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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Are you a student at that academy?” Ily asked, “I guess you really don’t know.”

Ily told Ning Chu that a group of people had been guarding Lance Academy since some time; they weren’t students, nor instructors, and they weren’t friendly to dragons. The dwarves rarely went out during the mining period, and he only learned about it some time ago. The group came to search for the dragons nearby, and the dwarves hurriedly took the dragons that helped dig the mine to hide inside the cave, and there were a few wild ones nearby that didn’t know them, but those dragons were very smart and ran away early without being caught.

Dwarves were a race who liked to work and didn’t want to cause trouble. Although magic dragons were powerful, it was better to do more than less. And the first time they saw Second Cub, they felt that he was completely different from the fierce magic dragon in the legend, and that dragons should be a peaceful race.

Ning Chu asked Ily, “Who are those people? What are they doing in the academy?”

“I don’t know.” Ily shook his head. He later contacted other races to buy extra ore, and asked for information, only to learn that those people were also very unfriendly to the academy’s instructors and students. The small market next to the academy was closed, and several of the former suppliers of goods had gone.

Ning Chu listened, and in his heart, he could guess who they were. The human organization that had been targeting the dragons, who else could it be but the Church? The news of Vito and his team’s death had probably already spread back, and since Vito’s position in the Church seemed to be very high, they were probably very angry.

But what were they doing at Lance Academy? Could they have found some clues? Dragon Island now had the ability to change coordinates, so Ning Chu wasn’t afraid of being exposed or the Church finding out that there were humans and dragons together.

But if the academy was implicated because of him and Wuuth, Ning Chu couldn’t just let it go, even though he hadn’t been at the school for long. He and Wuuth were in a hurry to escape, and Ning Chu occasionally thought of his dorm mate Bowen, and his teacher Clark.

When Wuuth accidentally killed the Church members, and later didn’t hear any news, perhaps it was because this continent didn’t have timely news circulation. He wondered if there was any talk in the academy about their sudden disappearance… 

The small bazaar that Ily said should be Crow Market, even if Crow Market was directly closed, did they not let the students leave?

Ning Chu had a hunch that the situation in the Academy wasn’t good, and after listening to Ily’s reminder, he wanted to go back and take a look instead. He said goodbye to the dwarves and left with Wuuth and the two dragons first, returning to Dragon Island.

Before Ning Chu could mention it, Wuuth took the initiative to say, “I want to go to the Academy.”

It seemed that Wuuth was also worried about this matter, so Ning Chu put down Sixth Cub in his arms, “Do you also want to go to see your teacher?”

Wuuth answered. He had never liked humans much, but besides Ning Chu, Josh was the second exception. During his time at the Academy, Wuuth could also sense that most of the teachers and students he came in contact with had good intentions. Even though this kindness was based on the premise that Wuuth’s true identity was unknown, Wuuth understood that once exposed, even Josh may not be able to maintain the same attitude towards him.

But Wuuth still wanted to go back and see what he had been like as a human, an Academy student, a student Josh had taught. No matter what happened in the future, this fact wouldn’t change. In other words, even if the Academy didn’t welcome Wuuth, he still wanted to return.

And there was another important thing for him why he wanted to meet Josh.

“Then why don’t we go back tomorrow after we receive Ily’s voucher?” Ning Chu suggested, “We don’t need to change the location of Dragon Island, we’ll just fly back.”

The time was already late, and besides, Ning Chu still wanted to get the 500,000 purple gold coins first, so if there was any unexpected situation, he could just change the coordinates and run away from here.

Wuuth had no problem with that and said, “Yeah, I’ll do whatever you say.”

The decision was made, and Second Cub listened to the whole thing from the side, looking at Ning Chu with bated breath. He wanted to go with him, since he had taken the initiative to change back to his adult form in front of others, Ning Chu was angry, and he always took Third Cub with him when doing anything.

Today, he brought him purely because the dwarves were most familiar with him, and bringing other dragons wouldn’t have the same effect.

Ning Chu guessed his little thought and rubbed his head, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, we’ll see how you do.”

There was a sense of assurance in his words, and Second Cub was suddenly energized.

So when Ning Chu cooked in the evening, Second Cub worked very hard, helping Ning Chu blow the wind to control the fire, and taking the initiative to carry the wild vegetables to the creek to clean them, so he couldn’t even eat his own dinner.

Ning Chu was the easiest to be soft and bought some meat from the mall to feed him, “Okay, okay, I’ll take you there tomorrow.”

Second Cub took the meat from Ning Chu and his tail kept wagging. At night, Wuuth changed into the same pajamas as Ning Chu and lay in bed together as usual. He habitually hugged Ning Chu, but the more he slept, the more restless he became.

The lights were out, and the clouds over Dragon Island were so dense that night that the moonlight was covered up, and the view inside the house was dim. Wuuth couldn’t sleep, he wasn’t very comfortable. And then there was the problem of yesterday. To recover, he could only change back into his dragon form now.

But Ning Chu was sleeping peacefully in his arms and Wuuth didn’t want to let go. Wuuth held back and held back, and called out in a low voice, “Ning Ning.”

Ning Chu was human and should have a way to solve his situation. That way, Ning Chu would know that he was in his mating period. The courtship process was necessary, but Wuuth didn’t want Ning Chu to know that he couldn’t control himself. He had never claimed to be the king of the dragons, but he was the strongest among them in every way.

