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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Tuoba calmly replied, “Home.”

Moqi pressed his stern lips together as he briefly hesitated, “Alright.”

“Then hurry up, let’s go.” Tuoba very casually tucked his hand around Moqi’s arm like they were on intimate terms. Shielding his face with the other hand, Tuoba observed, “There are so many people coming and going at the pier, don’t you think an S-class fugitive stands out like a sore thumb just loitering about in broad daylight?”

However, in reality, Tuoba was not as conspicuous as he thought he was…

Had they been in the real world, a handsome, tall, charismatic red-head like Tuoba would immediately draw all the attention to himself wherever he went. But in the Mary Sue world, pure filler NPCs like Pedestrian #1 would still look above average in the real world. Even the ugliest ones could still be described as ‘comely’.

As for colourful hair, that should be considered a fundamental feature of the Mary Sue world, where handsome men were as common as dogs and chicken.

So Tuoba would not actually attract too much attention in a crowd…

Moqi, whose arm was clasped by Tuoba, could not believe his ears. He clarified, “Do you mean you want us to go back to your home, together?”

“Of course, to grab the things I stole, so we can return them to their owners?” Tuoba grinned as he arched his brow in amusement, “My dear admiral, have you forgotten?”

Moqi’s attractive face and exposed neck began to turn red inch by inch. He paused for a moment before asking in a low voice, “But you said I don’t have to take responsibility for you…”

Tuoba curiously examined Moqi’s somewhat peeved expression before replying, “I’ve seen all of your twenty-odd super adorable tentacles with all of their little suckers naked, just think of it as me taking responsibility for you, alright?”

Moqi was lost for words.

Tuoba lamented, “From now on, I can no longer dally in the sea of flowers.” At that, Tuoba tousled His Admiralship’s dark green hair1, hair that was so dark that it was almost black, and teased affectionately, “Don’t be jealous. Have you always been single?”

“Yes…” Moqi secretly clenched his teeth and decided to caution Tuoba before they established their relationship as a couple, “The main reason I’ve been single for the past 30 years is due to the rage that follows my uncontrollable transformation during nights of the full moon and times of extreme anger. I’d attack every living thing that appears before me, and I’m afraid that I’d accidentally harm anyone who comes near me…”

Moqi spoke with a heavy heart, however Tuoba casually dismissed the caution with a wave of his hand, “Darling, your little tentacles are so slow, they’d never hit me.”

Moqi had no retort for that.

With high attack and agility stats, the burglar had substance behind his confidence. He was in a different league from those little white bunnies that only knew how to sob and cry.

So that was how the bachelor of thirty years was conned into going home with the burglar.

On the first night of the full moon after the couple made their relationship official, Admiral Moqi locked himself inside the basement of the Admiralty Mansion like he always did on such nights.

Moqi constructed the basement specifically to contain his rage on the nights of the full moon. The ceiling, floor and walls were all made from super hard metal alloy. A password lock was installed on the door, which required a password to enter and exit the room. Only Moqi knew the password to the room. Knowing he would not be able to enter the password in his delirious state, this design would guarantee that Moqi could only leave the room when he was in his right mind.

When the sun had fully set below the horizon and a silvery full moon appeared in the sky, the admiral’s transformation began.

One of his thick, powerful tentacles swung onto the wall with a loud smack, leaving a faint mark in the alloy wall. His gigantic green eyes burned with a bloodlust so fierce that a crimson appeared in their depths. His red gargantuan mouth, which could easily break a cruise ship in half, savagely widened with a furious outcry, Roar!!

At that, the password locked basement door silently opened a crack as Tuoba slipped in like a ghost.

That’s right, there were no locks in this world that the burglar could not open.

Meanwhile, Moqi continued the ruckus with savage growls from his enormous mouth and tentacles madly flailing in the air. His usual calm, mature persona, mixed with a dash of tenderness, had completely vanished…

Like a normally soft-spoken and adorable girl being caught by her boyfriend on a surprise visit to her home, where she had no makeup, messy hair and scratched her feet while binging video games, it was super awkward.

