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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth had been out for a long time, so Ning Chu was about to fall asleep when he heard the door of the room open. He opened his eyes in a daze, and a familiar figure approached the bed.

Ning Chu subconsciously reached out to Wuuth, “Why are you so late…”

There was a hint of complaint in his words, Wuuth lay down and hugged him, “Something came up.”

Ning Chu yawned, his sleepiness dissipated a bit, and asked Wuuth in the darkness, “So, what did Josh say?”

“Nothing much,” Wuuth replied, his warm fingertips caressing the contours of Ning Chu’s face, “We can leave anytime or stay.”

The Academy’s doors were open for them to enter and exit, and the students were placated by their teachers.

But there was one thing, the students had been locked up in the Academy for a long time and were not allowed to leave. Now that the Church was finally gone, many of them wanted to take time off to go home, and the news that the Church had taken control of the Academy might not be able to be hidden.

Ning Chu immediately said, “That’s none of our business.”

“Mn,” Wuuth responded, “There’s still one person from the Church who’s still alive. He tried to escape at night but was caught.”

This was the one who had slipped through the net, and when found said he was only a member of the lowest rank, responsible only for part of the logistics, and not even qualified to follow Raph.

It was so late that the teachers were going to tell Ning Chu and Wuuth the next day, but because Wuuth visited Josh in the evening, he already knew about it.

Ning Chu considered it, “Let’s go and see tomorrow.”

Wuuth responded, “Okay.”

He touched Ning Chu’s thin shirt and after a few moments changed into clothes the same as his.

Without pajamas, Ning Chu had to make do with this for the night. The bed was small, but soft with an extra layer of padding, and the bathroom had hot water for washing up.

After tonight, they would go back to Dragon Island.

After talking for a while, Ning Chu was more awake and couldn’t sleep anymore. He asked Wuuth again, “Why did you want to see Josh alone?”

Wuuth was silent for a moment, “To ask him for advice.”

He remembered the look on Josh’s face when he asked what he wanted to know. Combined with some difficulty in communication between the two, Wuuth spent a lot of effort to obtain what he wanted.

When he presented it to him, Josh’s hands were shaking, “You’re not young anymore, how come you don’t even know about such things…”

Wuuth was innocent, Ning Chu had instructed him not to tell Josh his identity, so he couldn’t explain clearly, and what he said about his partner’s mating period almost made Josh confused.

Josh couldn’t have guessed that the student in front of him was a dragon, he just assumed that Wuuth not only did not have a usual common sense, he also listened to all this nonsense from somewhere.

Didn’t he and Ning Chu look pretty close during the day… so it’s not that one didn’t get it, but neither of them did?

Josh gave Wuuth a few books, he went to the abandoned warehouse in the corner of the Academy library to find them, thanks to the time he spent at the Academy.If it was anyone else, they might not have been able to find these books.

Wuuth took the books, as Josh waved his hand, “Is this okay? Hurry and go, go…”

If people knew that he brought his student here in the middle of the night to look for such books… 

Wuuth followed Josh, watch him lock the door of the warehouse, and asked, “Teacher, the mating period of humans…” He had asked this question earlier, and because of the lack of clarity, Josh only said that humans weren’t animals and didn’t have a mating period.

Wuuth couldn’t figure out why these books existed if humans didn’t have a mating period.

Wasn’t this something that could only be done during courtship?

More importantly, if he wanted to control his state in human form, he had to know the laws of human mating first.

But Josh told him they didn’t have one.

Wuuth was very confused. Because of his identity, he couldn’t directly tell Josh the real situation, so it was hard to understand and even harder to ask the correct questions.

Seeing Wuuth still struggling with this, Josh’s expression twisted, “You… Hey! As long as there’s enough energy, human beings are in heat every day! Do you understand?”

If he asked him again, he would feel too embarrassed… Wuuth asked it the same way as he would ask how a spell worked.

Wuuth thought for a long time and then answered, “Thank you, teacher.”

He had never said anything like that before, so Josh took a step and looked back at Wuuth, “You should go back.”

When he reunited with Wuuth, his straightforward personality was still the same, but he was noticeably more animated and talked more than before.

With such a change, Josh naturally thought of Ning Chu, who was at Wuuth’s side. He was also very curious about the two and lowered his voice, “You and Hugh, are you really a couple?”

