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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu had set up some interesting recreational facilities and a newly dug dragon nest on the next island. The lair was already prepared with nests and cushions, and except for Seventh Cub, who hadn’t broken its shell yet, all the other dragons were on the next island.

Although they didn’t know why they couldn’t go back to their original place at night, the dragons were very obedient and didn’t ask too many questions. Besides, they could sleep a little later at night without Ning Chu.

After one night, Eldest Cub woke up the dragons who had been playing until most of the night, made breakfast and prepared to go back. When they arrived at the hut on Dragon Island 01, the door was closed, and Ning Chu and Wuuth were nowhere to be seen.

It was already late, had Ning Chu not woken up yet? Did he stay up late, just like them?

Sixth Cub wanted to go into the house to take a look, and had just taken a short step to get closer when she heard a sound from inside the house.

It was Ning Chu’s voice. He seemed to be in distress, his voice was crying, as he was mumbling something intermittently. There were some other messy noises, and since several of the dragons were single, not to mention the two immature hatchlings, they didn’t understand what was going on.

Before they could react, the entire hut was wrapped tightly in Wuuth’s dragon breath.

Wuuth’s bloodline wasn’t on the same level as other dragons, his aura was strong and inviolable, isolating any creature from approaching, even a glance will make one feel a burst of oppression. The group of dragons retreated in unison, and the sound coming from the house was silenced.

They looked at each other, and Sixth Cub, the youngest, spoke first, “What are they doing in there?”

Second Cub’s eyes were confused, “You’re too young to understand.”

Actually, he didn’t understand either, Wuuth probably wanted to be alone with Ning Chu again, as he always did.

Third Cub urged the dragons to leave, “Forget it, let’s go to the back of the mountain.”

Even though Ning Chu wouldn’t get up, there were still many ordinary dragons on the island, and they didn’t know if they had enough rations.

Fifth Cub was worried, “Wu… is Wuuth bullying Ning?” Ning Chu’s voice just now wasn’t quite right, she also vaguely heard some slapping sounds. Could it be?…

She knew that Wuuth and Ning Chu were mates, and several dragons had no objection to the shift of their relationship; Wuuth was already different from them, much less their brother. Fifth Cub had heard that some male dragons with short tempers and irritability would bully their mates, and even among other races, there was a similar phenomenon.

Although… Wuuth wasn’t cranky and didn’t get angry at random, but what if. Ning Chu was a petulant and much weaker human, not to mention not having thick scales to protect himself like they do, and if Wuuth bullied him… The more Fifth Cub thought about it, the more worried she was. Eldest Cub reassured him, “Wuuth can behave himself, he won’t.”

Second Cub and Third Cub nodded along, while Fourth Cub and Sixth Cub ran away to play. Seeing that none of them thought Ning Chu would be in trouble, Fifth Cub broke away from the group and quietly walked up to the hut. She gathered her courage to approach, but after taking only two steps, she was already shivering and didn’t dare to take another step forward.

Fifth Cub craned her neck, before immediately retreating. Ning Chu wasn’t an ordinary human, but he was a human who had bred the entire dragon race and possessed a mysterious magical artifact, so he should… Wuuth shouldn’t be able to do anything, right?

Instinctive reaction prevailed, and Fifth Cub took one last look at the hut, turned her head and flew away.

For the next two days in a row, Wuuth and Ning Chu didn’t leave the house.

Wuuth’s dragon breath was always present, and Ning Chu dropped some supplies onto the island, so both proved to be fine.

The dragons went from being worried and curious to getting used to it. They ran around the three islands during the day and slept at night in the nest prepared by Ning Chu.

Inside the cabin, Wuuth reached out to wipe the sweat off the corner of Ning Chu’s forehead, his one hand as gentle as it could be, while the other grew fiercer. Ning Chu couldn’t even say a complete sentence, and after another round, he bit the side of Wuuth’s neck and snorted, “Beast.”

Wuuth held him while resting and replenishing his magical energy, but after hearing this word he just gently squeezed Ning Chu’s belly. Ning Chu’s face turned red and he buried his face, not wanting to speak again. He was actually in good shape because Wuuth has been replenishing his strength.

Feeling the tiredness fading away, Ning Chu pulled back his hand, “No need…”

When he was rested, Wuuth was afraid that he wouldn’t want to do it again. So Wuuth didn’t force him, lowered his head and kissed Ning Chu, touching the red marks on his body. These marks could be removed with the simplest of healing spells, but Wuuth didn’t move, as he held Ning Chu close, “Does it hurt?”

Ning Chu stammered and finally said, “No.”

Except for the very beginning, he didn’t hurt anywhere, and although Wuuth had his moments when he lost control, he could bear them all. This was also related to the fact that he has been practicing magic for a while, so his physique was better than before. Ning Chu now rarely used the in-game contract service.

Wuuth let out a “hmm” and tried to give him energy again.

Ning Chu noticed the change in his reaction and tried to avoid it, “I…”

Wuuth restrained him from moving and whispered, “Ning Ning, my courtship period hasn’t ended yet.”

Ning Chu wanted to cry as he listened, “Not yet?”

