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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing usually meditated in the evening, but he was no longer using the prayer mat from before. Instead, he had moved to a different place. It was said that the magic array in this place had been thoroughly removed by Gu Yu.

At the Zi hour 1 , it would be deathly quiet with no lights to be seen if it was in the mortal world. However, there was no difference between having the sun or the moon above their heads in the Cultivation World after Foundation Establishment, and most of the cultivators were still practicing. 

Chu WuQing did not know how many times he had circulated the spiritual energy around his whole body for today when a hand suddenly covered his head.

The fingers were long, but the palm was broad. His hair was gently stoked with the most desirable amount of force and the worries that haunted him in the day were cleanly swept away.

A cold fragrance assailed his nose.

Chu WuQing opened his eyes indifferently, “Daddy?”

Chu HuanZhi was actually standing in front of him. Chu WuQing almost thought that this was another illusion again.

Chu HuanZhi’s fingers were as cold as jade. They slowly stroked in down from the hair on his temples and touched Chu WuQing’s ears.

The youngster’s ears were small and exquisite and were half covered by silver hair. As his skin was extremely white, his auricle appeared nearly transparent, looking like a snow fungus. However, his ear lobes were round and plump, attracting people to lick them.

Chu WuQing’s ear moved and he slightly lowered his head, “Daddy, it’s itchy if you touch it like this.” There was also a very strange feeling which could not be described clearly, but made him instinctively feel ashamed. Especially so when it appeared in front of his most respected father which made him wish to jump into a hole.

Chu HuanZhi’s fingers gently pinched his earlobe before releasing it. His fingertips moved down along the contours of his face, firmly lifting his jaw without giving him a change to resist.

This forced him to look up because he was sitting in meditation. Chu WuQing could clearly see his father’s deep and sublime facial features, as well as that compelling edge.

“Daddy?” He asked again, not daring to confirm it. Chu Wuqing still clearly remembered how difficult it was Chu HuanZhi’s shade to descend the last time he established his Foundation.

“QingQing,” The eyebrows that seemed to be encased in thousands of years of frost and snow warmed when he spoke that name, and the corner of his cold and stiff lips were slightly raised, “Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

When he said ‘it’s me’, he suddenly stooped down and grabbed Chu WuQing’s waist.

The sky and earth spun round in an instant and when his vision returned to normal, Chu WuQing was already sitting on Chu HuanZhi’s body. It was even in the most shameful position with his legs spread open while Chu HuanZhi was under him, sitting upright.

He had never badgered his father to play with him in this position after he turned five.

“Daddy,” Chu WuQing’s long eyebrows rose and he spoke somewhat indignantly, “I’m no longer a child.” Though he said this, he did not have any intention to separate at all. His arms that were timidly clinging onto Chu HuanZhi’s shoulder drifted up to encircle Chu HuanZhi’s neck in a blatant and almost ‘unwilling to part’ manner.

Chu WuQing knew that he had never grown up in Chu HuanZhi’s heart. He was always like a child and needed to be cared for at all times to Chu HuanZhi.

It was a deep-seated doting.

That never cared about the opinion of the secular world.

It was Chu WuQing who always cared about these things. So he firmly decided to move out of Chu HuanZhi’s Clan Head’s palace and live with all the core disciples after being able to read words and understand etiquette. Only in this way could he avoid Chu HuanZhi’s intimate actions and make himself look more mature.

It was all for the sake of getting the recognition of the Chu Clan. He was not willing to lose to Chu WuJuan and was not willing to just be a person who relied on his father’s protection in everyone’s minds.

But in fact, he never gained what he wished, instead…

This was his father who let him enjoy everything, plotted everything for him and the father who used his life to love him. Why should he care about secular ethics and the views of others?

Chu WuQing’s eyelashes trembled slightly. His eyes had teared a little and his arms tightened around Chu HuanZhi’s neck. He had practically stuck his whole body on Chu HuanZhi’s chest. Through the cloth, he could feel the firm texture of Chu HuanZhi’s skin and the lively heart beating under it.

