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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The only friends of the dragons that Wuuth recognized among the humans were Josh and Clark, as well as the elves and the dwarves. The dwarves first, especially the elves’ Winka, had their intentions to befriend Ning Chu written all over their faces whenever they saw him.

Wuuth wasn’t familiar with the Academy’s other instructors and students and to help so many weak humans wasn’t something that could be done with a wave of the hand. But Ning Chu cared, so he did as well. In case it didn’t work out, the students could move to Lough Valley and help the elves with their work.

Wuuth whispered his idea, and Ning Chu curled his lips and pinched the side of his face, whispering, “It’s too far.”

Dragon Island was convenient, but Dragon Island must not let outsiders enter, no matter who they were. As they spoke quietly, the man in the room was brought out, with his returned magic staff and belongings, pulling his coat tight and moving past.

Ning Chu smiled at him, “Have a safe trip.”

The man shuddered involuntarily and quickened his pace to follow one of the instructors in front of him. Josh and Clark heard some of what Ning Chu said in the room, and they had their suspicions, but it had a completely different feel coming directly from Ning Chu’s mouth.

Josh didn’t know Ning Chu, and if it weren’t for Wuuth he wouldn’t even remember Ning Chu’s face, and Clark, who was Ning Chu’s teacher, was suddenly surprised at how much her student has changed.

Wuuth returned to the Academy with all eyes on him, including the Church. When the students mentioned Ning Chu, they only said that he was most likely the “Ning” of the arena, but there was no more direct evidence.

Who would have thought that Ning Chu would be the dominant one among the two?

Wuuth was a far cry from the aloof and rebellious student he once was, he was now like a little daughter-in-law in front of Ning Chu, with an air of submissiveness around him.

Josh, who had given a few books to him personally, had mixed feelings, and he took two steps closer, “What are your plans next?”

“While we’re waiting for the Pope’s reply, we will stay near the Academy,” Ning Chu tugged Wuuth’s sleeve and asked softly, “We don’t have to live in the Academy anymore, do we?”

Wuuth said, “Yeah,” but his coat was bulging, Sixth Cub pawing at the fabric with his paws from the inside, rustling loudly.

Clark had other things to do and had left first, leaving Ning Chu, Wuuth and Josh alone in the hallway. Josh had already seen Sixth Cub, and there was no one around. Ning Chu took the initiative and held Sixth Cub out, squeezing her paws, “What’s wrong?”

Sixth Cub looked up at Ning Chu and Wuuth, then turned her head to look at Josh who was staring at him with glowing eyes, and opened her mouth, “Aowu…”

He hadn’t signed a contract with Sixth Cub yet, wanting to wait until she was older. Ning Chu couldn’t understand what she was saying and guessed, “Little Six doesn’t want to go back?”

Josh couldn’t help but come closer, his fingers hanging at his side twitching, “Ahem… Her name is Little Six?”

“Yes, a nickname,” Ning Chu said, “She’s a Gold Devouring Dragon, and she’s almost a month old.”

“Gold Devouring Dragon…” Josh repeated these three words, gradually realizing that this was really a dragon, a still young, magical dragon that had never been seen outside.

While giant dragons were feared, cubs were always a favorite, especially such cute ones.

Josh wanted to hug the cub, but couldn’t. It was a magic dragon, and until two days ago he had only seen Wuuth’s former sub-dragon up close.

Sixth Cub yelped again and looked at Josh with a tilted head, stretching her claws to hook the edge of Josh’s beard and tugging it towards her.

Ning Chu hurriedly stopped her, “Don’t move…”

“It’s okay,” Josh said, “Let her play, let her play…”

Josh said, worried. Did this little golden dragon really just want to play? Hopefully she won’t suddenly bite him… 

The good thing was that Sixth Cub hooked his beard, but didn’t find it fun, and then let go. She climbed up Ning Chu’s shirt and looked around from a higher position.

Wuuth said, “She doesn’t want to go back.”

