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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu saw Second Cub hesitate for a moment. Ning Chu finished feeding the rest of the oat grass in his hand to Fifth Cub and put her into the grass and let her play on her own, then reached out and brought Second Cub to him.

“Cub, don’t you want to go see Wuuth and San San?” Ning Chu asked, “Or is it that… you don’t want to stay with Daddy?”

Fifth Cub was the most clingy to him, and Fourth Cub was the second to last, and the most pampered of the young males, so it was only natural that they would follow him. Third Cub, needless to say, only listened to Wuuth and Ning Chu, and was the first dragon to stay by Ning Chu’s side after he transmigrated. Second Cub’s relationship with the other dragons was not as good as when he was a child, and although he and Ning Chu had not encountered too many obstacles in recognizing each other, Ning Chu was still not sure what he was thinking.

At the same time, Ning Chu reminisced and sighed in silence, he was surprised to see that Second Cub, who was the most mischievous one in the past, and didn’t act like a big brother at all, was now acting like one. Besides, Second Cub should still have dragons to manage, right?

Before Ning Chu left, Ily mentioned that the mine would be finished in half a month, and that Second Cub would need to go back and take the “payment” Ning Chu and Ily had agreed on before they left.

Second Cub rolled over on Ning Chu’s lap, revealing his white belly, and called out softly, “Aowu.”

It was certainly not because of Ning Chu… 

When he first met Ning Chu yesterday, he was a little uncomfortable, probably because he had been separated from Ning Chu for so long, and because Ning Chu had become a real human, he was a little uncomfortable being held and petted by him. Now he was much better, Ning Chu was still the same Ning Chu as if he had never left, and Little Five was still there, they were still the same group of dragon cubs on Dragon Island.

Hearing Second Cub’s meaning, Ning Chu said, “There’s no such thing as a brother’s grudge. See? Little Four isn’t angry with you anymore, you two are fine.”

When Fourth Cub heard his name, he stood up from the grass and took a look at him, then plopped down and continued to play hide-and-seek with Fifth Cub. Second Cub listened quietly, twitching the tip of his nose.

Ning Chu said again, “Don’t worry, Wuuth and San San won’t do anything to you… Of course, you shouldn’t take the initiative to cause trouble.”

Second Cub wagged his tail and didn’t make a sound, so Ning Chu took it as a tacit agreement.

After a short break, Ning Chu set off with the dragons. He let Second Cub rest and Fourth Cub was responsible for carrying them back, which was fine with both dragons. Fourth Cub flew a little slower, his dark purple scales shining in the sunlight, and Second Cub and Fifth Cub huddled together in Ning Chu’s jacket.

It didn’t take long for Ning Chu to realize that Fourth Cub would occasionally use his magic element, and when the dragon horns scraped through the clouds, they always blew over with some wetness.

Ning Chu didn’t care, he was only worried that Fourth Cub would make a rain the entire way. He thought about switching Second Cub and Fourth Cub, but when he looked down, he saw the two dragon cubs in his arms snuggling up to each other and sleeping.

Ning Chu didn’t make a sound in the end as he watched the environment below and let Fourth Cub fly around the clouds.


Before reaching Enigma Forest, Ning Chu stopped Fourth Cub, intending to walk straight back.

A swarm of dragons attacked the Academy just after the protective shield was removed. Technically it was actually a misunderstanding, but the Academy must have been in a state of panic and worry again. Before he left the dorm yesterday, he said he would pick up Wuuth and Third Cub after a while, but they never returned.

Ning Chu quickened his pace, and when he saw the Lance Academy building from afar, he saw another protective shield rising outside.

He wondered if those nasty people from the Church were still in the Academy… Ning Chu suddenly thought of something and stopped to take out the small disk.

Ning Chu took a few steps forward, and the pointer fell down again.

Ning Chu thought it wasn’t a coincidence that several areas inside the disc were colored to correspond to the five magic dragons and thought it was probably a tool used by the Church to track the dragons, but he didn’t understand how it worked yet.

Ning Chu walked as he watched, but the pointer no longer had any movement, so he put away the disc and went to the school gate.

The guard was the same one who let Ning Chu in last time, and the guard had an impression of him, “Why is it you again?”

Ning Chu pretended he didn’t know, “I went home yesterday morning… Didn’t the Academy get unblocked yesterday? Why again…”

“There’s a new situation,” the doorman couldn’t make small talk and waved his hand, “hurry up and go in.”

Ning Chu walked through the door and sighed in relief, dropping his hands around his waist. He had three little dragon cubs hidden in his jacket for fear of being seen.

Ning Chu pulled back the curtain on his bed, but it was empty. Where was Wuuth and Third Cub?

Ning Chu was at a loss, but Second Cub came out and flew around the dormitory, stopping at the locker and squatting down with disgust in his eyes.

This was where Ning Chu and Wuuth lived? It was too small, not as big as an ordinary dragon’s nest area.

“Aowu…” Second Cub didn’t want to stay here, the smell of humans was too heavy and urged Ning Chu to find the other two dragons and leave.

