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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The traces were clear, a giant dragon had stayed here. There were subordinates with discs that detected the magical elements, yet time had passed for days and the hands barely moved. The leading captain immediately asked everyone to retreat from the immediate area, waving the magic staff in his hand.

Red to purple flames swept through the entire meadow, burning all the plants out of existence, without any damage to the soil below. The various messy traces on the ground were all revealed, so Vito put away his magic wastaffnd, his eyes vaguely excited, “It really was a dragon.”

Vito was the leader of the team, but also one of the most powerful students under the Pope. This time when going out to search, he personally selected a team of people from the Church headquarters to bring out. The strength of each person was not to be underestimated, and the chapter of those who were repeatedly destroyed, even the opposite sneak attack on the people who didn’t know who the waste was, was completely different.

He had guessed that it was dragon-related, but many in the Church did not believe that dragons would cooperate with other races. Apart from the information that lured them there, there was no tangible evidence that dragons had actually appeared in the previous attacks on chapters around the world. The traces of elemental attacks left on the corpses resembled the work of a magic dragon, but some people would believe that someone had done it on purpose to confuse their judgment.

And after seeing these traces, what was there not to understand? The people who attacked the Church members took their things and hid here, and the dragon also appeared here, there was no such coincidence. Although it was very unbelievable, the magic dragon was indeed with a certain race. Or rather, certain humans. The magic dragons attacked the Church, and this group then took the money and other things.

They could be in a mutually beneficial relationship, with the dragons helping them against the Church, and them providing the dragons with a hiding place or something? The more Vito thought about it, the more he thought it was right. No wonder the dragons were always unpredictable and difficult to search for, because there were other races or humans helping them.

As for the reason why the Church was attacked, Vito didn’t care. The Church had been dominating this continent for many years, there were always many people or organizations trying to fight against them, and of course, it never ended well.

Only, this time was different. This opponent was still completely unknown, even the Church wasn’t clear about the exact number of people, and most importantly, they actually found a way to drive the dragon race first. And this hidden island, was it the rumored Dragon Island? But how come there wasn’t a single dragon now?

Vito looked around and sent out a small group of people, “You guys go search the island again, don’t let any traces go.”

Soon all the marks on the grass were carefully identified and compared, and a subordinate came over to report, “Captain, there was more than one magic dragon.”

The claw marks varied in size, but because they were covered by grass and leaves before and there were traces of repeated trampling, it could only be confirmed that at least three magic dragons had stayed here, and it wasn’t clear exactly how many, but it was sure it was at least three.

“Three?” This result has far exceeded Vito’s guess. He followed his subordinates to the deepest one, half crouched down next to it, before reaching out and gently touching.

Vito’s eyes were complex, there was doubt, disbelief, and a trace of resignation and jealousy. The power of the magic dragon was so powerful, although they were magical beasts, it was the strongest existence on this continent.

Ordinary people feared the dragons, had incomparable envy and looked up to those who could capture a dragon magician or swordsman. Dragons were the most difficult to domesticate as magical beasts, so far only a very small number of people’s contract beasts were sub-dragon, in other words, other than having an offspring of ordinary magical beasts and dragon crossbreeding, no one could tame a real dragon.

The Church had the honor of capturing a Leaf Dragon, but it was so weak that it couldn’t even fly like other magical dragons and refused to take them to find the Dragon Island. The group that left a trail on this island wasn’t only able to ride the magic dragon, but a whole three of them.

Vito only used the word “ride”, he didn’t believe that someone could take the dragon as a contracted beast, even if the dragon could hide their whereabouts, most likely by the master into the contract space. He didn’t want to believe that this was possible.

The island wasn’t large, and an hour later, the people who were sent out to search the island returned.

“There are no dragons here, not even a sub-dragon,” said the subordinate, “However, the island’s herd of magical beasts was strange, they only moved around in a small area.”

This island was uninhabited and full of mountains and forests, so it was reasonable to say that the magical beasts would not be distributed only in one place. Vito followed the claw marks on the ground and looked up into the distance, “The dragons were taken away.”

The island originally had a dragon herd, and thetime they stayed hadn’t been short, so ordinary magical beasts didn’t dare to set foot in the territory once dominated by dragons for a long time.

This part of the dragon herd, for some reason, migrated en masse, most likely under the leadership of the magic dragons.

Could it be that they found the magic formation on the wooden box? Knowing that they would find it, they left in advance. If this was really Dragon Island, where would the magic dragons go after they left with the dragon herd? Was there a second Dragon Island?

Vito’s expression was vaguely excited, in his opinion, the dragon swarm was forced to leave, including the mysterious organization that was with the magic dragons.

That meant they were afraid, and they wanted to hide in a hurry.

There was also the pile of burnt things, which must have been hurriedly disposed of in a panic, otherwise an organization that was able to successfully attack the chapter several times without leaving a trail could not have made such low-level mistakes and left such obvious traces.

Fear indicated concern, they weren’t invincible even with the magic dragons’ aid.

And because of them, this Dragon Island was accidentally exposed.

The intelligence of the magic dragons were far beyond other magical beasts, not at all inferior to humans and other intelligent races. After such a play, their relationship with this mysterious organization may not be solid.

In a short period of time, Vito thought a lot.

He once again observed the distribution and trajectory of the claw marks, and finally determined the direction in which the magic dragons left.

