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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A week had passed, so Ning Chu pulled the covers back and turned around, “Okay.”

The lights had just gone out in the room, and his eyes hadn’t adjusted yet to the darkness, so Ning Chu gathered a little magical energy into his eyes to see in the dark. Nowadays, Wuuth continued to teach him higher level healing and elemental attacks, as well as a few tips on the use of magical energy.

Wuuth’s face gradually became clearer, and the intention in his eyes was obvious.

“Then I…” Ning Chu thought for a moment, “Let’s find a suitable time…”

They couldn’t leave the Academy yet, it was indeed boring to stay here all day, but the spell would last all day. Ning Chu had to arrange the situation on the Dragon Islands first.

Wuuth immediately said, “Tomorrow?”

He always felt that there wasn’t enough intimacy with Ning Chu at the moment, but Ning Chu didn’t want to do the things in the books with him, he would at most help with his hands. Turning into a dragon was different, at least in dragon form, Wuuth was in the dominant position.

It didn’t matter that he was a young dragon like last time, he missed Ning Chu’s silvery white scales and pair of beautiful horns, and couldn’t resist asking about the spell for days on end.

“Tomorrow at noon, alright?” After dropping enough supplies in the morning, and using the spell at noon, Ning Chu leaned into Wuuth’s arms, “It’s late, let’s go to sleep.”

So from the next day when he woke up, Wuuth looked up at the sky from time to time, and when the sun shone just above his head, he pulled the busy Ning Chu aside, “It’s noon.”

Ning Chu was in the backyard, re-sowing a handful of oat grass seeds and turning off the game, “Okay.”

He was ready and remembered all the incantations, and wanted to go to his room to recite them, placing his clothes inside.

Instead, Wuuth stopped him, “Let’s go to the back of the mountain.”

He remembered his last experience, and Ning Chu had to be his for the whole day when he turned into a dragon this time. It was just as well that Ning Chu hadn’t had time to tell the other dragons, and now they needed to know even less.

Wuuth was so insistent that he almost dragged Ning Chu away. Ning Chu knew the dragon’s desire for possessiveness was at work again and let him be, “Okay.”

It was a long walk to the back of the mountain, and Wuuth took Ning Chu to a wide area before transforming into a dragon. The black dragon resembled a small mountain, its outstretched wings blocking the sunlight and casting a huge shadow. The dragon lowered its head and gestured for Ning Chu to sit up.

When Ning Chu sat down, the dragon lifted its wings and took off. The sound of Wuuth’s transformation into his adult form was so loud that Second Cub looked for him, but only saw his back as he flew away with Ning Chu. Second Cub wasn’t surprised and turned his head back.

Wuuth took Ning Chu all the way north, until he flew out of Dragon Island, then he realized that Wuuth was trying to take him to the back of another Dragon Island. The three Dragon Islands were side by side, the middle one was 02. Wuuth didn’t lose speed and flew directly to 03.

Dragon Island 03 was briefly tidied up by Ning Chu. There was a clearing at the edge of the island and the weeds were cut. Wuuth landed on the clearing and waited for Ning Chu to climb down and stand before changing back to human form. The island wasn’t yet inhabited by the collared dragon herd, and Ning Chu hasn’t had time to put in other animal hatchlings yet, so the island was very quiet.

Under Wuuth’s long-awaited gaze, Ning Chu silently recited the incantation, and his body suddenly disappeared, leaving a pile of clothes on the ground, bulging like a small mountain. The familiar little silvery-white dragon cub burst out, a pair of glazed teal eyes looking at Wuuth.

It had been a while since the last dragon transformation, and Ning Chu’s limbs weren’t very obedient, and he had just crouched down when a black shadow swooped in front of him.

Wuuth turned back into a small black dragon and held Ning Chu, licking him hard.

The silvery-white dragon tilted his head and let out a reluctant syllable from his mouth, but he didn’t push him away.

Wuuth kept licking Ning Chu’s scales, and every now and then he would gently bite them. He was careful to control his sharp teeth so that Ning Chu wouldn’t feel the slightest pain. Ning Chu felt Wuuth’s passion, leaning back on all fours and not moving, and it took a while for Wuuth to get up, arching over Ning Chu and turning him over.

The dragon wings on Ning Chu’s back trembled, and just as he straightened up, Wuuth pushed him down again. This time he bit him on the back of the neck, but Ning Chu wasn’t hurt, and lied down obediently with an “awooo”.

The spell was only effective for one day, there was still a week of cooling time. It was easy to turn into a dragon once, and since Ning Chu knew it made Wuuth happy, he was very cooperative. Because of his attitude, Wuuth became more and more excited, and his tail became tightly intertwined with Ning Chu’s.

After holding this position for a while, Ning Chu finally noticed that something was wrong.

Wuuth seemed… to react strangely. He waited for Wuuth to loosen his grip a little and fought to get out from under his claws. The little black dragon froze for a moment, gasping for breath as he gathered his limbs and crouched down.

“Cubbie,” Ning Chu’s tail tip wiggled gently, nuzzling closer to rub Wuuth’s cheek, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ning Chu has rarely called him that, and Wuuth exhaled a few more heavy breaths, licking Ning Chu’s forehead, “Like you.”

Ning Chu followed his example and tilted his head to lick the same way, “I know.”

It seemed that… Wuuth was too excited, even more excited than last time. He was also excited in his human form lately, and always had more energy than he could use every night.

Ning Chu was concerned, “Is… something wrong?”

