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I Regard You As Enemies Yet You're All After My Heart
I Regard You As Enemies Yet You’re All After My Heart

I regard you as enemies, yet you’re all after my heart!

我把你们当敌人你们却想攻略我 by 糖心汤圆 

Wǒ bǎ nǐmen dāng dírén nǐmen què xiǎng gōnglüè wǒ by Táng xīn tāngyuán


Genre: Cultivation/Xuanhuan, BL, Rebirth

Novel Status: Finished, 84 chapters + 1 extra

Translator: Jouissance, Ceti

Editor: Addis

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Rape, Pseudo-incest, Abusive Behavior, Pseudo-Multiple MLs, Skewed Morality, Underage


Chu WuQing was a small-time evil boss in a web novel targeted at male audiences. His beauty was otherworldly, yet shadowed by his arrogance and malice. In the end, the male lead stole his fiance from him, and Chu Wuqing suffered a cruel death.

After being reborn, he found out that he was just cannon fodder in a novel, fated to die… So he decided to give even less of a damn; bullying the weak, taking his revenge on his enemies, going wild and doing whatever the hell he wanted.

But what was scary was… he had been reborn into a BL fanfiction! 

I regard you as my enemies, yet you all want to top me!



Chapter 1: An enemy of a past life, kneeling in this one

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Chu WuQing was a popular side character in one of Qidian’s hottest stallion novels 1, <<One Blade to Seal the Gods>>. He was arrogant and vicious, hailing from an influential background and talented beyond measure. Most importantly, he was devastatingly beautiful.

How beautiful exactly? Well, every time Chu WuQing made an entrance in the novel, the author would use at least three hundred characters to describe his appearance. It was even emphasized, multiple times, that he was beloved by the heavens, the center of everyone’s attention. So long as he was present, everything else would seem dull in comparison.

Even the female lead of the novel, the most beautiful lady in the entire cultivation world, Yun XuanJi, didn’t receive such honors. At most, the author would toss her a label of ‘alluring.’ Compared to Chu WuQing, who ‘had captured the soul and spirit of the very earth and heavens,’ it was apparent who won out.

He fit that type of character entirely, the kind that could dominate the fandom just through his face. Though he had unmatchable beauty, in the original stallion novel, Chu WuQing was merely an early game small-time cannon fodder boss. Not only was his family wiped out and his fiancé stolen by the male lead, but he also didn’t even manage to live past five hundred thousand words in this shockingly long novel with a word count in the tens of millions.

Chu WuQing was reborn.

After being reborn, he found out that he was merely a character in a novel and why he truly died.

As a typical tall, handsome, rich, and powerful man, he had a beautiful face, an elite disposition, prodigious talent in cultivation, and a highborn background. He was the epitome of all, one that losers and plebs on the internet hated, a member of the successful and influential. To satisfy the desires of these plebs shut-ups, he had to be face-slapped by the male lead who the plebs rallied behind. He had to be fated to fall from grace and die.

As for the guy with the protagonist halo, he was like a damn cockroach who wouldn’t die. Whenever he was faced with a life-threatening trial, he would advance, his cultivation reaching even higher levels, obtaining powerful artifacts and beautiful women. Even if his soul were torn asunder, his protagonist halo would glue the pieces of his soul back together.

Chu WuQing wasn’t making fun of it; it had happened in <<One Blade to Seal the Gods>>. A villain managed to kill the protagonist, Lin Yi, and he even destroyed his very soul. However, Lin Yi was revived by a member of his harem, the Holy Maiden of the Spectre race, through a secret technique called soul summoning. The revived protagonist achieved the enlightenment of his Path, his cultivation skyrocketing. Then he gained the overpowered ability to devour the souls of others and use them to improve his strength.

No, he shouldn’t be called the protagonist; he should just be called unbeatable.


Faced with a situation like this, any sane person would avoid the hell out of the protagonist, even if they had some unforgivable, soul-deep grudge against the protagonist. It should be said that the protagonist, Lin Yi’s way of doing things could be summed up as not ‘a tooth for a tooth’ but ‘if you took his tooth, he’d take your eye.’ He was the kind of person who, when hurt, would repay that pain tenfold — a typical protagonist of a novel that revolved purely around cathartic face-slapping.

