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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu’s heart jumped violently as he blinked his eyes. There were no longer subtitles in front of him and he wondered if he had seen that wrong.

He put his hand on Merlin’s neck, rubbing it unconsciously while he opened the system with his consciousness. His eyes lit up when he saw the Goodwill Points: 1.

Below the Goodwill total, there was an additional table with two columns. Name and Goodwill Points were the column headers, and the first row had the name ‘Merlin’, 1. The rest of the rows were all blank.

He instantly understood that the one Goodwill Point he had just obtained was gifted from Merlin. He switched off the system then rubbed the cat seriously, looking at Merlin with love in his eyes.

Merlin let out a soft hum of comfort as Gu Yu rubbed him, his eyes slightly narrowed, looking like he was enjoying himself.

Cyno looked away, raising his hand to rub his neck, then suddenly became aware of his action. His fingers stiffened slightly as he withdrew his hand with a casual face, picked up the water cup and took a sip.

Guy rubbed his own neck and then put it down again with a disgusted look, “Hey, rubbing yourself really doesn’t feel good at all!” He stared at Gu Yu for a moment and looked at Cyno, “This is Kevin’s special custom-made for you, right?”

Cyno’s face sank slightly, “Yes.”

A mass-produced artificial female could never be so much to his liking. Kevin knew him well.

With the extent he knew his mischievous friend, he suspected that Kevin had done this on purpose, waiting to laugh at Cynos after he couldn’t hold on to the artificial female.

It was as if he could hear Kevin’s laugh, ‘oh ho’.

Guy sighed, “Ugh, what a pity. If only I had known earlier, I could have bought one and exchanged it with you, now that you’re married to him, you can’t exchange it even if you wanted to.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow. An exchange? That’s impossible.

He studied Gu Yu. Although it didn’t feel good knowing someone understood him so thoroughly, he was really satisfied with Gu Yu, the ‘artificial female’. His looks and personality were all good, and even the malfunctioning language system was just what he wanted.

Soon, Guy’s order was delivered by the waiter. The table in front of Merlin had a lot of meat on it, all cut into pieces and arranged. Merlin rubbed against Gu Yu, withdrew his head and started to eat.

Gu Yu put his hands on his lap and quietly wiggled his fingers, petting a big cat was not the same as a small cat, it required physical strength.

After stretching for a while, he resumed eating, looking at Merlin from time to time as he ate.

Merlin ate wildly. With a sweep of its tongue, it rolled the meat into its mouth, then started chewing, and so on. While the action was wild, it was very clean and did not dirty itself at all.

Once Gu Yu was full he put down his chopsticks and then gently squeezed his hands in his lap, frowning slightly. He was uncomfortable and originally thought it was because he was too hungry, but after eating, there was still some discomfort.

It’s just that the symptoms were less severe than when he was hungry.

He was a little worried, he should not be sick, right?

After he finished eating, Guy waved to Merlin who was rubbing against Gu Yu. Merlin ran to his side and Guy said to Cyno, “I’m taking Merlin back. The news of your marriage will surely spread on the internet soon. I’ll warn Grandfather first so he can be prepared.”

Cyno nodded, and Guy took Merlin away.

On the way, Guy contacted Kevin. Kevin’s nerdish face appeared on the light screen, which flickered, Guy was surprised, “Have you gone to the Wild Star? Why is the signal so bad?”

Kevin’s voice was unhurried, “Returning from a visit to the Alliance and encountered a particle storm so the signal was disturbed. What’s the matter?”

Guy asked, “Is there any danger?”

“No.” Kevin answered calmly.

Guy smiled, “I just wanted to ask, which artificial female you gave to Cyno, I want to customize one.”

Kevin’s eyes glowed slightly, “You’ve seen them? Cyno didn’t throw them all into storage?”

Guy, “They? I’ve seen just one, and now it’s Cyno’s mate.”

Kevin’s bemused expression dissipated with the flickering of the light curtain and quickly returned, “Someone who wasn’t interested in artificial females, is now married to an artificial female? Pfft, funny, oh ho!”

Guy, “… Can you stop joking in such an elderly-like placid tone?”

Kevin didn’t oblige him and turned the conversation to the main topic, “Which one are you talking about?”

Guy thought back for a moment, “The dark-haired, dark-eyed, good-looking one.”