Wuuth had told him the first day that he should be able to get through the courtship period in his human form. And the last stage of his courtship period was completely stimulated by Ning Chu, and there was no possibility to stop in the middle, so he had to wait patiently for the end of the courtship period.

This wait had to be with Ning Chu.

Ning Chu tried to run his chaotic brain, counting the time he realized that they had been in the house for three full days. His feet weren’t touching the ground, and he was only allowed to enter the game for a short while. Wuuth fed him some water halfway through, and with the magical energy replenishment, Ning Chu didn’t need to eat anything.

Ning Chu felt bad about this, they couldn’t go on like this… But he didn’t even dare to go to open the window of his room for fear of bumping into other dragons.

Wuuth’s courtship couldn’t be interrupted, so Ning Chu couldn’t leave. He was picked up and his position was adjusted, as he asked with a red face, “So when will it end?”

Wuuth’s slightly drooping eyes flushed a dark red underneath as he intimately smoothed Ning Chu’s spine, “Ning Ning doesn’t like this?”

Ning Chu’s face turned even redder. If it was before, he would definitely not have answered this question, but he and Wuuth had been together for three whole days, and they were familiar with each other as much as they could be.

Ning Chu’s voice was even softer, feeling Wuuth’s momentary tenderness, “I like it…”

Never mind, the courtship period was only once a year… He was his dragon, so of course he has to be the one to suffer. He obediently catered to Wuuth, even taking a little more initiative.

Finally, Wuuth took out the three books Josh had given him and said, “Ning Ning, shall we try them all?”

He looked and sounded serious, like he was inviting Ning Chu to review magic knowledge together.

Ning Chu protested, “I don’t want to…”

His opinion didn’t count, and he was forced to watch and learn together with Wuuth.

By the time the two finally emerged from the cabin, it was the afternoon of the sixth day. The room had been cleaned several times by Wuuth, and Ning Chu had taken a nap and woke up hungry for food.

The door to the room was opened, and the several little dragons quietly snuck over to take a look. Ning Chu looked fine, just very sleepy, leaning in Wuuth’s arms, lazy, letting himself be fed. The room had nothing out of the ordinary, so did the two of them really play in it for six days?

Due to Wuuth’s gaze, they didn’t dare to ask more questions and left after making sure Ning Chu was okay.

After eating, Wuuth squeezed Ning Chu’s wrist, “How do you feel?”

Ning Chu glanced at him, not wanting to talk. Wuuth was in high spirits, with no visible signs of their activities, while Ning Chu wilted, feeling that his whole body wasn’t his own. He yawned and tried to sleep again.

Wuuth closed the door of the room and carried Ning Chu back to the wooden bed with a new set of sheets. The courtship period had passed, and the male dragon was more than ready to guard his mate and start preparing for the next generation.

Of course Ning Chu couldn’t give Wuuth a baby dragon cub, but Wuuth didn’t care about that, he didn’t want more baby dragons to distract Ning Chu’s attention. Ning Chu was so tired that he quickly fell into a deep sleep, breathing calmly and evenly.

Wuuth stroked his hair gently, contentedly. The courtship period was more of a ritual, as they finally became partners in the true sense of the word and made a symbiotic contract. With the contract in place, the connection between the two was deeper, and they could vaguely sense each other’s emotions and feelings.

On the very first night, Ning Chu looked very uncomfortable and cried out in pain. When he saw such a Ning Chu, Wuuth was at a loss for words and suspected that it was his fault. Later he realized that Ning Chu was crying on the surface, but in reality that wasn’t the case at all.

Wuuth gradually figured out the way, and something that had been suppressed for a long time was broken through and used on Ning Chu. He knew Ning Chu was comfortable, but at the moment it still hurt to see the marks on his arms and the side of his neck. Wuuth didn’t sleep and used healing magic to wipe them away for Ning Chu.

The next day, Ning Chu slept until almost noon before he woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he met Wuuth’s and Wuuth came over to kiss him, “Are you hungry?”

Ning Chu pulled the blanket over the sunlight coming in from the window, “Sleepy…”

His hand was held and a steady stream of magical energy flew over, Ning Chu only digested a little and then stopped. But he still looked tired, so Wuuth was concerned. Ning Chu whispered, “I’m just mentally tired…”

He just didn’t want to move… He felt that he needed to be healed, but with Wuuth’s magic energy, Ning Chu didn’t feel uncomfortable, and the marks he got with a few days ago had completely disappeared.

Ning Chu tossed and turned, neither wanting to get up nor to eat, intending to sleep again but unable to do so.

After staring at Wuuth for a long time, he took one of his hands and put it on his back, ordering harshly, “Rub it for me!”

Wuuth obediently said, “Okay.”

He massaged Ning Chu’s back with moderate force, and the little bit of misgiving in Ning Chu’s heart finally dissipated. He squinted his eyes and buried his face in Wuuth’s arms, getting sleepy, before drifting off to sleep again.

The little dragons came in during that time, but didn’t dare to squeal when they saw this, so they turned their heads and quietly exited the room.


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Why does it seem like everyone wants to see them make a dragon movie in more detail? (in deep thought.jpg)


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