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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu was really afraid, there was a huge difference between his and Wuuth’s power level, if Wuuth was determined, he simply wouldn’t be able to escape. After Wuuth’s release, Ning Chu adjusted his posture and moved away a bit. His face was red, and he couldn’t see Wuuth’s reaction, so he moved over by feeling, “It’s… this.”

Wuuth’s breath hitched, and he bit the side of Ning Chu’s neck.

It was different from what he had learned, but he was more inexperienced than Ning Chu, and was very satisfied at the moment. Things got even more confusing afterwards, and it wasn’t until dawn that the two went to the bathroom to clean up.

Wuuth put a towel on the sink, lifted Ning Chu up then sat him down, and took his hand.

Both of Ning Chu’s palms were red, and there were marks on his legs. Wuuth was both distressed and remorseful, and used a healing spell to treat him, and he was soon back to normal.

He kissed Ning Chu’s lips, “Ning Ning…”

It wasn’t like in the books, but it seemed almost the same. Wuuth couldn’t describe how he felt, his heart was full, as he hugged Ning Chu and refused to let go, kissing away the moisture at the corner of his eyes. He couldn’t figure out what Ning Chu was thinking at the moment, whether he was angry or not.

Ning Chu, who had just let Wuuth do everything, now sat quietly, his face still flushed, as if he hadn’t recovered. Wuuth soaked another clean towel with hot water and gently wiped Ning Chu’s forehead.

When he put down the towel, Ning Chu finally reacted, and asked with a grimace, “What’s gotten you so stimulated tonight?”

He had obviously tempted him more than once, and Wuuth even admitted himself that he had a little physical condition. Ning Chu had a rough idea on how to communicate with Wuuth in his mind, but the result… 

It was as if Wuuth was suddenly enlightened; he knew what to do, yet he was inquisitive, plus he had never experienced it before. Even if the two didn’t take the final step, Ning Chu was hit with a lot of force.

Shouldn’t he be glad that Wuuth was obedient? Otherwise he would’ve done the main event regardless… Ning Chu’s palm was faintly hot and he couldn’t help but shrink back.

Wuuth moved his lips, “No stimulation.”

He faced the same situation with Ning Chu earlier, but he just couldn’t find the solution and mistook it for a problem of his own.

Ning Chu didn’t believe him, so he reached out and pinched his face hard, “Tell me the truth!”

Wuuth wasn’t hurt at all, he was calm and collected and turned on the shower, before adjusting the water temperature.

After almost half the night, Ning Chu wanted to take a shower even after using the cleaning technique. Ning Chu stared at Wuuth with an increasingly unhappy expression. He pushed Wuuth away and was about to go out. Wuuth compromised at once and hugged him from behind.

“I asked Josh,” Wuuth’s voice was low and muffled, embarrassed by the confession to Ning Chu, “and he gave me three books.”

Ning Chu pressed, “Books? What books?”

He reacted abruptly as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

Wuuth was still saying, “I put them in my storage bag, do you want to read it?”

Ning Chu turned around with disbelief in his eyes, “You would go and ask Josh something like that?”

And Josh actually told him… Ning Chu didn’t need to look at the three books to know what they were about. No wonder Wuuth was suddenly enlightened, yet it seemed like he wasn’t fully enlightened.

He went to Josh, then Josh also knew about the two of them… Why didn’t Wuuth ask him directly about this kind of thing? It made him misunderstand for a long time, thinking that he really had a physical problem.

“I wanted to tell you something,” Wuuth lowered his eyelashes, “when you turned into a dragon…”

He was at his most unstable during those days, showing signs of entering the later stages of his mating period, which was delayed for two more days by the events at the Academy. He showed his slightly aggrieved look again, and Ning Chu looked at him, really unable to get angry.

Ning Chu even began to reflect on himself. Was it because he and Wuuth haven’t communicated enough? With their current relationship, Wuuth should be able to talk with him about anything, but he went to an outsider for help. He didn’t think Wuuth would be shy or afraid, it was simply not in a dragon’s character.

“Forget it,” Ning Chu yawned as he got sleepy after his bath, “Let’s go back to bed.”

While they were in the house… Not only did he help Wuuth, Wuuth had helped him too. Even when he was almost out of control, Wuuth had taken care of his emotions.

All in all, it wasn’t a loss for him.

Ning Chu dropped his clothes on the floor, then he used water magic and fire magic to go over them before putting them on, also using a cleaning spell on the bed. He lay back down in it, and after a few moments blushed and pushed Wuuth, “Go and open the window.”

