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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Why is it ok for everyone… but me?” Chu YunShu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his lips raised in an indistinct smile, yet his gaze was gradually gloomier.

His tone of voice became all the more tender, illustrating a love and inseparableness… as his voice trembled slightly

——”I’m not following him, getting close to him, or peeping at him. I’m just trying to seize the key moment.”

The thick bloody fog almost covered his eyes, and the clarity in Chu YunShu’s eyes was diminishing.

“Is it not enough even after cutting off both hands and feet?”

He seemed to be asking someone, yet he also seemed to be talking to himself. His shadow was gradually swallowed by the darkness.

The guqin floating above him was playing an exceptional symphonic movement. With the collapse of its master’s mind, the originally melodious rhythm became faster and faster and was filled with unbounded murderous intent.

If there was a Soul Transformation or higher cultivator present, they would be stunned to find that within a ten li area surrounding him, the rules of the world were collapsing with the sound of the Qin.

This was not the music of heaven, it was the music of hell!

“The fourth layer is clearly a random transmission, so why do I still feel his aura?”

A vast amount of Demonic Qi gushed out from the ground, and despair filled the world.

A faintly discernible cold fragrance that smelled of plum blossoms drifted through the air, penetrating through the layers of Demonic Qi and rushed into the bottom of Chu YunShu’s heart.

Within his memory, the youngster’s proud voice sounded in his ears.

“This is for you. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, give them my name of Chu WuQing.”

The smile of the youngster was dazzling and gorgeous. Anyone who saw it would carve it into their soul and go crazy over it. It was like after a long night, when the bright sun ascended into the sky, people would still look up and anticipate the arrival every dawn, though they knew that the light would burn their eyes, that they could not touch or grasp it.

But the sun never stopped for anyone, and never saw the ants in the mundane world.

——Not to mention the dark mayflies buried deep under the ground.

Chu YunShu’s smile became increasingly deranged.

——If he couldn’t get it, nor touch it, then it was better to destroy it.

The brightness in Chu YunShu’s eyes completely disappeared, and they suddenly closed. Endless darkness poured out from the ground behind him. However, his ink-black hair gradually became a frosty white, as if it had been washed by snow from the polar region, emitting a holy and inviolable light.

——Could I finally come out?

When he opened his eyes again, the darkness disappeared instantly, and everything seemed to return to normal, as if nothing had changed and the rules had been restored.

But the youngster’s eyes had turned silver, as if moonlight was filtering through it, showing a tender and healing gaze that directly hit the heart. Anyone who saw it would instantly forget their worries.

——”The outside… world.” He whispered.

“Why do I feel lonely? It’s like I have lost the most important thing,” he muttered as he touched the ground with his hand. Innumerable stalks of grass grew from the ground, willow trees bloomed and the flowers shook, “Without him… is the world too boring?”

“But? Who is he?” The youngster’s eyes showed perplexion, and he looked extremely lonely.

This kind of deadly solitude drew a little of his vitality away.

“Such a boring world, it’s not even worth seeing.” The youth chuckled, looking remarkably gentle and beautiful, but the roots of all living beings around him withered in an instant.

Leaving only the appearance of false life that was exposed to the air.

The young man dejectedly fell to the ground in a sleep, but there was always a vague image circulating in his mind, as if his most important thing had been lost.

It seemed that everything in the world had lost its meaning.

Hi most beloved thing would never be in his reach. He could only sink in hell and slowly break apart his Spiritual Resolve.

Until —— the clear and tender voice of a youngster rang out.

“Chu YunZhi?”

“Yes… It’s Chu YunZhi!”

So my name is Chu YunZhi?

Chu YunZhi opened his eyes.


Chu YunZhi opened his eyes that were full of surprise. His gaze was completely focused on Chu WuQing.

Chu WuQing felt as if he was enveloped by endless lake water, and was nearly about to suffocate.

Gu Yu’s hand suddenly dove in and entwined with Chu WuQing’s fingers. The once young and tender youngster now had a slender build, and even his five fingers could completely envelop Chu WuQing’s palm.

This grip was trembling with humbleness and excitement, yet it was filled with unquestionable faith, as he transmitted through his divine sense, “My Lord, you rest assured. You can leave first, I’ll be here.”

In the next moment, Chu YunZhi’s eyes suddenly moved away and fell in the two entwined hands.

Chu WuQing could almost feel the heat from Chu YunZhi’s eyes that almost burned the fingers of the two people.

There was no doubt about Gu Yu’s strength. However, Gu Yu’s strength did not lie in fighting alone, but in his accomplishments in Runesmanship. This kind of brilliance could even grow to become the number one in the Immortal World in the future.

