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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


There were several large dragon nests on Dragon Island 01, and the mountain was almost dug up. After Ning Chu’s disappearance, the group of dragons grew bigger and bigger, and the rooms they used to sleep in were no longer usable, so they began to learn how to make dragon nests.

Later, Wuuth went to the human world to practice magic and found a spell suitable for their use to be able to change back to juvenile form, so that Dragon Island wouldn’t be overcrowded, the nests were also almost filled up, ordinary dragons couldn’t use so much space.

As for Wuuth, he used to sleep in the nest that Third Cub dug for him, and more often slept outside, guarding Dragon Island. Making a dragon’s nest, and then hiding in it with Ning Chu was an unprecedented experience for Wuuth.

The dragon’s nest had just been dug, the surrounding temperature was low, and the soil inside was a bit damp, so Wuuth used dark magic to warm it over and over until it became warm. Ning Chu moved carefully, not daring to move too much, for fear of hitting something that would collapse the entire cave.

Wuuth was much bigger, he couldn’t even lift his head too high, his back was always pressed down. There was nothing in the dragon’s nest that could be used as a reference for size. Ning Chu’s nervousness eased a little because of his sudden size, and he twitched his nose to sniff the dirt around him.

Wuuth leaned over, resting his front claws on Ning Chu, trying to hug him like he did as a hatchling. The change between his adult and juvenile forms was quite dramatic, as most hatchlings of the race were always cute, Wuuth grew from a hatchling to a fierce looking dragon, doing things that only hatchlings do.

The long tail wrapped around him again, the rough scales gently scraping Ning Chu, and the breath was much heavier. Ning Chu felt slightly uncomfortable, his paws twitched, and the faint magic light above his head almost went out.

No matter what form, Wuuth liked to stay close to him.

The licking from the side of the neck to the dragon’s horn was so gentle that Ning Chu closed his eyes and almost fell asleep.

Wuuth suddenly increased the force and nibbled him, “Don’t sleep.”

Ning Chu opened his eyes blankly, “Huh?”

The dragon’s nest was built for sleeping, wasn’t it? The temperature in the dragon’s nest was also suitable, there was no harsh sunlight, plus it was the right time to take a nap. Wuuth pressed further, seemingly trying to squeeze Ning Chu, but unfortunately the nest wasn’t high enough to accommodate two dragons stacked on top of each other. He had to give up and rubbed Ning Chu’s scales harder, “Ning Ning.”

Ning Chu was slow to react and slowly sensed that something was wrong.

Wuuth’s tail was wrapped too tightly… He finally remembered that Wuuth used to say that it would be good if he grew up a little more. The two of them had done everything they needed to do, and Ning Chu had forgotten about it, completely unaware that Wuuth was still thinking about it. He nervously pushed Wuuth, “You… Calm down…”

Wuuth stopped moving and backed up seemingly obediently, his eyes locked on Ning Chu.

In his slightly darker vision, Ning Chu’s scales still looked like they were glowing with a milky white color, and he looked completely harmless even as a grown up, his pair of dragon horns no different than when he was a juvenile. He was itching to get closer again, “Do you want to try?”

The human form could do it, of course, the dragon form could too.

Only the preparation was a little tricky, but Wuuth already knew what the real purpose of the pill was and what the problem was, and he should be able to use the magic element to try to achieve the same effect.

Wuuth’s eyes grew hotter and hotter as Ning Chu stammered his refusal, “N-no way…”

It was too humiliating… Even if he was willing to do this for Wuuth, could he be prepared first…?

Wuuth fell silent, in the past he wouldn’t have reacted this way, and would probably go along with Ning Chu’s wishes, but this time Ning Chu felt it wasn’t so simple.

The alarm bells went off in his mind, and he turned his head and slipped away. Whether he could resist Wuuth or not, he had to get away first.

The dragon’s lair was long and narrow, and Ning Chu ran out in a panic, followed by a slow and steady sound behind him. The moment he came into contact with the sunlight, the back of Ning Chu’s neck went numb and he was pinned down by Wuuth who pounced on him.

The ground shook slightly from the noise of the two dragons, and Wuuth opened his wings to keep the flying leaves out, releasing his teeth on the back of Ning Chu’s neck, “What are you running for?”

During the courtship period, Wuuth had said similar words, almost in the same tone.

Ning Chu panicked even more and tried to struggle, “Let go of me, I’m going to get angry…”

The word angry was the best word to use. Wuuth hesitated for a moment and got up to let Ning Chu go. Although he wanted it, he wouldn’t force Ning Chu.

The dragon obediently crouched aside and didn’t move any further, Ning Chu was relieved and got up.

Outside the dragon’s nest, there was a clearing that had been made when the nest was built, and Wuuth circled around Ning Chu, rubbing the grass and leaves off his scales with his dragon wings.

Ning Chu tucked his tail and said, “Don’t even think about it!”

Wuuth came up to him and licked the tip of his nose and said aggressively, “Not even if you want to?”

Ning Chu didn’t make a sound, and moved aside, his paw accidentally bumping a tree.

Wuuth continued to move closer and rubbed his forehead with his head, “Are you still going into the dragon’s nest?”

Ning Chu immediately said, “No, I don’t think so.”

