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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Xiao Yan.”

An intensely cold voice was suddenly heard, and it was so cold that everyone’s souls were almost frozen.

Yang Xiu turned his head in horror and blankly stared at DanTai ZiYan who had appeared behind the crowd —— he didn’t know if DanTai-shizu had heard Xiao-shizu’s confession to Chu WuQing.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but his smile suddenly brightened because of DanTai ZiYan.

This smile made the fear of those who were familiar with Xiao Yan reach its peak. Only when Xiao-shizu was determined to kill someone, would he show such a clear and compassionate smile.

It was to the extent that every time they saw such a smile, they would have a conditioned reflex that brought to mind the countless heads of the genii that were cut off by Xiao-shizu’s sword!

It was terrifying!

“You dog, you actually dared to appear in QingQing’s territory,” Xiao Yan struck first, “With me here, no one had better think they can compete with QingQing for the treasure. Take your people and get lost!”

With a few words, DanTai ZiYan seemed to have become public enemy number one.

DanTai ZiYan ignored Xiao Yan, and treated him like air. He leaned over to scoop up the soil from the Ancestral Peak and sniffed it. All these actions performed by him were like moving clouds and flowing water, ethereal and elegant.

The lonely moon that hung unyieldingly in the sky was beyond the reach of the earthly people.

In the past, Xiao Yan had been incessantly attracted by this unique style, which charmed and fascinated him, but now he just felt that it was garish and nauseating.

You slut, you must have seduced QingQing like this in the past. Otherwise, how could QingQing fall in love and become engaged to you with your mediocre aptitude, pretty boy looks, and inaptitude towards literary and military arts.

Fortunately, Qingqing was intelligent, and could see how lowly this person was and broke off the engagement.

Xiao Yan tried his best to resist pulling out his sword, and killing DanTai ZiYan, the First Disciple of the ShangYuan Sect, on the spot.

“In the past few years, A’Qing was meditating, dealing with affairs, and interrogating his subordinates here,” A touch of warmth infused DanTai ZiYan’s chilly eyes, akin to spring filling the air with warmth, “He has the same character and behaviors as before.”

DanTai ZiYan lowered his head and took a deep sniff of the pale-coloured soil in his hands.

“Too… too cute!”

It was un… unbearable!

Xiao Yan frowned, and the sword in his hand suddenly waved forward!

At the top of the peaceful Ancestral Peak, the wind and clouds suddenly arose, and the aura of life was frozen, turning into a monochrome and boundless intent, that headed towards DanTai ZiYan!

Seeing that they were going to fight, Yang Xiu and others had already quickly retreated from the Ancestral Peak. They were only concerned about how to explain this to the Patriarch and had to peep at them from a distance with magic artifacts.

But just a glimpse of this monochrome and desolate sword intent, caused Yang Xiu’s foundation to become unstable, as if he was facing an ancient beast, he could not resist its might.

He took three steps back, and spit out a mouthful of blood, before he managed to stabilize his mind.

There was still the protection of the magic artifact bestowed by the Patriarch here!

Xiao-shizu was so strong!

When he was at Foundation Establishment, he was able to kill Golden Core cultivations at will, and had become the only expert who killed his way into the Golden Core WenXian Rankings.

As everyone knew, once Xiao-shizu formed his core, he would surely climb to the peak of the WenXian Rankings.

However, he didn’t expect him to be so strong.

He could kill Golden Core as Foundation Establishment, then could he kill Nascent Souls at the Golden Core stage?

Xiao-shizu was destined to be a legend and the pillar of the ShangYuan Sect in the future, but now this pillar was pointing its sword at another fellow sect member, the ShangYuan Sect’s second star of hope.

No more than three breaths had passed from the time Xiao Yan drew his sword to the time when his sword swung with the power of destruction.

Dan Tai ZiYan’s fingers were cupping the soil, and a soft silk handkerchief was formed in his hands.

If someone who was knowledgeable in this field was present, he would be able to recognize the seemingly plain white silk handkerchief was filled with numerous complicated and mysterious runes hidden within it.

Though there was no aura coming from it, in fact, it was filled with the Immortal Energy. This was the Rank Seven Artificer Material, the TianYun Silk!

The price of one cun was more than that of a high grade spirit stone.

But DanTai ZiYan just carefully wrapped the earth from the Ancestral Peak in the silk handkerchief and calmly put the silk handkerchief into robes, placing it near his heart to protect it.

After doing all this, he turned his head and looked at the Sword Qi that was attacking his soul!

With a gentle wave of his slender and jade-like fingers, a wooden Qin appeared out of thin air, and DanTai ZiYan immediately sat on the ground. Countless exquisite notes poured out from his fingertips!

The heavenly music was distant and indistinct, and it made one forget the secular world. If they did not have a firm Spiritual Resolve, they would become intoxicated with the blissful world and their Spiritual Resolve would collapse!

Yang Xiu and others had completely blocked their ears the moment the top-quality spiritual artifact, the WangYou Qin, was taken out. Even so, there were still faint echoes in their ears, which shocked their hearts that had just been affected by the Sword Qi, and made the spiritual energy in their bodies unstable.

Although in terms of cultivation talent, DanTai ZiYan was far behind Xiao Yan, but there were numerous Great Daos and none were more superior or inferior to the other.

Some people sought the Path with swords, some people used the four-directional Xuan Trees to sense the secrets of heaven, and DanTai ZiYan’s road of Artificing was to point directly at the root of all things!

There were numerous methods and magic artifacts, and endless transformations.

Within this murderous qi, the mysterious heavenly music had formed a world of its own, and the Sword Qi could not enter the world at all!

DanTai ZiYan regained his indifference from before, and looked at Xiao Yan contemptuously, “Xiao-shidi, A’Qing doesn’t even know who you are, right?”

This address of ‘Xiao Yan-shidi’ just made Xiao Yan angrier, and was like a slap in his face since Xiao Yan had asked DaiTai ZiYan and his people to get lost. He was not part of Chu WuQing’s faction at all, but a person from the ShangYuan Sect, just like these people. If the people from the ShangYuan Sect came to fight for inheritance, then Xiao Yan came to lead these people to fight for inheritance.

“Ha ha,” Xiao Yan’s gaze moved, “DanTai-shixiong, QingQing really doesn’t know who I am. He really treats me as a stray pet, but what about that?”

Xiao Yan transformed a pink bow from his Dantian. As soon as the bow appeared, it immediately caused DanTai ZiYan’s expression to suddenly turn gloomy.

Xiao Yan did not care about his image as the first disciple of the Battle Cultivator Fraction in the ShangYuan Sect. He transformed into a round rabbit ball. The bow that looked like it belonged to a little girl was ornamenting the rabbit’s head, and the image was unspeakably adorable. It made people just want to rub it and rub it again.

Xiao Yan flaunted the ornament on his head that only a little girl would wear. He did not regard it as a cause of shame, but was proud of it. He shook his plump and fluffy white velvety body and said, “But QingQing likes me. He likes me so much that he even makes all kinds of small ornaments for me.”

Looking at DanTai ZiYan’s face, Xiao Yan sneered, “As for being fiancées? It’s just your wishful thinking. People like you are not even worthy to support QingQing. You even want to be QingQing’s dual cultivation partner… Oh, I’m thinking, after so many years, does QingQing still remember your face?”

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I love it. The control Chu WuQing has over everyone without even knowing it! (Well not in the way he thinks anyway)

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Glutton Priestess
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