Never mind grudges, even those who had some unimportant spat with the protagonist would be a target of the protagonist’s cruel vengeance. There was no solution to the situation between Lin Yi and the Chu Clan.

The cultivation world was split into three realms: the higher realm, middle realm, and lower realm. Each lower realm clung to the edges of the middle or higher realms. The realm the protagonist, Lin Yi, was from was a lower realm that just so happened to be under the control of the Chu Clan of the AnYang middle realm.

Every few hundred years in the lower realms, the energy of the realm would condense before forming into five peak grade spirit stones. These stones would rejuvenate and nourish all those that lived there. The Chu Clan would continuously take these spirit stones. This caused the spiritual energy of the lower realm to thin out, limiting everyone’s cultivation, and cause those who lived there to be unable to advance beyond the Golden Core stage. Of course, the protagonist was the exception.

Every time these peak grade spirit stones were mature, the Chu Clan would arrange for the current generation’s most talented disciples to enter the lower realm using it as a competition and practical experience. At the same time, they also stole away all the treasures they could find in the lower realms. In the end, the disciple who obtained the peak grade spirit stones for the clan would rank first. Not only would they be personally awarded magic artifacts by the Grand Elder of the clan, but they’d also receive one of the peak grade spirit stones. This was something most people could only dream of having!

It was easy to imagine what sort of chaos the Chu Clan would bring to the lower realm. As for the treasures they took? Those things were fated to belong to the protagonist eventually.

Thus, there was no way to resolve what built up between the Chu Clan and Lin Yi.

If so, if the Chu Clan was destined to be wiped out, then why shouldn’t he live with even more egotism? Live the way he wanted to? Even if he couldn’t kill the protagonist, he could still maim him, humiliate him and give him a taste of what it was like to have your childhood sweetheart and fiancé stolen. 

Chu WuQing was arrogant, vicious. This wasn’t just a simple decision made by the author on his character, but the way Chu WuQing had lived for the two-hundred and seventy-eight years of his previous life.

Now, Chu WuQing was fifteen and at the Seventh Level Qi Condensation Stage. He could still live arrogantly for another two-hundred and sixty-two years.

“Little brother,” a rather cold voice rang out from outside the room, “have you finished preparing?”

It was the voice of Chu WuQing’s older cousin, Chu WuJuan.

Chu WuQing hated this cousin of his, even in his previous life. Chu WuQing was the only water element spiritual root cultivator in a hundred thousand, enough to be the pride of the entire Chu Family. Yet this cousin of his was the only aberrant lightning spiritual root cultivator in a million, stealing all of Chu WuQing’s glory and throwing Chu WuQing into the position of a spare.

Even though Chu WuQing’s father was the clan lord, already at the Late Soul Transformation Stage, Chu WuJuan was still set as the Candidate Successor of this generation of Chu Clan disciples by the Void Comprehension Stage Patriarch who was in secluded cultivation. Thus, all the resources were directed to him.

Chu WuJuan didn’t even have to participate in the competition, and he would get one of the peak grade spirit stones to cultivate with anyways, indulging in the boons they would risk their lives to obtain.

How could Chu WuQing not hate him? Even though this cousin of his always took care of him, in Chu WuQing’s eyes, these were all empty, plastic actions. It was just a mask to further his ambitions.

After all, Chu WuQing’s father was the Clan Head that everyone was dying for a chance to kiss up to.

Chu WuQing pointed a finger at the door, and the door opened automatically, revealing the young man outside. The young man wore black robes, his figure imposing, looking crisp and comely. Even with him just merely standing there, his presence was dominating, just like lightning gathering to strike.

It was this presence, this aura that had Chu WuQing feeling so oppressed that it drove him crazy. Even though he knew that his father would give him the peak grade spirit stone that was always given to the Clan Head, Chu WuQing still chose to head to the lower realm to participate in the struggle and battle for the peak grade spirit stones. He wanted to use their power to overtake Chu WuJuan and take back the position of Candidate Successor that should’ve belonged to him.

