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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


With half a day left of the dragon transformation spell, Wuuth didn’t want to go back to Dragon Island 01, but still took Ning Chu to Dragon Island 03. The ordinary dragon carried Wuuth past Dragon Island 01 and was seen by the sharp-eyed Third Cub. Third Cub tilted his head and gave an “aowuuu”, the end sound lengthened and louder. Wuuth looked at him and withdrew his eyes.

The ordinary dragon’s speed didn’t slow down, and soon disappeared from the sight of Dragon Island 01, under Third Cub’s doubtful eyes.

Second Cub said at noon that Wuuth and Ning Chu had gone to play alone, so how come Ning Chu wasn’t with Wuuth just now? It was absolutely impossible for the two of them to be separated. Third Cub crouched in the same place and thought about it, and quietly followed Wuuth in the direction he left.

It passed by Dragon Island 02, took a cursory glance at Wuuth’s figure, and then headed for Dragon Island 03. Near Dragon Island 03, Wuuth’s figure appeared on the lawn at the edge of the island. He told the normal dragon to go back, and turned around to reveal the little silver and white dragon cub he was holding in his arms.

Wuuth placed the silvery-white dragon cub in the grass, and then transformed back to his juvenile form, rubbing the silvery-white dragon cub’s neck affectionately. Third Cub was halfway to the ground when he saw this scene and braked in time to turn around and fly away.

No wonder Wuuth didn’t let them know where he and Ning Chu had gone.So he was here alone with Ning Chu, who had turned into a juvenile dragon! Third Cub has been with Wuuth for the longest time, and was the best guesser of Wuuth’s thoughts, understanding that he couldn’t disturb him in this situation. Third Cub flew back to Dragon Island 01 and was met by Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub who were playing hide-and-seek in the tree canopy.

Sixth Cub hooked its hind legs on a branch and emerged upside down from the dense foliage, “Aowu?”

He asked Third Cub if he had seen Ning Chu, and Third Cub stammered, “H-he’s with Wuuth.”

Then Third Cub flew away alone, without saying where Ning Chu was.

Another green head emerged and looked at Third Cub’s back, “Huh?”

Ning Chu and Wuuth had disappeared at noon, and Second Cub said he had seen them, but wouldn’t say where. The two little dragon cubs looked at each other, and flew down from the tree together. Ning Chu was still lying in the grass, the afternoon sun was setting, and the roasted grass smelled fresh. He opened his mouth and chewed on a piece of weed near his mouth, and then turned his head, spitting it out in disgust.

So bitter… Ning Chu’s mouth was so bitter he had to squint his eyes, his little pink tongue hanging out. As he turned into a dragon, his sense of taste was also a bit like a dragon’s, but Wuuth fed him the dry food at noon, and the taste wasn’t much different from when he ate in human form.

When Wuuth came over and licked it, Ning Chu retracted the tip of his tongue at once. The bottle of pills was carried by Wuuth and couldn’t be used until Ning Chu returned to human form. Ning Chu’s front paws scratched at the scales on Wuuth’s chest, trying to psychologically build himself up.

It was all about the relationship and it was only a matter of time… what was the point of panicking?

Ning Chu took the initiative to lick Wuuth’s neck and rubbed his dragon horns against him.

Wuuth swayed his tail contentedly, and the “gurgling” started to sound in his throat again, “Ning Chu, become a dragon to keep me company in the future, okay?” Wuuth liked it and Ning Chu was willing to do so. He followed Wuuth’s every move and gently nibbled on his neck, “Mmmm…”

The dragon transformation spell didn’t require the use of magical energy, just the direct silent recitation of the spell. Ning Chu guessed that the spell could only be used by him, but even if others could use it, he wouldn’t reveal the secret.

This was a unique way to get along between the two, but since Ning Chu’s dragon form was still in its infancy, he couldn’t do much more.

Ning Chu stretched out on his front paws and suddenly asked Wuuth, “How old are you and Eldest Cub, and how old is considered an adult?”

He will become a juvenile dragon, probably because he was 19 years old and still very young for a magic dragon, right? There was no telling how many years it would take for him to become an adult dragon.

Wuuth replied, “60.”

Ning Chu thought, 60 was the age of adulthood, so Wuuth was actually about the same as him. His mood quickly dropped again, his tone complicated, “When I’m sixty, I may not be the same as I am now.”

The lifespan of a wizard was no longer than that of a magic dragon, and he would always be one step ahead of Wuuth in aging.

Wuuth hugged him, “Yeah, you’ll grow up.”

He thought Ning Chu was saying that when he was 60, his dragon form would be different.

“That’s not it.” Ning Chu denied, he wanted to say something else, but stopped talking in the end.

Wuuth, keenly aware of his change of mood, rolled over so Ning Chu was on top of him, his tail tangled tightly with his, “Ning Ning, are you unhappy?”

Ning Chu leaned against Wuuth for a long time before whispering, “I will grow old in the future, and then I won’t look good.”

He couldn’t imagine a situation where he would start to grow gray hair and Wuuth would still look like this. Ning Chu got worried and thought, Is there such a thing as a beauty spell in this world? Should I maintain myself before it’s too late?… 

Wuuth wiggled with Ning Chu’s tail, “I will also grow old.”

He will be the same as Ning Chu, so there was no need to worry.

Ning Chu’s tone was low and muffled, “You’re a dragon, I’m a human. We’re not the same.”

Wuuth then realized what Ning Chu was really worried about. The lifespan of a human and a dragon was certainly different, and even the top magicians only had a lifespan of 400 years at most. Wuuth rolled onto his side and coaxed, “Don’t worry, let’s make a symbiotic contract.”