The delirious Moqi turned to face Tuoba with his enormous mouth full of sharp teeth and released a hair-raising shriek, Roar!!

Tuoba calmly shook his sleeve to reveal a small glass bottle containing a pinkish powder. Removing the lid, he threw the entire bottle into Moqi’s giant mouth.

With a sneeze that shook the ground, pink smoke began to spread from Moqi’s mouth until the entire basement was enveloped in the smoke. Then Moqi’s body slumped onto the floor.

Since Tuoba was immune to the smoke, he stood composed and unaffected.

Roar, roar… Tuoba muttered a few feeble groans as his giant round head slopped onto his limp tentacles, as if he had turned into a giant mound of grey playdough that stuck to the floor. With not even the tips of his tentacles able to move, Moqi looked inexplicably adorable.

“You must be feeling weak right about now.” With a grin on his face, Tuoba walked over and patted Moqi’s giant face.

Moqi felt so sluggish that he almost did not have the energy to keep his eyes open. With his green eyes half closed and his eyelids drooping, he looked very tired indeed, Roar…

“I used this powder on you once before. Its toxicity is fairly low and should be expelled by your body in the next 24 hours without any side effects.” Tuoba shook his wrist and another bottle magically appeared in his hand. He waved the bottle in front of Moqi, looking rather pleased with himself, “Only half a fingernail’s worth of powder was enough to make you lose your strength in human form. Looks like a whole bottle worked like a charm on you in monster form.”

Though Tuoba was not able to cleanse Moqi’s soul and calm his madness with the power of love and hope like a certain little flower, he knew how to use poison to achieve the same ends.

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me anymore when you transform.” Tuoba gave Moqi’s gargantuan mouth a loud smooch, then quietly lamented, “You’re lucky I’m not going to take advantage of your adorable little tentacles in your current state.”

Cold sweat seeped from Moqi’s giant bald head as he attempted to slink back the anaemic tentacles laying by the floor…

Tuoba immediately cracked up laughing.

To appease his little giant monster, Tuoba kept his promise and returned all the things he stole one by one.

Tuoba did not actually sell off any of his stolen goods over the years. This was because his pirate grandfather discovered a large treasure trove on some remote island early on and left Tuoba with more money than he could spend in eight lifetimes. Thus, there was no need for Tuoba to sell any of his loot.

Plus, the burglar did not seem to actually care about any of the rare treasures he stole, since many of them had collected a thick layer of dust on top…

Perhaps it was due to having more money than he knew what to do with and being brought up by a pirate grandfather who instilled within him some rather dubious values, that Tuoba was sent onto the deviant path of stealing for thrills.

After returning the final stolen item, Tuoba’s enormous vault was now half empty.

“Heehee, if I get bored, I can steal them all back.” Tuoba exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“No more stealing.” Moqi admonished, “This is the end of the matter.”

“Then give me a tentacle to play with.” Tuoba pouted as he squeezed the admiral’s fingers.

Seduced by the Kraken’s adorable little tentacles, the youth who had lost his way finally abandoned his life as an outlaw with some reluctance…

Moqi transformed one of his hands from the wrist down, which widened into five tentacles in place of his hand and gently curled up next to Tuoba’s feet.

Tuoba’s eyes immediately sparkled.

But there was no sense of excitement from Moqi at all, “So you only like me for my monster form…”

And not my human form!

“I like both.” Tuoba gently patted Moqi’s cheek, then turning his head to press his lips against Moqi’s ear, Tuoba licked and kissed the rim of Moqi’s ear as he whispered, “Why do you think I tried to seduce you on that deserted island? Did you really think I did it for charity?”

Against his intentions, the admiral was filled with joy again.

“Now that I’ve returned everything…” Tuoba’s wandering hand reached for the admiral’s crotch, “how are you going to reward me?”

The admiral stated with a serious face, “When I return to headquarters, I will try to get your warrant rescinded from every nation.”