Letting Ning Chu know that he couldn’t even control his mating period would make Wuuth feel foolish. But at the moment there was no other way, Ning Chu always knew more than him. Ning Chu stirred in a daze, his eyes too sleepy to open, “Hmm?”

He moved closer to Wuuth and gave him a brief rub. The temples of Wuuth’s forehead throbbed and he even forgot to speak. He hugged him too tightly, but Ning Chu was too hot, so he rolled over, turning his back to Wuuth to continue sleeping.

Wuuth leaned over again, shifting instinctively, exhaling a jumbled breath. He didn’t know exactly what he had done, but the symptoms eventually stopped.

Ning Chu was still asleep, and Wuuth’s eyes showed bewilderment. It was like the last step of the mating period, yet different. Like this… was it okay? But Ning Chu didn’t know any of that, so he couldn’t be considered to have completed the mating period.

Wuuth’s mind was confused, so he quietly got up and went to the bathroom, using a cleaning spell to make sure he was better before returning to sleep.

The next day, Ning Chu woke up with Wuuth already up and sitting on the edge of his bed. He sat up with a yawn, when Wuuth spoke up, clearly wanting to say something, “Ning Ning.”

Wuuth wanted to tell Ning Chu. Whether it was his mating period, or the abnormalities of the last few days. His human and dragon forms had begun to affect each other in a way he couldn’t control, and Ning Chu, as the one who was going to spend the mating period with him, deserved to know about it.

Ning Chu held out his hands to him, “What’s wrong?”

Wuuth hugged him, buried his face in Ning Chu’s neck and said in a muffled voice, “There’s something wrong with my body.”

Ning Chu’s sleepiness dissipated and he was suddenly wide awake. Did Wuuth… find out? Ning Chu opened his mouth, and only after a moment did he speak out, “Do you feel sick?”

Wuuth raised his head with a frown between his eyebrows, “Not really, it’s my human form that’s been affected a bit.” Not knowing where to begin to explain to Ning Chu, he added, “You’re my mate, so I need your help.”

Ning Chu took a deep breath and adjusted his expression. He cupped Wuuth’s face and gave him a kiss on the lips, “Don’t worry.”

Ning Chu felt distressed and his tone became more and more gentle, “I will always be by your side… Let’s go to the Academy first, okay? After that we can settle this matter.”

No wonder he felt that Wuuth wasn’t in the right state this morning. They had other things to do in the morning, and more importantly, Ning Chu had to organize his words and figure out how to approach this with Wuuth. After all… After all… this was a big deal, and he couldn’t just say a few words of comfort.

Having received Ning Chu’s kiss, Wuuth was really better, his frown was loosened and he rubbed Ning Chu’s lips, “Okay.”

Ning Chu saw that his mood had recovered and was relieved for the moment. They ate breakfast and went to find Ily first. Ning Chu took Second Cub with him, and thought about taking Third Cub as well, just to be on the safe side.

When they arrived at the entrance of the mine, Ily was waiting for them and gave Ning Chu the voucher for the money in his account. The paper was engraved with a small magic array, so if magic power was injected, a picture of the money successfully deposited into the account would show. The image could only be viewed once, so after Ning Chu confirmed that it was in order, he handed 5 crystals to Ily.

In a few days, this area of the mine would be cleaned up, and Ily would take the clan back to start refining a variety of magical weapons and trinkets. The dragons wouldn’t be able to assist with that kind of fine work, so their cooperation with Ning Chu would be temporarily stopped.

The dwarves were very sad to let go of the dragons, so Ily gave Ning Chu an expensive communicator, asking to keep in touch with him, so that they could hopefully meet Ning Chu and Second Cub again when they went out searching for a mine.

Ning Chu accepted the communicator, “Alright.”

Leaving the mine, Second Cub flew Ning Chu and Wuuth in the direction of Lance Academy, since Ning Chu was a bit ashamed that he couldn’t remember the way back. He opened the game and was still flipping through the map, while Wuuth pointed out the way for Second Cub.

After about ten minutes of flight, Ning Chu asked Second Cub to stop, and then he and Wuuth continued there on foot. After walking a little further, they finally saw the familiar gate of Lance Academy. There was no one at the entrance of the Academy, and the Crow Market next to it was also empty.

Ning Chu was prepared and took off his jacket to reveal his school uniform underneath, intending to check it out. Wuuth had no uniform, so he had to wait outside with the two little dragon cubs for the time being. He made his way to the front gate, which had a lock on the tall iron door, and Ning Chu looked inside.

A man came out of the guard room and looked surprised to see Ning Chu, “How did you get out?”

Ning Chu pretended to be puzzled, “I left a long time ago. I went back to take care of my sick family and I just came back now. What happened?”

The doorman didn’t let Ning Chu in, but waved his hand, “You’d better leave, don’t come back to the Academy now.”

Ning Chu asked, “Why?”

The doorman looked around to make sure no one else was around and sighed, “If you come in, you can’t leave again. Two Academy instructors have already died… You should go now, don’t let them see you.”


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Who would have died? Looking forward to the next chapter! thanks for the translation!

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What have the Church been doing.
I hope NC, Wuuth and Second Cub are careful and will be ok.
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