This kind of contract was invented by human beings and used when long-lived magicians and ordinary humans got together as lovers.

Later, because the combination of magicians and ordinary humans was becoming less and less common, and those with similar strength and ability were always more likely to come together, gradually, the symbiotic contract has been used less and less.

Wuuth read a lot of books when he was studying at the Academy, and it was then that he learnt of the symbiotic contract. He also remembered that the contract could only be used after the two parties were in tune with each other and had become true mates, which for dragons was the final stage of courtship.

Wuuth never told Ning Chu because they hadn’t proceeded to meet the conditions for using the contract yet. He kept it in his heart, knowing that sooner or later he would form a contract with Ning Chu and the two would share a life span, and he never worried about it, and thus ignored Ning Chu’s concern.

Ning Chu’s round eyes widened, “Symbiotic?”

Wuuth responded, licking the side of his face, “I’ll share my life span with you, so don’t be sad.”

The little dragon cub he held tightly was silent for a long time, so long that Wuuth’s heart was apprehensive. Was Ning Chu unwilling?

He had a sudden flash infront of his eyes, as Ning Chu jumped up and pounced on him.

Ning Chu was both touched and happy, letting out “aowu”s, while constantly rubbing against Wuuth, being this enthusiastic for the first time.

When he calmed down a bit, his eyes were a little uneasy, “What will it do to you?”

If Wuuth’s life span was 1,000 years, half of it would become 500. No, he must also work hard to cultivate and try to maximize his life expectancy, and not hold Wuuth back!

“No,” Wuuth whispered, “You’re my mate, I deserve to be bonded to you.”

In Wuuth’s mind, these were things he should do.

Ning Chu buried his head in the side of his neck, his quick breathing slightly from excitement subsiding, and he had no more worries. The two dragons lay on the grass until nightfall, but when it was dark and Wuuth wasn’t ready to take Ning Chu back. He was about to return to his human form to feed Ning Chu his dinner when he heard a movement not far away.

Wuuth straightened his back and looked over, and Ning Chu looked up beside him. He saw two tiny shadows flying towards him, one green and the other smaller and golden. The next moment Ning Chu was pounced on by Wuuth and rolled with him into the tall grass to hide.

Wuuth gently nipped Ning Chu’s neck, signaling him not to make a sound.

The two little dragon cubs were firmly hidden by the grass and leaves, and Ning Chu saw a green color before his eyes, and then the sound of Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub flying close and stopping nearby rang in his ears. He heard Fifth Cub say, “They’re not here. Did you see it wrong?”

Sixth Cub picked at the grass on one side, “No…”

She seemed to want to go inside and look in the grass, but Fifth Cub stopped her, her voice timid, “Let’s go back, it’s getting dark.”

They had sneaked out, the other dragons thought they were playing in the back of the mountain, and it would be a disaster if they were found out.

Sixth Cub had never wandered off at this late hour either, and withdrew her claws, “Okay.”

Ning Chu held his breath and waited for them to leave. Above him was Wuuth, motionless as a statue, and Ning Chu gave him a quiet lick. Wuuth remained still until the two little dragon cubs outside flew away, and then he rolled into a ball with Ning Chu.


Only after the dragon transformation spell expired did Ning Chu and Wuuth appear in front of the squad of dragons. Among the dragon cubs, only Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub weren’t too happy, complaining that Ning Chu had left them behind and ran off somewhere. Ning Chu played with them all afternoon and compensated them with food, and the two little dragon cubs forgave him.

Returning to human form, Ning Chu asked Wuuth to give him the bottle of pills.

Wuuth didn’t doubt him and handed him the bottle.

The bottle was slightly hot in his hand, and Ning Chu took it as if nothing had happened.

A few days later, before going to bed at night, Wuuth noticed that the dragons in the next room were absent. When he asked, Ning Chu huddled under the blanket with only half of his head uncovered, his voice muffled under the blanket, “I let them all go to another Dragon Island.”

The implication was that no dragons would bother them in the entire residential area.

Wuuth was too slow to understand and lay down on the bed with a “hmm”.

He lifted the blanket and immediately noticed the difference.

Ning Chu blushed and hugged Wuuth tightly, feeling his hands tremble slightly, as he kissed Wuuth, “I’m ready.”

This was probably the most active and bold Ning Chu, he not only used the pills himself, but also taught Wuuth how to do it. It was still painful, but bearable and didn’t last long, and Ning Chu realized in a trance that the pills might have more than one effect.

Wuuth was more excited than he thought, and for the first time he could clearly feel how powerful a dragon could be. Ning Chu also cried a few times, and every time he thought he was suffocating, Wuuth would give him his magical energy.

The two of them had already tried this more than once, but Ning Chu never thought it could be used in this way.

Seeing that it was almost dawn, Ning Chu tried to escape, “Eldest Cub and the others, they’re coming back…”

Without a word, Wuuth wrapped the entire room with his dragon breath, preventing any creature from approaching, before pulling Ning Chu over. When being bitten by Wuuth on the back of his neck, Ning Chu choked and obeyed as if he had used the dragon transformation spell.

After one round, he was picked up by Wuuth and they finished the symbiotic contract with each other in the continuing chaos.


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November 4, 2022 12:58 pm

It was sweet when Wuuth told NC about the symbiotic contract, but after that… not exactly loving or affectionate as such. It came across as quite clinical and more like a necessity than making love together. Even if both are inexperienced, the feelings wouldn’t be missing, which I felt they were from this. Perhaps writing about that isn’t this author’s strong point.
Glad they will be together though, for Wuuth’s sake.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 4, 2022 4:49 pm

Thank you for the update ❤️ I love how close they are getting ❤️❤️

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