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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu stepped back immediately after the kiss, as fast as if nothing had happened. He said calmly, “That’s a kiss.”

Wuuth didn’t seem to react, freezing up for a moment.

Ning Chu backed away from him as if nothing had happened, “Okay, let’s go back…”

He turned around and took a step, and his whole body was pulled backwards with force. Ning Chu was once again held tightly, his back against the trunk of a tree, unable to retreat half a step, in front of him was Wuuth close at hand.

Wuuth’s pupils in human form were pure black, but now his eyes were faintly red, and his breath was hot, “You kissed me.”

For dragons, there was actually no such concept as kissing. The dragons, including Wuuth, only knew some actions outside of the dragon race to show closeness because of Ning Chu, such as kissing on the forehead, touching the horns and head, and hugging.

Wuuth didn’t know why he cared so much about kisses. He could be close to Ning Chu in so many ways, but he would become very excited because of only a kiss. Especially when Ning Chu kissed him on the face this time, instead of kissing a wound after a healing spell like before.

Ning Chu had a bad feeling, he tried to tilt his head back and pull away from Wuuth a little, asking vigilantly, “Why? Can’t you kiss?”

The way Wuuth looked at him was like a dragon staring at a whole box of treasures, as if he would drag him into the dragon’s nest and hide him in the next moment.

“I can kiss,” Wuuth’s eyes fell straight on Ning Chu’s lips, and the thoughts in his heart gradually broke through, “I want to.”

He left behind what Ning Chu had said, whether he agreed or disagreed, and the fact that Ning Chu offered to kiss him meant that he was willing. On instinct, Wuuth kissed Ning Chu’s lips.

Ning Chu was on guard and dodged it, so the kiss landed heavily on the corner of his lips. The kiss was straightforward and passionate, without any skill or distraction, obviously full of emotion, but purely as if they were just kissing each other.

Ning Chu was confused, as he tried to push Wuuth away in a panic, but his strength wasn’t enough. Wuuth lifted his head and seemed to want to kiss him again. Ning Chu took advantage of this opportunity and with great difficulty pulled his hand out of Wuuth’s arms to cover half of his face, denying him the opportunity to kiss him again.

Ning Chu was ashamed and angry, “Why didn’t you ask?”

He used to say that he had to ask his opinion first about what he wanted to do, but after only a short time, this dragon has learned to disobey. Wuuth knew he was in the wrong and didn’t make any more moves, but he watched Ning Chu’s expression carefully and felt that Ning Chu didn’t look like he was really angry. His heart was beating as fast as his own, the heat on his face never subsided, and his eyes fluttered and dodged, resembling a frightened beast.

He wasn’t angry, but frightened by him.

“I’m sorry,” Wuuth’s voice was muffled as he covered the lower half of his face, reaching out to touch Ning Chu’s hair, “Don’t be afraid.”

He gathered his magic in his hand, trying to soothe Ning Chu.

Ning Chu was in the midst of nervousness and wariness, the familiar and attractive magic element really worked, his chaotic breathing gradually eased and he subconsciously leaned towards Wuuth’s palm. Wuuth pulled down Ning Chu’s hand and couldn’t help but lower his head again and kiss him on the tip of his nose.

Ning Chu instantly came back to his senses and kicked him in anger, “Wuuth!”

He rarely called Wuuth’s name like this, especially with a hint of anger in his voice. Realizing that Ning Chu was really angry this time, Wuuth let go of him, not knowing what to do.

Ning Chu raised his hand and wiped the tip of his nose with his sleeve, staring at Wuuth for a long time, “You’re not sleeping with me tonight!”

In the future, if Wuuth showed any aggression or pity, he would never be soft-hearted. Ning Chu turned his head and left, followed by the sound of footsteps behind him. The two of them went back to the residential area one after the other, and Ning Chu went to the hut by himself.

Last night they were in a hurry to rest, so he just casually cleaned up and went to bed. Ning Chu now put a few more layers of cotton on the wooden bed and the dragon nests were also redecorated to make the little dragon cubs sleep more comfortably.

Ning Chu didn’t have the energy to build a new house for the time being, and the dragon nests took up a lot of space on the floor, so he bought two dragon climbers from the mall and fixed them up one by one.

Wuuth spoke up behind him, “I’ll do it.”

He wanted to help Ning Chu make the bed earlier, but Ning Chu didn’t give him the chance.

Ning Chu turned his head to look at him and handed him the dragon nest in his hand, not forgetting to advise, “Be careful, don’t let the nest fall down.”

When he was finally willing to talk to him, Wuuth’s tense spine eased a little and he took the dragon’s nest. When the nest was secured, Wuuth went to the wooden bed. Ning Chu was in the game buying something for the young dragons on the other Dragon Island, and when he came out he saw Wuuth sitting silently across the room.

“Ning Chu,” Wuuth dared not come any closer, with caution in his eyes, “Don’t ignore me.”

——He was finished.

Ning Chu thought to himself, Not long ago, I told myself I couldn’t be soft on Wuuth, and now he’s broken his guard.