To get over a thousand nations to withdraw an S-class warrant, the amount of paperwork involved would have been beyond imagination. But for love, Admiral Moqi indicated that he was willing to put in the effort.

“That’s not what I meant.” Tuoba reached out and stole the admiral’s belt in the blink of an eye.

Moqi remained speechless.

Tuoba nuzzled against Moqi’s body as he pleaded, “Can we try tentacle sex? Pretty please?”

Moqi looked straight ahead with a sombre expression, emanating the air of an iron-willed soldier from the hair on his head to the toes on his feet. Moqi’s gaze was so solemn and serious that he looked like he was directing his fleet in battle from the deck of a military vessel. Meanwhile, a slippery tentacle reached behind Tuoba, pulled up his shirt and squeezed into his pants.

After losing his virginity, the admiral became rather debaucherous as well.

“Hmm…” A faint blush appeared over Tuoba’s cheeks as his perfect teeth bit down on his lips, moulding them into a seductive shape. The fabric that clung to his body was stretched out by an intruding object, which not only greedily wrapped more of itself around Tuoba, but also nimbly took off his pants. Meanwhile, Tuoba’s shirt was also lost in the siege. The soft material was scrunched up under his chin as a thick tentacle held Tuoba by the waist and suspended him in mid-air. Four other tentacles secured his wrists and ankles, stretching him out so he could not move.

Moqi had now fully transformed in Tuoba’s vault, which was spacious enough to fit him easily. The Kraken’s large head was gradually turning crimson from excitement. Seeing the monster in his full glory made Tuoba even more aroused. Licking his lips all the way round with the tip of his pink tongue, he murmured in a hoarse voice, “Dear admiral, please ravish more of me…”

Tentacles that were supple yet firm wrapped around Tuoba one by one until every corner of his body had been gradually occupied. The lithe tentacles stimulated various parts of Tuoba’s body at the same time, while secreting an unknown substance, something that the admiral had never done before. Rubbing the secretion evenly over Tuoba’s body, Tuoba’s alabaster skin radiated a soft glow from the moisture, making him look even more delectable…

It was as if a layer of delicious sauce was poured over the steaming hot meat bone that came fresh off the stove, making it appear even more shiny and mouthwatering. The meat was well balanced in its marbled texture, with fine, aromatic skin and a smooth bone structure, all exuding a fatal appeal to the onlooker.

The large dog transformed into a three-headed hellhound and took the meat bone in its three mouths at the same time. Its three tongues licked the meat bone’s joints, skin and even greedily squeezed inside to lick its delectable marrow, fully enjoying the divine taste from the marbled layers of the tender ribs. The three-headed dog let out low growls of satisfaction as if every single tastebud trembled with exhilaration.

Some of Moqi’s tentacles were thicker than others, but this was all relative. Even the ‘thinnest’ exposed tentacle was thick enough to be used as a pillow for Tuoba. However, when they were ready to move on to the main event, Moqi extended a completely different-looking tentacle that was previously hidden from sight. This tentacle was not grey like the others, but pink. It did not have suckers with sharp teeth inside, it did, however, have a shallow channel that looked like it was used for transporting liquid. More importantly, it was thinner than Moqi’s previously thinnest tentacle.

The unique tentacle climbed onto Tuoba’s thigh, which was spread wide open by his other tentacles, and travelled all the way upwards. Flushed with colour, Tuoba’s gorgeous, wanton face was even more mesmerising than usual. Once the monster’s green eyes caught sight of Tuoba’s face, the pink tentacle pumped even harder. After an unknown period of time, the pink tentacle’s exposed section tensed while the admiral released a low growl, followed by Tuoba’s soft moan as he climaxed…

When the hellhound finally had enough of licking, it bit into the meat bone with a low growl. With shiny drool dripping uncontrollably down its smooth, hard teeth, the dog chewed on the meat bone until juices exploded from it.

One could say that it was a remarkably juicy, yet raunchy…no, delicious scene!


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Translator Notes:

  1. See footnote from Chapter 35 about green hats
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