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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Millions of gold… Ning Chu huffed slightly. There were rich people everywhere, but the card was only in the hands of one of the Church’s chapter elders, so it shouldn’t be that much. The owner of the card was dead and the original owner was gone, so even if there was money in the account, there was no telling if it could be withdrawn.

Ning Chu was briefly excited, and put away the card, “I got it, thank you.”

He didn’t want to tell Winka too much about the Church, and planned to visit the money bank himself sometime.

If he could get the money, it was pure profit, but if he couldn’t, forget it.

Winka secretly looked at Ning Chu’s expression and said, “I have a few of these cards, so if you want to use them, just ask Ximan to bring the cards and make a trip for me, it’s convenient.”

He also told Ning Chu that other than the owner of the card seemed to be able to use it. Ning Chu also noticed that Winka said he had a few of these cards. He had mixed feelings. The elves seldom contacted outsiders and lived deep in the woods, and when he was in the academy, most of the students, including the teachers, thought that the elves were an unearthly race.

He didn’t expect that they were not only rich, knew how to do business, but also knew how to read people’s minds. Ning Chu smiled and didn’t answer, and Winka didn’t say anything more. He thought Ning Chu must be tired from the trip back, so he had a room prepared and took Ning Chu to rest.

Ning Chu didn’t explain too much, and thanked Winka.

The room was even bigger than the last one, and several dragon nests were placed in the corner, obviously prepared long ago.

“The dragon nests are still short of one… no, two?” Winka only then saw the small icy blue dragon cub in the middle of several dragon cubs. Eldest Cub visited  the elven territory for the first time, when she was outside she hid in the back of the group cautiously, it was only when he entered Lough Valley and saw Ning Chu and Winka talking happily that she slowly lowered her guard.

Eldest Cub flew around Winka as a greeting to him, and then landed on the table, staring at him. When Ning Chu came last time, he brought four magic dragons with him, excluding Wuuth, and now there were two more.

Before befriending Ning Chu, Winka had only heard of magic dragons, and there were five of them, each with a different talent and a different color, and this ice-blue one was supposed to be a rare ice dragon. He reacted with hindsight, only five magic dragons were known to the outside world, so the golden one in Ning Chu’s arms was… an extra one?

Winka became even more curious about Ning Chu’s identity and history. He sighed in his heart and couldn’t help but touch the strange pair of dragon horns on Eldest Cub’s head. He asked Ning Chu, “Can I…”

Before Winka could finish his sentence, Eldest Cub took the initiative to come forward and lowered her head to rub the tip of her dragon horns against Winka’s palm.

“This is our eldest,” Ning Chu introduced his dragon to Winka for the first time, “We left earlier to look for her.”

Ning Chu gently squeezed the paws of Sixth Cub and waved them, “This is Little Six, who just hatched from her shell a few days ago.”

Fifth Cub chimed in, “Aowu!”

The elves weren’t outsiders anymore, and Ning Chu was in a delicate mood when he returned here. It was as if he hadn’t come back for business, but to bring the few little dragon cubs for a visit, and the cubs were so well behaved that he, as a parent, couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride inside.

Winka smiled and nodded, “Congratulations.”

He could see that this was a family. The two new nests were delivered and Winka left the room, closing the door behind him.

There was no one else in the room, and the dragons were much too casual to fly around and look around, eating the dried meat on the table.

“Get some rest,” Ning Chu said, putting down Sixth Cub in his arms and letting them play in the room on their own, “We’re going to town tomorrow.”

It was the afternoon, so it was a good time to rest and have their dinner. Ning Chu leaned over the bed and took out the black card again to check it. Wuuth came over and hugged Ning Chu skillfully and naturally from the side, when Ning Chu’s spine stiffened for a moment, but then gradually returned to normal.

“Let’s go to this money bank then,” Ning Chu said, “We’re here anyway.”

Wuuth listened to Ning Chu, and he said “yes”, before kissing Ning Chu on the side of his face.

Wuuth had been doing this for the past two days. Ning Chu turned his head over and cupped Wuuth’s jaw to prevent him from kissing him again, his eyes complicated, “You’re so clingy.”

Someone who had a very obvious “don’t approach me” aura was acting like a puppy… and he also had little expression, and didn’t know what shyness was.

Wuuth seemed to understand the word ‘clingy’, “Don’t like it?”

“It’s not that…” Ning Chu said, not really knowing how to explain it. Without realizing the identity of Wuuth and knowing him better, who would’ve thought Wuuth would be like this when he was in love? Ning Chu suddenly remembered a matter and asked, “How old are you?”

When he had just crossed over, Ning Chu had probably understood that the time and year and month and so on here were the same as in his previous world, and so was the age for counting years.

The life expectancy of ordinary dragons was about 8 to 10 years, rare and legendary dragons’ weren’t specified in the game, only that it was many times longer than ordinary dragons, and the ages of Wuuth and the magic dragons were shown【Beyond system estimation.】.

Ning Chu knew that a long time had passed since he departed from the game, but didn’t ask carefully.

Wuuth was quiet for a moment, “Over 70 years old.”

To know exactly how old, he’d have to let him change back to his adult form and count the reverse scales on his back. Ning Chu was mentally prepared, but was still stunned. When he turned his head again to look at the several small dragon cubs in the room, his emotions were even more complicated. They were as big as Wuuth, and even broke their shells a little earlier than Wuuth.

