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Chapter 26: “Baa…”

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

The first advance team of the XianLing Sect was already ten li away from the TaYue Sect when the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader thought that everything was under control. This distance was just outside the boundaries of the TaYue Sect, and avoided the divine senses of the Golden Core Cultivators. Those patrols at the Qi Condensation stage did not need to be feared.

With the help of the array, the search patrols of the TaYue Sect were quietly picked away.

The land ten li away from the TaYue Sect had completely turned into the territory of the XianLing Sect.

Gu Yu’s hand rose gently and chopped down.

All the members of the advance team went into action at the same time and set up the array plates in the calculated positions. Everyone was forming hand signs at an extremely fast speed, and the shadows of their fingers were like flowers. Two quarters of an hour later, the first Hidden Illusion Array was formed.

Gu Yu’s lips were slightly raised. Though it was fifteen breaths faster than what had been calculated, there were more mistakes. However, it was already very good for novices in their first battle.

He had designed such a large-scale array countless times in his mind, but it was the first time it had been set up for real usage. Although he did not do it by himself, the series connection of every crux and the drawing of every stroke of the talismans had gone through his meticulous plan, including the calculation of possible novice mistakes, so that the effect of this array could be completed without any reduction in its effects.

Gu Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly as tenderness showed in his eyes. There was a kind of madness in them as he looked at these arrays, as if there were flames burning in his eyes.

Gu Yu’s hand rose again.

The second team of cultivators that reached also joined in the construction of the rune array. This time, all kinds of precious lights flashed, but because of the Hidden Illusion Array, they would not be exposed.

With the formation of the array, the flow of spiritual energy in the air had become slower and slower, seeming as if it was gradually solidifying.

Chu WuQing stood on the Ancestral Peak Mirror Lake, and watched all this. For the first time, a heaviness appeared on his eyebrows. The large-scale array was currently simple and crude and it was only an intermediate grade array. However, it already looked like the prototype of the Immortal Killing Array from his last life, which assisted Lin Yi in besieging and massacring the entire Chu Clan when he was only at the Soul Transformation stage.

But this time, the arrow called Gu Yu was not pointing to the Chu Clan, nor to his own self, but was opening up territory on his behalf.

Chu WuQing turned to Chu You, who was quietly guarding him, “The Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect is a Late-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Although he cultivates a Minor Path, he is very good at group combat and assassination. This is their first battle and they are still immature. Go over and keep an eye out for me, and you can personally make a move if necessary.”

Chu You hesitated, “What about My Lord’s safety?”

Chu WuQing lightly brushed the storage bag, and the corpse that he got from the auction immediately appeared. Though its eyes were still closed and it only had a cultivation at the Foundation Establishment stage, the aura that it emitted caused the surrounding spiritual energy to stagnate the second it appeared.

It was the first time Chu You felt an aura of danger after coming to this lower realm with Chu WuQing.

This was especially so since the aura coming from a corpse that just was merely at Foundation Establishment. It was simply inconceivable.

Chu You felt his whole mental state tense. It was as if he had met his natural enemy. How could this be possible? It was just a corpse. How could there be such fluctuations? It would make sense if it was the corpse of a heaven-shaking omnipotent existence, where their Path existed even after their body died and their will existed forever. 

How could such a horrifying feeling come from a body of a Foundation Establishment cultivator?

Chu You was relieved once he thought of the Zhen Jun of the Murderous Sword. It was impossible for other people to do such things, but Chu HuanZhi would definitely use all his means to secure the safety of Chu WuQing.

Chu You only replied, “As you command.”

The TaYue Sect did not fall back into silence after night descended. The Sect Leader and his son were having a banquet in the hall and were freely imagining a beautiful future.

After taking a sip of spiritual wine from the lips of the beautiful female entertainer next to him, the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader told his son, Wang ZhuoYang, “That Su BeiCi is refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. I was originally concerned about her due to my friendship with her grandfather, and pitied her since she had to support the fallen XianLing Sect when she was just a woman. So I wanted you to marry her and bring her in as your wife, care for her, and look after the XianLing Sect. I didn’t expect that she was not only ungrateful, she also colluded with outsiders to kill your uncle. Such a woman would not be allowed to enter the door of my Wang Family even if she kneels and begs. But since Yang-er likes her beautiful looks, I’ll let her be a furnace to help you break through Golden Core Middle-stage when the XianLing Sect is destroyed.”

The furnace that the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader mentioned was not some artifact to refine pills, but a practitioner that was used to boost another’s cultivation.

This kind of practitioner usually had a low status, and they were even inferior to servants. They were purely used as an object to raise their master’s cultivations, and no one would care even if too much was taken from them and they died.

Wang ZhuoYang licked his lips. He imagined the Su BeiCi, who had always been arrogant and refused him thousands of times, being turned from a lively and captivating beauty into a corpse by him sucking her dry. He could not help but feel a great sense of conquest.

“Father, I…” Wang ZhuoYang laughed without restraint, but just as he started speaking, he saw the expression of the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader suddenly change as sharp rays of light burst from his eyes.