He was only a year older, and he didn’t have a Soul Transformation Stage senior to guide him, yet… yet Chu WuJuan was already at Foundation Establishment Stage. He was the youngest Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator in all of AnYang Realm.

Chu WuQing smirked mockingly. So what if, in two-hundred years, Chu WuJuan would become the youngest Nascent Soul Stage cultivator in all of AnYang? He’d still be obliterated by the protagonist.

At this thought, a hint of satisfaction burgeoned in Chu WuQing’s heart.

“I don’t feel like moving. How about you attend to me and help me get ready, cousin?”  Eyes glittering with unhidden malice, Chu WuQing stretched his feet out from under the covers, pointing his toes down at the socks and shoes set next to the bed. This two-faced bastard of a cousin always liked to pretend to be all generous and kind to him, using Chu WuQing’s vanity to boost his own image.

Fine then. If he liked to pretend so much, then why not enjoy it and make him do a servant’s job, humiliate him.

“Xiaodi?” 2 Chu WuJuan’s tone wavered. Uncharacteristically, Chu WuJuan, usually so composed, his voice was afflicted with the hints of disbelief. He and his younger cousin didn’t have an excellent relationship. It had always been one-sided, with him giving and protecting but receiving nothing in return. However, even so, just the fact that he was able to stay near his cousin and speak with him was enough to make him the target of jealousy and envy.

It was only because he had the high position of Candidate Successor and a cultivation that steamrolled all the other cultivators of his generation, that those other clansmen didn’t let their jealousy get to their heads and act out.

… Of course, it was also because his cousin never showed him any amicability.

Yet, now, his cousin was asking him to attend to him.

Chu WuJuan’s heart fluttered.

“Hurry up,” Chu WuQing ordered with a sneer.

The more shocked and uncomfortable Chu WuJuan was, the happier Chu WuQing felt.

Chu WuJuan walked into the room, seeing his cousin lazily resting against the headboard, his silvery hair cascading down his shoulders and the hints of his elegant collarbone visible from under his inner robes. Chu WuJuan struggled to tear his gaze away, quickly moving over the bedsheets covering Chu WuQing’s lower half, eventually settling by the bare feet that peeked out.

As a young man, Chu WuQing didn’t have particularly small feet, but they were shaped to perfection, pristine and slim, like they were carved from the most exquisite jade, with delicate light pinkish toenails. Every time he moved his toes, it went straight to Chu WuJuan’s heart.

Chu WuJuan’s breathing sped up imperceptibly as he knelt his right knee near the bed. As his fingertips came into contact with that flawless, pale skin, his mind was consumed by the softness and smoothness.

Chu WuQing looked down at the kneeling Chu WuJuan, the view providing him with vengeful satisfaction. The expression on his noble Candidate Successor cousin’s handsome face was placid, his movements graceful as the clouds, elegant and regal as if he was simply attending to his daily training. This attitude of his had once vexed Chu WuQing.

But now, he loved it.

Because no matter how much he tormented and humiliated Chu WuJuan; no matter how frustrated and angry Chu WuJuan was inside, he would have to put on a mask of generosity, welcoming this treatment with a smile and let it drive him crazy.

“Doesn’t our Patriarch always praise you for being the Qilin of the Chu Family, a prodigy at everything he does? How come it’s taking you so long to just put on a pair of shoes? Even a mortal servant is better.” Chu WuQing’s words were vicious, and when Chu WuJuan took his foot in his hand, he crushed Chu WuJuan’s hand into the floor, grinding his heel down for good measure.

Qi Condensation was only one stage lower than Foundation Establishment, but in reality, it was like the difference between earth and sky. Foundation Establishment was the real beginning of the path of cultivation, transcending mortality, discarding the need for sustenance, able to cultivate instead of sleeping, use real Magic Techniques and pilot flying swords.

With what little power Chu WuQing had amassed from Qi Condensation, even if he used all his strength to try and crush Chu WuJuan’s hand, it would still be insignificant.

Chu WuQing knew that, too. He just simply wanted to humiliate Chu WuJuan.With the smooth, supple flesh of the other’s foot pressed tightly against his hand and pushing down harder with every second, it was like the touch of a feather, and it made Cu WuJuan’s heart itch.