As Ning Chu expected, he sighed, “Isn’t it fun at home?”

Josh straightened his beard and suggested, “Why don’t we… Why don’t we go to a small park? It’s going to be torn down and rebuilt, so it’s closed for now, and no one else should be there.”

Sixth Cub could understand Josh’s words, and she said “awooo” twice, patting Ning Chu’s shoulder with her paw.

Ning Chu knew without translation that she wanted to go, and Wuuth had no problem with it, because Sixth Cub was the smallest dragon in the family before Seventh Cub broke its shell, and even he was very indulgent.

Ning Chu hesitated and quietly touched the Fifth Cub in his shirt, “How about Little Five?”

He kept his head down, so Josh didn’t know there was another dragon cub and thought he said something to himself.

Then Ning Chu gave Sixth Cub to Wuuth to hold and hide and said, “Come on then, let’s go to the little park.”

It was still early, so they could stay at the Academy for another half day and then go back in the evening.

Josh kindly led the way for the two of them, and when they reached their destination, they went in together at Ning Chu’s request. Ning Chu could tell that Josh liked Sixth Cub, and Sixth Cub wasn’t afraid of Josh.

There were so few and far between who could be truly trusted, and when they left this time, they didn’t know when they would return again.

The small park was really empty, with no one around, and Sixth Cub couldn’t wait to get out of Wuuth’s arms.

She had recently learned to fly, and was making good progress. She flew down and landed on the ground alone, crookedly, and turned her head in the direction of Ning Chu, “Aowu!”

Josh rubbed his hands nervously, “Does she like it here? Will it be too cold for her to come outside?”

“It’s okay,” Ning Chu smiled, pulling back his jacket, “They’re not that fragile.”

A tiny green head poked out and looked cautiously at Josh.

There was another one! Josh’s eyes widened.

Sixth Cub prodded from below, and Fifth Cub surveyed the area and flew down to join her. She was one size larger than Sixth Cub, and her scales were green, from dark to light from the bottom to the top, with the limbs being the darkest.

Ning Chu introduced to Josh, “This is Little Five. She’s bigger than Little Six… a little bit.”

Josh didn’t notice the pause in Ning Chu’s words as he slowly half-crouched down, remembering that the jerky Ning Chu gave him at noon was still there, and took it out to feed Fifth Cub.

As soon as the jerky appeared, Sixth Cub twitched her nose and sniffed it, and was the first to pounce on it, biting into both of them together and snatching it from Josh’s hand.

Josh had a momentary dilemma on his face, he wanted to feed one to the other, but this little golden dragon cub looked a little smaller, but seemed a little more dominant.

Sixth Cub’s teeth were getting sharper and sharper, picking up the jerky and sending it to her mouth one bite after the other, seemingly not wanting to leave any for Fifth Cub beside her.

When Ning Chu saw Josh’s expression, he smiled and explained, “Little Five is a herbivorous dragon and doesn’t eat meat.”

So that’s it… Josh suddenly realized. He searched through his storage bag again, but unfortunately he couldn’t find anything to feed to Fifth Cub.

Ning Chu picked up the crumbs and threw them in the trash, “They ate at noon, so they shouldn’t be hungry. Go play.”

The last half of the sentence was addressed to the two little dragon cubs, who tilted their heads and sniffed the air, ran away as a pair and flew to play in a nearby flower bed.

Ning Chu and Wuuth were just a short distance away, just enough to not let them out of their sights.

Josh sighed, “How can they be so obedient even if they aren’t contracted animals?”

Ning Chu only smiled and didn’t answer.

After spending the afternoon with the two little dragon cubs in the park, Ning Chu called them back when it was almost dark, intending to return to Dragon Island.

Josh was very sad to see them off and walked them to the school gate himself.

Second Cub was already waiting outside, squatting right where he landed, looking very well-behaved.

After saying goodbye to Josh, Ning Chu took the two dragon cubs and Wuuth on the back of Second Cub’s neck, and the dragon flew high into the sky until it disappeared into the clouds, before Josh turned back.

