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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The group, including Raph, was so focused on the dragon that they didn’t notice anyone approaching from the rear. He thought it was a good time to attack the Gale Dragon, when the Gale Dragon was down, they could control it. Even if the light shield broke, they didn’t have to worry about the dragon outside.

The dragons would never kill each other, the higher the strength and intelligence of the magic dragon, the more it wouldn’t be indifferent to death. But his mind on dealing with the magic dragon also gave Wuuth the opportunity.

The light shield itself was difficult to break, but the magic array, which required constant energy to maintain, was the most fragile. No one noticed that a cloud of dark magic was thrown at their feet, which instantly swallowed up a large part of the magic array. When the crowd discovered it, it was too late, Raph was strangled and unable to move, and the magic staff in his hand fell to the ground.

Once the light shield was broken, Second Cub immediately let the dragons scatter. He saw Wuuth return, his eyes immediately became excited, so he turned his head and howled to Fourth Cub to help.

There were a few other people guarding the Academy gate, and they were anxious to see the situation inside, but they didn’t dare to go in without Raph’s orders. They were discussing whether they should split up into two groups to help, as the students were hiding in the building and shouldn’t dare to come out.

Halfway through the conversation, a figure approached. He was wearing a first-year uniform but no jacket, and a black mask was completely covering his face.

Ning Chu hesitated before coming over, but put on his old mask, which was kept together with his school uniform and brought with him this time. His costume was so bizarre that the crowd at the door was wary and asked, “Who are you? Take off your mask and go back inside and stay there.”

Ning Chu not only did not leave, but also continued to approach. He was only one person, so the group of people weren’t afraid of him at all. They were about to strike Ning Chu when the temperature behind them rose sharply and the sound of dragon wings flapping sounded.

The moment they turned around, a huge dragon stood outside the Academy door, and opened its mouth in a spray of flame.

A third magic dragon! The Scarlet Flame Dragon’s fire was so powerful that it burned their skin to the bone.

Third Cub came over to help, and Ning Chu was forgotten by them. He opened the gatekeeper’s room and found him hiding inside. The doorman had never seen so many dragons in the Academy, he was just a gatekeeper, and didn’t know a few spells, so he was terrified.

Ning Chu was wearing a mask, but at least he was wearing a school uniform, so when the doorman saw him, he was much calmer and anxiously urged, “There are dragons outside, what are you doing here? Close the door and hide in here!”

“It’s okay. He won’t hurt us,” Ning Chu quietly released a little light magic to stabilize the doorman, “Go join the instructors and students in the building, tell them not to be afraid. The dragons will only attack the Church people.”

That Raph, if Ning Chu remembered correctly, seemed to be the son of the Pope, the one Vito once mentioned. He was also present when Little Five died. The strength of the subordinates around him and the people Vito brought earlier weren’t similar, but the two groups of people acted somewhat differently.

While Vito had a delusional desire to gain the approval of the dragons, Raph was more calculating and predominantly wanted to hunt and kill. Ning Chu and Wuuth were shocked to see the dragons and Second Cub in the light shield when they arrived.

The gatekeeper was stunned and recognized Ning Chu’s voice, “You… you’re the one from yesterday…”

Ning Chu didn’t say much as he helped him up, “Let’s go, it’s not safe here. I’m afraid I’ll accidentally hurt you.”

Outside, the screams didn’t stop, while the smell of burning was constantly in the air. If this place was accidentally burnt later… The doorman couldn’t care less about fear and followed Ning Chu. As soon as he stepped outside, the heat hit him, and Ning Chu took him to a safer place, then turned around to go back.

The doorman shouted, “Eh, wait… Why are you still going there?”

Ning Chu didn’t even look back, “To help.”

Help… who?

The gatekeeper saw Ning Chu approaching the dragon and the Church members who were still stubbornly resisting, and he threw out a white ball of light of a healing spell, undeterred by the flames.

But it was thrown at the red dragon.

The doorman seemed to understand what Ning Chu meant when he said “he won’t hurt us”. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was right and went in the direction of the school building in a trance. Ning Chu and Third Cub quickly took care of the men at the door and tried to help Wuuth when they found that the battle inside was over.

Second Cub and Fourth Cub were flying in the air, the dragons had already returned to Dragon Island, and there was a field of dead people underneath, only Raph was left alive, but only half-breathing. He stared viciously at Wuuth, unable to figure out how this student of unknown origin could suddenly return, as well as these three magic dragons who led the dragon swarm to attack them.

He also noticed the Scarlet Flame Dragon at the door. Anyone who saw a human and a dragon together would probably react with shock and disbelief, and Raph had a stomach full of questions to ask, but he was more concerned about his life.

“Do you dare to kill me?” Raph inclined his head and spat out a bloodied tooth, “Do you know who I am?”

He was lying on the ground, his legs were trampled by a dragon claw, but he wasn’t weak when he uttered these words.

“I know, you are the son of the Pope,” Ning Chu approached with his mask on and looked down at him, “So what if I kill you? You’re going to let a bunch of losers from your Church come after us?”

He finished with a contemptuous laugh, his mockery value pulled to full.

Raph’s face turned blue, “Who are you? Wearing a mask and not daring to show your true face?”