Wuuth did as he was told, then the two of them were able to sleep peacefully. Before he fell asleep, Ning Chu remembered what Wuuth had told him in the bathroom, when he mentioned about him becoming a dragon, but then he didn’t say anything else.

Now that he thought about it, Ning Chu felt that there was something else Wuuth hadn’t told him. But he was so sleepy that he felt Wuuth’s lips with his eyes closed and rubbed them together, whispering, “Don’t hide anything from me in the future…”

After a long time, Wuuth answered in a low voice. The only thing he hid from Ning Chu was his courtship period, and that what had just happened was also because of his mating period.

In the past, he felt that as the most powerful dragon, he couldn’t even control his own mating period, which was a rather humiliating thing. It didn’t matter if it was someone else or another dragon, but Ning Chu was different. Perhaps it was also because of the mating period, male dragons always want to show their best side in front of their partners.

But after hearing Josh’s words tonight, Wuuth’s mind had changed. No wonder he said at first that humans didn’t have a mating period, and then said that humans were in heat every day. It turned out that humans didn’t distinguish between these.

Especially tonight, when he was in an out of control state. He wanted to try what the book said, and Ning Chu was going along with him.

In Wuuth’s opinion, Ning Chu’s reaction was consistent with what Josh said. Compared to humans, the mating period of the dragons wasn’t worth mentioning.

Wuuth vaguely understood this point, so perhaps he could tell Ning Chu. He didn’t sleep, and repeatedly recalled the images of the night with Ning Chu until dawn.


Ning Chu slept until noon, when he was awakened by a knock at the door. He sat up rubbing his eyes, as Wuuth went to open the door.

Josh appeared at the door, stroking his beard awkwardly, “I didn’t want to disturb you… there was a magic dragon at the entrance of the Academy, and it has been on guard there without moving.”

They promised not to take the initiative to attack the dragon, but such a large dragon standing outside,  where it was noticed each time the Academy building was passed made not only the students, but several instructors nervous.

It was a dragon after all, but was it really as obedient as Ning Chu said it would be?

“Okay,” Wuuth’s face was calm, “I’ll go.”

He closed the door after that, and Josh cursed, “Brat! Still the same as before!”

He didn’t leave immediately, but waited around the corner in the hallway for a while, when Ning Chu and Wuuth came out together.

When he saw Josh, Ning Chu remembered last night, but luckily he had put on a mask to hide his embarrassed expression. He and Wuuth followed Josh downstairs and went to the front of the school building, where they saw Second Cub sitting motionless in front of the Academy.

Second Cub’s eyes were sharp and he saw Ning Chu first, flapping one of his dragon wings at him. There were a lot of people around the edge of the railing of each floor of the building, curious and afraid of the dragon, daring to look at it only when they were far away.

As Ning Chu walked towards the entrance, the whispering voices in the building immediately increased, and a few familiar words could be heard from time to time.

Ning Chu could guess what they were talking about without listening closely, but he looked away and pretended he didn’t notice, and neither did Wuuth.

On the way Josh asked, “By the way, the magic dragon… is it your contracted beast?”

This was one of the concerns of the Academy instructors and students, but neither Ning Chu nor Wuuth mentioned it yesterday.

They were magical dragons, three of them, so even if Ning Chu and Wuuth had one each, what about the third one?

Ning Chu replied, “No, we just met by chance and by coincidence we became friends.”

Regardless of whether others believed it or not, Ning Chu didn’t want to use “contracted beast” to define his relationship with these dragons.

They were about to reach the entrance of the Academy, and Josh asked no more questions; he didn’t continue to approach and waited where he was. Second Cub wagged his tail and flung it to the side of a tree, snapping it in half.

Ning Chu approached and stood in the shade where the students couldn’t see, reached out and touched Second Cub’s front leg, “Why did Second Cub come?”

Second Cub continued to wag his tail and emitted dragon breath from the tip of his nose. Ning Chu had told the group of little dragons that it was best not to make any noise after leaving the island when they were in their adult form, as the sound would scare the students nearby. He dropped his head, and his neck fur revealed two tiny heads, one green and one gold.


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❤️❤️ did the new egg hatch!? ❤️❤️

October 29, 2022 2:33 pm

I’m not sure how far they actually went, but they’ve obviously progressed.
NC did it again already!!!! He has all these unanswered questions, yet just shuts down. It’s so frustrating!
Wasn’t he at all bothered about what Wuuth wanted to say to him in dragon form? Wuuth has a lot more patience than I would.
What are Fifth and Sixtth cubs doing there… has Seventh arrived? 🤗
Thanks for translating and editing

December 5, 2022 9:58 pm

Definitely frustrating that their papapa talk is not in the same wavelength and they have both thoughts on it but don’t voice it out 😅

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