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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


When the stormy dinner finally ended, the waitress found a chance to come up and asked, in as normal a tone as possible, “Sir, how would you like to pay?”

Xie Quan, of course, was not going to let Ji Cheying pay. So, he was about to pay himself when a man suddenly came out from the side. The man was fit and strong, wearing a casual shirt and pants, with short brown hair, and looking a bit fierce.

When this man came to their table, he suddenly greeted Ji Cheying and said, “Ji… Ahem, Ji Ming, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you in a place like this.”

Xie Quan looked at this person silently.

Faced with the greeting of this suspected acquaintance, Ji Cheying also did not stand up, still sitting leisurely on the chair. Then, unlike the unnatural, even nervous attitude of the visitor, Ji Cheying’s attitude was very casual, and he responded, “Ah, it’s Henry, what a coincidence. Are you here to eat too?”

The man named Henry nodded and said, “Yeah, yeah, but I don’t come here often, just once in a while, so it’s a coincidence to meet you here, hahahahaha.” Henry looked at Xie Quan. “Is this your friend? A coincidence, what a coincidence.”

Xie Quan looked at the man who had been giggling and was confused. How many times was he going to emphasize the word “coincidence”?

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows.

Then, Henry returned his gaze to Xie Quan, and quickly and perfunctorily swept the table before he abruptly proposed, “Right! I’ll pay for this meal for you.”


This tone of voice was as if not to help people pay for the bill, but to grab some advantage. And, without even waiting for their reply, he turned to the waitress next to him and said, “Are you asking for payment now? I’ll do it, where do I go to pay?”

The waitress had never seen someone rush to pay for someone else. The smile on her face was a bit stiff, but she still maintained a good appearance and said, “Here you can pay directly with your personal electronic account.” She took out the electronic screen displaying the bill while wondering in her mind, Where in the world did this person come from? I don’t think there was a customer in the lobby.

Henry nodded, then swiped his terminal account upward and paid successfully. Turning around, he said, “I’m done paying, so…let’s go?”

“…” Xie Quan looked at the man suspiciously, didn’t he come to eat?

Ji Cheying stood up and coughed lightly, he said to Henry, “You don’t need to see us off, you go eat by yourself. Xie Quan, let’s go?”

“…” Xie Quan looked again with a question mark on his face at Ji Cheying who was fully loaded and waiting for his departure. He slowly stood up and took the packed food from the waitress in her hand. Then he asked, “Don’t you have to go back to work?”

Ji Cheying froze.

Henry froze.

The waitress next to him nodded desperately. Yes, yes, yes! Finally someone remembered!

Ji Cheying had indeed forgotten that he was currently an employee of the restaurant. He looked outside at the darkening sky and frowned. “Why don’t you wait until I get off work and I’ll go back with you.” After all, he had to stay here to investigate the situation of the beta case victims, directly skipping work to leave was a little too much.

But this restaurant had a beautiful lake, the location was very remote, and Xie Quan going back alone made him a little uneasy.

Xie Quan decisively refused. “No, I’ll just go back by myself.”

Ji Cheying disapproved. “It’s dark and this is a remote place, it’s not safe for you to go back alone.”

Xie Quan was unmoved. “I can call a car to go back.”

Ji Cheying smiled and gave in. “Then I’ll call a car for you.”

“…All right.” One person gave up a step.

Henry, who was watching from the sidelines, had his eyes wide open, was this motherly person his major general? Even half an hour ago he was ordered to come here immediately to pretend to pay for friends! It’s really a case of “comparing oneself to others will only make one angry”.1

After watching Ji Cheying call the car, Xie Quan said gently, “I’ll leave now, bye.”

Before leaving, he quickly glanced at Henry’s neck and saw the glandular patch that belonged to an alpha. It reminded Xie Quan of what Ji Cheying had said about his himself in the middle of Ji Cheying’s apartment earlier. At that time, Ji Cheying said he had an alpha partner.

Xie Quan suddenly understood why this friend would appear here and behave so strangely.

The sudden appearance and the strange rush to pay the bill. This friend didn’t appear here by chance at all, but was asked to come here. This Henry must be the alpha mate Ji Cheying was talking about, right?

Ji Cheying must have informed him in advance to come over to help pay, so he rushed over. As for the reason for this, Xie Quan guessed that it was Ji Cheying’s thoughtfulness. After all, it was Xie Quan himself who invited Ji Cheying to sit down and dine with him, and if he found out that Ji Cheying had paid for the meal, he would have been upset.

That’s why a “third party” was specially found to help.

Xie Quan sighed when he thought of this.

This person was really too considerate.

Xie Quan walked alone to the entrance of the restaurant to wait for his car, Ji Cheying wanted to accompany him out, but Xie Quan refused. He must also learn to be more considerate, not to always give trouble to others.

However, “trouble”, this one thing for Xie Quan, itself was also a new thing. He had no one to trouble before.

Anna might be one, but he and Anna were in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Anna helped him deal with his problems, helped him deal with the black market, and in return, Anna would get half of the price of his works at auction. Sometimes, Anna would also ask him to help her make some gadgets.

Therefore, Xie Quan’s feelings towards Ji Cheying and Anna’s kindness were different.

It was Ji Cheying who helped him, while he didn’t seem to do anything for it.

Xie Quan looked at the cold driveway and started to think, maybe he could do something for the other.

Mn. The other person’s financial situation was not very good, so maybe he can give some money? It doesn’t seem good to give money, and he was afraid the other wouldn’t accept it.

However, he couldn’t afford to help the other get something else either. He was just a mecha engineer.

If he was really a nobleman’s son, then he might be able to use his position to help him arrange a good job. Or, maybe he could make a little something for him, but what could be done? What he had been making recently was a mecha, but Ji Cheying, an ordinary person, had no use for a mecha.

