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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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When Wuuth reverted to human form and found Ning Chu outside, he was sitting under a tree with the group of little dragons by his side. Sixth Cub was next to him, holding the crystal he had retrieved from Lough Valley and chewing on it.

This increasingly round crystal had become Sixth Cub’s exclusive toy, and she could only chew on a few crumbs at a time, grinding her teeth. Ning Chu was stroking her while he was dazed, and turned his head when he heard footsteps.

Wuuth approached, and sat down next to Ning Chu. When he arrived, the group of dragon cubs on the side got up and flew away, while Fourth Cub came back halfway, helping Sixth Cub to push the crystal ball.

In the past, where Ning Chu went, Wuuth was always the first to follow, he just failed to come in time, but Ning Chu didn’t ask why. He turned his head to look at Wuuth, and reached out to him. Wuuth took Ning Chu into his arms, and the two of them leaned against the tree together.

Ning Chu tilted his head to kiss Wuuth on the corner of his lips and suddenly said, “I won’t mind it.”

Wuuth was confused, but still said “mmm” in response to Ning Chu’s kiss.

Ning Chu had already figured it out in the time he had been out alone. This kind of thing… In fact, it wasn’t that important. He liked Wuuth and shouldn’t care about this. The two of them were fine the way they were now.

Ning Chu thought and felt very heartbroken, touching Wuuth’s chin and sighing silently. Such a good-looking face, how could that thing not work? Or… should he do it?

Ning Chu’s eyes subtly  lit up, and he looked at Wuuth with a different kind of gaze. Before this, Ning Chu hadn’t even thought much about this aspect. But between him and Wuuth, it was always Wuuth who was a little more aggressive and active, and he was taller and more dominant than Ning Chu.

So if Wuuth couldn’t do it, he had to do it.

Over time, the way Ning Chu saw Wuuth had changed. Not only was this his boyfriend, but also… he was also considered his wife. Ning Chu immediately straightened his back and reached out an arm to encircle Wuuth’s shoulders from behind, trying to bring him towards him. However, due to his posture and size, Wuuth took his hand and brought Ning Chu to his lap.

Ning Chu felt slightly embarrassed, but still didn’t struggle, as he cupped Wuuth’s face and kissed him, “Good boy.”

Wuuth almost lost it, and the symptoms that his body had suppressed not long ago showed signs of rising again. For the dragons, there was no such thing as self-resolution. His courtship was clearly not yet complete, and most importantly, he had not yet learned what humans needed to do.

Wuuth could only press on for the moment, a moment of wandering and trance making him look even more like a young wife, with his head up and only Ning Chu in his eyes.

Ning Chu gave him another kiss and asked, “What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll make it for you.”

Wuuth slightly bowed and bent his back, buried in Ning Chu’s neck, answering in a low, muffled voice, “Rabbit.”

He chose whatever, as long as Ning Chu made it, but if Ning Chu asked, he would answer. Dragon Island would arrive at the new coordinates in the afternoon, so they could eat a little earlier at noon, and it would be a good idea to rest for a while after lunch.

Ning Chu got up from Wuuth and went to the back to catch a rabbit, while Wuuth sat on the ground for two seconds before getting up to follow.


In the afternoon, Dragon Island arrived at the new coordinates on time.

Ning Chu chose the place where he said goodbye to the dwarves last time. He first asked Second Cub to go down and check it out, confirming that the dwarves and the dragons did leave the mine.

This group of dragons, which Second Cub initially brought with him, not only remembered his orders, but also spent the longest time with the dwarves, so they should have followed the dwarves to the new mine.

Ning Chu intended to go with Second Cub to find out exactly where they went. He also had a few crystals that needed to be identified by the dwarves, so he took Sixth Cub with him, and took her out to see the world.

Other than that, Ning Chu only had Wuuth with him, and all the other dragons stayed on Dragon Island to wait. After they left Dragon Island and flew on Second Cub’s back for a while, they found some common dragons resting at the edge of the forest, not far from a large mining cave.

Second Cub flew down nearby and the sound of dragon wings vibrating caused a lot of commotion, a dwarf peeked out of the mine and shouted with wide eyes, “He’s back! Lord Dragon God is back!”

As soon as Ning Chu and Wuuth got off Second Cub’s back, the dwarves had already swarmed up from the mine and surrounded Ning Chu and Second Cub. Wuuth, who had never seen a dwarf before, frowned and stepped forward to protect Ning Chu. The dwarves stopped. His face was unfamiliar, and his aura was fierce.

“He belongs to the dragon clan like me,” Ning Chu tugged on Wuuth’s sleeve to make him less aggressive, “Long time no see.”

Ning Chu had collected the payment from the dwarves on behalf of Second Cub last time, and even though he was a human, the dwarves had long treated him as a dragon. As for Wuuth, the dwarves didn’t need to know his true identity for now.

The leader of the clan, Ily, said excitedly, “Finally, you’re back! Please sit inside!”

Second Cub returned to his cub form and crouched on Ning Chu’s shoulder, and a group of dwarves surrounded him and Wuuth until the entrance of the mine. There was a ladder going down to the entrance of the cave, and after descending, Ily led them to the resting area, which was exactly the same as the one Ning Chu had last seen in the other cave.

Hot tea was quickly brought up, three cups in total, and they prepared one for Second Cub as well.

