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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The situation at hand was like every time Ning Chu refused Wuuth, but in the end he couldn’t escape and went along with it, half-coaxed.

Ning Chu started out nervous and scared, but gradually got better, and when he looked down and saw his pair of dragon claws, he looked away, trying to forget the fact that he was now a dragon. With Wuuth holding Ning Chu firmly in place, he was forced to pivot on his shaky hind legs, his tail lifting up to tangle with Wuuth’s, his horns accidentally hitting the branch in front of him.

There was no creature on Dragon Island, so no dragon would suddenly come and see this scene. The silvery-white magic dragon fell to the ground, sounding like he was wailing in pain.

Ning Chu heard his own voice and wanted to bite his tongue. Even in human form, he had never felt so ashamed and awkward. He shouldn’t have come to Dragon Island 04 alone with Wuuth… If he could fly, he would’ve run far away and never let Wuuth have his way.

Ning Chu thought drowsily, but in reality he wasn’t in pain, but rather felt better than expected.

A few trees were scraped down by the dragon’s horns, and Wuuth paused for a moment to drag Ning Chu back a little. He opened his mouth to bite the back of Ning Chu’s neck, and worked harder for a while.

Ning Chu’s claws were clutching the weeds underneath, and the fragrance of the green leaves filled his nose on such a beautiful afternoon. The scales on the back of his neck haven’t been released yet, and after a slight pain, it was soon replaced by another sensation.

Wuuth also liked to do this when he was in human form. Whenever he bit him, Ning Chu felt like they were the most primitive pair of beasts. Ning Chu couldn’t stand this.

As a result, they really… To Ning Chu’s utter humiliation, he was on the receiving end, and now he was like a little female dragon, Wuuth’s little female dragon. His size was already smaller than his, and his strength was no match, even though he was also a male dragon, he could still only be suppressed.

All sorts of confusion and extreme emotions brewed, before Ning Chu finally gave up and tilted his head to rub the tip of his horn against Wuuth ingratiatingly.

After trying one round, Wuuth turned Ning Chu over and tried again. However, this position was very inconvenient for a dragon, so Wuuth had to give up and switch back again.

Finally the sun was about to set when Wuuth let Ning Chu go.

Ning Chu didn’t even have the energy to be angry with him, his eyes complaining aggressively, “Didn’t you say you’d try it only once?”

Wuuth licked Ning Chu’s scales all over his body, while soothing, “It’s my fault, Ning Ning was too beautiful.”

He tried to help Ning Chu clean up the area around his tail, but Ning Chu refused, and finally used a few cleansing techniques before stretching out his curled up tail and letting Wuuth touch it.

As it was getting dark, Wuuth rolled over and let Ning Chu rest on his back for a while, “Shall I teach you the transformation spell?”

Ning Chu thought to himself, What’s the use of learning now?

He then thought that he wouldn’t be able to change back until tomorrow morning, and he still had one more night to maintain his dragon form.

Ning Chu couldn’t help but tremble and said, “Yes.”

Although… He didn’t feel bad or uncomfortable, but this was still too… A little too perverted.

The transformation spell was modified by Wuuth himself. It was originally a spell used to reduce space and volume when making a storage bag, and he experimented several times in combination with the recovery spell to get the current effect.

He taught Ning Chu only twice, before he learned it.

He urged his own magical energy to recite the spell, when his body shape disappeared in place, replaced by a familiar silver and white young dragon.

Wuuth also changed back to his human form and picked up Ning Chu from the ground.

He moved gently, carefully holding Ning Chu’s tail, “Should we go back?”

It was already dinner time, and he needed to feed Ning Chu, so Wuuth was in a hurry to leave, since he didn’t have any food with him.

Ning Chu stretched out his paws and leaned in Wuuth’s arms, “Yes.”

Back on Dragon Island 01, the little dragons on the island were still awake, waiting for them to return.

Ning Chu was in his adult form before he left and became a young dragon after he came back, being held tightly in Wuuth’s arms so that no other dragon could get close.