But that was not now.

It could be said that in the whole abode, even the Super Saiyan-ed LinYi, could not beat Chu YunZhi.

“What’s the matter, Gege 1?” Chu YunZhi suddenly shifted his gaze away and addressed Chu WuQing in a manner he could never imagine.


Chu WuQing composed himself and looked at him. He only saw a Chu YunZhi, who he assumed would certainly kill him, that was propping up his body and looking at him stupidly. Chu YunZhi’s eyes were full of confusion, just like a baby who knew nothing about the world, “Aren’t you my Gege?”

Chu YunZhi’s limpid eyes were as clear as crystal, so much so that it could mirror one’s reflection. It was as if his world was spotlessly white.

Chu WuQing looked down at his white hair that was draped over his shoulders and their similar facial features, and then he thought about how they had a common ancestor, and suddenly laughed.

Chu WuQing pulled out his hand from Gu Yu’s grasp, and his gaze gradually became gentle.

That’s right. Chu YunZhi was extremely innocent and he did not understand the world at all. In his last life, Chu YunZhi’s cognition was built with the help of the male lead, Lin Yi. He didn’t expect that the duckling imprinting plot from the main character’s halo would happen to himself.

Now he was thinking of himself as a brother, and it was even the most interdependent type of brothers.

Chu WuQing slightly smiled, and pressed down the magic item in Gu Yu’s hand, as he walked towards the white haired youngster step by step. Immersed in the genuine attachment, he reached out his hand and stroked the youngster’s head. “Of course not. I’m your father.”

What was so frightening about this Chu YunZhi? It was obvious that he could be deceived and manipulated according to his wishes.

Chu YunShu wanted to kill him. He wanted to kill him who was from the Chu Clan, yet his second personality…

“Father?” Chu YunZhi’s slender eyelashes trembled slightly. The luster reflected by his silver pupil was like the trail of a star. His eyes were full of unconcealable doubts.

How was it possible that the youngster in front of him was his own father?

He obviously should refute it and brush away the hand that dared to touch his head, but a strange feeling arose in his heart. He even wanted to rub against the tender palm of the youngster to express the joyous trembling coming from his soul.

Then his body moved first.

Chu YunZhi half knelt, and pressed close to Chu WuQing’s clothes like a chick. That head full of silver hair became messy because he was being coquettish. That arrogance and coldness when he was sleeping was nowhere to be found at all.

Chu WuQing was slightly stunned, and the smile on his lips grew wider. This is Chu YunShu, the future Demon Lord, the only one who could match Lin Yi in the original work.

That Chu YunShu who held him in contempt in his last life and this life, yet his second personality was doing this kind of thing to himself?

When he woke up, how angry would he be? What kind of extraordinary shame and humiliation was this to recognize a person they held in contempt and wanted to kill as their father?

And when he woke up, Chu WuQing would have already reached the fifth level, acquired the Opportunity and left the Immortal Abode.

The more Chu WuQing thought about it, the more joyful he was. His action of stroking Chu YunZhi’s head became much more gentle and he even felt that this type of Chu YunZhi was a little… cute.

“Father.” Chu YunZhi raised his head, revealing a pair of eyes that were confused and shy, as he said with some bashfulness, “Why did Father only come to pick me up now? I saw that other living creatures had their parents licking their fur and feeding them when they were young, but I had nothing… I was just waiting in the dark alone. I had never been taken care of, and never knew how happy it was to have a father.”

“It was because of an accident in those years that caused us father and son to separate,” Chu WuQing’s eyes revealed a touch of sadness, “Everything you lost, I will slowly make it up to you.”

Chu YunZhi actually compared himself to an animal. Unexpectedly, he was so ignorant of everything in the world.

With such a second personality, Chu YunShu had no right to look down upon himself no matter how powerful he was. He would surely regret this to death. His second personality was exposed in front of Chu WuQing in this manner and had even told him everything. When he woke up and regained control of his body, what would that arrogant and proud man suffer?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Just when Chu WuQing was incredibly cheerful in his heart.

Chu YunZhi hugged Chu WuQing’s leg and said in a very feeble voice, “Father, can you 2 also lick my fur and feed me food to make up for the past?” After speaking, he seemed to be somewhat ashamed, but his attachment to his father overcame everything. His limpid and expressive eyes were full of distress, “Please, Father?”


Chu WuQing, “…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Gege: Big Brother
  2. Chu YunZhi uses the ‘honourable you’ (您) when talking to Chu WuQing.


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