Wuuth wasn’t present when Ning Chu and Second Cub came into contact with the dwarves, he had only heard Ning Chu mention it, and when he saw them for the first time today, he could obviously feel the respect and friendliness with which they treated the dragons.

Like the elves, they were a befriending race, and seemed more innocent than the elves. Ning Chu came back this time mainly to “collect rent”, along with the hot tea, a storage bag was brought, which Ily handed to Ning Chu, “This is the payment for this period of time. The dragons followed us to the new mine, we wrote down everything, so please take this.”

“Okay,” Ning Chu took the storage bag, but didn’t immediately check the amount inside, “I have one more thing to ask for your help for.”

He took out the crystals and Sixth Cub hidden in his jacket was revealed. The little golden dragon cub looked around curiously and excitedly, and Ily was very surprised, his eyes flicking between Second Cub and Sixth Cub.

Second Cub and Sixth Cub’s natural attributes were completely different, but the scales were somewhat similar in color, plus they had not heard of a sixth dragon in addition to the five magic dragons.

A few moments later Ily made a look of realization, “So Lord Dragon God left last time to nurse the little Dragon God?”

He identified Sixth Cub as Second Cub’s child. Ning Chu froze and then held back a laugh, “No, the two of them are brother and sister.”

Second Cub also reacted and rolled his eyes at Ily.

Ily scratched his head in embarrassment, “Sorry, sorry… The two Dragon Gods must not be angry…”

Second Cub had made the dragons take an oath when he first asked them to help the dwarves dig, and like the elves, Ning Chu wasn’t worried that they would reveal news of the dragons to outsiders.

“Never mind,” He handed the crystal in his hand to Ily, “I want to know what kind of crystal this is.”

Ily took it and held it in his hand to examine it, and raised his hand for his clanmates to bring a flashlight and magnifying glass. He looked at it carefully, and used a knife to scrape off a bit and put it in his mouth. Ily’s expression slowly changed, becoming more excited than when he saw Second Cub and Ning Chu outside, and he held the crystal and asked Ning Chu, “Where did this come from?”

“I dug it up by chance,” Ning Chu wondered, “Is it very precious?”

“Of course!” Ily took out a piece of flannel and placed the crystal carefully on it, “This is a purple essence crystal. Looking at the size of this one, it must have taken at least a few thousand years for it to grow.”

Purple essence crystal was a kind of magic crystal, it carried its own magic energy, but could be used for potions and refining magic weapons, gaining excellent effect. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to find, its growth basically considered irregular. Unlike other mines that had obvious features on the surface, this could be found only depending on luck.

Ily asked Ning Chu where he found it, maybe there were still mines nearby. So Ning Chu took out the rest of the purple essence crystals and laid them out on the table, “How much are these worth?”

Ily and the surrounding dwarves’ eyes were almost blurred, and it took them a long time to find their voice, “This… So much!” His eyes were shining, “I’m willing to pay half a million purple gold coins to buy all the purple essence crystals you have!”

Ning Chu’s face was calm, but in reality, his heart was pumping. Half a million! He slowly turned his head to look at Wuuth, who looked up at him, even more calm than him.

Seeing Ning Chu not reacting, Ily gritted his teeth, “600,000!”

The dwarves dug their own mines and forged their own weapons. When adding purple essence crystals to refine a magic staff, the price could increase two to three times, and those were still the simplest class of weapons, only needing to add a little bit of purple essence crystal crumbs. 600,000 to buy these purple essence crystals in Ning Chu’s hand, for them that was absolutely not a loss.

Ning Chu calmed down and said, “Okay.”

But in the end he only accepted 500,000, sold 5 purple essence crystals to Ily, and left the smallest remaining one for Sixth Cub to play with. Sixth Cub wasn’t very happy when the crystals were taken away, feeling that she had been robbed of something. She hugged the crystal that Ning Chu gave back to her and chewed on it twice before she gave a satisfied “aowu”.

Ily looked distressed and couldn’t wait to collect the crumbs Sixth Cub chewed down. The five crystals weren’t handed over to the dwarves immediately, since they didn’t have enough cash on hand and had to make a trip to the money bank. The nearest town also had the money bank where Ning Chu deposited money, so they could directly credit Ning Chu’s account and bring the voucher back to Ning Chu.

Now it was already four o’clock in the afternoon, so after going to the money bank and coming back, it was estimated that it would be dark.

“Why don’t you come and pick up the vouchers tomorrow, Lord Dragon God?” Ily proposed, knowing that the mine was cramped and crowded, “But it’s a bit dirty and messy here… Should I have someone go outside and set up some tents?”

Ning Chu stopped him, “No, no, we’ll just take care of it ourselves.”

Although the money wasn’t yet available, Ily made a verbal agreement, so the business couldn’t run away. Ning Chu couldn’t even suppress the curve of his mouth. It was half a million purple gold coins, a whole five new Dragon Islands!

A few pieces of crystals found by Sixth Cub could be sold for so much money! Ning Chu recalled that in the past, playing the arena every day, he could only earn a total of a few hundred purple gold coins, which now seemed like a dream.

Ily wasn’t forcing the issue, as he suddenly said, “By the way… At the human academy, the one called… what was it, Lance? It’s best not to go there these days.”

He still remembered the first time he saw Ning Chu, the other party was wearing a school uniform. This area was relatively isolated, so that academy seemed to be the only closer one. In case Ning Chu had followed the dragon away for a while and still didn’t know what was going on, Ily warned him.

Ning Chu froze, “Why?”


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