He was obviously badly wounded, but his mouth was still tough.

Wuuth couldn’t bear to hear anyone say anything bad about Ning Chu, so he tightened his grip on Raph’s neck and saw his face turn red and his eyes roll. He coughed hard, “Wait… the Church will never let you or this Academy get away with this…”

Ning Chu crouched down and said coldly, “Really? How about this, I’ll let you live first, let you watch me trample down the Church, and then let you and your father die together.”

It was the first time he had said such harsh words. Little Five’s death and Josh’s miserable state in the basement were all done by these people.

Ning Chu didn’t sound like he was joking, and Raph was silent for a moment, “Who the hell are you?”

The three dragons stopped nearby as if waiting for orders, while Raph still tried to act tough, “You think with just these three magic dragons…”

“No,” Ning Chu interrupted him, “I have seven magic dragons.”

Successfully seeing the shocked look appear on Raph’s face, Ning Chu continued, “And a whole clan of dragons, so guess if I can?”

He noticed that Raph’s right hand was unnaturally hidden behind his back and he gently pulled it out.

Ning Chu was alert and stood up to step on his arm, “What’s that?”

Seeing that he had been discovered, Raph struggled to free his arm, his right hand gripped a light green magic staff and aimed it at Ning Chu.

Wuuth, who was right behind Ning Chu, reacted faster and blocked in front of Ning Chu, raising his hand to cut off Raph’s right hand with a black blade made of dark magic. Blood gushed out, and Raph cried out in pain, knowing that he had no last chance. He held his injured arm with his other hand, “If you want to kill…” 

Ning Chu’s eyes were drawn to the magic staff that had rolled off the ground, and he bent down to pick it up, holding it in his hands.

The magic staff was inlaid with silver magic stones in the middle and at the end, looking very delicate, and was made of bone.

Raph saw this, revealing a smile worse than crying, “You recognize it? If that dragon hadn’t died, wouldn’t you have eight magic dragons?”

Since Ning Chu was wearing a mask, Raph couldn’t see his expression. His hands broke the magic staff, and the sharp end was fiercely stabbed into Raph’s heart, his voice devoid of emotion, “You’re wrong. She’s not dead.”

Raph opened his eyes in confusion, his pupils gradually dimming. Ning Chu pulled out his magic staff, crushing the other one in his hand, then throwing the remnants on the ground, “Clean this place up.”

Wuuth responded, not forgetting to collect all the storage tools from corpses on the ground, and finally putting all the bodies into a storage bag for Third Cub to throw them outside, including those at the door. The Church was all settled, so the dragons didn’t have to keep guarding the place, their presence was too strong for the instructors and students in the school building were too scared to come out.

With the help of Ning Chu, the dragons flew away one after another and disappeared among the clouds. There were still many bloodstains on the ground, so Ning Chu rinsed them with water magic, when Wuuth beside him suddenly grabbed his wrist.

His other hand was also taken up and reversed to reveal the palm of his hand, which had several bloodstains on it.

This was from when Ning Chu crushed the magic staff and was cut by the bone fragments. Wuuth’s brow was furrowed, but he didn’t say a word.

Ning Chu coughed lightly, “I’m not in pain, I’ll just use healing magic on myself…”

He tried to pull his hand out, but couldn’t move it.

Wuuth’s fingertips gently brushed against the wound on Ning Chu’s hand, he treated him himself and said, distressed, “If there’s anything you want in the future, let me do it.”

Ning Chu was silent, but Wuuth knew he was having a hard time seeing that magic staff. Even though Fifth Cub had long been resurrected, the damage she had suffered couldn’t be erased.

After Ning Chu’s hand was restored to its original state, Wuuth gently hugged him, “They’re all dead.”

Ning Chu hugged him back and said in a muffled voice, “Yeah.”

The mask he was wearing was just as obtrusive as before, so Wuuth took it off and kissed Ning Chu, “Shall we go back now?”

Wuuth still wanted to go to Josh… He looked up as some students slowly exited the building. They had been hiding inside, afraid that the dragon would shift its target and attack them, but then the gatekeeper came and told them that the magic dragon wouldn’t hurt the people of the Academy, yet no one believed him, and they were still afraid.

Only now that the dragons were gone, did anyone dare to come out. There were two people standing outside, one dressed in the iconic black, a face that no student could forget, holding an equally familiar mask.

The other was being held in Wuuth’s arms, and their intimate actions just now were seen by the first few students who came out.

It was… Wuuth!

The mask he was holding was… Ning’s?

For a moment, the students didn’t know which event was more impactful.


The author has something to say: 

Students: This is more interesting than watching the dragons


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October 26, 2022 1:08 pm

Damn, Raph really died too quickly.
I don’t blame NC at all though, seeing the staff made from Fifth Cub’s bone would definitely affect him to get vengeance.
Now the Pope will know how it feels to lose family…. then his repulsive Church.
Love Wuuth and NC’s tender moments. They’ll be the talk of the Academy 😏
Glad the dragons are all ok and Josh.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 26, 2022 1:12 pm

Loved this chapter. The church is still going to be a pain, but soon they will all be gone❤️❤️ . Thank you for the update ❤️❤️

December 5, 2022 6:08 pm

Lmfaooo gossip > danger

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