Like going from unresponsive to over responsive? Neither one was good… 

Ning Chu was an adult, and he had a hard time with Wuuth every time he teased him. On the one hand, he didn’t know much about it, he just knew that not being prepared could kill you. But the two haven’t had the opportunity to go anywhere else recently because of the Academy, so Ning Chu didn’t even know who to ask. Wuuth had his mentor, but he couldn’t ask Clark… 

To say that he was held back for a long time, Wuuth didn’t seem to be held back. Wuuth was unsure where Ning Chu was referring to when he said he was uncomfortable. He first shook his head, but then his eyes hesitated in the end.

After being together for so long, Ning Chu knew enough about Wuuth’s every expression and the subtle changes in his eyes to lift one of his front paws and nudge Wuuth, “Tell me honestly.”

Wuuth acted innocent, “Tell you what?”

Ning Chu’s dragon form was right in front of his eyes, and it was infinitely attractive to Wuuth, who couldn’t resist and pounced again. He continued to push against Ning Chu, and his dark red eyes began to emerge with overwhelming emotions.

Ning Chu was nibbling at his throat for a few moments, then slowly reacted.

He was too familiar with Wuuth’s current behavior. Every night he was this way when he kissed all over and when he asked Ning Chu to help him. If Ning Chu were in human form now, his face would be red. Shocked and ashamed at the same time, he scratched Wuuth’s paw, “Beast!”

He was now a juvenile dragon cub, and Wuuth didn’t even… 

Ning Chu’s claws weren’t strong at all, scratching Wuuth’s face without pain. He rolled over on his side and hugged Ning Chu, “What’s wrong?”

He knew that ‘beast’ was probably a curse word, similar to saying that humans were like ordinary magical beasts with poor character. But hearing this word from Ning Chu, Wuuth didn’t feel that it was a curse word at all, instead he was very flattered.

Ning Chu was handsome even when he was angry, there was nothing Wuuth didn’t like about him. Of course, when Ning Chu was angry, he would be hurt again. Ning Chu turned his head not to look at him, and began to struggle. Wuuth’s strength was great, but he was now a young dragon after all, not much bigger than Ning Chu, and his limbs couldn’t fully hold Ning Chu.

Ning Chu broke free from his arms and turned his head to run elsewhere. It was terrible, the spell couldn’t be reversed and he still had a whole day before changing back, if Wuuth didn’t hold back and got him… 

Although Wuuth was now in hatchling form, the hatchling’s body was probably not fully developed yet, but what if Wuuth was exceptionally gifted? He was already an adult in his mental and human form, but he himself was still a hatchling!

The more Ning Chu thought about it, the more frightened he became, and ran faster towards the grass. Because his limbs hadn’t been used for a long time, he not only ran slowly, but also almost fell. Wuuth swooped down and grabbed him in time, and the two little dragon cubs rolled down together in the grass.

He pinned Ning Chu down to keep him from moving and said, “Ning Ning, what’s wrong with you?”

Why was he suddenly angry? Did he do something wrong? He was no longer as rude and reckless as before, but gently rubbed the grass leaves off the side of Ning Chu’s face.

Ning Chu also calmed down, curled his tail and gave an “awooo”, his eyes widened.

“Are you… Do you want me to help you again?” Ning Chu asked him. Help was a kind of code between him and Wuuth, so Wuuth must be able to understand.

As expected, Wuuth’s breath froze for a moment and he honestly admitted, “Yes.”

Ning Chu shrank his neck and curled his tail tighter, looking timid and a little aggrieved, “I can’t help you now… You have to bear it yourself.”

Only when he was in dragon form did he have little resistance to face Wuuth, perhaps because he was another race that didn’t belong to him at the moment and felt that his body wasn’t his own. If he were in human form now, Ning Chu would have to pinch Wuuth’s face hard and send him to take a cold shower.

Wuuth was silent for a moment and rolled over so Ning Chu could lie on his belly, “I know.”

He wasn’t as agitated as before, so Ning Chu was a little relieved, but didn’ forget to remind him, “You’re an adult dragon, the dragon form I have is still small… I’m even a little smaller than Fifth Cub…”

Fifth Cub has been growing very fast lately, and could eat twice as much food in one meal as before. Wuuth finally figured out why Ning Chu was running, and he seemed to gently grind his fangs, “I know.”

It was because Ning Chu’s dragon form was too small, otherwise he… 

Wuuth licked Ning Chu’s chin, “It would be nice if you were a little bigger, Ning Ning’s adult form should also be beautiful.”

Ning Chu was forced to tilt his head and whispered back, “You’ve never even seen it before…”

Wuuth didn’t say anything, even if he hadn’t seen it, he could still guess what Ning Chu would look like when he grew up. Then Ning Chu realized that Wuuth meant that if he was an adult, he wouldn’t have put up with it.

Ning Chu scratched Wuuth’s paw again and said indignantly, “You wish!”

He was still a human after all, and turning into a dragon… It was too humiliating. Wuuth didn’t make a sound, nor did he duck, and licked Ning Chu’s paw in the process.

Ning Chu retracted his paw, not letting him touch it, “Don’t ever think about that again!”

Wuuth was a bit lost, not only did he not want to let go of Ning Chu, but also didn’t want him to be angry again, so he said in a sullen voice, “No way.”

He would hardly go against Ning Chu’s wishes, so Ning Chu looked at him, “Why?”

“I like you,” Wuuth said after a pause, and only after he had made up his mind did he say the second reason, “I’m in the middle of my courtship.”


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Maybe now nothing will understand a little better. He can be so dense😏. Thanks for the update ❤️❤️❤️

November 3, 2022 6:59 pm

If the future of either race were dependent on these 2 procreating, we’d be in big trouble.
I get that NC is nervous and lacks experience, but good grief! He’s been with Wuuth ages now… and still gets overly embarrassed? There’s no hope. Poor Wuuth.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Finally! It’s only been over 20 chapters…
Thank you for the chapter!

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