Wang ZhuoYang’s smile froze. He turned his head and searched with his divine sense. Their TaYue Sect’s Mountain Guardian Greater Array had been quietly dispelled by someone.

Tens of thousands of XianLing Sect cultivators were bearing down on them.

“How, how could this be? What about our secret sentries, and our guards?” Wang ZhuoYang murmured incredulously and he was unable to restrain the shock in his eyes.

If he was reacting like this, it could be imagined that the TaYue Sect’s average cultivators’ morale would be shattered when they saw this scene.

Sure enough, many Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment cultivators had been alarmed by the ruckus outside and woke up in a panic from their sleep cultivation. There was not the slightest hint of their usual arrogance and high discipline.

“What are you panicking about…” The Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect crushed the wine cup in his hand, “Who would have thought that an insignificant XianLing Sect would dare to provoke me. They calculated when there would be no Golden Core Cultivators in my TaYue Sect and took advantage of that time to launch a sneak attack. So what if they have over ten thousand cultivators? Even if we have no Golden Core Cultivators, they are just a group of ants. However many come are however many we kill.”

Immediately after speaking, the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader had turned into a rainbow and flew to the gate, “Zhuo-er, follow father out to battle.”

In just a few moments of the confrontation, more than half of the TaYue Sect’s Outer Sect had been eliminated, and the Foundation Establishment cultivators had been reduced by nearly one tenth. Such a cruel scene was what the Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect wanted to see in the XianLing Sect, but now it was happening in his own sect.

“You dare to be so rampant without a Golden Core Cultivator? Today, I will teach you how inviolable the heavenly might of a Golden Core Cultivator is on behalf of your deceased Patriarch.” As a Late-stage Golden Core Cultivator, the Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect walked out step by step. The spiritual energy in the air froze, as if it was under his command.

A tremendous aura suddenly enveloped the entire TaYue Sect. Countless cultivators from the sect knelt down on the ground and shouted together, “Sect Leader.”

This imposing manner seemed to overwhelm the army of the XianLing Sect in an instant. This was the biggest difference between the Golden Core stage and the Foundation Establishment stage. After establishing a Path, they were able to move the power of heaven and earth.

Chu WuQing sat on top of the Mirror Lake. His lips were slightly raised as his gaze swept over the demonic corpse. As if he was talking to a living person, he asked,  “Xiao Hong, do you think Gu Yu can win?”

Chu WuQing’s gaze did not seem to contain any emotional meaning. It fell lightly on him, like ripples in water. However, this gaze made the demon, Xin Ye (妖魔辛烨), feel extremely uncomfortable and always gave him the illusion that Chu WuQing knew he was still alive.

That soft call of ‘Xiao Hong’ seemed to be reminding him of his situation at any time and any place, and of all he had encountered to become a lowly and weak servant of mortals. Yet, he could not resist, how galling and humiliating.

“Ha, it’s only a man who has just entered Qi Condensation stage, and he wanted to kill a Golden Core Cultivator by relying on arrays and a multitude of people? It’s possible only in his dream. Mortals are just mortals. They are extremely stupid and like to labor under a delusion. They don’t even know how they’ll die in the end.” Xin Ye disdainfully replied in his heart.

Chu WuQing’s lips further upwards as if he could hear Xin Ye’s thoughts, “You must think that I’m dreaming. Gu Yu can’t possibly come back alive.”

Xin Ye, “…”

Chu WuQing retracted his gaze and looked at the Mirror Lake, “It’s just Foundation Establishment and Qi Condensation cultivators killing a Golden Core Cultivator through battle with numbers on their side.”

In his last life, Gu Yu had just ascended to the Golden Core stage when Lin Yi exterminated the Chu Clan. That battle shocked the entire cultivation world.

There were hundreds of Nascent Soul cultivators in the Chu Clan, eighteen Soul Transformation cultivators and three at Void Comprehension. However, no one survived other than the Zhen Jun of the Murderous Sword.

The Chu Clan thought that peace could be obtained by handing over Chu WuQing. This thinking was a way of deceiving themselves. It was just Lin Yi’s way of playing games with his prey as a hunter.

After Chu HuanZhi’s soul returned to the Divine Realm, the entire Chu Clan was slaughtered and even the mortals were not let off.

It was a true extermination of a clan.

Compared with that, the Golden Core Cultivator of the TaYue Sect was nothing.

Despite that, Gu Yu was currently at the First Level of Qi Condensation and he had just come into contact with arrays for a little more than one month.


Most of the cultivators of the XianLing Sect went out to battle, which caused the whole XianLing Sect to fall silent like an empty city.

But the silence in the night was only a false image. Most people knew that the strange occurrences during the day was caused by a gifted sword cultivator. He had an unheard-of Spirit Sword Root which even the Patriarch of the Number One Sect was moved by, and had wanted to disregard his status to snatch him away.

However, many people felt that it was just a lucky fluke and felt that things were not so simple. Maybe there was a huge Opportunity hidden in the XianLing Sect and the real treasure had been concealed by the Sect Leader. Maybe they would have the chance to find some clues and sneak into the sect at some point in time.