Wuuth passed by them to go back to his room, when Third Cub crouched at the roadside and tilted his head to twitch his nose and sniffed. His eyes showed confusion, as he shook his wings and got up to fly away.

Inside, Wuuth fed Ning Chu some food and water, and then went to run a bath for him.

The two of them had a separate bathroom in their room, and it had become a habit for Ning Chu to take a bath every time he used the cleaning technique.

There was a large wooden basin in the bathroom, which could normally accommodate two adults, and Wuuth filled it with water then adjusted the water temperature and carried Ning Chu into the water with him.

Wuuth held Ning Chu with one hand and let him lean on himself, while holding a soft towel in his other hand, wiping off his scales on his body. By now he had become more and more skilled at serving people, and Ning Chu was totally comfortable in the warm water, lowering his head and submerging it, and then emerging from the water with a splash.

He shook his head unskillfully and spit out the water he accidentally drank from his mouth.

Wuuth put down the towel, stroked Ning Chu’s horns and checked him carefully, “How do you feel? Nothing’s uncomfortable, right?”

He was so excited to be in close contact with Ning Chu’s dragon form that he was worried if Ning Chu would be angry, but looking at Ning Chu’s reaction now, he didn’t seem to be. Wuuth recalled his experience in the afternoon, every reaction of Ning Chu was memorized in his mind. Although the courtship period had passed, to Wuuth, it was as if his courtship period was now truly complete.

The only regret was that the dragon form could only hold down Ning Chu from behind, and no other position was convenient, and unlike in human form, it was as thick as three books. He began to miss Ning Chu’s human form again, but unfortunately it wasn’t the right time.

Wuuth then picked up the young dragon in his arms and dropped a warm kiss on Ning Chu’s forehead.

Ning Chu raised one of his front paws to hold Wuuth and push him back, “Hmph.”

Wuuth was afraid that he would be uncomfortable, after all, there was a difference between dragons and humans. He took Ning Chu’s neck and back with both hands and lifted him up a little to see.

Sensing his intentions, Ning Chu struggled but was easily held down.

Wuuth gently coaxed, “I’ll just take a look.”

If Ning Chu was really hurt, he wouldn’t be able to use the healing spell if he didn’t cooperate.

Ning Chu shrank his tail and scratched Wuuth’s face, leaving three shallow white marks, “No looking!”

Wuuth instead came closer and kissed his cheek affectionately, “I’ve seen it before.”

Ning Chu still refused, scratching at Wuuth’s body, but was finally pinched by the tail to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

Wuuth put his mind at ease and said soothingly, “Okay, don’t be angry.”

Ning Chu was ashamed and angry. Even when he bullied him as a human, he was also like this as a dragon.

He twisted his head and bit down on a piece of flesh on Wuuth’s chest, and tried to swim to the other side when his breath was disturbed.

However, while Ning Chu could swim in his human form, it wasn’t the same after turning into a dragon, and he kept sinking as he tried to plow through the water.

Wuuth caught him in time and held him up, “What are you running for?”

He didn’t care that Ning Chu had just bitten him, he got up, took a dry towel and wiped the water off himself and Ning Chu, then went out of the bathroom.

In the evening, Wuuth unprecedentedly agreed to let Ning Chu play with the other dragons for a while before going to bed.

Perhaps because he was completely satisfied in the afternoon, he left the rest of the evening for the other dragons, who didn’t even know that Ning Chu had turned into a dragon and sneaked out with Wuuth the last time.

Ning Chu didn’t like the lack of toys in his room, so he went to the dragon cubs’ nest to play with climbing frames and rattan balls.

Wuuth also went with them, turned into a small black dragon, squatting in the highest dragon nest to watch Ning Chu play.

Fifth Cub was especially happy to see Ning Chu as a baby dragon again, and licked Ning Chu’s forehead, “Where have you been during the day?”

Ning Chu’s face felt hot, but it was covered by his scales. He stammered, “I we-went to sleep.”

