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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Second Cub scowled and settled down, he had finished his bowl of food and was even too bored to provoke Third Cub. He leaned his chin on the table, looked around with his round eyes, greeted Ning Chu and flew off to play elsewhere.

After the meal, Winka got to know more about the personalities of the dragons and their ranking in the family. He told Ning Chu that he would take Eldest Cub and Sixth Cub, two first-time visiting dragons, to see the Tree of Life.

Fifth Cub heard their conversation and also wanted to go, Fourth Cub was always around Sixth Cub lately, and Wuuth wouldn’t leave Ning Chu’s side, so in the end, except for Second Cub, who went to play elsewhere, and Third Cub, who was interested in resting alone, Ning Chu followed Winka with the other dragons.

It had been a while, but the Tree of Life hadn’t changed from the last time they came back, except that this time it didn’t grant any fruit, and the branches hanging down emitted a light green glow, showing their friendship and recognition to Ning Chu and the dragons around him. It was because of the fruit of the Tree of Life that Ning Chu had awakened his light magic, and he stroked the branch, whispering, “Thank you.”

He had used wood magic before in front of the elven Ximan, and it was unheard of for him for someone to awaken light magic, plus the contract he signed with several dragons was so unusual that Ning Chu didn’t tell Winka about it to avoid unnecessary trouble and explanation. The tree branch gently wrapped around Ning Chu’s wrist, then released to return to its original position.

Eldest Cub and Sixth Cub had their own elements that weren’t wood, so it was normal that they didn’t get the fruit. Ning Chu was about to take the dragons back when he turned his head and noticed that Fifth Cub had somehow flown to the Tree of Life and was crouched on a thick branch.

Ning Chu hurriedly shouted, “Little Five, come down.”

Winka spoke up, “It’s okay.”

If the Tree of Life didn’t want it, how could it let any outsiders touch it? Sure enough, the branches around the tree formed a circle, carefully protecting Fifth Cub, as if it knew that her flying skills weren’t steady enough. The Tree of Life obviously liked Fifth Cub the most, and sent another green fruit, but this time Fifth Cub didn’t want it.

Her wings had already grown and she was too embarrassed to accept the Tree of Life’s gift.

Winka exclaimed, “I had only heard of the ferocity of the dragons, but I didn’t know they had such a side until I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

They were no ordinary beasts, not to mention Wuuth standing behind Ning Chu. Ning Chu thought to himself, that was because Winka had never seen their murderous appearance, and when they were fierce, there were similarities with the rumors of the outside world. But Fifth Cub was indeed the most gentle and least aggressive dragon.

Perhaps it was because of this that she was caught and hunted in the first place.

When Fifth Cub was done playing and flew down, Ning Chu opened his arms to catch her and touched her horns, “I just want to protect them.”

Even though they were known as the strongest fighting force on this continent and had existed for several times longer than he had, in his eyes, the original breeder, they were still a bunch of little dragon cubs.

Fifth Cub looked up at Ning Chu and rubbed his hand.


The next day, Winka went with Ning Chu to a money bank in a nearby town. He had contacted the money bank in advance, eliminating the need to fill out the paperwork, and Ning Chu went straight to leave an image in the magic stone. Ning Chu only took Wuuth with him and told the other dragons to stay well in Lough Valley and take care of Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub.

Winka changed his clothes and used a wide hat to cover his long silver hair and pointed ears, looking like an ordinary person. The three of them arrived in the city and it didn’t take much time to process the account, entering the money bank and coming out in no more than 20 minutes.

Ning Chu had a contract voucher engraved with an exclusive magic array in his hand, and the man at the money bank instructed him to keep it.

In the future, if he wanted to take out the money from his account, Ning Chu could go to the money bank in person and use the image he left in the magic stone to confirm his identity. When he couldn’t leave, he could ask others to come to the money bank with this contract voucher, which was just as valid.

This rule actually had a big loophole, what if the voucher was lost and picked up by others? Just like the black card of the Church elder. But the money banks in this world were established only in recent years, many systems and use weren’t perfected, much less something like a bank card PIN.