When Xie Quan was seriously distressed, a car pulled up in front of him.

At first, Xie Quan thought Ji Cheying had called the car for him. However, when he looked up, what he saw was not a taxi, but a private car. The window slid down and there was a familiar face.

It was the same Márquez who had been evicted from the apartment before. Márquez smiled at Xie Quan and said, “What a coincidence to meet you here.”

Xie Quan politely responded, “Yes, it’s a coincidence.”

Márquez said with emotion, “I asked you to come here for dinner, but it didn’t work out, but we still met in this restaurant, that’s fate, right?”

Xie Quan thought to himself, There are so many people who are destined to meet me today.

It felt as if all the coincidences of the year had come together today.

At that moment, Márquez asked, “Are you going back? Let me give you a ride.”

Xie Quan shook his head and said, “I’m waiting for a taxi, so I won’t bother, thanks.”

However, Márquez obviously did not intend to give up, he hooked his lips and gave a smile, then looked at Xie Quan meaningfully and said, “How can it be a problem? I have been waiting for a long time.”

The door of the back seat of the car suddenly opened, and then Xie Quan did not have time to react. A hand reached out from the inside, and with the speed of lightning pulled Xie Quan into the car. The container Xie Quan was holding smashed on the ground.

The car door closed with a pop.

With a roar, the car, like an arrow, shot away.

And all this happened in just a few seconds.

Xie Quan, who was strapped into the car, did not show much panic. He frowned at the man who was driving in front of him, and at the man next to him, who was holding his neck. He asked calmly and quietly, “What do you want?”

Márquez looked at Xie Quan in the rear view mirror, he sneered and then said, “You will know later, but don’t worry, it’s not something bad. It’s something good that you can’t wait for.”

Here, Ji Cheying saw Xie Quan leave and took Henry out of the restaurant. Standing in an isolated area, Ji Cheying leaned against the wall and said simply and directly, “Go check the resident management office of the Civic Center.”

Henry realized that Ji Cheying had found something and asked in a low voice, “Major General, is there something suspicious?”

Yesterday, Ji Cheying came to work at the restaurant where the victim worked in order to get more information about the victim. And as Ji Cheying expected, the victim’s accident caused a lot of commotion in the place where she worked. Between breaks, he also heard from the employees a lot of things that they had not revealed to the police.

Of course, they did not intend to conceal, just simply think that those things were not important.

For example, the victim had visited the Civic Center to update her work shortly before she disappeared. The victim, like Xie Quan, was a foreigner and needed a local sponsor to rent an apartment, run errands, etc., and that sponsor was usually a place of employment or a relative.

The city of Noel had stipulated that each letter of guarantee was only valid for six months, which required these foreigners to re-register their information every six months. The victim in this case went to update her information three weeks before she disappeared.

This gave Ji Cheying an idea.

They had been struggling to find overlapping tracks of the victim’s movements and to pinpoint the suspect’s place of appearance. However, there was actually one very obvious feature that they had forgotten.

Simply because it was too obvious.

These victims were all migrants; they only saw the victims’ solitary characteristics before, but ignored the point that, as migrants, they all needed to go to the Civic Center to update their information regularly.

The staff at the Civic Center’s resident management office could easily obtain the information of these victims. After hearing this, Henry said, “Okay, Major General, I’ll go investigate right away.”

Ji Cheying nodded, before Henry left, he suddenly remembered one thing and called Henry. “By the way, there is one more thing.”

Henry: “???”

Ji Cheying said, “You ask someone to find out if there was an omega noble lady in their town during Xie Quan’s high school days.”

Although it should be false, he still wanted to confirm it.

After Henry heard it, he thought for a moment and then answered, “Ah, there is one.”

“…” Ji Cheying’s face sank. “Are you playing with me?”

Henry hurriedly explained, “No! No, I happened to notice it accidentally before!” He said, “Because when I was reading the information before, I thought it was quite a coincidence, so I remembered it.”

“Coincidence?” Ji Cheying’s eyes were sharply fixed on Henry, making him feel very stressed.

Henry sped up his speech and said, “It’s Miss Lilith of the Duke of Noria’s family, her convalescence place happens to be the town where Xie Quan’s school was located, and in Xie Quan’s high school, she happened to be convalescing there.” The reason why he remembered so well was because Lilith was a hot beauty in the imperial capital today.

Ji Cheying knew that this Lilith Noria was, indeed, an omega.

In fact, they had met a few times. She was a gentle and polite young lady. So, what Xie Quan said was true? Lilith Noria was his first love?


The author has something to say:

Ji Cheying: ????! My error of judgment?

Xie Quan: …In a sense, it was wrong all along.

Look! It’s a double shift! I did what I said I would do!

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Translator Notes:

  1. 人比人,气死人: A proverb that means to not let comparisons affect your good mood.


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August 31, 2022 8:17 pm

Oh gosh! Márquez again!? Can he be involved with these cases as of late?!! Loving how XQ is thinking about getting JC something because of his kindness! I hope he knows XQ has been kidnapped??!

September 1, 2022 2:29 am

Never mind all that, Ji Cheying, Xie Quan’s been kidnapped!
Something good he can’t wait for…. why do I very much doubt that?
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 1, 2022 4:30 am

What a coincidence! So much coincidence! Buuuut bad things happening aren’t coincidence D:

Thank You for the new chapter ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

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Blizzard passing by say hey~
October 24, 2022 1:06 am

Is this Marquez one of the preprators? Or it’s just a coincidence?

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HAHAHAHHAHA such a large coincidence or is it truth — will this lady Lilith come bite them back later 😆

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