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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Vito was frozen in place, and the rest of the Church people didn’t dare to act rashly.

They were the top members of the headquarters, no matter where they went, the elders of the local chapters had to nod and bow when receiving them. This time they willingly followed Vito out, because Vito promised them that they would definitely find the magic dragons. He wasn’t the same as those who only knew how to capture ordinary dragons to try to domesticate them, or track them down without any basis.

Vito said that he wanted to stand in front of the dragons and win their approval.

This idea seemed to the uninitiated, simply whimsical. But Vito’s look of certainty and determination inspired the crowd, and they found the key clue to the wooden box, and indeed discovered the abandoned Dragon Island. Under Vito’s leadership, they did find the magic dragons, and successfully stood in front of these fearsome and powerful creatures.

But… the situation in front of them, how it was and how he imagined it was completely different.

With the three dragons, the vast desert seemed to instantly become cramped, the instinct to avoid danger kicked in and the crowd couldn’t help but want to retreat, afraid to alarm the dragons. Some people who were still clear-headed realized that the one in Ning Chu’s arms was not a young dragon either.

The young yellowish-brown dragon that started out, and grew larger in front of them, was the same wind magic dragon they had chased from the desert to the woods not long ago. The first to protect Ning Chu was the Scarlet Flame Dragon, the one later appearing must be the rarely seen water dragon, or ice dragon.

There were only five magic dragons in total. The weakest, the Leaf Dragon, died, excluding the three in front of them, and the remaining one with lightning talent was the one in Ning Chu’s arms, wasn’t it?

Purple scales, a single horn, every feature was right… If the wind dragon could become smaller, there was a great chance that the other magic dragons could too. The people who figured this out were incomparably horrified at the bottom of their hearts, where exactly were these two humans coming from that could make all the magic dragons follow them?

Wuuth looked at Vito as if he were a dead man, “Who do you want to kill?”

If Ning Chu hadn’t pulled him back, Vito wouldn’t have even had a chance to speak out loud.

Vito came back from his trance and froze for a few seconds before reacting to the fact that Wuuth was responding to his initial words about killing them both.

Faced with the situation before him, any further resentment vanished into thin air as he forced himself to quickly think of a response and squeezed the words out from between his teeth, “We were unaware that this was dragon territory and had no intention of trespassing…”

Things might not be that bad… Vito secretly hid one hand behind his back, trying to remove the displacement scroll from his storage ring.

Ning Chu was looking down at Fourth Cub in his arms, one man and one dragon making eye contact.

——What are you doing here?

Fourth Cub looked innocent and rubbed at Ning Chu’s palm.

Eldest Cub saw that Third Cub didn’t do anything after he went to Ning Chu’s side, and the group of people surrounding Ning Chu still didn’t leave. She didn’t know what was going on underneath, making her both anxious and worried, so she followed him down.

Fifth Cub didn’t follow him from Dragon Island, leaving Fourth Cub alone at the entrance of the passage. He also wanted to go down and take a look, but it was too late to take off the gem he was wearing around his neck.

When he saw Second Cub appear in front of the Church, he turned back into his adult form, so Fourth Cub flew down quietly in his juvenile form while Second Cub was creating a sandstorm. If there was a fight later, he could ask Ning Chu to help keep his necklace.

Ning Chu was helpless, but even if several dragons didn’t come, he wouldn’t let the group leave here alive. When Third Cub appeared, Vito told his subordinates not to attack, and Ning Chu was equally surprised.

Was this person coming straight for his death?

When he heard Vito say that they had no intention of breaking in, Ning Chu’s expression was incomprehensible, “You weren’t the ones who followed him all the way not long ago?”

Vito looked stiff as the lie was exposed to his face, but tried to maintain his composure, “There must be some kind of misunderstanding…”

The first priority was to save lives, these two faces were unfamiliar, their origins unknown. Moreover, even if it resulted in his death, Vito wanted to understand. He asked all his subordinates to put away their magic staff and other weapons, and remove the magic array on the ground.

Vito restrained himself and tried not to look at the magic dragon behind Ning Chu, as he squeezed out a smile, “We mean no harm…”

However, some with poorer psychological quality could not hold up any longer, and didn’t listen to Vito’s words, shivering and trying to use a spell to escape. Second Cub’s eyes were sharp, and he took off with his wings and pounced on him with great speed, as his giant claws stepped on that person’s spine.

The atmosphere was already tense, and when it was stirred up, chaos broke out all around. There were magic attacks sent out in panic, as they were trying to escape. Seeing that his subordinates weren’t stable, Vito quickly pulled out the displacement scroll, intending to escape first.

Before he could tear the scroll, a wave of heat hit him, and the scroll was instantly burned to ashes by flames. Vito was also a fire talent, so he dodged quickly without injury, but a huge red figure was blocking the way. The dragon looked down, like looking at a mole, and opened its mouth to spew out even hotter flames.

As the group mingled with several dragons, Wuuth led Ning Chu back, using his dragon’s breath to block the yellow sand flying in the sky.

Fourth Cub took the necklace off his neck and gave it to Ning Chu for safekeeping, before transforming back into his adult form to join the battle.