However, this group of people only dared to wander outside the boundaries of the XianLing Sect due to the threat of Chu You. They did not have the courage to approach.

At this moment, there was an invisible fluctuation above the sky of the Ancestral Peak of the XianLing Sect. This fluctuation dissolved into the night and even the Golden Core Cultivators who were observing the movements of the XianLing Sect all the time had not discovered it.

A distinguished and accomplished youngster walked out from the fluctuations. His eyes were like a deep pool, in which the glistening light of shattered stars dwelled within.

He walked out step by step. There was no flying artifact at his feet, there was only the rotation of invisible sword intent. It was like an omniscient Soul Transformation cultivator walking in the void.

The youngster walked into the Great Protection Array of the Ancestral Peak. His whole body was full of murderous intent, yet he did not trigger any reaction from the array.

“Chu WuQing, I’m not even afraid if your guard was here. You are nothing but an ant to me now that he’s gone.” Contempt could be seen in the young man’s eyes as he landed on the Ancestral Peak and stared at Chu WuQing’s back from afar. Hatred burst from his eyes as he chuckled, “A trifling cultivator from a small clan in a middle realm dares to bewitch Shixiong. I’ll use your body to plant a peach blossom tree after you die, and I’ll make a tea cake for Shixiong when the peach blossoms bloom next year. It’s a worthy death for you.”

The youth was Xiao Yan who had secretly chased after them into the lower realm. But the smile on his face suddenly froze when Xiao Yan noticed Xin Ye from the corner of his eye. For the first time, there was an urgent sense of crisis in his heart.

The sword intent in Xiao Yan’s hands dissipated as he activated his stealth-type magic item to the maximum and chose the route of assassination. He did not need to fight this demon head-on. He just needed to sneak to Chu WuQing’s side, kill him before the demon reacted and quickly withdraw.

Five steps behind Chu WuQing was the best distance.

Thirty steps.

Twenty steps.

Fifteen steps, twelve steps… Eight steps, the sword intent in Xiao Yan’s hand gathered once again, sending out an aura of destruction,

Seven steps, he only needed to point a finger and Xiao Yan’s piercing sword intent would instantly penetrate Chu WuQing’s heart and completely wipe Chu WuQing out of the world.

Chu WuQing knelt quietly in front of the Mirror Lake and did not sense anything. His silver hair fell on the ground and actually emitted a faint glimmer under the moonlight.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly as a razor-sharp gleam flashed in his eyes. He took a step again and raised his finger, “Did you rely on this hair? It might be good to make it into a  horsetail whisk.”

Xiao Yan was about to take another step, but he abruptly froze just as he raised his foot… and his breathing turned sluggish.

Chu WuQing turned his head suddenly and talked to the refined corpse by his side.

Xiao Yan could no longer clearly hear what Chu WuQing said. He only heard the pounding of the heart that was magnified infinitely in his ear.

At this moment, the moon was hanging in the sky. The light reflecting off the water fluctuated and it clearly illuminated Chu WuQing’s features.

It was a face that fascinated people at first sight and made them forget all the past events of the mortal world. It seemed that everything in the world was blocked off, leaving only his slightly raised eyebrows, the glistening reflection of light in his eyes, and the red lips that opened and closed, clearly imprinted in their mind.

Then it was carved into their body for life.

It was like a pilgrimage.

The sword intent at Xiao Yan’s fingertips suddenly disintegrated.

When Chu WuQing’s eyes moved away from the refined corpse and accidentally brushed across Xiao Yan’s body, Xiao Yan felt as if he was soaking in a hot spring and his whole body could not help but come alive. His sluggish breathing suddenly recovered and he was unable to resist taking a long and deep inhalation.

With this inhalation!

Xiao Yan’s whereabouts were suddenly exposed.

“Who is it?!” Chu WuQing coldly questioned.

He saw Chu WuQing stand up and summon the refined corpse. The corpse was approaching quickly and it was too late to leave. Leaving rapidly at this time would certainly disturb the spiritual energy and expose his whereabouts.

Moreover, he did not want to leave at all.

Unbounded fear rose in Xiao Yan’s heart. He could neither advance nor depart. When Chu WuQing was only a step away from him, for some unknown reason, Xiao Yan was so frightened that he subconsciously turned into a rabbit.

Chu WuQing slightly bowed his head. When he searched with his divine sense, he saw a fluffy head emerging from the shallow underbrush and there were even bits of grass sticking on the rabbit ears.

Chu WuQing’s fingers were thin and slender, white as jade. There was a strange cozy feeling when they fell on Xiao Yan’s transformed fur and the skin under the thick white fur could not help but turn pink.

The white rabbit’s eyes narrowed slightly because of the touch along its fur, showing a human-like languidness. Its eyes suddenly opened wide after Chu WuQing poked its tail. The dark red eyes were filled with tears of begging as it made a pitiful call, “Baa…”

Sh, Shit! It’s the wrong call, that’s the sound of a sheep calling! Wait, that’s not it, how does a rabbit call?! Σ(っ°Д °;)っ

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