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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A team of people entered the woods silently, trying not to make too much noise, searching through the forest. The trees were so big and small that you couldn’t even walk into the densest part of the forest, and there was only a small area where you could really hide your body.

The teams sent to search soon returned and reported to Vito, “Captain, there’s nothing here.”

The wind magic dragon had disappeared into thin air. Vito paced in place, wanting a fire to burn the woods in front of him. He closed his eyes to stabilize his mind and asked, “Where are the people in the desert?”

Before chasing them out, Vito left a small group of men behind, telling them to stay in the desert and report back as soon as they found anything else. The subordinates took out their communicators and shook their heads after a few moments.

Vito looked down at the disk again, and the pointer was still motionless. He spent so much effort, so easy to find a little clue, and even found the Dragon Island, although he was still late, and the dragon herd had long left. He was dissatisfied right now, and hated the mysterious organization that could cooperate with the magic dragons a lot.

This continent was the strongest, he thought his strength was superior, so why couldn’t he get the favor and recognition of the magic dragons? However, now, he didn’t even have the opportunity to approach a magic dragon.

Vito took one last look at the woods and turned around, “No need to look any further, let’s go back to the desert.”

Since he couldn’t continue to search for traces of the dragon, while the initial energy traces were still there, he would return and search again, maybe there were new discoveries. The team went back, and Vito followed the disc’s guidance to the center of the desert. Like the magic dragon that disappeared without a trace, the elemental energy appeared here out of nowhere.

There was nothing special about this location, the desert was reaching in front and behind them, and there wasn’t even a tree for cover. The sky above was clear and cloudless, and Vito’s feet stepped on the gravel, revealing a confused look for the first time.

On Ning Chu’s side, he put Second Cub into his storage bag and left the area with Wuuth to find a place to hide. He also wanted to put Wuuth into the storage bag together, alone, it was more convenient to hide himself. However, Wuuth didn’t agree that he would be left alone outside, so Ning Chu had to give up.

After hiding, a group of people came from a distance, searching the forest. They all wore the iconic silver robes, which didn’t surprise Ning Chu. Only the leader of the group concerned Ning Chu, his clothes were gray and blue, different from those of the people around him.

Ning Chu had a good memory, the person who ordered the burning of Enigma Forest seemed to be wearing the same color clothes, but because he was far away, he couldn’t be sure of the style of his attire, let alone know if it was the same person.

Wuuth immediately wanted to go over and finish off this group of people, but was stopped by Ning Chu.

“We don’t know how many of them are there,” Ning Chu whispered, “And they found their way here and look a lot stronger than the ones before.”

Especially since they were being followed and almost concealed from Wuuth. If there were other dragons around, Ning Chu wouldn’t be afraid, but at this time he still planned to be careful.

Ning Chu was only worried about one thing, “Will they find the entrance to Dragon Island?” Wuuth replied, “No.”

Wuuth was so sure that Ning Chu was completely at ease. There were three adult magic dragons on Dragon Island, as well as many young dragons, Fifth Cub and dragon eggs. Ning Chu was worried that if someone really broke in, the three dragons wouldn’t care that much. He tugged on Wuuth’s sleeve, “Let’s go get something good first.”

The group had been around for who knows how long, the odds were they wouldn’t give up easily, and since they hadn’t been spotted, they could make a trip to the town first.

When they go back, they can just determine their numbers, and if they really couldn’t beat them, they would immediately change the coordinates and leave. Wuuth hesitated for a moment and chose to listen to Ning Chu, “Okay.”

So the two of them left quietly and walked a little further before releasing Second Cub. Second Cub, like Wuuth, just wanted to rush over and teach those who dared to follow him a lesson, so angry that he didn’t even bother with his neck hair.

Ning Chu said soothingly, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.”

He pressed Second Cub into his jacket and hid him, and walked with Wuuth on foot to be on the safe side. This would take more time on the road, and Wuuth taught Ning Chu a shift speed spell that was a little less taxing than using the magical elements directly to speed up his progress.

Ning Chu learned quickly, he had swallowed a lot of Wuuth’s elemental energy that time, his own light magic was fully capable of sustaining the journey.

When they finally reached the nearest town, they stopped for a moment to rest. Ning Chu was slightly panting and a little sweat appeared between his forehead, Wuuth helped him to wipe in distress. He wanted Ning Chu to stop midway, so he could carry Ning Chu on his back, but Ning Chu refused.

Ning Chu felt that he wasn’t so weak that he needed Wuuth to carry him in order to walk, not to mention that the journey wasn’t that far and it only took them about half an hour to get here. Ning Chu saw the worry in Wuuth’s eyes and tugged on his sleeve, “I’m really fine, don’t treat me like an ordinary person with no hands…”

Since he didn’t open the contract service data and almost exhausted the magic element in his body, he was a little tired. Wuuth didn’t say anything, took Ning Chu’s hand into his, as black mist floated in his palm. He wanted to give Ning Chu a refill.

Ning Chu wanted to refuse, but his body was more honest, and white light appeared impatiently, devouring the dark element immediately adjacent to it.

After his physical strength and magical energy quickly recovered, Ning Chu was a little embarrassed, “Enough is enough…”

Wuuth put away his magic and reluctantly let go of Ning Chu’s hand, “Okay.”

Second Cub shrank in the inside pocket of Ning Chu’s jacket the whole time, stretching out his claws to scratch a little and urging Ning Chu to go quickly. Ning Chu pressed the jacket to keep him obedient, and entered the city with Wuuth.