Second Cub and Third Cub were the main force, while Eldest Cub flew in the air to fill the gap, and Fourth Cub guarded the perimeter, laying down layer after layer of power arrays to prevent anyone from having a chance to escape.

The scene was spectacular, and the commotion wasn’t small. Ning Chu was watching for others to appear nearby, while worrying, “Should we go help?” Wuuth shielded Ning Chu and spoke in a calm tone, “No need.”

He believed in the strength of these dragons, they couldn’t be killed in any case, so he focused on protecting Ning Chu. Wuuth didn’t have any intention to fight, he was really confident, so Ning Chu also felt more relieved. There was no place to hide or shelter in the desert, plus the wind and sand caused by Second Cub disturbed the vision, the Church people died one after another, only Vito was left alone to resist.

One of his hands was severed by an ice blade, and the storage ring on it couldn’t be sensed and used, and the magic energy in his body was about to be exhausted. Vito wretchedly covered his broken hand, he just drank a bottle of potion, treated the wound with his own fire, the pain had long caused him to become numb.

He wasn’t willing to die here, but in the face of four dragons, he had no possibility of escape.

At this moment Ning Chu’s voice came over, “Wait, don’t kill him yet.”

The several dragons stopped and turned their heads to look at Ning Chu.

Ning Chu walked towards Vito, frowning as he walked around the corpse on the ground, while Third Cub simply slapped Vito in front of Ning Chu with one paw. Vito was spitting blood, bracing himself up on the ground with one hand.

A pair of buckskin boots stopped in front of him and Vito looked up.

Ning Chu held Fourth Cub in his juvenile form and put a necklace on it while saying, “I have something to ask you.”

Vito then had a chance to take a closer look at Ning Chu. This human had beautiful features and looked harmless, and although the strength of the man in black behind him was higher, it was obvious that Ning Chu was the one who made the decisions.

Another dragon became smaller, flew to Ning Chu’s shoulder and squatted down. Just now it was a fierce and god-like magic dragon, but in front of Ning Chu, it acted meekly like a small dragon cub just born.

Ning Chu looked at Vito from above, and his face was slightly cold, “Do you have a coughing agent? A spell will do.”

He was worried that Vito wouldn’t be willing to cooperate, and it would be best if he could use a spell or some kind of medicine to control it. Vito guessed Ning Chu’s intention and coughed a few times, “Don’t bother. I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” he smiled miserably, “as long as you let me die.”

Ning Chu was a little surprised, “Die? What do you want to know?”

It was obvious that the person who was going to die was still so eager to ask questions.

Vito coughed a few more times, his ring was lost, and without the help of potions his wounds began to hurt.

Taking advantage of this gap, Wuuth and Second Cub skillfully collected the storage bags of the people on the ground, returning to Ning Chu. Wuuth looked into the distance, “Someone’s approaching.”

Several of the dragons had returned to their juvenile forms and were too far away to be seen in shape.

The people who were coming weren’t necessarily from the Church, and the noise they just made was likely to alert others around them.

Vito said at this point, bracing for pain, “It’s the Therians, that’s their territory over there…”

The Therians loathed the dragon race, and there was no telling what would happen if they collided with the magic dragons. But more than watching the show, Vito wanted to know the identity of Ning Chu. He was willing to tell him, which would also show his attitude towards Ning Chu. To leave while it was still possible, he had to bring Vito back to Dragon Island first.

By the time he asked for the information he wanted to know, the man wouldn’t live for half a minute more. Ning Chu was only worried that bringing him back would have other hidden dangers, such as revealing the location of Dragon Island.

Ning Chu couldn’t decide and looked at Wuuth behind him. Wuuth lifted his right hand, and the black fog emanating from his palm wrapped Vito in a ball. Vito had a broken arm, his magic staff was not with him, and he had no magic-related items on his body.

Wuuth had no problem bringing Vito back to Dragon Island. In his eyes, Vito was already a dead man, and a human with magical talent was a gain for the dragons. Wuuth withdrew his magic and emptied a high level storage pouch that had just taken out and put Vito in it. He turned around with the storage bag, “Go back?”

The high level storage bag could hold living things, and it was perfect for Vito.

Vito disappeared from the place, leaving only a disc on the ground, Ning Chu picked it up, “Let’s go.”

Second Cub flew away quickly with Ning Chu and several other dragons in tow, returning to Dragon Island through a passage in the clouds. Shortly after they left, a group of male lions appeared around. They cautiously approached full circle, confirmed that there was no scent of living people, and took human form one after another.

The lead Therian stepped forward and recognized the silver robes worn by the corpse on the ground. With a disgusted expression, he spat, “Bad luck.”

There was no other scent nearby, and the other group that had confronted the Church had already left.

The Therian chief instructed his subordinates, “Let’s return, it’s none of our business.”

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Awesome chapter!! Thanks❤️

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Sensible Therians 😏
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Damn vito wanted to cooperate but chose the wrong means 😒 church already deep in,no hope
Puyting him in magic bag was funny. Made me imagine sad tho that it could be that easy to kidnap & traffic humans & other living creatures


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