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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


There was no one else nearby, and the doorman had hidden away out of fear. Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub called out in turn, and Sixth Cub opened her wings and legs, swooping towards Ning Chu.

Ning Chu caught her steadily, then Fifth Cub flew down, and the two little dragon cubs huddled together in Ning Chu’s arms.

“Why did you two come here too?” Ning Chu stroked their heads one by one, “I was delayed yesterday, so we will go back today.”

After seeing Ning Chu’s supplies dropped from the air yesterday, several dragons were relieved to know that he was okay, but today there was still no sign of Ning Chu.

The Academy was just below Dragon Island, and Second Cub was going to fly to the entrance of the passage to take a look, but Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub insisted that they were going to go too. Yesterday, Eldest Cub took care of the herd and the two young dragon cubs on Dragon Island, as well as the egg in the house, while the other adults went down to help Ning Chu. Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub were so envious that they snuck to the entrance of the passage yesterday, only for Eldest Cub to catch them and take them back, before they could even take a peek.

The Church had been taken care of and the Academy should be safe, but Ning Chu still hadn’t returned.

Second Cub took the two hatchlings to the entrance of the passage. The Academy below was quiet, with only a few people walking around occasionally, but Ning Chu was nowhere to be seen. Sixth Cub yelped in displeasure, wanting to go down and have a closer look.

If it were Eldest Cub or Third Cub, they would have disagreed and taken them back with them. However, it was Second Cub that was next to her, and he immediately lowered his head and let the two dragons hide in his neck fur. He couldn’t stay still, he wanted to go out again yesterday, and now he had the chance.

When Ning Chu asked, he said it was Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub that wanted to come, so it was not his fault. When the two little dragon cubs settled down on the back of his neck, Second Cub flew down from the clouds and stopped at the entrance of the school.

A few people at the gate were scared half to death, but when they saw it just quietly squatting and doing nothing, eventually someone shaking from fear left to inform an instructor.

Fifth Cub gave a soft “awooo” and rubbed her head against Ning Chu’s hand, indicating that she missed him very much. Sixth Cub climbed up Ning Chu’s shirt and emerged from his shoulder, looking around curiously.

After Ning Chu cuddled them for a while, Second Cub leaned down and plopped down. His huge body squeezed in the school gate, his dragon wings reaching inside the door, his breath scraping the leaves with a rustle.

“All right, you guys should go back first,” Ning Chu said, “We have one more small issue we need to take care of, we’ll be back before dinner.”

Before coming over, Josh also reminded them of the Church member he had caught last night, telling Ning Chu and Wuuth to check it out, so the Academy could hand that man over to them. Josh was still waiting inside, and Ning Chu couldn’t bring the dragons into the Academy with him.

Fifth Cub let out another “awooo”, her round eyes looking at Ning Chu, her front paws clinging to his clothes. She knew Ning Chu had something to do and they couldn’t disturb him and Wuuth, but they had only stayed with Ning Chu for a while, and Ning Chu was leaving again, he might not even come back at night.

Fifth Cub’s reluctant look softened Ning Chu’s heart and he hesitantly said, “Then…”

Wuuth took the initiative to pick up Sixth Cub and hide her in his jacket, “Take them inside.”

The little dragon cubs that were underage had to come out to see the world, as long as they hid well and weren’t noticed.

Sixth Cub was bold and not the least bit timid, and also quite obedient, just like Fifth Cub, so it would be fine to take them.

The two little dragon cubs were held by each of them, but not Second Cub, who couldn’t turn smaller in public. Ning Chu let him go back to Dragon Island by himself, but he put his chin on his front claws and spewed out a mouthful of dragon’s breath, accompanied by a low roar. Second Cub said he wanted to go somewhere else for a stroll, not too far, and not to places with people. He promised not to cause trouble, and that he would return to Dragon Island soon.

He had been behaving well for the past few days, so Ning Chu allowed it, “Go ahead.”

Second Cub immediately straightened up, shook his neck hair and slowly flew high into the sky, circling around for a while before flying elsewhere.

Ning Chu hid Fifth Cub in his jacket and went back to the Academy with Wuuth.

Josh was still waiting for them and took them to the teacher’s cafeteria for lunch.

On the way, the two little dragon cubs quietly peeked outside through the folds of their jackets, sizing up this strange place.

There were very few people in the teacher’s cafeteria, even fewer at this time of day, and Josh hadn’t eaten yet, so he ordered two meals for each of them and brought them over, pointing to another seat at the table, “Can I sit here?”

Ning Chu took off his mask and said, “Sure.”

He felt slightly worried, afraid Josh would bring up last night. Wuuth didn’t mention him when he went to get the books yesterday, right? It was just that Wuuth wanted to study… So it had nothing to do with him.

Fortunately, Josh ate quietly and didn’t make small talk, and didn’t speak much to Wuuth, either. In fact, the two had been like this before, except for some necessary questions about his studies, Wuuth talked very little.

When he first started at the Academy, he didn’t say more than five words a day.

Josh looked up during the meal and saw that there was still a lot left in Wuuth’s bowl and thought, I’ve never seen a meal to his liking.

He looked down and continued to eat his own food, but his eyes caught sight of Ning Chu taking something from Wuuth.

Josh looked over again and saw that it was a few pieces of fresh jerky. Ning Chu leaned closer, whispering something to Wuuth, who looked down and took the jerky, finishing it obediently.

Ning Chu then plucked a few pieces of cabbage from Wuuth’s bowl with his chopsticks and whispered, “You have to eat vegetables too, you can’t always eat meat.”

After Wuuth took human form, he became an omnivorous dragon, especially when he was in human form, Ning Chu would ask him to eat some vegetables.

The green cabbage was boiled, without much oil, yet Wuuth frowned and stared at it for a long time, but eventually grabbed it with the chopsticks and slowly finished it. Ning Chu was very satisfied, while Josh looked on with amazement, feeling that this was natural.

It’s true that people change when they fall in love. Josh sighed to himself and lowered his head to eat.

Ning Chu lifted the jerky to Wuuth and quietly fed a little to Sixth Cub. As soon as the jerky came close to the edge of his jacket, a small golden paw poked out from it, touched it gently, then reached out and opened her mouth to bite it, before quickly retreating.

Ning Chu fed her two in a row, nervous that Josh would find out.

After feeding one, he had to feed the other. Ning Chu held his head with one hand while holding the oat grass in his other hand and feeding it to Fifth Cub in his inside pocket.

After feeding the two dragons with difficulty, Josh called for the man in charge of cleanup in the cafeteria to take away the trio’s dinner plates.

“Would you like to see that Church member now? Or should we go back and rest and take a nap first?” Josh asked as he walked away, “He’s being held over at Clark’s, with someone guarding him exclusively.”

“Let’s go now,” Ning Chu replied, quietly stroking Fifth Cub in his arms, “We… ahem, have slept a lot during the day.”

Wuuth walked next to Josh, who responded as he unconsciously inclined his head. He happened to see a pair of golden eyes peeking out of Wuuth’s jacket, staring at him curiously.

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