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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The three people guarding the door looked surprised, including Clark beside Ning Chu. Just now… did something black come out of Ning Chu’s jacket? It landed and turned into a person? Did they see it right?

After seeing Wuuth’s face, the three recognized him immediately, and their expressions changed again, as they turned their heads to look at each other. They were arranged to guard here and had just received the news of the dragon attack outside. They originally arranged for two people to go over to support, leaving only one person left to guard here.

Wuuth suddenly appeared and there was no telling what was going on outside… One person quietly picked up the communicator and tried to inform the others. The moment the communicator was taken out, it was shot down and dark magic quickly attacked the three.

Wuuth’s patience was limited and he wanted to solve this quickly. He could easily handle the three alone, and had a knack to crush them, Ning Chu helped out as well by throwing a few light healing spells at him. The three Church members wanted to release their contracted beasts, which were easier to defend and counterattack with in this narrow corridor, but the contracted beasts were shivering in their spiritual sea, and they didn’t dare to come out.

They were confused and uneasy. Only dragons could make the contracted beasts so afraid, but there were no dragons here.

Clark had been silent since Wuuth appeared, so Ning Chu glanced at her and said quietly, “Teacher, I… I’ll explain to you later.” If there’s a chance… 

Clark nodded gently just as Wuuth finished the fight, as the three who had fallen to the floor were out of breath.

He stepped over the bodies and pushed open the door to the basement.

Ning Chu and Clark followed, gasping as they took in the scene inside.

Josh was sitting on his knees, his hands chained and hanging from the floor, his wrists were wounded, the flesh splitting on them, even the white bones were visible.

His clothes were dirty and stained with congealed blood everywhere, and he cowered back when he heard the door open.

“Josh!” Clark was the first to step forward, helping Josh to remove the chains with a spell and retrieve a magic potion from her pocket.

Josh realized it was Clark who had entered, and as two other footsteps approached, he looked up and saw Wuuth, his cloudy eyes suddenly lighting up as he muttered, “Am I dying? I’m hallucinating…”

His body was covered with wounds, and he was already breathless. If they had come a few days later, they wouldn’t have been able to meet him. Wuuth palm clenched, the back of his hand rippling with veins.

If the person lying here was someone else, Wuuth wouldn’t react too much, but Josh meant something different to him. This difference was completely different from facing Ning Chu, who he knew was his partner, but he wasn’t quite able to grasp the relationship between teacher and student.

Wuuth only felt unusually angry that the three outside had died so easily. He also tried to help Josh up, but Ning Chu stepped forward before him and used a healing spell to heal Josh’s wounds.

Josh looked at Ning Chu again and froze for a moment, “I know you, you’re the one…”

He had taken Wuuth to the conference room that day and had run into Ning Chu on the way, so they obviously knew each other. No matter how much the Church tortured him to get him to talk, Josh didn’t tell anything to anyone about it, and even now when he saw Ning Chu in person, he kept his mouth shut.

White light magic appeared from Ning Chu’s hands, and Clark, not caring where he got his lightning and light gifts, said, “He’s too badly hurt for the healing spell to do much good.”

She wanted Ning Chu and Wuuth to stay here while she went alone to the Academy’s collection room to find out if there was any suitable medicine.

Ning Chu volunteered, “I have some here!” He had drawn a Life Extension Pill from the card draw, which came in handy now.

He opened the game, took it out of his backpack, and gave it to Josh in a hurry.

Clark remained skeptical of Ning Chu’s medicine. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Ning Chu, but she thought the potion stored at the school would work better. However, after Josh took the medicine, the wounds on his body miraculously healed in a matter of a few breaths. Not only did the wounds close, but Josh’s eyes gradually cleared and he stood up on his own without needing Clark’s help.

His condition seemed to return to normal in an instant, and he became stunned, then exclaimed, “Wuuth, you’re really back!”

Josh was so excited that he tried to approach, but halfway realized that he was too dirty and used a cleansing spell. He was wearing thin clothing which was torn all over. Of the people present, Wuuth couldn’t have carried clothes with him, and Clark was even more unsuitable, so Ning Chu, who was of similar height to Josh, volunteered to take off his jacket and give it to him.

When he saw that Josh was okay, Wuuth was relieved. He calmed his expression and said in a low voice, “Yeah.”

“It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back…” Josh’s voice got smaller and smaller, and his expression grew worried as he glanced out the door and then at Clark, “So how did you guys… How did you find your way here?”

He had just come to his senses, still unaware of what had happened.

At the same time, a dragon roar rang out from outside and traveled through the thick concrete floor into the basement.

Josh panicked, “What… what happened? What’s with that dragon roar? Are they in the Academy?” He noticed that the other three people beside him had mixed reactions, as Wuuth frowned and was the first to speak, “Let’s return first.”

Naturally he was talking to Ning Chu, but neither Josh nor Clark understood, so Ning Chu explained, “Teacher, you two should find a place to hide while Wuuth and I go out and check out the situation.”

