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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“…” Pei Yutu’s forehead wrinkled, but he was still resigned to help his military instructor out of bed.

Pei Yutu calculated, Big deal, after he becomes a flat kitten, I will beat the cat’s butt a few more times, and pinch the cat’s balls a few more times. His heart immediately balanced out.

The doctor had never seen such a capricious patient, who said “I’m tired of living in the hospital” and left as soon as he could.

However, this private hospital was known for its excellent service, and this patient was not only a patient, but the most troublesome after-effects of the induction agent had been perfectly resolved. The remaining superficial injuries mainly just needed to be recuperated, and hospitalization was not very meaningful. Since the patient insisted, they could only give careful instructions to the family to take good care of him, and processed the discharge procedures.

As the saying goes, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and Instructor Ping was much more confident when he was staying in Teaching Assistant Pei’s house again. 1

With the help of Pei Yutu, he moved his leg, which was in a cast, to the footrest, and then took out a bank card and slapped it into Teaching Assistant Pei’s hand. “This is for you. No password needed.”

This tone was like a hegemonic president who intended to adopt a soft, white lotus flower and a small love child.

The soft white lotus who was nearly one meter nine and just kicked a steel bar off a wall not long ago, “What does this mean?”

“Oh,” Ping Mo said. “I’ve been bothering you to pay the medical bills, and I’ve also lived in your home for so long, so this is a little bit of a return. Take it.”

Pei Yutu wouldn’t accept it, “Why are you being so generous?”

When Ping Mo said that he would pay back the money, he only took it as a courtesy. He hadn’t taken it to heart. After all, this kind of thing was a matter of mutual consent. He hadn’t expected the other party would pay him back. Now, when he really saw the money, his heart felt a little bit uncomfortable. A person with a little bit of advantage refused to take advantage of their own. Wasn’t this a rush to draw a line?

Didn’t his rich friends chase boys and girls, and as long as they spent money to buy gifts they could be coaxed to be happy? So why was his own person anxious to pay back the money? He had never chased anyone until he was this old, and he didn’t expect to encounter such a superlative on his first attempt.

However, Ping Mo, whether he was a military instructor or a captain, had always been a man of his word and was used to giving orders, so when Pei Yutu didn’t accept it, he soon became impatient. “Just take it. I’m paying back what I owe.”

When he heard the words “paying back what I owe,” Pei Yutu felt even more blocked, as he pinched the bank card. He was so angry that he wanted to punch someone on the spot, and ask them “do you still have a heart?” However, he held back until his veins popped out, and didn’t ask. The answer was more than obvious. His military instructor simply didn’t have a heart.

He didn’t want to hear that expected answer.

Pei Yutu let out a breath, while his tone of voice was not good. “To clear the account. Why don’t you say it? How much money is it?”

Ping Mo gave a figure.

When he was on the road, he had already silently calculated the amount of medical expenses twice, and that number was more than that, not less. Pei Yutu definitely wouldn’t lose.

When he heard the figure, Teaching Assistant Pei’s face became even colder. “That’s a lot of money. You earned it from underground boxing, right?” 

According to Instructor Ping’s pay level, it would take years to save up this much money in one breath.

Ping Mo had thought he had finally settled a matter, and felt justified in his wealth. However, as he listened to Pei Yutu’s questions, somehow he felt a little weak, and on the top of his head, the fluffy cat ears involuntarily twitched. “Yes. So what?”

“You’d go to underground boxing in order to pay off the money you owe me?” Teaching Assistant Pei said aggressively. He was already full of energy, as he raised his voice, the voice was even louder, and the effect was excellent. It made a vase of flowers shake, almost fall down and shatter.

The vase was still there from the last time the two moved into the house. Teaching Assistant Pei was shopping in the supermarket and brought it back by hand. Since he had bought them, the house had been empty for several months. It finely decorated the simple atmosphere, and added little colored fireworks. Until he abducted Instructor Ping, he only had the idea of picking him up properly.

Instructor Ping had always been a “mighty can’t bend” master, and wouldn’t give in, but the strong was strong. On the field, he had the temper to never admit defeat. He was thinking of similarly fuming in dislike, or directly holding him down. Then Pei Yutu continued, “You return my money? Good! You’re not going to be able to do that! What about the six days and six nights I spent in the hospital nursing you around the clock? After your fever went down, I was so tired that I slept for forty hours. If not for my good health, who could bear it? What about this account?”

Ping Mo was speechless.

He had heard about this. From his attending doctor to the nurses, they all praised the “Pei family”, but Pei Yutu really was strong as a bull, that he went untended for six sleepless days, then after a long sleep, it was as if he was alive again. The effect of this “feat” was discounted, as he didn’t take credit for it, and never mentioned it again.

Now it was suddenly mentioned. Instructor Ping’s impulse to beat him up dissipated, and was  replaced by a wave of guilt.

“It’s easy, you can count it any way you want.” Ping Mo was still tough, but his pair of cat ears betrayed him. They wilfully went back. Even the tail behind his buttocks also subconsciously went down, close to his thighs. The tip of his tail curled around his knees, in a weak-minded and reasonable look.

“How should I calculate? I won’t say a price!” Pei Yutu turned his head aggressively and left. He slammed the door hard as he whisked out of the house.

Ping Mo cursed, stood up and chased him to the door in two steps. His right leg was not very handy because of the heavy cast, but he was still walking at a good speed, and not a bit clumsy as a fractured leg victim should be.

