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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu walked towards the back, arriving at the area where the oat grass was planted. He squatted down and absentmindedly picked the oat grass.

He couldn’t be blamed for thinking about it… He was a normal human being and had normal reactions, let alone in the morning when he was facing the person he liked.

On the contrary, Wuuth was the one who wasn’t normal, right?

Ning Chu looked down and pulled the grass, thinking, Doesn’t Wuuth like me? 

Usually he was quite happy to give him a hug and a kiss, and yesterday when Ning Chu became a dragon, Wuuth was also very excited, how come this morning… What was wrong with him… Ning Chu was too embarrassed to ask directly.

He didn’t blame Wuuth for taking off his clothes inexplicably in the morning, this dragon’s brain circuit had always been unusual, and in any case, not the same as that of ordinary people. Besides, he hadn’t done anything to him.

When footsteps approached from behind, Ning Chu came back to his senses and got up with the oat grass. He had unknowingly picked too much, and Wuuth took a large handful, “Little Five has already eaten.”

He wanted to tell Ning Chu when he came over, but Ning Chu was walking straight ahead with his head buried, and didn’t even hear him call out to him.

“She’s already eaten…” Ning Chu rubbed the tip of his nose awkwardly, “Then let’s leave it here.”

He got up too late today, a few dragons have long since settled their own breakfast and fed Little Six. The young dragons on the other Dragon Island were also taken care of by several adult common dragons, so Ning Chu didn’t need to worry about them except for replenishing supplies.

When he went on the game, he drew ten cards, and ended up with nothing. Wuuth was right behind Ning Chu, who wanted to try his luck again and dragged him to draw cards the same way he did last time. However, after drawing three consecutive ten-in-a-rows, there wasn’t a single item above rare.

He wanted to be able to get the most out of his money and the thing about drawing cards was that he could easily get carried away, so Ning Chu stopped in time and wasn’t going to draw more today. Ning Chu wasn’t greedy, and would continue to draw after Seventh Cub hatched.

Ning Chu turned off the game and found Wuuth looking at him.

“Ning Ning,” Wuuth took his wrist and carefully checked his body, “Are there any side effects to the dragon transformation spell?”

He asked, reaching out his other hand and feeling Ning Chu’s forehead, touching the side of his face in the process. Wuuth saw Ning Chu’s peculiarities in the morning, such as being so distracted that he got up early in the morning to pick a lot of oat grass.

Wuuth was worried, Ning Chu was using his magic, so he didn’t dare to make a sound to disturb him, waiting for Ning Chu to finish his work before asking the question. Ning Chu pulled down his hand, “No, I’m fine.”

As for the situation in the morning… He put it to the back of his mind for now, wanting to find a chance to verify it later.

“That’s good,” Wuuth sat close and hugged Ning Chu, giving him a kiss on the side of his cheek, “Will the spell work later?”

Speaking of which, Ning Chu opened the game and took a look.

The item of the dragon spell was still there, just grayed out, covered with a small lock, showing “166 hours, 48 minutes and 3 seconds to use again”. Ning Chu calculated the time, it was still a week before the spell was active again. He tried to recite the spell silently, but there was no response.

No wonder it belonged to the item category, a normal spell should be ready to use after learning. And yesterday, Ning Chu didn’t even activate his magic energy, but the spell still took effect, which was further proof. Everything in the game was different from reality, and the dragon changing spell wasn’t really a spell.

“It’ll work,” Ning Chu said, “but it’ll be seven days later.” He saw Wuuth’s eyes light up and couldn’t help but smile and pinch his face, “You seem to be looking forward to it.”

He could use a day once a week to satisfy Wuuth when there was no pressing matter. Wuuth didn’t hide it, “Yeah.”

One day was too short; there was still much he wanted to do with Ning Chu; to teach him how to be a dragon, and to learn to hunt.