So, the little group of dragons were also… 

Ning Chu crossed before his freshman year and just turned 19 during the summer vacation, plus the time it took to get here… he was still 19 years old. The body he transmigrated into was similar, most of the first-year students were about 20 years old.

Had he known, he wouldn’t have asked. After this, could he still treat these dragons as his cubs?…

Wuuth perceptively noticed Ning Chu’s strange expression and took his hand, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Chu met his eyes and reached out to pinch his face. Wuuth looked only 20 years old, but who could tell that this dragon was over 70?

“What a big difference,” Ning Chu muttered in a small voice and asked Wuuth, “Is this your human form? It can’t be… changed, right?”

Just like his clothes, he could change into any style he wanted.

Ning Chu pinched and touched Wuuth’s face, and Wuuth wrapped his arm around his waist, “Yes.”

He changed to this appearance for a purpose, when he first entered the Academy, it was someone who stopped him in the crowd first and asked him if he wanted to join the academy. The human Academy taught a lot of things, and Wuuth had just taken human form at the time and decided on it before entering the Academy.

“Don’t tell anyone your real age later,” Ning Chu admonished, “If someone asks, just say 20.”

“20?” Wuuth frowned, not seeming to understand. He asked Ning Chu, “What about you?” 

“I’m 19,” Ning Chu, several years younger than him, said matter-of-factly, “I’m not 20 yet.”

Wuuth mentally mumbled the number, a frown tightening between his brows, then loosening. Before his true age, Ning Chu looked like a newborn young dragon. It was as if his relationship with him had been reversed, or at least he could no longer call himself a father of any kind.

Wuuth raised his hand and touched the side of Ning Chu’s face, feeling the tender, soft skin, and unconsciously said the word hatchling.

“What hatchling, I’m an adult!” Ning Chu pushed Wuuth away unhappily, “What are you thinking?”

Wuuth moved his lips, “That’s not what I meant.”

He couldn’t explain clearly, and more gently and carefully took Ning Chu into his arms, kissing him on the lips, “I will protect you.”

When the mating period was over, he would be able to enter into a contract with Ning Chu openly and share his life span. But Ning Chu was not a dragon… Wuuth was suddenly at a bit of a loss as to how he should proceed with the final step of courtship.

At the same time, Ning Chu was also worried about another problem. Even with magical talent and the ability to cultivate to a certain level, the age of humans and dragons weren’t equal, and later when he got old… Wuuth would still be young.

Although Wuuth’s aesthetics weren’t the same as human beings’, would Wuuth still like him as much when he was wrinkled and couldn’t walk? Ning Chu buried his face in the nape of Wuuth’s neck. He had just been with Wuuth for a short time and didn’t want to ruin his mood because of such things, so they could talk about this later.

Wuuth also didn’t say what was on his mind. He realized that Ning Chu was human, so did he have to use the human way? But he didn’t know and didn’t understand. Wuuth didn’t show his face, but actually was thinking about where to learn it.

Humans had a lot of books and academies of all kinds, so he should be able to find one that was relevant to him. When they left Lough Valley, they still had to go to the dwarves, which was close to the Academy. If he couldn’t, he would sneak back to ask Josh.

Josh, as Wuuth’s teacher, was the only human he really identified with. Ning Chu didn’t know what was on Wuuth’s mind, but he got a little sleepy leaning on him and closed his eyes, after squinting for a while.

In the evening, Winka came to take them to dinner. He also prepared the most tender rabbit meat for Sixth Cub, but unfortunately Sixth Cub didn’t like it, so Ning Chu bought beef for her from the mall and fed her in small pieces.

Among all the dragons, Sixth Cub was the most picky eater. Fourth Cub stood by Sixth Cub’s side, and when she was full, he raised a small towel to her mouth and tried to wipe Sixth Cub’s face.

Ning Chu picked up the towel and stroked Fourth Cub’s head, “Does Fourth Cub seem to like his sister a lot?”

He wiped Fourth Cub’s face and paws clean and put them on a chair. Fourth Cub got down next to him and licked his horn.

Sixth Cub nibbled on the gem he wore around his neck for a while, then turned his attention to Fourth Cub’s tail and rolled over to bite his tail ornament. The dragon cub had just broken its shell a few days ago, and her teeth weren’t fully grown yet, so how strong could she be?

Eldest Cub and Fifth Cub were quietly eating their food, while Second Cub was the most mischievous and snatched a strip of meat from Third Cub when he wasn’t paying attention. The little red dragon cub turned his head and opened his mouth to emit a small ball of flame.

Second Cub was prepared and blew the flame away with a gust of wind. However, Ning Chu was sitting on the other side and almost got burned by the fire on his sleeve.

“Second Cub!” Ning Chu collected his expression, “You two eat properly, no fighting.”


The author has something to say: 

family brother bit: Second Cub


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Naughty seniors, misbehaving at meal time! 😆
I hope using that black card doesn’t result in the Church receiving some kind of alert.
NC and Wuuth really need to sit and have an honest conversation with each other… they are going around in circles.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 10, 2022 4:55 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

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Ahh kids.. dinner time can be such a challenge 😁 I’m loving how Ning and Wuuth are progressing ❤️ it seems like they are on the same page finally 😎 thanks for updating ❤️

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