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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu slept well during the night in the hut. The bed was a bit narrow, the wooden platform underneath creaked when he turned over, and the window had no glass. However, the climate on Dragon Island iswas like spring, so it wasn’t cold at night if you put on a thin jacket.

When Ning Chu first started playing the game, they claimed that the seasonal system was still in the works and would be online soon, but up until now, when he opened the game’s weather forecast, the column for the season was always ‘spring.’

The bed in the house was more comfortable than sleeping in a cave or on the back of a dragon, so Ning Chu didn’t wake up early. When he woke up, there was only one little black dragon in the house, and all the other dragon cubs were gone, even Fifth Cub, who loved to sleep, was also missing.

Ning Chu yawned and rolled over, not wanting to move yet. The little black dragon crouched beside Ning Chu, paws on his hands, as if urging him to get up. Ning Chu closed his eyes and pressed the paw, “I’ll sleep a little longer…”

After a long time, there was movement outside the house from time to time, so Ning Chu rubbed his eyes and got up. He made his bed and changed his coat, while asking Wuuth, who had returned to human form, “Where did they go?”

Wuuth was concise, “Outside.”

Ning Chu pushed open the door and a baby dragon swept past him, almost hitting him on the nose. Wuuth pulled Ning Chu back just in time and moved him back a little. Flying past was Second Cub, carrying a fat white rabbit in its mouth, and Third Cub chased after him and grabbed it.

Ning Chu couldn’t get up in the morning to feed the rabbit, and the dragon cubs didn’t want to disturb him, so they went to the island to look for it themselves.

A little further ahead, Eldest Cub and Fourth Cub were teaching Fifth Cub how to fly. Fifth Cub was crouching on a high branch, looking at the grass underneath, her limbs were weak. It had been a long time since Fifth Cub had eaten the fruit of the Tree of Life, and her wings had grown a bit more and her bones were obviously more mature, so Ning Chu agreed that she should start learning to fly.

Having flown on the backs of other dragons so many times, Fifth Cub was still a bit reluctant when it was her turn. She closed his eyes, gathered her courage and jumped down, while vigorously flapping her wings.

The tiny green figure fell off the branch, before moving upward again. Fourth Cub flew with Fifth Cub, while Eldest Cub watched from below, ready to catch her as soon as something happened.

Fifth Cub opened her eyes, and her fear and terror were gradually replaced by excitement. She was even happier when she saw Ning Chu appear, and turned her direction to dash straight ahead.

Ning Chu reached out to catch the flying Fifth Cub and said in amazement, “Little Five is so smart and learns so quickly.”

Although flying was an instinct of most dragons, Fifth Cub had never flown before, and her dragon wings were like a decorative wing, so she couldn’t compare with other dragons. Fifth Cub gasped with excitement, licked Ning Chu’s hand, and turned her head to go back to the branch and try again.

There were other omnivorous and herbivorous dragons on the island, and Ning Chu had planted a lot of oat grass and other things. He put Fifth Cub on Fourth Cub’s back and told Fourth Cub to keep an eye on her before he went to fetch water and wash up.

There was very little dry food left, and the dried meat sold in the mall was for dragons, and tasted very fishy. Ning Chu went to the back of the mountain to collect two wild eggs, and cooked them with fire magic for breakfast. He planned to bring some pots and pans and other utensils back next time, as well as oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, etc. He would probably live on the island for a long time, so he couldn’t eat the same tasteless roasted rabbit as before.

Although Ning Chu hadn’t cooked much on his own before he came here, and the results of his first rabbit roast were hard to say, cooking was something he could do if he tried it more often.

Wuuth was following Ning Chu, like a little tail behind him.

Ning Chu finished cooking the eggs and handed one over, “Do you want to eat?”

Wuuth shook his head.

Ning Chu peeled the egg shells by himself, “I have nothing to do here, so you don’t have to follow me, you can go and see Second Cub…”

If he wanted to do something, it was more convenient to go directly into the game, so he really had no need for Wuuth’s help. Although the two used to stay together, they were home and there were no particularly important things to handle, the island space was enough, and several dragon cubs weren’t around him. When Wuuth followed him like this, Ning Chu had the illusion that the two were inseparable all day long and were in love.

Wuuth didn’t say anything and looked up at Ning Chu. He seemed to be really thinking about leaving, and Ning Chu’s heart was a bit torn. He remembered that last night before going to bed, Wuuth came really close to him, and finally seemed to be worried that he wasn’t happy, backed away and only rubbed his hand.

Could it be because yesterday, he had devoured Wuuth’s magic… 

“What are you doing looking at them?” Wuuth thought Ning Chu was worried about Second Cub being mischievous again, picked up a second egg and peeled it for Ning Chu, “It’ll be fine.”

As he peeled the egg shells, he reacted with hindsight, his eyelashes trembling slightly as he kept his hands moving, “Or, do you want me to leave?”

Wuuth’s face didn’t show, but a hint of anxiety and unease rose in his heart. He wanted to follow Ning Chu for a valid reason: his mating period was approaching.

During the mating period, the male dragon would follow around the female dragon he loved to make sure she didn’t have a mate, to make sure she could accept him, and to drive away other males around her. If rejected or resisted by the female dragon, he would voluntarily give up.

