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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yang Xiu felt his vision blur as if he had fallen into another cultivator’s illusion array.

Xiao-shizu – the distinguished son of the ShangYuan’s Sect Leader, the renowned patriarch of the Xiao clan that everyone had always looked up to, why would he turn into such a weak little rabbit?

“What… what happened to you?” Stuttered Yang Xiu.

Was Xiao-shizu ambushed by villains, then reduced to his current state against his will?

But… Xiao-shizu is so powerful that he can easily snuff out the lives of Golden Core geniuses, how can anyone from this puny Small Realm ambush him?

“Repeat everything you told me earlier in your message.” A clear and melodic voice sounded in everyone’s ears, it was still carrying Xiao Yan’s lingering smile, as if his voice had been dipped in sweet spring water.

But Xiao Yan only wore a smile like that when he was about to go on a killing spree.

The more he smiled, the more ruthless he would become.

Like that time he left his mark on the WenXian Rankings, he did so by murdering 1800 cultivators while wearing the very same smile.

Yang Xiu subconsciously felt that something wasn’t right, but regardless, his beliefs about Xiao Yan were so deep-rooted that he had never imagined that Xiao Yan would change his mind about killing Chu WuQing. That would bring too much of a shock to his system, he merely thought that Xiao-shizu was displeased with their late arrival.

Plus, Xiao-shizu would never kill disciples from the ShangYuan Sect, since the sect had always been his pride and joy.

“Xiao-shizu, n-now that we’ve arrived, that lowly Chu WuQing will definitely… ahh!”

A sudden commanding presence full of sword qi descended upon Yang Xiu. Cold sweat covered Yang Xiu’s body as his high-level magical robes shattered into pieces.

The sect members behind him who had only just arrived were flabbergasted, quickly kneeling on the ground as Yang Xiu gave the rabbit before him a fearful glance, “My apologies, Xiao-shizu!”

He did not know what he was apologizing for, but angering Xiao Yan would probably mean a gruesome end for him. Yang Xiu went over what he said in his mind. It wasn’t until he mentioned Chu WuQing that Xiao-shizu became furious. Was it because Xiao-shizu’s hatred towards Chu WuQing had reached such a degree?

“Oh? What are you apologizing for?” The smile in Xiao Yan’s eyes deepened. It was as if a river of soft, melted snow was flowing out of his slightly squinted eyes, which seemed even more adorable and harmless coming from his rabbit form.

Someone had once said that Xiao-shizu’s smiling eyes were the most beautiful sight in the Qingbo Higher Realm. Then he was killed without leaving behind as much as a whole corpse.

Despite Xiao Yan still appearing in rabbit-form, it had made everyone present absolutely terrified. Apart from thinking that everything Xiao-shizu did must be for the purpose of killing Chu WuQing, no one had really thought any deeper about why Xiao Yan pretended to be a rabbit… It’s just that, Chu WuQing was nothing more than the son of a Middle Realm leader, was he really that difficult to kill?

If people from other realms could see these cultivators treating a weak rabbit with such reverence, they would be astounded. They would believe that everyone from the ShangYuan Sect had gone mad.

“I… I…” Yang Xiu respectfully kowtowed on the ground and replied apprehensively, “Shouldn’t have mentioned that harlot’s name?”

Before Yang Xiu had finished speaking, his face turned ashen as the sound of cracking bones came from his body and an unbearable pain shot through his Dantian. It seemed that his cultivation had been completely laid to waste.

If it wasn’t for the seals hiding their location, his shriek would have definitely drawn the attention of everyone nearby.

“Don’t let anyone from the XianLing Sect hear that, it would affect QingQing’s impression of me…” Xiao Yan calmly continued, “All of you, want to kill QingQing?”

The last few words were laced with killing intent.

QingQing? Who’s that? I thought Xiao-shizu established these seals to prevent prodigies from other realms conducting their own predictions and learning about the legacy?

What? He did all this only to protect his image in front of this so-called QingQing?

A knowing spark suddenly flashed across everyone’s minds. It had suddenly dawned on Yang Xiu and his fellow sect members that… QingQing was Chu WuQing!

As for the conclusion they had just arrived at, it made Yang Xiu and the other sect members believe that they must have fallen asleep and began dreaming… despite the fact that once a cultivator reached Foundation Establishment, they no longer needed to sleep or dream.

The thought was so absurd that it was beyond their wildest imaginations. It was more terrifying than the thought of Xiao-shizu announcing that he would quit his quest for immortality and erase his own cultivation.

They still had a shred of hope in their heart, however what they saw next was… a white smoke flashing before their eyes, followed by the harmless little rabbit transforming into a gorgeous youth. With an icy expression, Xiao Yan scanned the sect members before him, “QingQing will become my Dao companion one day, I will not tolerate anyone who disrespects him.”

