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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The dragon egg shook a little then returned to being motionless, and no one noticed its abnormality.

Ning Chu avoided Wuuth’s hand and whispered, “Scared me…”

Wuuth had never seen Ning Chu’s face when he was happy, but when he was happy before, he only hugged him a little. Just now Ning Chu not only hugged his dragon form, but also touched him almost all over.

In addition, Ning Chu called him “Cubbie” during the day, so Wuuth’s heart was agitated, and he subconsciously changed back to his human form. Seeing that Ning Chu only avoided his hand, he tried to use his human form and carefully laid down next to Ning Chu’s pillow.

“Why are you so happy?” Wuuth’s voice was lowered as he repeated the question.

The other dragon cubs were asleep, and Ning Chu, excited and unable to find someone to talk to, came over and whispered, “We can take Dragon Island with us!”

In the future, if they wanted to go somewhere, they could just change the coordinates and save some money by using random coordinates when there was no definite destination for the dragon group. This item appeared in the mall and it wasn’t expensive, it should be possible to buy it again and again, not just change the coordinates once and then you can’t use it.

Wuuth seemed to understand, “How can we take it away? In your magic weapon?”

Ning Chu tried to explain, “No, it’s…”

Ning Chu then realized he didn’t know how to change the coordinates of Dragon Island either. was it done in half an hour like building a new Dragon Island, or did it take more time? Did the dragons need to leave the island first?

Ning Chu’s excitement faded a bit and he reopened the game, “I’ll take another look at it…”

He looked around carefully, and he did see a small line of text at the bottom of the【Change Coordinates】screen.【Please note: after the coordinates are confirmed to be changed, the currently owned Dragon Island will fly at a speed of 1,000 km/h, and cannot be stopped before reaching the destination, so please prepare the island residents in advance for the relevant move!】


So… it just flew over, ah.

Ning Chu had mixed feelings, such a powerful function, but with such a simple method, as a bug like the existence of the game system. Shouldn’t it just teleport over?

But this speed was faster than the flight speed of Second Cub, and all the dragons just needed to stay on the island. Ning Chu told this to Wuuth and said, “We have to make a trip back to Lough Valley, so we can’t stop on this road. I want to go to a nearby town to buy something first…”

The main point was to prepare some things Ning Chu needed, which couldn’t be bought in the game store, such as cooking tools, seasoning and daily necessities, and also to buy some clothes.

Since he left the academy, Ning Chu has been wearing two sets of outfits. He had fire magic, so he wasn’t worried about drying the clothes after a wash, but one was still the set of school uniform… Wuuth didn’t have to worry, his clothes followed his change of form, and were actually his transformed scales, and could be cleaned with cleaning magic.

Ning Chu reckoned that there were baths to wash hair, and then buy a few quilts and mattresses, the ones made out of cotton and fabric from the mall were still too simple. If the house wasn’t too small for a while there was no time to make a new one, he could directly move a bed back. He looked down and counted on his fingers one by one, his hair brushing against Wuuth’s face. Wuuth looked down and sniffed gently, but Ning Chu didn’t notice.

When Ning Chu finished counting, Wuuth answered in a low voice, “Okay, let’s go tomorrow.”

They had rested on the island for a short time, and having run all the way earlier, it was inevitable that they would want to stay a few more days when they returned to Dragon Island.

Now that they could take Dragon Island somewhere else, they didn’t have to wait any longer and could just buy what Ning Chu wanted and leave.

Ning Chu let out a “hmm” and covered his lips while yawning.

Wuuth reached out and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his fingers, “Go to sleep.”

His actions and tone of voice were too natural, Ning Chu was really sleepy, so he didn’t resist at all, and closed his eyes half way, “You too. Quickly become smaller, it’s crowded…”

Wuuth leaned back against the wall, not squeezing out Ning Chu at all, leaving some space behind Ning Chu. Ning Chu rolled over, touched Fifth Cub on the other side of the pillow, and quickly fell asleep.

Wuuth, however, didn’t listen to his words to turn back into a small black dragon, he still lay on his side beside Ning Chu, wanting to wait for a while. The feeling of sleeping with Ning Chu in human form and dragon form was completely different. Probably because in human form, he could hold Ning Chu in his arms at any time, while as a little black dragon, the most he could do was rubb Ning Chu’s hand or wait for Ning Chu to hold him in his arms.

Just like now, he only needed a reach out… 

A cold breeze blew outside the window, so Ning Chu rolled over again and sent himself into Wuuth’s arms. Wuuth stiffened and dared not move until he confirmed Ning Chu was not awake and gradually relaxed. He waited patiently for a while longer and then became bold enough to reach out and hold Ning Chu in his arms.

The steady, even breathing was close at hand, and Wuuth looked down as he listened to Ning Chu’s heartbeat, his eyes skimming over every inch of Ning Chu’s face in the darkness, and the more he looked, the more he liked it.

Dragons didn’t have an aesthetic for human appearance, Ning Chu was his aesthetic.

Except Ning Chu, no one else was good looking.

A small dragon cub rolled over in the dragon’s nest inside the house, making a small sound, and Wuuth tightened his arms and raised his eyes slightly. Silence returned to the surroundings before Wuuth continued to look at Ning Chu in his arms.

Wuuth recalled the last kiss for a long time. Because Ning Chu was angry afterwards, he didn’t make similar requests again for a while. More importantly, after Ning Chu kissed him, he was no longer satisfied with just squeezing his face.

Wuuth lowered his head closer, and a little further forward he could kiss the side of Ning Chu’s face. A secret kiss shouldn’t be noticed.