“Release all flying contract beasts,” Vito raised his voice, the magic staff in his hand pointed to the sky, “We will chase after them.”

A team of people responded to obey the command, Vito also released his own contracted beasts, and a larger sub-dragon appeared beside him. The sub-dragon also had the pressure of the dragon family, although compared with the real dragon, it was much weaker, the other contracted beasts nearby still shivered and didn’t dare to get too close.

Vito and two other subordinates sat on the back of the dragon, he reached out as if he intended to touch the dragon’s scales, but then withdrew halfway. He straightened his outer robe and his tone was light, “Let’s go.”

A dozen flying contract beasts, carrying a group of people, took off, with Vito leading the way at the front. They slowed down to search along the road, not letting go of half a trace, yet for days they found nothing. The disc also didn’t have any movement, so some people began to worry that they had gone the wrong way. After all, the magic dragons may not simply head in one direction after leaving the island.

Vito checked the map and pointed to a few cities ahead, “There are chapters here, contact the members there first.”

Dragon migration wasn’t a small movement, the slightest inattention would be discovered, so the magic dragons would certainly be very careful. The place they went this way was sparsely populated, which did fit the choice of the dragon swarm, and if there was nothing found on the chapter side, they would change direction.

In order to save time, Vito left the team to rest in place, he took two subordinates to personally go to the nearest chapter. Unexpectedly, on this trip, he really got some information.

The Grand elder in charge of the Chapter was standing in front of Vito, bent his waist and dare not straighten up, “I sent people to check, but they had no success, this was too unusual, I…” 

“If it was so unusual, why not report it as soon as possible? ” Vito coldly said. His hands were on the tea cup on the table, and gave a light sound as he put it down.

The beads of sweat on the forehead of the Grand Elder slipped down as he carefully explained.

He had originally thought about reporting it, but how was it possible that four magic elements appeared on the disc, representing four magic dragons at the same time?

Even the people sent to search said that most likely the disc was wrong, this thing was developed and hadn’t been used for a long time, so they weren’t sure about its trustworthiness. So the Grand Elder thought about it and decided to treat it as misleading information and not to report it.

Vito smiled, and the palm resting on the armrest suddenly tightened. Surprisingly, there were four of them?

Then he calmed down again. The current evidence could only prove that the mysterious organization was working with the magic dragons, which was leading the migration of the dragon herd and wouldn’t necessarily join them. He closed his eyes and asked impatiently, “Where was the last place where the pointer moved?”

Ning Chu woke up the next day, and the game really hadn’t finished the update. He asked Eldest Cub and Second Cub to go to Dragon Island 02 to check on the hatchlings and help them catch a few animals to solve their food problem, and let Third Cub and Fourth Cub take care of Dragon Island 01 on this side.

After he came back from his last trip with Wuuth, Second Cub became more obedient and was very active in whatever Ning Chu asked him to do, finally acting like a second brother. Ning Chu also went to help and caught a rabbit for Wuuth.

The rabbit was still alive, but Wuuth didn’t eat live animals or raw meat when he was in human form. Seeing Ning Chu give his rabbit to another dragon, Wuuth’s body pressure dropped. He regretted that he didn’t eat it, but now he couldn’t bring himself to mention it to Ning Chu again, so he stared at the young dragon that it was fed to.

The young dragon bit the back of the rabbit’s neck, suddenly felt a chill down their spine, let go of the rabbit and ran away whimpering. The rabbit came back from the dead, leapt up from the grass, slipped into the forest and disappeared.

Ning Chu turned his head to look at Wuuth, who was as usual, even his expression was the same as when he left the house. He withdrew his eyes, ignoring the fleeing rabbit, and went to the other side of the hill.

At the foot of the hill was an area that had once been cleared and fenced off at the side, largely deserted because so much time had passed. Inside was the playground that Ning Chu had set up before his accidental crossing. Ning Chu also came over some time ago to weed, but the area was damaged by the placement of facilities. Weeds grew especially fast, a new one would pop out every few days.

If new facilities were placed, it would have to be removed and thrown away, so Ning Chu was a little bit inexplicably reluctant. He stroked the bent and deformed fence and said, “At that time I made this playground to give you a surprise, but then…”

Ning Chu never mentioned the reason for his sudden disappearance in the first place, and the dragons didn’t ask. He sighed as a sudden weight fell on his shoulders.

Wuuth turned back into a small black dragon and flew over to crouch on one side of Ning Chu’s shoulder, tilting his head and rubbing his face with his dragon horns. The little black dragon was now very comfortable doing this kind of thing like the other little dragon cubs.

Ning Chu stroked his horn, “I’m fine.”

He turned around and prepared to leave, waiting for the game to update before dealing with this area. Ning Chu thought to himself, and opened Dragon Island with his hand, and an alert popped up right in front of him.

【《Dragon Island》has been updated! A new feature has been added as well as a new card pool, come and try it out!】


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Thank you for updating ❤️

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Grrrrrr… I loathe these Church people; their arrogance.
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I really hope they regret the day.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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Ooo~ the dogs were able to at least do and speculate this much. He got the info on mc wrong though. It isn’t partnership, it’s family.

Will non dragons be able to find the island? 🤔 or is it like in a magic dimension, a sanctuary from invasions and prying eyes.

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