He turned off the game and sighed, “I’m actually not ignoring you …”

Wasn’t he just talking to him? What was this abandoned look on his face?

Wuuth heart settled a lot, he thought about every possibility that could’ve made Ning Chu angry. He couldn’t restrain himself at that time, and all he could think about was Ning Chu, so he ignored his wishes. An ordinary male dragon in courtship would wait patiently for the female to accept him, and Wuuth was annoyed that he had been too impatient.

He noticed that Ning Chu’s tone had softened and wanted to get closer, but he was afraid of angering Ning Chu again. So Wuuth changed back to his juvenile dragon form and flew silently to Ning Chu’s side, trying to approach him in this way. Ning Chu still had his head down, and a flash of black suddenly appeared in the corner of his eyes.

The little black dragon moved closer little by little, looked up at him, and stretched out a front claw to rest carefully on his sleeve. Ning Chu and the little black dragon stared at each other for a moment, and suddenly grabbed him with one hand.

“Don’t pretend to be pitiful!” Ning Chu said indignantly while pinching the little black dragon’s chin, “You do this every time!”

The little black dragon wiggled its tail and let Ning Chu grab it. The scales on both sides of its chin were soft and were deformed by Ning Chu’s pinching, which looked a bit funny.

Ning Chu couldn’t help but laugh again, trying to suppress the corners of his mouth, before uttering a heavy “hum”.

He just panicked when he was at the back of the mountain, and if he had to say that he was really angry, he actually wasn’t… After all, it was he who took the initiative to kiss Wuuth, and technically, it was he who started it. If he hadn’t kissed him, Wuuth would probably have been muddled by him.

This was a dragon that treated face pinching as a kiss, and was so pure that most of the cognition was learned from Ning Chu. Even though he was soft-hearted, Ning Chu didn’t want to regret what he had already said, so he collected his expression, “Anyway, no bed tonight, sleep in your own dragon nest.”

When he said this, Ning Chu also gently tugged on the little black dragon’s horn, and it hugged Ning Chu’s wrist with its front claws and rubbed it on his palm.

At night before going to bed, Ning Chu really didn’t let Wuuth sleep on the wooden bed, and did not want to change back to dragon form. The little black dragon silently flew to one of the highest dragon nests, stepped inside and lay down curled up. The other little dragon cubs quietly looked at it, curious but not daring to ask.

Second Cub, lying on his back with only a pair of black eyes showing, gave a look to Third Cub on the opposite side of the nest. Third Cub didn’t want to pay any attention to him and turned his head to sleep. Fifth Cub was too tired to move after a day of flying lessons, so she fell into Ning Chu’s neck and closed her eyes in a second.

Ning Chu finally entered the game to see how the two Dragon Islands were doing at night, and then prepared to rest. He was about to close the game when an alert popped up in front of him.

【A new installation package was detected. Update?】


Ning Chu frowned, not choosing for a moment. He had been here for so long, how could this game… still be updated? As if guessing what Ning Chu had in mind, another small line of text appeared below the prompt.

【This update is absolutely safe and will not have any side effects, please rest assured!】

Ning Chu hesitated for a moment, but clicked【Yes】.

The supplies on both islands were almost complete, so even if the update took some time, it shouldn’t be a big deal. The game interface darkened and displayed the words “Updating, please wait”. Ning Chu turned off the game, covered his jacket and went to sleep.


In the early morning sea breeze, a group of people quietly landed on an island. The island was silent, they released their contracted beasts and walked vigilantly in the direction of the island’s mountains and forests. They first sent the flying contracted beasts to search the island once, except for some magical beasts with ordinary animals, no trace of other races were seen.

“Captain, here it is!” A subordinate shouted, and the person known as the captain stepped forward.

The dirt in this area was dug up, and underneath were buried the remnants of some items that had been burned. The subordinate took out the same black lump from the debris, and could vaguely see that it was a piece of wood.

The captain took the wood and looked at it, “We’re in the right place.”

The Church was attacked by unknown forces some days ago, and after the members died, their storage bags were taken away with them. One of the elders carried a valuable diamond, and although the diamond has no magical energy, and was purely decorative, the box used to contain the diamond was engraved with a magic array.

If the original aura was erased and re-claimed, the box would transmit the latest coordinates back. It took them several days to find this hidden island. But now it seemed that those on the island had long since moved on. The remnants in the dirt were all storage bags or the remnants of other useless magic tools that had been burned and buried here.

The Church’s leading captain stopped looking and had his subordinates carefully search the island, not missing half a trail. They followed the creek that was about to dry up and came to the dragon’s nest.

“Is this a… dragon’s nest?” The subordinate asked in an uncertain tone.

The leader of the captain gripped the magic staff in his hand, “Go in and see.”

The group walked into the dragon’s nest and found it empty, with only some hay thrown randomly on the ground. The captain leaned down and touched the ground, his brow furrowed.

At this time, the subordinate who stayed outside to search made a new discovery and called the others on the communicator, and several people immediately rushed over.

Not far away there was wide grass, grass blades having been cut up intact by subordinates, revealing the muddy ground below, with dragon claw marks.


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