The market wasn’t far from the entrance of the city, and Ning Chu had made a list of things to buy, and it took only an hour from the time he entered the city to the time he came out. He also bought two sets of clothes for Wuuth, who always wore all black, so it was good to try something else.

On the way back, the two still used the shift spell, while Second Cub quietly peeled open his jacket and looked outside, his mood was very melancholic. He finally had a chance to get out of the house, but it turned out to be a short trip… 

Second Cub bored chewing on the pendant hanging down from Ning Chu’s collar, waiting to return to Dragon Island. All along the way, Wuuth held Ning Chu’s hand, replenishing his energy from time to time.

Ning Chu wanted to say he could turn on the game’s data, so he wouldn’t have to worry about stamina. He hesitated for a long time, but still didn’t speak up.

Coming to the edge of the desert, Ning Chu stopped first. The area was quiet, and there was no one in sight. Did the group just leave?

Ning Chu looked at Wuuth, who shook his head, again not noticing anything different.

Second Cub attempted to emerge from Ning Chu’s jacket, “Aowu?”

Ning Chu held it down, “It’s better to walk through.”

There was no guarantee that no one was watching them from the shadows, and it would be bad if Second Cub was seen when he turned back into his adult form. The two of them went over together, with Wuuth leading the way and Ning Chu half a step behind him.

After walking for a while, when they were about to reach their destination, Wuuth stopped. He shielded Ning Chu behind him and stared at the road ahead, “There’s a magic formation.”

It wasn’t there when they left, and the one who laid the magic formation could only be the group of Churchmen just now. Sure enough, the air in the distance swayed like water waves, and a group of people appeared on all sides, quickly surrounding them.

The leader was none other than Vito, whose eyes were suspicious as he kept glancing at Ning Chu and Wuuth, “What are you doing here?”

He prepared the magic formation to wait for the magic dragon that left to come back, but he didn’t expect to see two humans. Ning Chu held down Second Cub with one hand and pulled Wuuth with the other, “Who are you guys?”

There were about 40 people in the group in front of him, all unfamiliar faces, and it was unclear if there were any remaining ones hiding in the shadows. Vito sneered, in his eyes Ning Chu was just a magic apprentice, the man beside him was stronger, even sensing the magic formation on the ground. He raised the magic staff in his hand and aimed the tip at the two, “Not telling? Then let’s kill them.”

Ning Chu was thinking about what to do now, whether to release Second Cub and confront them head on, or… 

At this moment, Second Cub couldn’t hold back, and broke free from Ning Chu’s restraint and flew out of his arms. Vito saw a small yellowish-brown figure appear before his eyes. He failed to recognize it for a moment, subconsciously gripping his magic staff, “This is…”

At that moment, a dragon roar came from the distant sky. Second Cub was about to change back to his adult form when he was stiffly interrupted by this sound of movement. The dragon descended from the sky, a fiery red scales like a burning flame, quickly approaching.

Everyone in the crowd was caught off guard and the Church congregation stirred as Vito’s eyes widened and he shouted, “Don’t move yet! Don’t attack!”

The dragon had finally appeared! He had to show good faith to the dragon first, he was different from those who had come to seek cooperation with the dragons. If he was lucky enough to make a contract with it, it would be even better.

The red dragon circled in the air, when he heard Vito’s words, which made him puzzled.

Ning Chu and Wuuth had been out for too long, far longer than he had promised to the dragons when he left, and the dragons were worried, so they flew to the border of Dragon Island to take a look. Ning Chu and Wuuth were blocked outside.

Third Cub immediately flew over to help, but he didn’t know this person. He hesitated for a moment, put away the flames that were about to erupt from his mouth and landed behind Ning Chu, shielding him with his dragon wings and staring intently at the rest of the group.

Vito froze at the sight of the dragon stopping behind the two humans, with obvious implications of protection. He then realized that the yellowish-brown figure that had just appeared was a young dragon.

In a flash of lightning, Vito understood, and then looked at Ning Chu with a somewhat uncontrollable gaze of resentment, “So you are the…”

Another dragon roar interrupted Vito’s sentence. This time it was an ice-blue dragon, and as soon as it appeared, the temperature of the burning air around it dropped quite a bit. The ice blue dragon also landed behind Ning Chu. Seeing Eldest Cub and Third Cub appearing so gracefully, Second Cub couldn’t resist and flew up into the air, turning back into his adult dragon form as well.

Vito stabilized himself as the hurricane passed by.

At this time, Ning Chu embraced another young dragon.

The dragon was covered in purple scales, with a unique single horn growing between his eyes, and a large purple gem hanging from his neck, an item left behind by one of the elders of the Church.

Vito heartbeat like a drum, tightly closed between the teeth of the war. This scene in front of him, he had never dreamed of seeing. Several giant dragons, freely changing forms… protecting two humans.

Vito’s spine grew stiff, as his excitement gradually turned to fear. These were the secrets, the secrets that the magic dragons had been hiding. The only ones who could keep the secret were the dead!


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Yes Vito! As a child, did your mother not teach you to be mindful of where you go setting up formations?! 🙄

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Ning Ning is very imposing with the dragons appearing! Kill them don’t leave any alive! I think there is no agreement between them or could Vito be different, besides his greed for Dragons? Thanks for the chapter!!!

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