Everyone was flabbergasted, including Yang Xiu, who was laying on the ground in agony.

W-Why would Xiao-shizu say Chu WuQing is his future Dao companion? And why would he use such an intimate nickname as QingQing?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Yan really looked like the real deal right now, they would have believed they were in the presence of an imposter.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his Dantian was in such pain, and that he was in such despair from losing his cultivation, that even his soul was shivering, Yang Xiu would have believed that he was, in fact, drunk and dreaming.

So, how did that Chu WuQing do it? How did he make our wise and sage-like Xiao-shizu go mad?

“DanTai-shizu…” Someone mentioned without thinking. The news they received was so terrifying that the shock to their system had made them lose all common sense.

Before the person could finish speaking, everyone noticed Xiao Yan’s expression turn into one of extreme disgust, “Don’t mention that clingy floozy in front of me.”

Another shockwave had shaken everyone to the core, as if everything they believed about the world was being challenged.

Their former DanTai-shixiong, the person their Xiao-shizu had patiently waited for all this time, the only person in the entire Qingbo Higher Realm that Xiao-shizu had ever treated with kindness. Everyone had known that this was Xiao-shizu’s beloved, how did he become a floozy? How could Xiao-shizu say something like that?

Yang Xiu… suddenly felt that losing his cultivation wasn’t all for naught.

Sweat overran everyone’s faces. They couldn’t help but recall the way DanTai-shizu spoke of Chu WuQing on the way here. Now Xiao-shizu seemed no different from DanTai-shizu.

As the way things are right now, how can Xiao-shizu and DanTai-shizu get along?

“You should all forget the past. That DanTai ZiYan is my sworn enemy.” Xiao Yan spoke in a cold voice. He did not want that what’s-his-name DanTai ZiYan to interrupt him while he tried to win QingQing’s affections. Especially when he realised that DanTai ZiYan must be nearby. The thought made Xiao Yan want to throw up.

Xiao Yan did not believe DanTai ZiYan was better than him, but he was QingQing’s official fiancé and therefore just as disgusting as that Su BeiCi. No one could be certain how DanTai ZiYan would take advantage of his fiancé status. Xiao Yan knew that DanTai ZiYan must be killed before he found QingQing.

Everyone else nodded blankly, as if their souls had left their bodies. Despite all of the gripes they harboured inside, they were too afraid to reveal the tiniest hint of disagreement in front of Xiao-shizu.

One person had recalled Xiao Yan’s transformation into a rabbit earlier, breaking the silence, he asked, “Then Xiao-shizu, why did you transform earlier…?”

If it wasn’t to kill Chu WuQing and he hadn’t been ambushed, maybe it has something to do with the legacy? Maybe he has to turn into a rabbit to enter the Immortal’s Abode?

Does it mean that we all have to turn into rabbits to assist Xiao-shizu in his battle for the legacy?

Suddenly, the cold, murderous expression on Xiao Yan’s face vanished. As if remembering a happy memory, even his eyes were filled with the hint of a genuine smile.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed the question did not anger Xiao-shizu, which meant their guess was probably correct.

“It’s all for QingQing, naturally.” Looking completely equanimous, Xiao Yan’s casual remark had left everyone in even greater shock, “I can be closer to QingQing this way.”

Recalling their various intimate acts while he was in rabbit-form, Xiao Yan’s heart was filled with an immeasurable joy, soon followed by a stronger hatred for DanTai ZiYan for interfering with all of his plans.


Xiao-shizu didn’t transform for the legacy, he did it to be closer to Chu WuQing?

They had known that Xiao-shizu had grown to love someone else and that someone else was a rival he wanted to eradicate earlier, but this change of heart was too mind-boggling! That Xiao-shizu would bear the humiliation and deign transform himself into a rabbit just to be close to someone?!

And when Xiao-shizu said it made him closer to Chu WuQing, he almost looked like he was gloating?!

Is this still the same Xiao-shizu that was once filled with so much arrogance and pride?

They could still remember the hatred Xiao-shizu bore towards that Chu WuQing, and that he would not stop until Chu WuQing was dead. But now…

It also looks like… the future Dao companion comment is just his wishful thinking. And just like DanTai-shizu, he’s nowhere near achieving his goal!

What kind of charm does that Chu WuQing have? That the two prodigy successors of the ShangYuan Sect had become sworn enemies for him? Maybe his special power is wandering around and seducing men?

What was happening before their eyes was so mind-boggling, that if someone had told them the sky had fallen down and the ShangYuan Sect was no more, they wouldn’t question it.


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