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Chapter 63: Changing Coordinates

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


New card pool… The memory of being at the mercy of kryptonite card draws came back to Ning Chu.

The little black dragon was still squatting on Ning Chu’s shoulder, turning his head and gently touching his hair with the tip of his nose, as if asking, What’s wrong?

Ning Chu stood still and entered the game. The game interface was the same as before, at first glance there was no difference, except that there was a new icon in the upper right corner. This icon was very familiar to Ning Chu; he drew all five rare dragons from it.

After he crossed over, the game’s card pool and card draw function disappeared, but he never thought it would come back in this update… What did the new card pool mean? Did it mean there were new dragon species?

Ning Chu clicked on the【Card Pool】menu, inside the original interface, a large magic summoning array appeared in the middle. He could spend currency to draw once or directly draw ten times.

The summoning array slowly rotated, reflecting a faint golden light against a pure black background. It cost 100 currency for one draw, or 1,000 for ten, the price being the same as before.

Ning Chu first opened the card pool details to see what was inside.

【Legendary Item: Attribute Unknown】x5

【Legendary Medicine: Attributes unknown】x5

【Rare Grade Dragon Egg: Attribute Unknown】x5

【Hidden Item: Attributes unknown】x5

These four rows were at the top, colored gold and purple, while Ning Chu took a cursory glance at the rest. They were basically some very common things, some could even be bought directly from the mall. Since all the attributes were unknown, Ning Chu didn’t know what kind of items they were. How useful could they be? The five rare level dragon eggs may be new species too… 

Ning Chu was more interested in the other items. In the previous card pool he could only draw dragon eggs, and everything else was new. Seeing the card draw interface, Ning Chu started to get the itch to draw 1o in one go to try it out.

He hesitated for a moment, and then looked around the interface and found a discrepancy. The card pool, surprisingly, didn’t say that there was a guarantee, and there were no other card drawing rules.

Ning Chu remembered very clearly that the previous card pools had a guarantee, a rare level must come out within a number of draws, and the rules stated that it would not appear if it was already owned. Because of this, Ning Chu felt that the game was more conscientious, so when the five rare dragons were drawn, he didn’t spend too much money.

But this new card pool had no guarantee and the rules weren’t stated. Ning Chu was a bit wary, it was hard to say what his luck was, and without a guarantee, it was a bottomless pit. He still had two islands of dragons to raise, and when the Dragon Islands were filled up, he had to open a new one… 

Ning Chu wanted to draw once to try but the idea was put off, as he stared at the【Draw 10 in a Row】button for a while, then turned off the card pool. He had to hold back and not be tempted. Once opened, it would be bad to waste money in case he couldn’t stop… 

Ning Chu also wanted to see what the other feature of the update was, so he looked around the interface for the time being and didn’t find anything more. He stayed in place for too long and didn’t speak, so Wuuth changed back to human form and stood in front of him.

“Ning Ning?” Wuuth tried to take Ning Chu’s hand that was hanging at his side and called out to him.

Ning Chu looked back and his eyes began to focus.

Wuuth’s eyes were worried and he used the back of his hand to probe Ning Chu’s forehead, “What happened just now?”

“Nothing, I was just looking at something else,” Ning Chu pulled Wuuth’s hand down and sighed, “Cubbie, we’re so poor.”

Although there was no need to be in such a hurry to build the third Dragon Island, there was no shortage of money and it was enough to maintain daily life. However, once the new card pool came out, Ning Chu truly felt his poverty. Without the guarantee, he didn’t even dare to spend money to draw cards.

Wuuth didn’t know what he had gone through in a short period of time, and was distracted by Ning Chu calling him “Cubbie”, as he subconsciously held Ning Chu’s hand, “What should I do?”

He could help Ning Chu to get some money. After the establishment of the new Dragon Island, it had used up everything that he had brought.

Ning Chu shook his head, “There’s no hurry, let’s save up first…”

He hesitated for a moment, but told Wuuth about the new card pool. Wuuth didn’t understand the game and what the card pool was, so Ning Chu only said that there was now a new way to get magic dragon dragon eggs, but it was unclear if the dragon species was the same as several other dragons, or possibly a new dragon with different magic.

To get the dragon eggs, they had to spend money. As for how much money they would spend, it purely depended on Ning Chu’s luck. If he was lucky, he’d be able to get one, but if he was unlucky, he’d have to spend an entire Dragon Island’s worth of money.

Wuuth frowned, “So much?”

He only knew that Dragon Island was very expensive, and Ning Chu was happy for a long time when he saved enough money.

Ning Chu slowly walked back, “In a few more days, let’s go back to Lough Valley. There’s still a sum of money not collected from the dwarves…”

He remembered that there was a card of “High County Money Bank” in his pouch, but he never had time to go to this money bank to see what the card could do. What if there was money in it… 

Wuuth was half a step behind Ning Chu, “I can go again…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Ning Chu, “No, you can’t go.”

Wuuth must’ve wanted to go to the Church again. After looting them so many times, they must be on guard, and besides this wasn’t a permanent way to make money.