What was more, money banks were for the rich, and they considered it a self-degrading act to go and get the money in person. There was another small group of cautious and suspicious people who would simply burn the vouchers after getting them to ensure that only they could take out the money from their accounts.

Ning Chu didn’t burn it, he gave the voucher to Wuuth for safekeeping. It didn’t matter to him whether the money bank’s rules were perfect or not, he just knew that the card might actually work.

Coming out of the money shop, Ning Chu said to Winka, “We’d like to walk around town before we go back. Why don’t we join you later?”

Winka said, “I have things to do in the clan, so I have to go back first.”

Winka said goodbye to Ning Chu and the two of them, and Winka left alone.

Ning Chu didn’t tell Wuuth in advance, and Wuuth really thought Ning Chu wanted to walk around with him, wandering around the city, as he took Ning Chu’s hand in a hidden place, “Where are we going?”

“To get money.” Ning Chu said mysteriously, leading Wuuth to ask for directions and find the location of the High County money bank. From the outside, the interior of the money shop looked similar to the one Ning Chu had just visited, so the way to take out money should be similar. But it was definitely not possible to go in directly with the card like this.

Ning Chu pulled Wuuth to an unoccupied corner and asked him, “Do you remember the style of Church clothes?”

Wuuth replied, “Yes.”

Ning Chu took out the black card, “Do you want to give it a try?”

Wuuth could freely change the style and color of his clothes, and Ning Chu wanted him to pretend to be a Church member and go in with the black card to get money. Wuuth’s brow was knitted tightly, and Ning Chu quietly kissed him when no one was around, before he reluctantly changed his clothes into the style of a Church member.

Ning Chu looked him up and down a few times and saw nothing out of the ordinary, except that the iconic clothes were worn by Wuuth and became a little more flattering. Wuuth took the black card and listened to Ning Chu’s instructions, “Take out all the money in the account. You don’t need them to talk too much, and leave when you find something wrong.”

Ning Chu had no clothes and was afraid of being found out, so he couldn’t follow Wuuth in. Wuuth was uncomfortable and pretending to be a Church member was a shame to him. But he also knew that the only way to have a chance of getting the money out of this account was to do it this way.

Ning Chu also went to a nearby store and bought a half mask, put it on for Wuuth and squeezed his hand, “Go ahead.”

Wuuth walked into the money shop under his watchful eye and disappeared behind the door.

Ning Chu quietly watched his surroundings and waited patiently. As soon as Wuuth entered the money bank, the identity represented by his clothes was so obvious that someone immediately greeted him and invited him inside, while the people around him gave way. He was already in a bad mood because of this outfit, so his face sank, and he looked vaguely irritable. The people of the money bank didn’t dare to talk to him much, and asked carefully, “Are you here to withdraw money?”

Wuuth put the black card in his hand in front of the counter and said, opening his mouth, “Take out all the money inside.”

The black card was of the highest rank in this money bank, and the staff around him changed their eyes slightly, and their attitude became even more respectful.

The person in charge of the account access confirmed with Wuuth, “All… all out?”

He initially thought Wuuth was the user of the account, but how could he take out the black card in person? Wuuth’s expression was so foul, that the staff didn’t dare to ask more questions, and with him presenting the black card, they dared to bring up the magic stone to verify even less, “Yes.”

Wuuth was brief and concise, not willing to spit out more than half a word. The staff member answered, took the black card and entered the back. Wuuth was surrounded by people who brought hot tea, and someone moved over a chair, but he ignored it.

About ten minutes later, the staff came out with three storage bags, “This is the amount in the account in the money bank. Should I have someone count it for you?”

“No need.” Wuuth took the storage bags and turned around. He didn’t want the black card on the table, leaving it, so the staff chased out to return the card to him, but once they were out the door, they found that Wuuth had disappeared.

There were times when these big clients sent their subordinates to withdraw money, but this was the first time that all the money was withdrawn at once, and the staff felt that something was fishy. No money has been left in the account, while the card was also left behind, this… this certainly showed a great dissatisfaction of their money bank, not even intending to cooperate.

