It was a whole new experience.

“I wasn’t prepared for this,” Ning Chu said, scowling as he got bigger and still behaved like a baby dragon, “It’s not very convenient.”

And he couldn’t even fly, so his body was even more unwieldy. Wuuth was silent, Ning Chu turned his head to look over, and there was a blur before his eyes. With a familiar action, Wuuth pounced on Ning Chu, knocking him over and pinning him down, slowly licking the scales on his neck. Both of them were adult dragons now, crushing a large tree and making a muffled sound when they hit the ground.

Ning Chu wasn’t in pain, but felt uncomfortable with the tree underneath him. He moved on all fours and wiggled the end of his tail, “There are too many trees here, let’s go somewhere else.”

“There are trees everywhere,” Wuuth’s eyes were giddy, “Let’s go to the dragon’s nest, shall we?”

“Dragon’s Nest?” Ning Chu asked, “To which dragon’s nest?”

Dragon Island 04 has not been occupied yet by the dragon herd. The other islands might not have dragon nests available, and ordinary dragons were generally small, compared to the magic dragon, it could be figured out in one look that he and Wuuth probably wouldn’t be able to enter.

Wuuth got up and stretched his wings, “I’ll build one.”

Under Ning Chu’s surprised gaze, Wuuth led him to the mountain range in the middle of the island. He chose the highest mountain and dug out a cave at the foot of it, finding some rocks and magical energy to reinforce the inner wall. He dug not too deep, digging out the excess soil to the opposite side of the mountain, and then cleaned up a small piece of open space in front of the cave, also gathering a lot of leaves and hay to lay inside.

With all this done, Wuuth made sure the nest was secure and clean and returned to Ning Chu, “There.”

He still had a lot of dirt on his horns, so Ning Chu lifted his paws to rub it off for him.

Wuuth shook his head and used a cleaning spell on himself. This was his first time building a dragon’s nest, and it was done fast, so he felt satisfied with himself. Finding leaves and hay to lay in was the most troublesome, and a human form might have been more convenient, but Wuuth didn’t change back and kept using his adult form.

Every dragon had to know this skill, especially male dragons, and even though Ning Chu was already his mate, Wuuth still wanted to do it himself, and using his human form wasn’t sincere enough.

Ning Chu wanted to help, but Wuuth refused, so he followed Wuuth to the dragon’s nest, using light magic to illuminate the depths. When he came to the innermost part, the thick leaves and dried grass were very soft, and there were no more obstructive branches around, so Ning Chu could finally lie down properly.

Wuuth was right next to him, lying close to him, gently nibbling the side of Ning Chu’s neck, “Do you like it?”

Ning Chu, unsuspecting, leaned over like a baby dragon, “Yeah, I like it.”


The author has something to say: 

Wuuth who was digging hard: Building a dragon’s nest for my wife!


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Thanks for translating and editing.

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Yehey! New Chapter! I love the story and how sweet they are with one another. <3

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I’m a little sad that there are no cuddle days with daddy Ning now :’) they’re always lovey dovey and more privacy time. Wuuth has also become more possessive.

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