However, in the end, he didn’t open the door to chase him. He only stood in a daze at the door. “Fuck. Isn’t this your fucking home? Why are you acting like a little angry wife, slamming the door as you leave?”

If someone should leave, it should be him! No, they were not a quarreling couple!!

Ping Mo rubbed his temples. “What am I thinking? I’m so confused by him.”

In fact, though, whether it was voluntarily or not, he did owe a lot to Pei Yutu, however he did not take advantage for nothing. He had used his supervisor’s authority to try to give him benefits, and more financial compensation. He had been benevolent to the end, by definition shouldn’t be wrong. So, why was Pei aggrieved enough to yell, and why did he feel guilty about it?

After Pei Yutu slammed the door and left, he only felt a cavity of anger and aggression inside him and needed to vent. He went straight to the Alliance Military Technology University, strapped weight plates on his legs, ran around the drill ground for many, many laps, then went to the equipment room to punch sandbags. He didn’t know how long he had been there when the administrator timidly reminded him, “Military Instructor Pei, are you going to destroy another one? I’m responsible for the sandbags breaking.” 

Pei Yutu let go of the poor sandbag, wiped off his sweat, gruffly said a “sorry” and aimlessly left the school.

After some venting, he had really calmed down a lot. Teaching Assistant Pei suddenly felt the blessing of his soul: Expecting Kitten Ping not to be heartless, but soft and open-minded. It was better to wait for a white horse to grow a horn and become a unicorn. Simply impossible.

It was better to trick him into staying at his house first.

At the same time, Ping Mo also calmed down and began to think about whether he should change his place of residence. According to his amazing recovery ability, a long stay in the hospital, or back to the crowded faculty dormitory, they were easy places to accidentally reveal it, and he didn’t want to be caught for any human experimentation.

Originally, Pei Yutu’s house was the best choice, but now it seemed that this place was also not suitable for a long stay. He could wait for certain people to come back, then they would talk it out, and find another house to move into.

It was now more comfortable to use the money in the card for him to live on his own. Why didn’t he think of it before?

Ping Mo jumped onto the sofa with a single step and picked up the plaster leg to play the wounded man, while making a mental note.

However, Pei Yutu not only didn’t have the anger from when he left the house, but also carried a bag of small snacks, as he smiled in a taut manner. “The cake store has a new product. I bought some. Please try it?”

As the saying goes, Instructor Ping’s heart was immediately wasted. He looked at his Teaching Assistant’s neat white teeth as he smiled.

Pei Yutu brought plates of lasagna, a strawberry muffin and a cherry mousse cupcake over to the coffee table in front of him. “I’m a rude person, and nonsense, while you’re a leader. Be ordinary with me, ah/ I just think that underground boxing is too dangerous.”

Pei Yutu continued without waiting for Ping Mo’s rebuttal, “It’s over. But the money you gave is too much, I think, so I will return the rest to you. We are both too old to be nitpicking about everything, so how about this? I will only take your room fee, as for food fee, since I will be the only one who cooks here, one more portion won’t be too much of a hassle…You are an injured person, so how can you go upstairs? Why don’t you stop going back to the staff dormitory and stay here with me until the end of the semester. How about that?”

How’s that? Of course it’s great!

Pei Yutu knew his little secret, that this was his first choice. Instructor Ping relaxed again, twirled a piece of cherry mousse cupcake, leaned on the sofa, and gave in. “Not bad. You went out for a walk and got the hang of it.”

Pei Yutu presented him with a smile, while in his heart he spit out, Trick the kitten with sweets. This was a good tactic.

Meanwhile his mouth said, “That’s right, let’s work together.”

Ping Mo inevitably nodded, and thought things were settled, so he no longer paid attention to Pei Yutu, and focused on eating snacks. The cherry mousse had a cream flower and it stained the corner of his mouth. Pei Yutu stared at the corner of Instructor Ping’s lips for a moment, then suddenly reached out and used his thumb to wipe off the cream.

Ping Mo was startled. “What are you doing?”

Pei Yutu coughed lightly, and said gruffly, “How old are you? You can’t even eat a mouthful of cream! After all, it’s my house, you should take care of your personal hygiene!”

“…” Instructor Ping blinked his gray-blue eyes, and gave a pertinent reply. “Get lost.”

Pei Yutu really got up and left. “Okay.”

When he got to the front door, he turned back and asked, “Hey Ping Mo. You’re going to live here for a long time anyway, can I help you move all your things in the dormitory?”

Instructor Ping replied quickly and smoothly, “Sure.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was in a good mood, so he hummed a song as he went out the door. It was only after he closed the door that he licked the cream off his thumb like a thief. He breezed back to the AMTC faculty dormitory, opened Instructor Ping’s door and packed his things one by one. It was going well until he saw a familiar T-shirt deep in the closet.

That was his T-shirt!

Teaching Assistant Pei’s heart went cold. If he remembered correctly, this T-shirt was from when he had his suspected susceptible period, saw a cat turn into a human, and then viewed Instructor Ping’s panic.

If he took it back, wouldn’t Ping Mo know that he was aware that he was a cat?


The author has something to say:.

Do you remember the T-shirt? It appeared in chapter 19.


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Translator Notes:

  1. The saying is from Karl Marx. Here economic foundation can be referred to just as base. “Base and superstructure are two linked theoretical concepts developed by Karl Marx, one of sociology’s founders. Base refers to the production forces, or the materials and resources, that generate the goods society needs. Superstructure describes all other aspects of society.” You can read more in this link:


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