The staff member was so anxious that he was sweating, and hurriedly took out his communicator to prepare to report this matter to the owner of the money bank. By the time he got through, Wuuth and Ning Chu had already left the city and were on their way back.

Wuuth changed back into his clothes as soon as he got to an unoccupied place, and the frown between his eyebrows finally faded away. Ning Chu couldn’t help but open a storage pouch to take a look, and was stunned by the large, shiny purple light inside.

The two were still on the road, so it wasn’t convenient to count the money. He pressed down his excitement, passing the storage bag back to Wuuth, and waited until they got back to talk. Seeing Ning Chu happy, Wuuth was also happy, just regretting not being able to stay in the city for a little longer.

In human form, walking down the street with Ning Chu in company, even if there were obtrusive humans around, it wouldn’t annoy him.

Wuuth expressed his thoughts and Ning Chu was surprised, “You want to go shopping? If you told me earlier, we could’ve left later.”

He was afraid that the people of the money bank would find out that something was wrong and chase them out, and then even if it wouldn’t be hard to get out, it would be a problem.

“It’s okay,” Wuuth said, holding Ning Chu tightly, the black mist in his palm transmitting energy for him to keep up with the full speed, “Just mentioning.”

He also wanted to see if there was a place that specialized in selling all kinds of books… Forget it this time, there would always be a chance later.

Back in Lough Valley, Ning Chu first entered the house, then locked the door. The small dragon cubs weren’t there, probably all went to play outside, so Ning Chu urged Wuuth to take out the storage bag. He opened one first, and in order to save time counting the money, he directly charged a whole storage bag of purple gold coins into the game.

As the balance continued to rise, Ning Chu drew a breath of cold air. He had previously charged some of the money as daily expenses, and had more than 20,000 currency in it. Now it became 1.2 million! A whole million more currency! In this one storage bag alone, there were 100,000 purple gold coins!

There were still two storage pouches left, and he didn’t know if the money contained in them was the same. Ning Chu counted the total number of digits of his account balance several times. With trembling hands, he turned his head to hug Wuuth, excited, “We have money!

At the same time, he was a little bit nervous, so much money may be the elders’ own, or may be the Church’s, if it was found that the money in the account had been taken out… Thinking of this, Ning Chu hurried to check the storage bag if it had any magic tracking array carved on it.

The storage bag was very ordinary, including the purple gold coins inside, he guessed the money bank people really didn’t expect that someone else would come to withdraw the money.

Wuuth asked in a low voice, “How much was it?”

Ning Chu held up the empty storage bag, “One more Dragon Island!”

They didn’t need to build a new Dragon Island yet, but now that they had money, Ning Chu was excited.

His eyes glowed, “I want… to draw cards.”

Wuuth didn’t understand what “drawing cards” meant, he just said, “Okay.”

Ning Chu was still leaning on his arms, opening the game’s card pool page, when Winka visited.

Winka had learned that they were back and came over to check on them. When he saw the happy look on Ning Chu’s face, he guessed it and smiled, “You’re back just in time, lunch is ready.”

The little dragons went to play somewhere, Ning Chu answered Winka and turned off the game for a while to go out to look for them. He found Eldest Cub and Fifth Cub near the Tree of Life, and when Second Cub and Third Cub saw him from afar, they flew over.

Ning Chu looked around, “Where are Fourth Cub and Sixth Cub?”

Eldest Cub turned his head in the direction of the back, indicating that they were over there. Ning Chu took a few steps forward and saw the two little dragon cubs on their way back, walking a little slow.

Sixth Cub ran ahead, pushing a rock as big as her head and tilting her head excitedly, “Aowu!”

Fourth Cub followed her nervously, trying to get Sixth Cub to drop the rock, which Sixth Cub not only refused to do, but wouldn’t let him touch it.


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The Church will not be impressed, losing all that money!
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Ning: I have money!
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Their robbery was so successful, that church member is so rich aaa aaa aaa worth another dragon island skskak — their behavior is indeed quick and suspicious though 😅 didn’t mc think that their tracks in that bank branch would be traced either way 😅😅 calling & confirming that the dead elder’s account was emptied

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