Ning Chu was worried, “Where would they go? If Wuuth left, Third Cub must have followed him…”

Ning Chu immediately decided to go to Wuuth’s dormitory to check it out. He wanted to leave all three dragons in the dormitory and go looking for them alone, which would be more convenient. However, Fifth Cub didn’t want to, she wanted to go with Ning Chu.

Since Fifth Cub wanted to go, and of course Second Cub wanted to go, and Fourth Cub refused to be the only dragon left in the dormitory. Ning Chu had no choice but to hang on to the three baby dragons and go out. He didn’t know which building Wuuth lived in, so he asked several students along the way and finally arrived at the door of Wuuth’s dormitory.

The door was closed and Ning Chu tried knocking on it, but no one answered. There was no one in the hallway, so Second Cub came out quietly and gave his hind legs a sharp kick.

The door was kicked open with a bang, and Second Cub looked up at Ning Chu with his tail wagging, as if to say, “This way’s faster.”

Ning Chu, “…”

There was a door opening from another nearby dormitory, as if someone had heard the noise and wanted to come out to check. Ning Chu hurriedly went inside and closed the door. The door outside sounded, and then closed again a moment later.

Relieved, he grabbed Second Cub and lifted him up, “Don’t do that again! People will find out!”

Second Cub wagged his tail and whimpered.

Wuuth’s quarters were also empty, and Second Cub and Fourth Cub didn’t smell Third Cub’s scent here. It was too stuffy in the jacket, so Fifth Cub got out and tried to go to Wuuth’s bed.

Since there was no one here, Ning Chu planned to leave, so he took Fifth Cub out and put her next to the bed.

After sleeping out all night and riding almost all day today, Ning Chu leaned on the pillow and played with Fifth Cub, his eyelids were getting heavy. He yawned and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Wuuth pushed open Ning Chu’s dormitory door.

Bowen was in the dormitory and thought Ning Chu was back, but he was shocked to see Wuuth and then got excited, “Wu… Wuuth? What are you doing here…”

Wuuth looked at Ning Chu’s bed, “He hasn’t come back yet?”

Bowen subconsciously replied, “You mean Hugh? He’s been gone all day today…”

He said as an afterthought, Wuuth had come to see Ning Chu! The two of them knew each other!

Not waiting for Bowen to come back from his shock, Wuuth had already left.

Third Cub emerged from Wuuth’s jacket, [It really smells… The scent is too faint to be sure of the exact location.]

They just came back from Crow Market, and Ning Chu wasn’t there. If he went back to school, why wasn’t he in the dorm? Wuuth had just come in and the doorman had warned that it was about to get dark and that they wouldn’t let any more students in or out at night.

Not finding Ning Chu, and unable to go to Crow Market for the time being, Wuuth returned to his dormitory door with a lot of frustration. He hadn’t been back in a long time, and as he reached for the doorknob, he sensed a hint of something wrong.

[I can smell him!] Third Cub sprang up again sharply, [Is this the place?]

Wuuth froze slightly, because this was his dormitory, how could Ning Chu… He opened the door silently and saw the three dragon cubs beside his bed, and the sleeping Ning Chu.

Third Cub flew over excitedly and found Ning Chu sleeping, and pressed on without waking him up. Seeing Wuuth and Third Cub again, Second Cub squirmed. He lay down on the pillow, closed his eyes and slowly fell down to one side, pretending he was also sleeping.

Fifth Cub opened her eyes and gave a happy cry, “Wuu!”

Wuuth half-crouched down beside the bed and put his finger to his lips, signaling to keep her voice down.

Ning Chu’s entire body was fine, uninjured, and nothing else out of the ordinary, except for a gentle frown between his eyebrows, as if he wasn’t sleeping soundly.

Wuuth gently pulled out one of his hands that was pressed under the side of his face, trying to give him a more comfortable position. His movements were incredibly gentle, but Ning Chu didn’t sleep too deeply, and when he turned over, his eyelashes fluttered and he was about to wake up.

Ning Chu was in a daze when he seemed to see Wuuth return. It was Wuuth in human form, dressed in black and with a handsome expressionless face, who was holding his hand. He woke up completely, opened his eyes with a sinking body, and saw the little black dragon jumping into his arms.

Ning Chu rubbed his eyes in confusion, did he see wrong? He just woke up a little confused, and then reacted, wasn’t this Wuuth?! He was back!

Ning Chu was surprised and hugged the little black dragon, “How did you…” Ning Chu remembered that he and Wuuth hadn’t broken through the barrier yet, “How did you find this place?”

The little black dragon was also very happy, and licked Ning Chu’s face.

Ning Chu couldn’t stop it, he raised his hand to wipe his face and turned his head to look for Third Cub.


Several items fell from the top of the cabinet, and two little red and yellow dragon cubs at the other end were already fighting, as Fourth Cub and Fifth Cub huddled around the bed and watched in silence. Second Cub flew fast and scampered to the other end of the dormitory, Third Cub was in hot pursuit and opened his mouth to spray a ball of flame.


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