The space in the dragon’s nest was too small, in case Wuuth forced him… The outside was at least a bit more open, Dragon Island was really big, but he couldn’t fly, and even if he could run, where could he run to?

After hearing his answer, Wuuth cleared the surrounding area once more, and the open space in front of the dragon’s nest expanded by a circle, allowing Ning Chu to stretch his limbs.

Ning Chu realized in hindsight that Wuuth could’ve done this just now, but he had to go through all that trouble to build the nest… 

He quietly got down and pointed his tail in the direction of the woods, his eyes alert. Wuuth was usually very obedient and afraid of Ning Chu’s anger, but after getting to know him better some time ago, he was becoming more assertive on certain things. He now looked as if he promised Ning Chu not to do that, Ning Chu was still not completely at ease.

When he thought of the first few times he was made to nearly collapse, no matter how much he begged, Wuuth wouldn’t budge, so Ning Chu couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

It didn’t take long for Wuuth to start rubbing up against him again.

Ning Chu looked around quietly and purposely changed the subject, “You… How do you get smaller every time? Can you teach me?”

Wuuth licked the scales on Ning Chu’s cheek, “Yes.”

“Then…” Ning Chu had just opened his mouth when Wuuth suddenly squeezed him from behind. His voice stopped abruptly as his entire body was enveloped by Wuuth’s open dragon wings, and his heavy breath fell on the back of his neck.

Wuuth’s body size was one circle larger than his, and Ning Chu’s figure couldn’t be seen from behind at all, only a white tail curling tremulously.

Sensing Ning Chu’s nervousness, Wuuth said soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t force you.”

In human form, he never did anything against Ning Chu’s will, plus he sensed Ning Chu’s anxiety from the symbiotic contract, knowing he wasn’t as resistant as he appeared to be. It was like every time he dropped tears and gnawed teeth marks into Wuuth’s shoulder, he ended up obediently pandering.

Moreover, this season was the courting period of dragons, and Ning Chu wondered if he would be affected. Wuuth’s words made Ning Chu partially convinced, but Wuuth did seem to just lick him and occasionally nibble gently on the back of his neck without further action.

It was just like when they were young, always interlocking and rubbing against each other intimately.

Ning Chu gradually relaxed and lay down to roll over.

Wuuth guessed what he was thinking and straightened his claws and let Ning Chu turn around under his dragon wings.

With their softest bellies next to each other, Ning Chu tilted his head and bit Wuuth, “Show me how to become smaller.”

Wuuth ignored him and pressed down to hug Ning Chu tightly, then rolled over and let Ning Chu lie on top of him. As an adult, he was afraid that the position he was in would crush Ning Chu, so this was better.

The ground shook slightly again, and with a pair of black dragon wings still wrapped around him, Ning Chu was forced to press even closer to Wuuth. With the intimate licking and rubbing, Ning Chu surprisingly felt that he was starting to feel somewhat weird.

He stiffened, not daring to move, and his eyes were wide with disbelief. He wasn’t a real dragon, so why would he…? Even when he was human, he didn’t seem to react this quickly.

Could it be that because he had become a dragon, some of his senses had also become the same as a dragon’s? The two dragons were close to each other, and the slightest change in Ning Chu was detected by Wuuth. He knew there was no hurry, so he slowly wrapped his tail around Ning Chu’s and let him stretch out.

It wasn’t until Wuuth was lying on his side and slightly adjusted his position that Ning Chu realized the other dragon was more excited than he was.

Flustered and ashamed at the same time, he tried to resist, “You said you wouldn’t force me…”

Wuuth’s dark red eyes reflected Ning Chu, “Ning Ning, I know you want to try too.”

He wasn’t asking Ning Chu, but stating the truth. Without waiting for Ning Chu’s response, Wuuth got up. He pressed Ning Chu from behind again and wrapped around him before he shrunk his tail, the voice from his throat was low, “Let’s try it once and I will teach you the juvenile transformation spell.”

Ning Chu wanted to refuse, and before he could say anything, he suddenly felt a little wetness and coolness. His tail twitched and almost pushed Wuuth off his back, but he was firmly restrained.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s my magic element,” Wuuth said, unknown what method he used to turn the magic element into the same texture as the melted pill.

Ning Chu’s hind legs trembled, “I don’t want to…”

“Ning Ning,” Wuuth continued to coax, “Just once.”

Although he didn’t show much on the surface, he had actually been holding back since he brought Ning Chu to the island. This was something he has been thinking about for a long time, and with his efforts, Ning Chu obviously wanted it too, but just wouldn’t admit it.

In the past, Ning Chu was always like this, too, and he was most active only the first time he used the pills himself. Wuuth had long since figured out his temperament, and if he let him go this time, he wouldn’t know if he could still try until the next time Ning Chu changed into his dragon form.

Ning Chu wanted to cry, he tried hard to hide, but not only could he not avoid Wuuth, he also seemed to be more excited. What was wrong with him, was it really because he had turned into a dragon?

Ning Chu was pinned down by the dragon, his black wings blocking all sight, leaving only a dragon tail and rubbing horns together. His body shuddered, the tip of his tail collapsed straight, and he was forced to tilt his head up and whimper.


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NC will never change.
Wuuth has never hurt him and always treated him like a treasure.
Bless Wuuth’s patience!
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