“Daddy.” For the first time, Chu WuQing spoke in a coquettish voice.

Because he was not used to it, and because he was shy, this call of ‘daddy’ was extremely soft, with the wetness, softness and stickiness of a youngster. Just like a feather falling down lightly, it inadvertently scratched the most itchy part of the human heart, bringing an unprecedented limpness and numbness that made the soul itch slightly and immediately leaving.

Chu HuanZhi’s pupil darkened slightly and his hands that were supporting Chu WuQing’s waist became tighter, but his voice became more hollow and ethereal, “Be good, don’t move randomly.” 

Chu WuQing was chided by Chu HuanZhi after acting coquettish to him for the first time. Even if such a tone was not strictly considered a chiding, his arrogant and wilful temper had become an unbridled habit in front of his father.

He had always been like that. When others did not let him do it, he insisted on doing it. If he was really allowed to do as he wished, he would soon lose interest.

Chu HuanZhi always disliked that he was not being affectionate enough, unlike when he was a child who always pestered his father. He finally decided to let go of all the psychological constraints after much difficulty, but Chu HuanZhi unexpectedly chided him?

What’s more, how did he move about randomly? He just pasted himself on his father. Wasn’t this the domestic bliss that Chu HuanZhi desired?

Chu WuQing raised his head somewhat angrily and his wet eyes glared indignantly. His cheeks that were transparent as snow jade appeared like peach blossoms because of the rubbing from before as he murmured discontentedly, “Daddy!”

Such impudence, he had truly been spoiled rotten.

Chu HuanZhi’s palm trembled slightly and his pitch-black eyes were covered in a misty white fog. He straightened Chu WuQing’s body with a calm and dignified expression, “The incident that happened to you during the day triggered the rune I left on you, allowing me to descend once more.”

No wonder he could hear the voice of Chu HuanZhi while in the illusion. It was actually real and the father in front of him was also real.

Chu WuQing became a little shy for a moment. The reason why he was able to let go of his psychological constraints was largely due the fact that he could not determine whether his father was real or not.

The father below his body was as cold and unblemished as the Dao lotus on a sacred mountain. But now he was acting so coquettish and unruly, especially when his father came because he cared about what had happened to him during the day.

It was really… too shameful.

Chu WuQing wanted to get off Chu HuanZhi’s lap and sit on the ground, but once again he was firmly held in place by Chu HuanZhi and doubts rose in his eyes.

Chu HuanZhi’s head was slightly lowered and the clouds and mist from his breaths lingered. His voice was extremely cold, “Don’t move. Let Daddy examine your body. Is there any blockage?”

It was not known whether it was intentional or not as the word ‘examine’ was emphasized extremely seriously by Chu HuanZhi. It was as if this was an extremely serious matter that was just as serious and venerated as comprehending a Greater Path.

But the humiliation and anger in Chu WuQing’s heart grew deeper. This extremely normal examination actually made him feel at a loss.

Clearly, every time he came back from training in the past, Chu HuanZhi would touch his head with the palm of his hand and let his spiritual energy and divine sense sweep through his body for an examination.

But this time, what Chu HuanZhi would see during his examination were not the internal injuries he suffered from fighting with people or vying over treasures with heaven and earth, but that… irrational scene that happened in the illusion.

Chu WuQing did not move even after three breaths and Chu HuanZhi’s voice sounded again in a much colder tone, “WuQing, you’re still not taking off your outer garments?”

Chu WuQing almost thought that he had misheard this. Why did he need to take off his clothes? Subconsciously, he thought that he was under another illusion. Wouldn’t it be enough to just sweep through his body with spiritual energy and divine sense?

However, this was not an illusion. The person in front of him was really Chu HuanZhi. Even the way he called his name was changed from QingQing to WuQing because of his graveness.

Such thoughts actually appeared in his mind, it was really not right. Even if it was just a brief thought, it was also the biggest blasphemy to his father.

It was just demons and spirits at work. He definitely could not become influenced.

Chu HuanZhi must have a reason behind his actions although he didn’t know why. Chu WuQing had no alternative but to endure his shame and peel off his outer garments slowly, acting as if there was an enormous object pressing on his body.