Chu WuJuan’s head bowed further, his heart thudding like a drum. He had to push all his cultivation into circulating and maintaining a Calming Incantation to make sure his impure desires did not make themselves known physically.

Every time the other’s delicate toes with its pale pink nails like flower petals, brushed over his wrist, Chu WuJuan could feel his blood rushing to his head, stripping him of the rationality he was so proud of having, his dark eyes gaining a red tint. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if he were to grasp these feet in his hands, able to touch and play with them, with his fingers and his tongue.

Chu WuQing gazed at Chu WuQing’s brows. Usually arched in pride, they were now furrowed as if trying to stifle some response or endure some trial. The satisfaction inside him grew, and he held back the urge to kick Chu WuJuan down.

No, why did he have to hold back? If he did, could it make him feel any better? If he held back, would he be spared? Would holding back ever give him the Patriarch’s praise? The position of Candidate Successor? Would it make his clansmen look up to and adore him?

Of course not! Then why hold back?

Chu WuQing’s gaze drifted to beyond the doorway of the room. The area he lived in was at the center of the clan and had three high-grade ley lines underground, giving the area abundant ambient spiritual energy. It was mostly other prodigies that were the focus of the Chu Clan that lived around here and the most significant competitors he’d have when they went down to the lower realm.

Those who were on their way to the ancestral hall of the Chu Clan, ChangLe Holy Palace, had stopped nearby to watch the commotion they were causing. They all pretended they were just passing by, but their Divine Senses were all discretely sweeping over this area.

Upon recalling how these people all gravitated towards Chu WuJuan in his past life, looking at him like he was the sun, Chu WuQing felt his rage boil over, and he kicked out furiously. He wondered how these people would react upon seeing the person they respected being humiliated in front of them like this. Would they silently seethe, yet be too afraid to confront him? Or would they be disappointed in Chu WuJuan’s cowardly acceptance and weakness?

No matter which one, it would be a delight to see.

It was just that this kick, aimed at Chu WuJuan’s chest, went off target when Chu WuJuan attempted to dodge it, the other’ foot landed in Chu WuJuan’s mouth instead.

The handsome young man’s toes brushed between Chu WuJuan’s lips, his tender skin going slightly red at the contact.

Chu WuJuan’s eyes went red, his formerly imposing expression turning into a pained one like he was trying to hold back and it even seemed like he was trembling somewhat with humiliation?

This surprised Chu WuQing so much that it wasn’t until something soft and slippery came in touch with his toes that Chu WuQing snapped back to reality. However, he didn’t withdraw his foot because of this unexpected development. Instead, he sat back to admire Chu WuJuan’s expression.

His rival in a past life now kneeling in front of him, licking his feet. Was there anything more satisfying?

He spread his Divine Sense out, sensing a swath of furious gazes. No matter how calm they pretended to be, the way their fingers never left the sheaths of their swords betrayed them.

How very amusing.

Chu WuQing used his toes to part Chu WuJuan’s lips, kneading the soft tongue there, soon covering his dainty toenails in a layer of glittering saliva.

With this movement, the cuffs of his pants rode up a little, revealing his fine-boned ankle and hints of the soft flesh of his leg.

“Xiaodi…” Chu WuJuan’s voice became a rasp, a bundle of conflicting emotions bellying his tone. It sounded like he was barely holding back, so close to tipping over the edge. He felt like he was about to erupt!


Enjoy a special mini comic of Enemies from @rara0587!

I regard you as enemies, yet you’re all after my heart!
I regard you as enemies, yet you’re all after my heart!


Notice: Current release schedule for this novel is two chapters a week set to be released every Monday and Thursday around 7 PM PST. Please check your timezones before complaining or asking where the next chapter is.

Thank you and happy reading.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Stallion Novel: This term refers to a novel with a single male who embraces every female introduced in the story, so a book with a male lead and his harem. Like a stallion going to the barn and impregnating every mare there. 
  2. Xiaodi: 小弟, literally means little/younger brother. The general use would be that it’s used for brothers who are much younger/seen as much younger than the speaker. The speaker does not have to be blood-related (sibling/cousin), but they usually are. 

Jouissance (Translator)

Lives in the UK while translating.


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