“Let’s wait until Sixth Cub breaks out of its shell,” Ning Chu continued, “I don’t have the energy to raise too many…”

Fifth Cub was also still in her infancy, recently learnt flying, was eating more, and grew a lot. But Wuuth knew that Ning Chu must have had something in mind since he said it. He wasn’t the only one, Wuuth was also willing to have a few more magic dragons. The number of dragons was too small, adding him and Sixth Cub, who has not broken their shell yet, there were only seven.

The other dragons in the clan, though numerous, were fundamentally different from magic dragons, they could only follow orders and were more like subordinates. Ordinary dragons were born subservient to the magic dragons, and couldn’t even play with them.

For so long, the only people who really accompanied the little dragons were each other.

As for breeding… the five dragons weren’t of the same species in the end, and they didn’t intend to, so Wuuth never mentioned it. The life span of the magic dragon was extremely long, offsprings could be temporarily ignored, just let nature take its course.

A new dragon meant a new partner, and the dragons were happy when Sixth Cub appeared, especially Fifth Cub. If possible, they wanted to have more of their kind around.

Now all that was missing was money, and Wuuth did want to go out again as he did last time, which was the fastest way. However, Ning Chu disagreed and he had to give up, responding, “Okay.”


Outside of Dragon Island, the chapter elder, along with a certain member sent to track them down earlier, led Vito to a wooded area. This was already the very border of the city, and further ahead was a desert.

The elder said, “The trajectory of those four magical energies appearing was broken here. Further ahead, nothing can be detected anymore…”

Vito held the disc in his hand, yet after so long, all the magic elements that had existed had long since disappeared into the air, and the pointer quietly stopped motionless at the bottom. He opened a map and asked the Grand Elder’s men to draw down the route they had previously traced.

A line ran across half the city, bending on the way due to the terrain, yet there was only one general direction. Vito picked up the map and turned to look backwards, which was the exact direction they had come from.

“That’s right, this was the way,” Vito’s eyes were excited as he ordered his subordinates around him, “Call in the people outside the city.”

They had taken the right path, the dragons had indeed come along a straight line. No detours, risking being discovered. Where they were going was just ahead.

Vito turned around again and eased his tone to the Chapter’s Grand Elder, “I will not pursue the matter of you sending people to track with credit and not reporting it. The magic dragons are really important, so next time if you make such a mistake…”

The Grand Elder hurriedly bowed his head and answered, his heart finally relieved. After waiting for the people left outside the city to rush over, Vito led a team of people to set off again. This time he was full of confidence, speeding up and going straight ahead.

Half a day later, a team of people came to a desert. The map of this desert was very large, it was opposite the territory of the Therians, other races never entered. Seeing that Vito had no intention of letting the team stop, a subordinate reminded, “Captain, if we go further, we will collide with the tribe of Therians.”

Therians had many branches, all surviving together in the same place, and those guarding the outskirts of the tribe were basically the fiercest and strongest. Even though they were here to find the magic dragons, it wasn’t worth the loss to go against other races.

“I know,” Vito put away the map, “look further ahead.”

He could feel that the magic dragons were hiding somewhere in this desert. He had heard that the Therians loathed dragons the most, and when the race of dragons suddenly appeared, the Therians reacted fiercely and would never let the dragons set foot in their territory.

Magic dragons couldn’t possibly cooperate with the Therians, they must be right here at the border. Another hour of advancing, Vito ordered the team to stop, began to spread out lateral search, a discovery immediately reported in the communicator.

However, even until midnight, they didn’t find anything. Vito’s face sunk like a rock in water. He wasn’t willing to go back like this, so he ordered his men to camp on the spot, and continue to search tomorrow.


In order not to be tempted to draw cards, Ning Chu didn’t play the game much during the day, and only opened it at night to add some supplies to the two islands. He clicked on the mall and inadvertently found the same item added to the【Other】section of the category.

【Create New Dragon Island】

【Contract Service】

【Change Coordinates】

The first two were already there before, but suddenly there was an additional【Change Coordinates】. These words… Ning Chu was suddenly excited. Was that what he thought it meant? If they could change the coordinates of Dragon Island, they wouldn’t have to go back and forth when they got the dragons back from everywhere.

This should be the new feature mentioned in the update and Ning Chu clicked on the【Change Coordinates】button.

【Would you like to change the coordinates of Dragon Island? Coordinates of your choice cost 2,000 currency, random coordinates cost 500 currency.】

【Self-selected coordinates】【Random coordinates】

Sure enough… Ning Chu was mentally prepared that it would definitely cost money again. But the price was acceptable, it was much cheaper than card pool card draw, random choice only needing 500.

The little dragon cubs in the house were asleep, Ning Chu intended to tell them the good news the next day. He turned on his side and the little black dragon opened his eyes on the pillow. Ning Chu hugged him and rubbed him twice and then let go, as if he was in a good mood.

The little black dragon didn’t know why, but hesitated for a moment before turning into human form. Ning Chu was caught off guard, since the wooden bed was narrow, and protected Fifth Cub, who was lying on the other side, as he asked quietly, “What are you doing?”

In the darkness, Wuuth reached over and touched the corner of Ning Chu’s lips, “Why are you so happy?”

At the same time, the dragon egg lying in the dragon’s nest inside the room swayed gently.


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