Everything went on as usual on Dragon Island, and Ning Chu asked Second Cub, “Did you get in trouble while playing outside?”

Second Cub’s tail wagged desperately, “Aowu!” Of course not!

He changed back to his juvenile form, and Ning Chu stroked his neck hair, “That’s good.”


A week later, a letter and a storage bag from the Church arrived at the Academy and was handed over to Ning Chu. It was the Pope’s reply, along with a contract signed by his hand. He agreed to all of Ning Chu’s demands and didn’t reveal anything to the public, and the rest of the Church didn’t even know that Raph was dead yet.

The Pope had more than one son, and Raph wasn’t the most promising one. His reply lacked any concern about Raph, while expressing his apologies to the dragons and hoping Ning Chu would accept his compensation.

The contract was then a guarantee of everything Ning Chu had asked for. Ning Chu looked it over carefully and found nothing amiss. He was right, the Pope was really afraid, he was afraid of death and didn’t want to sacrifice all the people under his hands.

Ning Chu accepted the contract, the one thing he liked the most about this continent was the blessing and miraculous power of the God of Pacts, and the equal treatment of anyone of any race.

Ning Chu opened the storage pouch, which was said to be compensation from the Pope, and there were several more storage bracelets inside.

Ning Chu casually took out one to look at its contents and handed it to Wuuth with satisfaction for him to put away. Even so, he hadn’t completely dropped his guard, since the Pope was said to have lived for 300 years he might have other trickery that could circumvent the contract.

Ning Chu didn’t dare to relax, so he still didn’t leave the Academy. He said goodbye to Josh and Clark and left under their watchful eyes, but quietly returned to Dragon Island, intending to observe secretly for some more time.

During this time, no dragons were allowed to go out, and neither were Ning Chu and Wuuth.

Ning Chu was bored with idleness and drew cards in the game every day.

The Pope gave him a lot of money and some other supplies, enough for him to spend, but Ning Chu was still restrained and continued to draw only 30 times a day. He also built a new Dragon Island, and after confirming that it was safe to leave the Academy, he would travel around to find more dragon groups.

The new Dragon Island, number 03, was right next door to 02. Ning Chu went into the game to sort some stuff out and quit, shutting it down to get ready for bed.

He lay on the inside of the bed with Wuuth by his side, who was slowly stroking the side of Ning Chu’s face and fixing his hair.

When Ning Chu’s eyes regained focus, Wuuth moved in for a kiss. He naturally took Ning Chu’s hand and put it on his own. Ning Chu blushed a little, but didn’t refuse. Ever since that day, Wuuth had been asking Ning Chu to help him almost every day.

Ning Chu couldn’t help but wonder if this dragon was a little too energetic. He briefly wandered off and got a disgruntled bite on his lips from Wuuth. When it was time to actually sleep, Wuuth hugged Ning Chu from behind, kissed his earlobe, and whispered, “Ning Ning, is the dragon transformation spell ready to be used?”


Author’s Note: This was where the main story ends, thank you for your company and support!

Because there was no other plot to write, the follow-up of some miscellaneous daily events, which I didn’t want to include in the main story, all were put in the extras, but I will continue writing where the main text ends daily from tomorrow onwards. The content of the extras will be written in the titles.


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I will be anxiously waiting for the extras🥰 I’d like to see Ning become a dragon again..perhaps taking their relationship even closer😉 thank you!!!

November 1, 2022 8:20 pm

That was an abrupt ending.

November 2, 2022 8:19 am

Still 17 chapters to go, which I guess from the Author’s note, will focus ore on their lives and those around them, rather than struggles with the Church. That would nice.
I wouldn’t trust the Pope either. He wasn’t even moved by the death of his own son, which says everything.
I wonder if Sixth Cub will choose Josh to contract with, one day. He seems to like him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Yay the Church is gone! I love that Josh is a dragon cub lover, it’s so funny.
I’m very ready for cute extras!
Thank you for the chapters!

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