He was about to do so when Ning Chu unintentionally moved and the kiss landed on his lips. Wuuth jerked his head up, and his violent heartbeat couldn’t be suppressed.

The dry, soft touch, with a little breath coming from Ning Chu’s slightly open lips, seemed not much different from a kiss on the side of the face. But why did he react so much, more aroused than the day when Ning Chu took the initiative to kiss him?

Wuuth stared at Ning Chu’s lips and couldn’t help but want to kiss him again. Not only did he want to kiss, but he also felt something else in his heart and tightened his arms around Ning Chu.

However, the wind outside had stopped, so Ning Chu felt hot and struggled a little, as if he was about to wake up. Wuuth had been doing this quietly and didn’t dare to let Ning Chu know, so he let go and let Ning Chu turn his back to him.

Once his arms were empty, Wuuth regretted that he had not seized the moment. He repeatedly recalled the moment he kissed Ning Chu’s lips, wishing he could turn back time and feel it again.

Until midnight, Wuuth couldn’t sleep. He lay on the inside like a statue with a strong presence, and Ning Chu didn’t roll over and take the initiative to lean into his arms as before. Eventually Wuuth turned back into a little black dragon and lay down on the pillow.


The next day Ning Chu woke up, not noticing anything different. He got up, changed, and went to wash up and prepare breakfast as usual. Wuuth also followed behind him, but Ning Chu was used to it, picking up two wild eggs for him when he went to collect them.

When several dragons also finished breakfast, Ning Chu intended to leave the island to buy supplies, and then use the function of changing coordinates to return to Lough Valley. The dragon cubs didn’t know much about changing coordinates, they just knew that they wouldn’t have to fly back and forth anymore and they could play on Dragon Island for a few more days.

Wuuth wanted to leave the island with Ning Chu. There was still a distance between Dragon Island and the nearest town, and Ning Chu was ready to take another dragon with him.

Second Cub was the first to pop up, “Aowu!”

He was getting bored of staying on the island. Eldest Cub and Fourth Cub were teaching Fifth Cub to fly, and he could only fight with Third Cub every day. When he finally got a chance to go out for air, Second Cub’s tail wagged as fast as it could.

The other little dragon cubs didn’t want to go, and Third Cub was lying in the shade under the tree, licking his paws.

Ning Chu picked up Second Cub, “It’s fine to take you, but be good.”

The trip shouldn’t take too long, so Ning Chu told the little dragon cub on the island to stay at home, before bringing the money and leaving with Wuuth.

The two of them sat on the back of Second Cub and flew over the sea and through the clouds just as they had come. Ning Chu squinted his eyes, reached out and touched the clouds that swept back behind him, and asked Wuuth, “Do only dragons know this way?”

Wuuth hummed, pulling Ning Chu’s hand back, “Only the magic dragons know.”

Without the leadership of the magic dragons, including the ordinary dragons, there was no way to find the way to Dragon Island. The clouds high above could be reached by any magical beast that could fly, and they would only see the same sky and white clouds as elsewhere.

After passing through the clouds, there was a familiar desert underneath, and then after passing through a forest, they reached the town. Halfway through Second Cub’s flight, Wuuth glanced in one direction. He said uncertainly, “There seems to be someone here.”

The desert was endless, with almost no cover, and nothing unusual could be seen, but Wuuth was keenly aware of something.

Ning Chu followed his line of sight and was alert, “Is someone following?”

Trusting Wuuth’s judgment, he leaned down and said to Second Cub, “Stop behind the trees ahead.”

Apart from Wuuth, there was only one dragon with them, and Ning Chu didn’t want to be too reckless.

What was more, if someone was really following them, and even Wuuth wasn’t sure of the exact direction and number of people, these people must be very strong, and they should be more cautious.

Second Cub sped up and flew to a dense forest and landed. Ning Chu let him change back to his juvenile form, then took out a high level storage bag to put him in, and left with Wuuth to hide nearby. He guarded against the people of the Church since they had instruments that could detect the magic element, he put Second Cub in the storage bag to be safer, but just for a while.

Not long after, Vito came after him with people, but the disc in his hand suddenly stopped moving. The just captured the wind magic element disappeared, as if it evaporated. When the disc movement occurred, Vito was leading a team of people in the desert to search. He kept his eyes on the disc, afraid to miss half a clue, and saw the needle rise in vain.

Vito was overjoyed, “We found it!”

He caught the energy trajectory, but found that it went beyond the desert. It wasn’t a dragon island or some other clue, but a magic dragon had appeared. And this dragon was leaving?

Vito ordered the crowd to hide and not to alarm the snake yet, intending to follow the trajectory all the way there to see where this magic dragon intended to go. Since it went out from here, it would definitely come back again.

A short distance away, they could only see a little yellow-brown shadow in the sky. They used the highest-ranking magic scrolls to conceal their body and breath, so that they weren’t found by the magic dragon.

However, when they came to the woods, the trail of magical energy suddenly disappeared and couldn’t be detected at all.

The expression on Vito’s face was about to tense up, as he clutched the disc, “Search the area!”


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I really want to know why the Church is so obsessed with capturing all the dragons… is it to force contracts and harness their power, or something else? After all, the dragons posed no threat until the Church started targetting them and forced them out their forest when they torched it.
I hope our 3 will be not be injured at all.
With 112 chapters there’s a lot of story left to go; so anything could happen 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter!

December 4, 2022 8:17 am

Good to know that only magical dragons can fly to the entrance of the island.

It’s funny that the og coordinates are placed near the species that don’t like them lmao

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