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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Fifth Cub was also there, and she was standing away from the smell of meat. When she saw Sixth Cub eating the meat he fed them, she jumped around happily with his wings flapping, “Awoo!”

Although the meat was brought over by Second Cub, he picked the part, so she was fed by him. One small piece of meat was enough to fully feed Sixth Cub, and she burped after eating it and lay down in the grass. Fifth Cub was sitting next to Sixth Cub, sniffing curiously, biting into one and tasting it, but finding it unpalatable, so she spat it out. Fourth Cub flew over in time, with a small handful of clear stream water rolled up in a leaf in his mouth, and eagerly handed it to Sixth Cub to drink.

When the cub finished drinking, Fourth Cub dropped the leaf and plopped down beside him. The rest of the dragon cubs carried away the extra meat, and there was a young calf that had been killed under a tree not far away.

Ning Chu was relieved to see this scene, the other dragons would find something to eat on their own, plus there was a piece of oat grass planted behind the hut where Fifth Cub was going to eat. As long as Sixth Cub were taken care of, he didn’t have to worry.

The small group of dragons saw him appear and roared one after another as a greeting.

Six rolled up and ran towards Ning Chu on short legs, with Fourth Cub nervously following behind. Ning Chu squatted down and picked up Sixth Cub, brushing the grass and leaves off her body, “Has Little Six eaten enough? Are you sleepy?”

Although she had just broken her shell, she could already understand Ning Chu’s meaning, so she shook her head, indicating that she wasn’t sleepy. Fifth Cub also came to Ning Chu’s feet, so Ning Chu put Sixth Cub back into the grass, and the two little dragon cubs ran away together.

The dragon cub’s wings weren’t open, so she couldn’t fly for the time being, and played with Fifth Cub, who wasn’t yet fully skilled in flying. Ning Chu watched for a while, closed the door and prepared to change clothes and wash up.

When he turned around, he saw that Wuuth was still in the room. Wuuth’s pajamas were the same color as Ning Chu’s, a light blue color, which made him look quiet and obedient. The next moment he approached, embraced Ning Chu and kissed him.

He wanted to confirm if Ning Chu had really agreed.

The specific consent was what, in fact, neither of them said out loud. Ning Chu didn’t even say the word ‘consent’ at all, but let Wuuth use human form to sleep together for the night. But in Wuuth’s eyes, this was proof of Ning Chu’s softening attitude, and as long as Ning Chu didn’t push him away now, that meant consent.

Ning Chu was forced to tilt his head, clutching Wuuth’s sleeve, and let him kiss him. Seeing that Wuuth didn’t want to stop, even if it was just a simple touch on the lips, Ning Chu couldn’t stand the frequency of such kisses and turned his head, “That’s enough… go out first, I want to change my clothes.”

Wuuth reluctantly let go, “Okay.”

He looked down at his own clothes, changed back to the original black, and then pushed the door out.

Ning Chu was left alone in the room. He rubbed his hot face and started to clean up the bed and change his clothes. He was so distracted that the buttons on his shirt were almost buttoned wrong. Last night… Ning Chu admitted that he was a bit impulsive last night.

But when he woke up this morning, Ning Chu didn’t regret it either. Even without last night, his relationship with Wuuth was close enough to be at the breaking point. It was just a romantic relationship… Moreover Wuuth didn’t know what a relationship was, he only knew kissing and hugging and being happy.

After washing up and fixing breakfast, Ning Chu went into the game and looked around.

Dragon Island still had 2 days until it reached the destination, the dragons on the two islands were going about as usual, could eat and sleep, not affected at all. A few dragon cubs were playing together, and Ning Chu had nothing to do, so he dragged Wuuth to the back of the mountain to rebuild the playground.

With the new little dragon cubs, it was time to tidy up the place that had been abandoned long ago.

Wuuth was responsible for tearing down the abandoned items and fences, and after cleaning up the ground, Ning Chu bought all kinds of climbing frames and swings and set them up again. There was also the largest slide in the middle, but with Ning Chu’s in-game operation, it didn’t take much time to set up.

After the playground was fixed, Ning Chu called the several small dragon cubs over.

When they saw the new area at the foot of the mountain, the little dragons’ eyes lit up, and Second Cub and Third Cub were the fastest, whooshing into the fence.

Fifth Cub and Eldest Cub flew slower, with Eldest Cub half a step behind, keeping an eye on Fifth Cub’s flight speed and posture. Fourth Cub wasn’t with them, crouching on Ning Chu’s shoulder, who was holding Sixth Cub in his arms.