Josh was locked up alone, since the Church already thought he meant something to Wuuth, and if they saw Josh being rescued, there was no guarantee he wouldn’t be targeted again, so it was best not to show up now. Wuuth also looked over, Josh subconsciously nodded, and Ning Chu dragged Wuuth away hurriedly.

Josh watched the two men’s backs disappear around the corner of the hallway with three bodies in the doorway, and he turned his head to lock eyes with Clark.

Clark took a deep breath, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know.”

As Ning Chu rushed to the rescue, the dragons kept circling above the Academy, and those below were ordered to stay put and didn’t dare to attack again.

But the number of Jaguar Dragons was limited, and the smoke gradually dissipated.

In this gap, Raph ordered people to quietly draw magic formations on the ground. If the dragons didn’t move, they also wouldn’t move, but he had to be well prepared to deal with them.

As the smoke cleared, someone looked upward and hesitantly said, “What…? Is that a person?”

The crowd looked up one by one, and suddenly there was a splat and a heavy object fell to the ground. It was a corpse, still wearing the silver robe representing the Church members. Someone recognized it as the person sent out yesterday to purchase supplies, the stiff limbs and stone spots on the arms proved that he had been long dead.

Before the crowd could react, two other corpses fell from high above. Raph had a moment of confusion, but a second later his expression became grim. He didn’t care about the death of these people, but this was naked provocation. He looked up, the smoke cleared and the dragons were fully exposed to view, and there was indeed a magic dragon behind them.

It had the most distinctive look, with yellow-brown and white scales alternating on their body. The neck and the end of the tail were covered with white hair.

It was the Gale Dragon.

It looked far away from the crowd below, obviously blocked by the dense group of dragons, and even though its eyes weren’t visible, Raph felt that it was staring at him. The Gale Dragon opened its mouth, then a hurricane wind blew down, and the crowd immediately resisted, but the wind fell on the corpse in front of them.

They were thinking that Gale Dragon’s attack was skewed when several more wind blades blew down one after another, still hitting the corpses, and the three corpses just kept bouncing up and down, approaching the direction where Raph was.

Until a cold, hard hand rested on the top of Raph’s shoe.

The group of dragons above suddenly became noisy, making an unfamiliar dragon’s cry, the roaring was unbearable. Raph’s face twisted, his constant calm and collected expression was gone. He had never been provoked in such a way, especially by a dragon. He was so overcome with anger that he couldn’t think of anything else and pointed his magic staff upwards, “Attack!”

The magical array that had just been set up opened in response, and a light shield appeared, but not to protect all the Church members, instead, it directly covered the Gale Dragon and the dragons, and kept pressing down, trying to close the gap between them and the dragons.

Several attack spells were thrown up, and the dragons dodged while following Second Cub’s orders to fly down and participate in the battle. However, the people underneath were prepared, and the thick magic shield of ordinary dragons couldn’t be broken.

Second Cub couldn’t have imagined that these people would use the barrier to lock the dragons together with themselves. Was this not looking for death? But he also realized that this leader was even worse than the ones he had seen before. He turned his head and spat wind blades at the barrier, trying to tear a hole, when a binding spell behind it came down precisely towards his dragon wings.

Second Cub keenly heard the movement, and he reacted extremely quickly to dodge, the spell only grazing his scales. He looked at the source of the attack and locked eyes with Raph across the sky.

Second Cub was the fastest of the magic dragons, and if another had been here, they might not have been able to dodge the attack just now. How dare they attack!

There were more than 20 people down there, and after seeing that the dragons couldn’t be defeated, the light shield couldn’t be broken for a while. That thing was much harder than the Academy’s original protective shield.

Second Cub immediately tilted his head with a dragon roar, and moved to the rescue.

Just after the sound of the dragon roar, the clear sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds, lightning and thunder.

Raph’s face changed, “There’s another one.”

He didn’t expect this at all. Since there were two of them, why didn’t they show up together? A purple dragon swooped down from the clouds, and the sole dragon horn between her forehead brought up a lightning bolt that struck the light shield.

The light shield flickered for a moment and returned to normal. Seeing that the light shield was not broken, Raph was relieved. He ordered his subordinates to narrow the light shield again and stood back to raise his magic staff.

The light shield couldn’t be forced open and the surrounding dragons couldn’t fly out, but became their temporary protection, so Gale Dragon didn’t fly down for the time being. This was his chance, Raph’s other hand reached into his pocket and surprisingly took out another magic staff. He used two spells at the same time, aiming at the magic dragon in the sky above. The magic dragon was large, where could it hide in such a narrow light shield?

The lightning outside was still attacking the light shield, and as time was running out, Raph continued to release the spell, but missed once and again. However, just then, the light shield suddenly shattered. It wasn’t broken from outside, the magic array under the feet of the crowd was directly damaged.

Raph stood back and felt a chill down his spine as he gripped his magic staff and turned around. Wuuth appeared behind him silently at some point, and he had no time to release the spell, when his neck was held in a death grip.

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I didn’t think this would be easy 😬
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