Ning Chu’s identity wasn’t concealed from the teachers, so he used the same name as before.

Wuuth glanced at Josh, “Yes.”

The two lived in the same dormitory at night, and Wuuth’s dormitory had only one bed, so they must be sleeping together. But looking at Wuuth’s lack of understanding, could it be wishful thinking on his part?

Josh hadn’t seen the two kissing during the day, and had been busy until now after sending Ning Chu and Wuuth to the dormitory, not to mention the fact that word had spread among the students.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Wuuth, but he was afraid that Wuuth was too innocent in this area, and would get his heart broken later.

Josh picked his words carefully, “That boy looks good, and he’s a good match for you…”

He couldn’t hide the expression on his face, and with the words he just asked Wuuth, Wuuth guessed what he was thinking.

Wuuth was a little upset, “We’re mates.”

With sleeping together every night, being able to hug and kiss whenever they want, all of which Ning Chu had agreed to, they were certainly partners. Moreover, Ning Chu would use the dragon transformation spell for him, turning into a beautiful little dragon.

The subtle change in Wuuth’s expression didn’t escape Josh’s eyes, and he seemed to be oozing love at the moment.

Josh wisely shut up and said, “I know, go home now!”

After leaving the building, Wuuth found a place where no one was around and read through all the books Josh had given him. He couldn’t get it out of his head, and he had it all memorized before he put it away and returned to the dorm.

“What did you seek advice about?” Ning Chu was curious, “I thought you had something important to tell him.”

Wuuth didn’t answer and came over to kiss Ning Chu.

When Josh gave him the book, he also told him that no one should know that he had read such a thing. The book contained not only words, but also pictures. Wuuth had no reaction when he read it, but when he faced Ning Chu, he couldn’t help but imagine him in them. He had seen Ning Chu’s appearance under his clothes, and he couldn’t forget any place he saw once.

Wuuth’s heart beat faster and his kissing began to become impatient.

Ning Chu resisted unsuccessfully and tried to turn his head, “What’s wrong with you…”

Both of them were dressed thinly and were close together when Ning Chu’s eyes suddenly opened wide. He froze for a moment, “You, you…”

Wasn’t Wuuth not able to get hard?!

After reading the book, Wuuth no longer suppressed and restrained himself, he wanted to give it a try.

Josh’s statement, “humans are in heat every day”, made him realize that it was no wonder his human form was uncontrollable and erratic. Ning Chu was a human, and so was he. But between mates, it was only possible with mutual consent.

Wuuth picked Ning Chu up and kissed him while testing him to see if he was the same as him.

Ning Chu trembled a little, his voice sounded like he was about to cry, “What are you doing…”

Wuuth just went out for a quick visit, so how come he seems to be a completely different person… He was too ashamed and flustered to move, but managed squeezed two words out between his teeth, “Let go.”

Wuuth was in the midst of his excitement and kept kissing Ning Chu, “You’re just like me.”

Ning Chu’s breathing accelerated, realizing what Wuuth was referring to. He was also inexperienced and froze for a while, when Wuuth’s clothes clutched in his hand suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

Then Wuuth began to undo the buttons on Ning Chu’s clothes, removing the eyesore first. Ning Chu turned his head and tried to run, but unfortunately his strength was completely overwhelmed and he went from half-pushing to no longer struggling.

He was still confused, since the situation now was completely different from what he expected. Besides, he was a normal human being, it was impossible for him not to have a semi-reaction. Wuuth held Ning Chu tightly again, cupped his chin and continued kissing. He took Ning Chu’s obedience as willingness, one hand lifting his knee as he tried to enter.

Ning Chu blanched, “Wait… Wait!”

He was trembling all over, so Wuuth ran his hand down his spine to sooth him, “Ning Ning, don’t be afraid.”

“No,” Ning Chu’s eyes panicked, “I… Let me help you, okay? You can’t do this directly…”

It wasn’t a matter of being afraid… It was that they were unprepared!

Wuuth let go and kissed Ning Chu on the corner of his lips, “What kind of help?”


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Yeah Wuuth! And poor Josh! 😄

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Goodness only knows what books Josh gave Wuuth.
It’s beyond me. OK, uncomfortable abd embarrassing, but Josh should have handled that better. There’s stuff you cannot get from a book.
I’m sure NC and he will now have a proper talk about things and then….
Thanks for translating and editing.

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