Ning Chu left suddenly at that time and several dragons didn’t realize it at first. They didn’t see Ning Chu when they woke up and didn’t pay much attention to it. Later, they found the playground Ning Chu left behind in the back of the mountain and were still very happy and went to play inside for a long time.

But Ning Chu didn’t show up all day, so they panicked.

Until the end, Wuuth forbade other dragons to go in and the playground was gradually abandoned. Now that Ning Chu was back, everything was different. Wuuth was the only one who was still the same, now watching them play outside the playground like before.

Ning Chu put Sixth Cub into a swing with a dragon’s nest, while Second Cub cheekily threw the rattan ball in Wuuth’s direction. Wuuth raised his hand to catch it accurately, swept it lightly and threw the ball back.

The dragons were having fun, and Ning Chu retreated to the fence to keep watch for a while. Fourth Cub seemed to like Sixth Cub especially, always hanging around Sixth Cub, but Sixth Cub obviously preferred to play with Fifth Cub. When she got tired of playing and laid down in the swing, Fourth Cub flew over to be next to her again.

Sixth Cub noticed the jewel on Fourth Cub’s neck and nibbled it curiously. On the one hand, Fourth Cub was very nervous about the necklace he loved, while worrying about Sixth Cub on the other. Her dragon wings were stiff, and after gnawing on it for a while, she found that the gem was too hard to gnaw on, so she soon lost interest and yawned, looking for Ning Chu.

“Do you want to sleep?” Ning Chu carried her out and walked back.

With Eldest Cub inside, he didn’t have to worry about the other dragons, telling them to come back when they’d had enough, and then carried Six back to the hut.


Two days later, they reached Lough Valley.

The game popped up with an alert:【Arrived at the new coordinates!】

Ning Chu told Third Cub to look outside first. The passage among the clouds was still there, and when Third Cub looked down through the passage, Lough Valley was indeed below. There was no one else around Lough Valley, so Third Cub flew around above Lough Valley as Ning Chu had asked.

The dragon’s figure was so conspicuous that someone quickly went to inform Winka. When Winka arrived at the entrance of the valley with his men, Ning Chu and a group of dragon cubs were waiting outside. Ning Chu was holding Fifth Cub and a small golden dragon he had never seen before, still followed by Wuuth, “Long time no see.”

“Welcome back!” Winka greeted him and his eyes fell on the Sixth Cub in Ning Chu’s arms, “This is…”

Ning Chu smiled, “A new member.”

Sixth Cub wasn’t afraid of strangers at all, opening her pair of golden round eyes to survey Winka. Fifth Cub was here for the second time and was much bolder than last time, and because of the fruit of the Tree of Life, her dragon wings grew well, so Fifth Cub’s goodwill towards the Elves was the strongest among the little dragon group.

She stretched out a front claw, a thin stalk of grass came up with a tender yellow flower on the top, intended as a gift to Winka.

This was something Fifth Cub had recently learned, and she had already given several flowers to Ning Chu, as well as other dragon cubs. Ning Chu and the dragons were very happy to receive the flowers, and she thought Winka would like them too.

Winka was so surprised that he bent down and took the flowers from Fifth Cub’s paw, “Thank you.” He then led Ning Chu and the other dragons into Lough Valley, talking as he did so, “I’ve been waiting for you… The dragons guarding the fruit fields are working very well, the yield has doubled straight away…”

Plus with the dragons helping to share some of the labor, the elves of the clan could have more time to ripen the fruit trees.

Ning Chu’s eyes were envious, “That’s good…”

They had to go to a money bank in a nearby city to set up an account, in addition to replacing a group of dragons on their return.

Winka said, “I know the bosses of both money banks and have spoken to them, so I will take you there directly.”

Ning Chu nodded and took out a black card in the process, “Look at this, is there a high county money bank here?”

This card was found on one of the Church people and Ning Chu had been carrying it with him, thinking it might be useful.

“I’ve heard of it, but I’m not familiar with this money bank…” Winka took the card and looked at it, surprised, “Is this… yours?”

Ning Chu shook his head, “I picked it up.”

Winka didn’t really believe that, but he didn’t ask more, “This kind of card is also available in other money banks, usually given to high-class clients.”

“High-class clients?” Ning Chu was interested, “What kind of high-class clients?”

“The type who have an amount deposited in the account within the money bank not less than 50,000 gold,” Winka handed the card back to Ning Chu and continued, “Hundreds of thousands or even millions is also possible, I’m not familiar with the high country money bank, so I’m not sure of the level of this card.”


The author has something to say: 

The official interracial relationship will begin!


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