“But,” Ning Chu said to himself, “I’m too small for a dragon, if I were bigger…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt the arm around his waist tighten and Wuuth’s hot breath spilled over. Ning Chu felt too small and inconvenient when he was at the playground yesterday, the several dragon cubs also deliberately attentive. Although it was fun to play with them, it was as if Ning Chu had gone from being their guardian to a peer, or even a junior, overnight.

It was a delicate feeling… It would be better if he could freely control his age stage after turning into a dragon. Ning Chu’s thoughts were interrupted as he pushed Wuuth, “Let go, you’re hugging too tight.”

But Wuuth kissed him with his head down and moved eagerly. As they sat on the edge of the bed, Ning Chu fell backwards uncontrollably, his hands pinned down and unable to move. Wuuth not only kissed, but also used his teeth, biting at the knot of Ning Chu’s throat.

It was as if he had gone back to yesterday when he was with Ning Chu’s dragon form, expressing passion in the way dragons do. When he lifted his head, Ning Chu panted lightly, feeling the teeth marks on his neck, “What’s irritating you?”

Wuuth’s bite didn’t hurt, but why would he bite him?

“Stimulated?” Wuuth almost thought Ning Chu had found out about his mating period and touched the marks on his neck, “I wish you’d grow up a little too.”

Preferably the same as him, he also wanted to take Ning Chu to experience adulthood as a dragon. The thoughts in Wuuth’s head made him more emotional, plus Ning Chu didn’t push him away. He cupped Ning Chu’s chin and continued kissing, Ning Chu’s jacket was crinkled and the hem of his coat was messed up.

Ning Chu was very flustered at first, frozen and afraid to move.

After a while, Ning Chu slowly responded to Wuuth. He was just thinking that he would find the right time to test Wuuth again, to make sure that two people together couldn’t possibly not care about such things.

Ning Chu’s face was smoking hot, Wuuth was now so excited, it was impossible to remain unaffected… When his hand brushed against it, Wuuth stopped.

Bewilderment appeared in his eyes as he subconsciously looked at Ning Chu, “Ning Ning?”

Wuuth never used to care about his body when he was in human form, so he didn’t resist Ning Chu, but found Ning Chu’s behavior a bit strange. Still shy and timid, Ning Chu immediately retracted his hand and pulled the corner of the quilt aside to cover his face.

What did he just do… Ning Chu wanted to turn back the clock.

What was more, Wuuth really didn’t react. The corner of the blanket covering his face was removed by Wuuth, and they looked at each other in silence for a moment.

Ning Chu, with mixed feelings, pushed Wuuth away and sat up, saying in a trance, “I’m going to check on Little Five and Little Six.”

He said the same thing this morning, then got up and left the room. Wuuth didn’t go after him, his brow furrowed, his eyes looking down at himself.

Dragon form was different from human form, but except for the tail and dragon wings and horns, etc., many other parts were the same, such as the five senses, and the limbs corresponding to the human hands and feet. Although humans didn’t have a mating period, of course, they could also do it between mating periods, but the method would be different.

This point should be clear to Wuuth, but he seemed to have just figured it out. Like a new skill developed by Ning Chu… Wuuth stood up, the marks on his pants obvious, his dulled senses only now coming back.

He wanted to go to Ning Chu, but he was in a very inappropriate state. Wuuth didn’t know what to do, he thought the mating period had affected his human form. He changed back to his hatchling form and hunkered down in the corner of the bed to lie quietly for a long time before his emotions settled down.


The author has something to say: 

Poor Cubbie


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October 20, 2022 4:38 pm

Poor cubbie is right😔❤️ they are both so confused..shame there isn’t a mated dragon couple to help them understand..or is there🤔 only time will tell❤️ thank you for being so diligent in updating for us🌹🌹

October 21, 2022 12:38 am

I really feel for Wuuth; how confusing.
NC is irritating me again right now. He might be inexperienced too, but when Wuuth is in himan form, NC is the one who is guiding and teaching. NC has admitted his feelings, so embarrassment aside, he needs to have a man-talk with Wuuth. Soon.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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