Fifth Cub didn’t doubt it, her gaze expectant, “Then can Ning Ning stay here at night? I want to sleep with Ning Ning.”

She hadn’t slept with Ning Chu in his hatchling form yet, and his nest was big enough for two dragons to sleep in without any problem, but it was up to Wuuth to agree.

Hearing Fifth Cub call him Ning Ning, Ning Chu felt like a little dragon cub. He looked at Wuuth, before deciding on his own, “Okay.”

The first little dragon to call him Ning Ning was Sixth Cub. Since she wasn’t very good at dragon language when she first hatched, and because Wuuth called him that, she just followed suit. Over time, the other dragons also learned it, but Ning Chu could only hear these two words accurately after he became a dragon.

Fifth Cub happily circled around Ning Chu and rubbed his horns. When the dragons got sleepy, Ning Chu was invited into Fifth Cub’s nest, where two little dragon cubs, one white and one green, each occupied half of the nest.

Sixth Cub also wanted to join them, but the nest was too crowded. When she refused to leave the nest, Fourth Cub walked up to them and proposed , “Sixth Cub, I’ll sleep with you.”

Sixth Cub was more independent in nature, and unlike Fifth Cub who liked to cling to Ning Chu, she just saw Fifth Cub and Ning Chu sleeping together as fun, so she wanted to do the same.

When Fourth Cub said that, Sixth Cub immediately agreed, “Okay, I’ll sleep with you.”

Wuuth took the empty nest and put it on the opposite table, facing Ning Chu’s direction. He planned to sleep here too, as if he was back in the old days when Ning Chu and the several little dragons were huddled together in one room.

Ning Chu saw Wuuth lying down, before he rolled over and closed his eyes.

Halfway through his sleep, a black figure flew over to the dragon’s nest. The little silvery-white dragon cub in the nest was sleeping soundly, with a small paw resting on the edge of the nest, only a part visible. The little black dragon moved gently and quietly picked Ning Chu up with its front claws and flew back to the opposite nest.

Ning Chu was disturbed and opened his eyes in a daze. The familiar shadow leaned over and slept with him. The dragon’s nest seemed to have become smaller, but Ning Chu just rubbed his nose on the black scales and soon fell back to sleep.

The next day, Ning Chu just woke up to see Fifth Cub crouching by the dragon’s nest, licking his forehead happily. Ning Chu yawned and noticed that Fifth Cub was up and the nest was still very crowded.

When he turned his head, he saw Wuuth who was right behind him, and realized that the dragon nest he was sleeping in had also changed.

Wuuth wasn’t ashamed of what he had secretly done in the middle of the night, as he hugged Ning Chu with his front paws, “Are you hungry?”


The author has something to say: 

It’s the end of the month, pour some nutrients on Ning!


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November 8, 2022 1:59 pm

This chapter made me giggle. These 2 are so awkward, but sweet really. Once NC gets accustomed to being ‘the wife’ (coughs), I think he’ll feel differently. Currently it seems he always feels like they are doing something bad, or wrong.
Trouble is, rather than feeling sympathy for him, it just makes me giggle.
Wuuth might pressurise and persist until he gets his way, but with their symbiotic relationship, he knows how NC really feels.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 8, 2022 5:10 pm

Totally enjoyed this chapter. Ning Ning, chill out and enjoy the love from Wuuth. We know you love him, just relax and play with him❣️💕 I think 3rd cub knew what’s up with them, heh heh, that sniff when they returned told him🥰😘😍

August 18, 2023 10:34 pm

I don’t feel comfortable with the extra story about Wuuth & Ning Chu. Usually I still liked this type of possessive gong, but in this story I hope for more family interaction, like since Wuuth had mated with the dragons’ daddy then he become the dragons’ father. I don’t like the fact that he kept excluding the cubs. Even the care he previously shown to Little Five (feeding oat grass) was also gone suddenly. Somehow the story doesn’t feel fluffy and cute anymore.

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