Chu WuQing’s pressure was even greater especially under Chu HuanZhi’s indifferent gaze.

“Why are you so slow?” Chu HuanZhi’s head nodded slightly and his ice-cold eyes fell on Chu WuQing’s fingers which were untying his outer garments, “Could it be that QingQing has forgotten how to get dressed and undressed and still needs to teach Father to teach you?”

When Chu WuQing was in the Chu family, he was waited upon by others. Naturally, he did  not need to put on or take off his own clothes. But when he was out of the clean he would naturally have to do everything himself. It was impossible for him not to know how to put on or take off his clothes. At this time, he was even more embarrassed and angry being asked such a thing by his own Father.

“I…” He just wanted to refute him, but Chu HuanZhi had already grasped his hand. The palm of an adult could completely envelop Chu WuQing’s slender fingers.

“Then let Daddy teach you again.” Chu HuanZhi indifferently said as he held Chu WuQing’s hands and completely peeled off his clothes.

When cultivators stepped into Foundation Establishment, they were no longer affected by the ordinary changes in temperature. Even if he was naked in the cold wind, he would not feel the slightest chill. But at this moment with his upper body bared, Chu WuQing could not help but shiver, as if he had caught a cold.

Chu HuanZhi’s fingers touched Chu WuQing’s skin. His ice-cold fingers trailed on his slender neck. They were just like Chu HuanZhi’s personality that did not carry any sparks of the secular world, but his words told a different story, “Have you ever been kissed here before?”

Chu WuQing’s body suddenly stiffened and he could no longer restrain the humiliation and anger in his heart. There was even a faint red flush climbing up his ear lobes, but he also understood why Chu HuanZhi asked him to strip for his examination. Chu HuanZhi was afraid that an illusion array would be planted in his body by others.

Chu WuQing’s breathing became heavier and his lips were slightly parted, but he was unable to speak at all.

But this time Chu HuanZhi did not indulge him as he did in the past. His two fingers moved downwards, repeatedly rubbing, “QingQing, tell Daddy, has anyone ever kissed here before?” He was not willing to let off this youngster who was obviously acting peculiar and insisted on forcing him to speak out.

“I… I was kissed here before.” After Chu WuQing said it in one breath, he could no longer hold on. He did not dare to look at Chu HuanZhi and quickly buried his head. In his mind, he recalled the scenes in the illusion that he had forced himself to forget.

Although he knew that it was just an evil array to throw his mind into disarray and it was impossible for such a thing to happen, he could not help feeling ashamed.

However, Chu HuanZhi forced Chu WuQing’s jaw up and compelled him to meet his eyes. His fingers continued to move down and he would ask at every location, “QingQing, has anyone ever kissed here before?”

He rubbed repeatedly at the place he had been kissed and a dense spiritual energy came out of his fingertips, as if he wanted to dispel all the evils left on Chu WuQing.

From his neck, to his shoulders, to his clavicle and the red pearls under it, to his chest and waist, every memory in his body was awakened.

Although Chu HuanZhi’s fingers were ice-cold, they felt scorching hot when they touched Chu WuQing and repeatedly rubbed his skin. There was even a slight itch that made him feel extremely shameful and a feeling of numbness in his brain. Chu WuQing wanted to retreat and avoid Chu HuanZhi’s probing fingers. He tried to resist, “Daddy, don’t examine it anymore.”

It was really too strange.

Chu WuQing had hardly encountered a love affair in both of his entire lives. The shock of the scenes in the day affected him more spiritually than physically, and this kind of spiritual shock just made him angry.

The anger of being teased and humiliated.

It was different from Chu HuanZhi’s ministrations, this type of distinct rubbing was really too strange. Although he did not understand, he instinctively knew that he shouldn’t. If he went on like this, his body would react extremely strangely, “No… no more.”


But Chu HuanZhi’s palm firmly pressed down on his waist, and pulled him closer as he said seriously, “QingQing is being mischievous. How can you not have a physical examination?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Zi hour is between 11pm to 1am.
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