Wuuth didn’t tell Ning Chu about the mating period; he wasn’t an ordinary dragon, and the instinct to breed could be suppressed. Even before he met Ning Chu, he had never felt the existence of the mating period.

Ning Chu was human and male, he wasn’t a young female dragon with a mating period. Besides, he had recently been emotionally stable and had no abnormalities, so he was even less likely to mention it. However, Ning Chu just said something like rejecting him.

Wuuth knew that Ning Chu wasn’t a dragon and wasn’t destined to respond to his courtship, nor was he really rejecting it, but he would still feel lost. Ning Chu didn’t know what was in Wuuth’s mind, the egg in his hand was slightly hot, “I… didn’t mean that either.”

He didn’t mention letting Wuuth leave again, silently eating the two small wild eggs.

Wuuth’s mood eased a bit, as he waited for Ning Chu to finish eating, before promptly handing over a glass of warm water.

Ning Chu took it and gently twitched the tip of his nose, seeing the residual magic element in Wuuth’s palm.

Wuuth noticed his gaze, “Want energy? Today is fine.”

Ning Chu hurriedly shook his head, averted his eyes and tried to restrain himself, “No, no, I’m not tired today.”

But he hadn’t refused yesterday, and had asked him specifically at night if he would be okay. Even in the early stages of courtship, the male dragon’s emotions were still easily stimulated, and Wuuth’s anxiety, which had only just subsided, began to rise again.

Ning Chu finished his water and got up to pack his things, intending to leave the back of the mountain, Wuuth followed him for a while and suddenly said, “Ning Ning.”

Ning Chu threw away the eggshells and turned his head, “Huh?”

Wuuth stepped closer and took his wrist, the force of his hand was a little tight. His lowered eyelashes looked a bit resigned, “Hug me.”

Ning Chu, “……” What’s wrong with this dragon, why does he suddenly want to hug him? Ning Chu tried to pull his hand back, “What’s wrong with you…”

Wuuth was so strong that he wouldn’t let him break free, his body blocking him from leaving.

“Just for a moment,” Wuuth’s voice was low as the knot in his throat slid up and down as he spoke, “I want to hold you.”

He didn’t understand human emotions, only that Ning Chu couldn’t give him the courtship response a dragon needed, but he wanted something else more. To hold Ning Chu, to make sure he was his own. He would only be his own, no other human’s or any other race’s around.

Ning Chu struggled unsuccessfully and sighed, reaching out his other hand to Wuuth, “Come on.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wuuth almost immediately embraced him, his arms tightening. He bent down slightly and buried his head on the side of Ning Chu’s neck, letting him get his breath on him.

Ning Chu was about to lose his breath, tilting his head and nudging Wuuth, “Are you done?”

Wuuth said in a muffled voice, “No.”

He seemed to have suddenly become out of sorts, Ning Chu frowned and gently patted Wuuth’s shoulder, “What’s wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood?”

Ning Chu recalled the past few days, and didn’t find anything wrong. Could it be that he was tired after flying here for several days in a row? That was unlikely.

Wuuth relaxed a bit, still holding Ning Chu, looked down at him and answered, “Give me a kiss.”

“……” Ning Chu said coldly, “No.” He softened his tone a bit and raised his hand to give Wuuth’s face a gentle squeeze, “Unless you tell the truth about what’s wrong with you.”

This dragon definitely has something to hide from him, even if he wanted to be close to himself  before, he wouldn’t be like this. Instead Wuuth said, “You kissed me.”

“What? I didn’t…” Ning Chu reacted with a start. He pinched the side of Wuuth’s face again, “You call that a kiss?”

Wuuth didn’t answer, kind of acquiescing to what Ning Chu said, and although his face didn’t show much expression as usual, his eyes looked happy. Ning Chu wanted to laugh a little. No wonder last time… He cleared his throat and said seriously, “This is not called a kiss.”

Wuuth didn’t deny it, he certainly knew what kissing meant. It was just that when he was in human form, Ning Chu had only kissed his hand, and squeezing his face was just as intimate a gesture to him as a kiss. Ning Chu didn’t push Wuuth away again, letting him hug him. It was unclear what he was thinking about, as his face turned a little red.

Wuuth noticed his change and probed his forehead, “Hot?”

Ning Chu pulled down his hand, “You’re too high, bend a little lower.”

Wuuth didn’t understand wha, but bent down and buried his face lower.

Ning Chu slowly came closer and almost touched the tip of Wuuth’s nose. The two were now extremely close, and Ning Chu wanted Wuuth to close his eyes and not look at him. He couldn’t speak because of the inexplicable lump in his throat, and started to flinch as he stared at Wuuth’s close lips.

Ning Chu just now, in the heat of the moment, really wanted to kiss him. When it came to initiating, he was a little afraid. He had never kissed anyone… was this too soon?

He blamed Wuuth’s behavior just now for being too confusing… he pinched his face as a kiss, but because he looked a little pitiful, Ning Chu’s attitude softened. He backed off a bit and placed a kiss on Wuuth’s cheek.


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Fifth cub is so sweet; how could the Church have killed the original 🤬
Wuuth should really explain to Ning Chu; he’s so adorably clingy.
NC is changing in his attitude towards Wuuth. I think they’ll be a couple soon 🤞🤞
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter!

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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Baby Wuuth really have smol physical requirements/wants and they’re easily met 🥺 He’s so happy for cuddles nghh 💖

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