“The latest model, G-Series 001,” Kevin replied.

“Thanks. Be safe. I’ll treat you to dinner when you get back to Good Splendor City.”

The two hung up. Kevin looked at the signal, the interference level was getting higher and higher, so he gave up contacting Cyno with the communicator and sent a message directly.

“Congratulations on the marriage. The rest of the artificial females, if you do not want them, you can send to me.”

Cyno received this message on his way home. Once he returned to his apartment, he instructed Da Yuan, “Take the artificial females in the warehouse and send them to Kevin.”

After he gave the instructions, he looked to Gu Yu, “Don’t run around. If you do not have enough energy, ask Da Yuan for food.” After saying that, he went to the study.

Gu Yu sat on the sofa. Da Yuan turned its chassis and went to the warehouse to move the four artificial females Gu Yu had seen.

Gu Yu was stunned 1, Da Yuan moved people as if moving bricks, and the four ‘bricks’ were neatly layered, stacked horizontally from the bottom to the top. Probably because the head was more protruding, in order to level it, Da Yuan also intelligently placed the head into another one’s crotch. The first person’s head was facing right, and the second one’s feet were facing right.

Gu Yu did not feel good. Artificial females and humans were visually identical so this was like a crime scene.

He was also a little afraid. If he hadn’t woken up before and Cyno hadn’t chosen him as his mate, would he be treated like this now?

Da Yuan stacked the four artificial females steadily at the door. After a thought, Gu Yu went to the door to look at them.

“Mrs. Marshal, is there anything you need?” Da Yuan saw him and inquired.

Gu Yu froze at the title and waved his hand dismissively.

He looked at the stacked artificial females. Due to the neat layering, only the red-haired teenager at the top could be seen. The teenager’s eyes were closed and his chest was slightly heaving, as if he was sleeping.

At first glance, it looked scary, but when he thought about it, he realized that something was wrong.

If it were really human, who could sleep so well on a high bed the same width as their own body? The teenager’s expression was calm and his limbs were motionless, as if he was a wooden man who could breathe.

In a short while, the courier company’s collection robot arrived, put the four artificial females neatly into a large box with a shipping label, then picked up the large box and left.

Gu Yu watched it leave and sighed: it’s a robot, it’s so strong.

He returned to the living room, sat down and leaned back on the sofa. The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. If Cyno changed his mind and wanted to make the beast female or someone else his partner, would he, the ‘artificial female’, be treated like this?

Could he run away? He looked towards the door. He had nothing and he didn’t know anything about the world. Although he could understand what people said, he couldn’t speak and couldn’t read the language. It was more dangerous outside than in Cyno’s house.

What would happen if Cyno knew he wasn’t an artificial female?

He couldn’t think of an answer. He knew too little about the world. With a glimmer of hope, he called out to 003 in his head.

Five seconds later, 003 answered him, “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

Gu Yu said embarrassedly, ‘Please, I want to ask you about the situation of this world.”’

003 responded, ‘I’m sorry. According to the rules, we can’t disclose the world information. In your case, these things need to be understood by the trader himself. We only answer the system and trader’s personal questions.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, ‘What do personal questions include? I’m not feeling well. Can you see what’s wrong?’

003 was silent for a moment, then answered, ‘Sorry, this is an oversight on my part, I did not tell you in advance. When entering the world, your body has undergone some changes in order to adapt to the new environment. You are in the adaptation period, so you need to avoid too much sun… Morning starlight is too strong, you can’t adapt to the light yet.” It said soothingly, “Don’t worry, just rest more and you’ll be fine.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, it’s good that he’s not sick, otherwise it would be adding insult to injury.

‘Thank you.’ He said gratefully.

003 replied, “To make up for my negligence, I’ll quietly reveal a bit of information to you. You have a special identity in this world. It’s best not to casually reveal your identity.”

Gu Yu did not understand, ‘Special?’

003, “Well, we have a code of work, and I can not say more. If you have questions about the system, ask me again.”

‘Okay,’ Gu Yu replied. He squeezed his fingers and pondered 003’s words, secretly reminding himself not to reveal his identity. He unintentionally pinched his ring finger and touched the ring. His fingers subconsciously turned the ring to fiddle with it. The ring had not turned a full circle when a light screen suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, startling him.

The middle of the light screen was a blank white frame, surrounded by a variety of different patterns of small squares, he could not understand them. It looked familiar, like a modern search box and app.

There was an icon in the lower left corner that he did not recognize. At the bottom, it showed 1/1, and there was a small lighted peach heart on the icon.

He was curious and clicked on it with his hand, and the icon unfolded, similar to a modern penguin 2, with a small lighted heart on the second row of words.

He stared at the little peach heart for a couple of seconds and couldn’t help but guess, is this Cyno’s name?

His eyes glowed as he looked at the ring, was this a manifestation of a phone?

He went back to the home page and stared thoughtfully at the input box for a moment. He decided to check ‘artificial females’ first. His hand lifted and froze. He couldn’t write here, and even if he could, he wouldn’t be able to read what he searched for.

He stared at the small speaker under the bar frame, pursed his lips, voice search would not work either.

“You know how to surf the Internet?” A warm breath touched his ear, and Gu Yu turned around with round eyes.

He did not know when Cyno came to stand behind the sofa, his hand casually resting on the surface. He was leaning over and his line of sight moved from the light screen in front of him to Gu Yu’s face.

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “You guys get scared too?”

Gu Yu shrank his neck, slightly pulling away, wanting to nod, but felt restrained.

Cyno clicked on the lower left icon, “I just saw you online and suddenly remembered that I haven’t deleted your shopping mode. What other modes have you installed?”

That was really Cyno’s name, Gu Yu thought.

He shook his head. He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t write, he couldn’t do anything. Shopping mode? He couldn’t buy anything.

Cyno stared at him, “Are you broken?”

Gu Yu, “…”

Cyno reached out and pinched his face, “Haven’t you already eaten? Why do you still look like you lack energy? There must be something wrong with the energy conversion!”

He noticed that Gu Yu’s face was still pale and thought that the energy had not yet been transformed. It was abnormal that it had not been transformed after so long.

Gu Yu covered his face as it gradually reddened.

Cyno’s eyes changed slightly and he said seriously, “Turn off the seduction program and save the energy… If you turn off at night it will be troublesome, so I’ll take you to be repaired.”

As he said this, he moved around the sofa.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~


Gu Yu: I can not speak and I’m illiterate. It’s so difficult! QAQ


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Translator Notes:

  1. Editor: the author did not show Gu Yu move. There is nothing missing in the translation
  2. Editor note: Icon for the popular Chinese messaging app QQ


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April 27, 2021 8:58 am

Poor Gu Yu, hope He will understand soon the world He is in 😘😘😘😘

April 27, 2021 10:06 am

Cyno touching his own neck, made me smile. There’s definite attraction between them both, but it’s the fact Cyno thinks Gu Yu is artificial, that’s preventing him from being treated better. Having said that, Cyno isn’t being awful, considering Gu Yu is supposedly artificial.
I’m back to thinking he’s not 🙄😊
Thank you for the chapter.

April 27, 2021 10:30 am

I can’t! Kevin and Guy seem like fun characters! I can’t wait to see more of them! Cyno is funny, turn off seduction mode lol now I’m curious how is GY special according to 003, and most importantly his body is undergoing changes! I’m loving this novel more and more!

April 27, 2021 12:33 pm

My guess is that Gu Yu’s “special identity” is that he’s the “natural female” that Cyno wants.

This story reminds me of The Little Mermaid so much!! Poor mute Gu Yu! 😭

April 27, 2021 6:26 pm

Special status as GY is natural female instead of AI🤔🤔🤔

April 27, 2021 11:25 pm

So Gu Yu is a special being. That’s good, but being unable to read equals being unable to gather knowledge, unless someone is willing to tell you anything, and Cyno still thinks GuYu is an artificial female that’s broken. Tough spot.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
May 4, 2021 5:14 pm

Oh dear, coming to the new world was difficult unable to speak was more difficult, being illiterate was the most difficult. My heart goes to Gu Yu. Thank you.

May 5, 2021 10:37 pm

Do you want your neck scritched too, Cyno? Hmmm?

The stack of artificial females would definitely be surreal to witness.

June 22, 2022 3:29 pm

they remind me of Kdrama!😍😍 I’m not robot??? i forgot the title?😆 maybe my girlfriend is robot???

November 2, 2022 10:21 pm

Lol Cyno mistaking everything as seduction but it’s all just natural GY

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